Why Flog A Dead Horse When You Can Milk An Islamically Slaughtered Cow?


Hi [nilk],

There are a few typos in my hurried response. I would like to know theirs! Read from the bottom up. My initial email asked why anyone would want to buy halal Easter eggs and what they hope to achieve by certification.



Begin forwarded message:
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In Which Geert Visits A Glass Sculptor’s Studio.

Subject: Geert Wilders Visits Sergio’s StudioGeert visits Sergio's studio.

Geert Wilders came and visited my studio yesterday for a photo, and to show support for my right to express my opinion about full face coverings.

The ironic part about his visit was that the Newtown / Marrickville area can best be described as the Socialist, Anarchist and Greens stronghold of Australia.

These people had no idea that Geert came to visit and have a tour of the studio and to see my Artwork.

The sad part about the visit was that it took 24 hours of pre planning, so I keep asking myself one question. If we have no problem in Australia from our so called peaceful Muslims or the illegal Muslim boat people that are allowed to walk free in our cities, WHY DID GEERT NEED SO MUCH PROTECTION?



Sergio is long known to Vlad and the counter-jihad crew as a man of principles. He has been painting and re-painting his mural for a few years now, and is not interested in stopping. He’s a one-man counter-jihad on his own in the heart of Lefty-LaLaLand!

IREA In Our Showgrounds.

(nb. Circe wrote this a week and a half ago, and I wanted to fill it up with links, as is my wont, before posting it. However, time is short and I can add links later.Please also note that Bolta has a good post on this also.)

IREA Islamic conference: Are Aborigines supporting Islam’s anti-black racist ideology?

The Islamic Research and Education Academy (ie Islamic propaganda and dawah) plans a huge meeting at the Victorian showgrounds on 15th/16th/17th March. According to their meeting in Sydney Rd on the 9th December, to plan this event some very unpleasant people are being invited to speak (eg AbdulRahman Al-Sudais, the imam of Mecca who called on allah to annihilate the Jews whom he said were ‘the grandsons of monkeys and pigs…and they also intend to use gullible Australians to promote their frightening ideology.

The claim is made the ‘we’ve got brothers and sisters from aboriginal backgrounds who have become muslim in the past 2 years ….. there are constant numbers who become muslims’

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Muslim Day Out In London.

This hit my inbox this afternoon, and I do believe, in the interests of social cohesion that it could do with a wider audience.

After all, we know that the British government set out to change the face of the United Kingdom years ago. Since I like to play “Let’s Compare”, I felt this post would be incomplete without showing something that is quintissentially English.

I looked at so many videos of street parties in Britain and they are all so cute. Men and women of all ages, children, babies. The decorations – it’s not a street party if there’s no bunting. The trestle tables laden with food and everyone out socialising, enjoying the company.

It’s not quite your average street party in downtown Birmingham, though.

Coming Soon: Tariq Telling It Like It Is.

Soooo.. I was tootling around the blogosphere, and one link led to another and I find out that Tariq Ramadan is giving a lecture at a Catholic University about islam. This is quite interesting, given that islam is pretty much mutually exclusive to christianity – especially catholicism. The catholic writer Belloc considered islam to be a great heresy and devoted a chapter to it in his book called, appropriately enough, The Great Heresies.

Seeing as I’m in Australia and not in Canada, perhaps one of the regular readers here from Waterloo might like to mosey along in March as I can’t attend. That weekend we’ve our own dawafest (facebook page) here in Melbournistan.

It appears that SJU is rather liberal in its catholicism, and Ramadan is a past master at dawah and taqiyya, so I expect there will be quite a few attendees who will go weak at the knees. Unlike Barry Obama, he really is and excellent orator.

For your education and perhaps enjoyment, here is his debate with the late great Christopher Hitchens on whether Islam Is A Religion Of Peace. Hitch scores some nice points, but it’s also worth watching to see how Ramadan works his way around things.

Gavin Goes Bush.

Well, not quite, although some consider Canberra to be out in the wilderness.

A while back, I posted on a Mr. Gavin Boby, a town planning lawyer with a passion for mosquebusting. He offers his expertise pro bono to communities who find they have applications for mosques in their midst where there was not one before, nor was there any perceived need for one.

This is a challenging situation for the regular person on the street, because to say, ‘oh, I don’t think I want a mosque down the road’ is generally met with cries of ‘RACIST’ and the usual bleats about intolerance and cultural equivalence.(nb. pointing out that there are no churches in Mecca, and the Christians are being chased out of Iraq is usually ignored or considered racist.)

Gavin has had, as they say over in Britain, a cracking run on what’s become known as mosquebusting.
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Failed PM To Sign Us Up With The OIC.

Media Release from the Q Society:

Australians to be healed from ‘Islamophobia’ by head of global Islamic organisation
Sunday, February 12, 2012 – Q Society of Australia Inc.

This week Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has invited Professor Ekmelledin Ihsanoglu[sic], the Secretary General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), to discuss “Transition and Change: The OIC and the Islamic World”

Events take place on February 15th and 16th at the National Press Club of Australia and at Griffith University, Brisbane. Following similar events in Europe and Washington, Mr Rudd’s visitor is here to educate and help us overcome “Islamophobia” in Australia.

The OIC, which represents 56 Islamic states, makes up the largest voting bloc of the UN.

United in their effort to limit critical discussion of the Islamic religion and sharia law, these countries refuse to sign the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. OIC members construed the ‘Cairo Declaration’, in which human rights are subject to interpretation by Islamic clergy and sharia law. The OIC is headquartered in Saudi Arabia, a feudal monarchy renown for violation of basic human rights under strict sharia law.

The feigned concern of the OIC with discrimination against Islam and more notably views not supportive of Islam is in contrast to the violent intolerance experienced by non-Muslim minorities in many Islamic countries. Indigenous religious minorities, which are not afforded the same respect, recognition or equality demanded by the OIC for Muslim immigrants in the West.

Author and human rights activist Ayan Hirsi Ali ‘s recent article ‘The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World’ highlights “… an unrecognised battle costing thousands of lives.” With these facts in mind, there are serious questions democratic governments should be asking the OIC, before taking advice from Professor Ihsanoglu.

Q Society appeals to Mr Rudd to show courage and openly address this discrepancy and the discrimination against non-Muslims, evident in almost every OIC country.

Vilifying critics of Islam and sharia practices as ‘islamophobic’ is in fact aiding and abetting those who seek to silence the debate about the rise of Islamic sharia, both in the West and in the once secular countries of the OIC.

Kevin Rudd, our erstwhile Prime Minister and current Foreign Minister, has a bit of a reputation as a grandstander. The current view is that he’s bucking for a seat with the UN (Security Council, no less – even temporary is good to this fellow), and a part of his sleazing towards that goal is sucking up to the OIC.

He’s given a lot of money to help the less fortunate in countries other than Oz, which you’d expect as Foreign Minister. But…

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It’s Official! Islam Is Not A Race.

I’m on a stack of mailing lists, as well as twitter for fun and education.

One of those is for the Council of American-Islamic Relations, which would probably be better named as the Council of American/Islamic Re-education.

I don’t read them every day, as there are simply not enough hours in the day for that while still working, sleeping, pretending to do housework and most importantly indoctrinating bringing up the next generation of nilknarfs.

This one is important, though, because as someone who routinely gets labelled as a racist, it’s nice to get a bit of validation from the Other Side.

With the tagline of, “American Muslims Pose Little Threat, Study Says (NY Times)” the CAIR mailout linked to this little gem:
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Jihadwatch Comes To Town.

PJG has written a guest post over at JihadWatch about Robert Spencer’s vist to Melbournistan.

I’ve known PJG for quite some time now, and we’ve attended the occasional demo together, so I’m happy to agree with what s/he has to say. Rather than rehash that, I’ll add my observations of the evening. (This is your opportunity to rush over to JW and read the report!)

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ESW Liveblogging In Vienna.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is currently sitting in the plenary in Vienna, attending the confab about “Confronting Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims in Public Discourse”.

She is also pretty much a lone voice in the wilderness that is public discourse in Austria when it comes to going against the current view, and seated with mainly men and mainly muslim ones at that when her views and travails are so widely known has to be challenging.

But… she is nothing if not brave, and more than capable of speaking up if she deems it fit.

I’ve offered to do a bit of a liveblog for her since she can’t be here doing it herself (one of the bonuses of global timezones, I guess).

Well, off to a flying start with the first speech being somewhat uninspiring (direct quote:”[7:16:29 PM] this is terrible”)
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Matthew Would Like To Say A Few Words.

Tundra Tabloids posted an article recently about something that happened over in England.

My mate Martin Brennan has been staying with a fellow called Matthew Stiddard. Martin was deported from Australia officially due to a breach of visa, but seeing as Martin had never been in trouble with the police nor had any notification from DIAC about any visa irregularities, I wonder if that was really it.

That’s for another day, so we’ll leave that for now.

Matthew was interviewed by VladTepes, and I’ve also gotten to know him. He’s starting to get a bit of a profile now, and he’s concerned that there might be some misconceptions floating around with respect to his current police…. challenges… and what’s happening with the leadership of the EDL.

For the record, Matthew has never made any comment about why the police would be interested in Martin. In conversation he has made it quite clear that it’s not a path he would like to travel down.

I’ll let him speak for himself*:
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Remembering And Re-posting September 11.

originally posted here and at Tizonas.

While many people died in the atrocities in 2001, we tend to remember most the Twin Towers falling.

Many of us watched it happening in real time, even myself here in Melbournistan, Australia.

Seven years after the event, the enormity of it is something that never leaves; perhaps that really was the end of history as we know it, rather than the year 2000.

For someone with the gift of the gab, this is one that renders me nearly speechless, and so I will just leave you with a comment of the frollicking mole’s from Tim Blair’s old blog:

I saw people jumping and never considered it suicide. It was a choice between the auto-de-fe of the islamists or the quick death of their own making.
They made a CHOICE not to die by burning, I only hope they closed their eyes and thought back to when they were 5 and could fly….

In the interests of tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism, and for those who think that America (we) deserved 9/11:

I hope you fucking rot in hell.

God bless America and her martyrs.

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Thank you, Bosch, for you have the pictures when I’m stricken dumb.

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Witnessing History.

I get asked why I blog, why I talk to people and why I continually wade through the muck of modern decay.

I get asked why I put up with being called all sorts of names. After all, it can’t be pleasant, and it’s far from a delightful way to spend the day.

Why not let someone else make waves (not that I do much wavemaking – more like the occaional miniscule ripple).
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