Video of islamic-representative response to Tommy Robinson on YT removed and restored.

The self appointed spokesman for the islamic community in England’s video where he demonstrates the pinnacle of islamic muslim logic and reason as illustrated by the koran, was removed from youtube. The post we had on it was here:

I have reposted the video at MRC but with a slight addition at the start and end, and some of his more eloquent arguments highlighted with a classic underlining tone.

Democracy, the USA and the UK.

The average shmoe, god bless his soul, labours under the notion that living in a democracy means you get to vote for stuff. Like a leader for example.

Of course in Iraq under Saddam, in the former Soviet Union, today in Iran and other despotic nations voting is commonplace even if it is as rigged as many claim the first Bush election was and many more offer evidence that the second Obama election also might have been. But this is highly secondary to the point.

What makes a democracy is the type and nature, and non-partisan nature of the institutions of state.

In other words, a democracy is a place where, just to pull an example out at random, the agency that collects tax revenue for the state should neither know nor care what your politics are, or what organizations you may belong to, but follows a very strict code as to how you are to pay your taxes based on criteria to be universally applied to all people within that country.

The military, as in the case of Turkey, must also be non-partisan and the government may not send in spies to rid the military of key people because those people may object to substantial changes in the nature of the system. Hugo Chavez also did this when he made his own gang of thugs, the Red Shirts, a branch of the military to spy on the regular members. The fact that people may or may not have voted in Chavez had little to do with Venezuela’s failure as a democracy. It was the destruction of the institutions of state as democratic institutions that, at least as I see it, cost it that title.

Some of these kinds of machinations by governments however are more gray zone. For example; in the UK, government is considering dismissing members of the Armed Forces if they are known to be members of, or take part in, EDL activities.

This would have nothing to do with their job performance whatsoever. Only that they support a group that, from many people’s perspective, do a better job at preserving and fighting for British values and law than the government itself.

But would this be forcing the military to become a partisan organization the way Turkey did when it jailed or dismissed all senior members of the forces who support Ataturk’s secular Turkey constitution? Or Hugo Chavez when he introduced his own spies to the military to roust out ideological opponents?

Anyone who knows the difference between Tina Fey and Sarah Palin should probably all think about and all decide this for ourselves. Democracy after all, requires a bit more work to sustain than a dictatorship, benign or not. Those who don’t know the difference may want to apply for permanent residency in North Korea.

Eeyore for Vlad.

English Defence League rally bomb plotters jailed

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(Watch the video at the BBC)


(Judge) said it had not been an amateurish attempt but wide-ranging and determined.


EDL leader Tommy Robinson and his deputy Kevin Carroll called out “God save the Queen” from the public gallery as sentence was passed.

Sobs could be heard from other observers, and shouts of ” Allahu Akbar” – “God is great” in Arabic.

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Mosque fire in the UK has many suspicious components.

BBC Video below and links as well.

Here are a few interesting facts:

1. Anything called, ‘Islamic Center’ Or ‘Islamic anything’ is actually a brand name of a Muslim Brotherhood front. You can get the details by watching Stephen Coughlin’s Boston Brief where he shows exactly how to prove to oneself that this is the case.

This being the case, it is quite likely that various materials which would be considered highly ‘volatile’ shall we say, from within the mosque, may have been the cause of the fire. As after all, mosques are well known to be more arsenal than church.

2. It is highly doubtful that the EDL would do anything this pro-active but if they did, even more doubtful that they would sign their work. Unlike muslim violent activists, they,  the EDL, do not have the government on their side.

3. Tommy Robinson from the Daily Mail:

“English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson this afternoon said he was ‘sceptical’ about whether the EDL were involved – but he has not yet condemned the attack.

Appearing to suggest that Muslims may have torched the community centre, he wrote: ‘There were 26 fire bombings in Luton with graffiti saying EDL? Guess who was arrested for it? Muslims! Sorry if I’m sceptical’. “

4. EDL Buck, a Vlad Tepesblog reporter in the UK who is familiar with the site, says that “The building was really run down” making an insurance fire just as likely.

5. Have a look at the aerial photos of this burned building. Does it look like the fire started inside? Or outside?

Daily Mail Article


Some clips of the EDL at Downing St. May 27


Quite a state of affairs we are in when a large group of people showing patriotism and classically liberal values are comsidered a provocation and labelled as “far right wing extremists” by the media, none of whom could explain of course, what a “far right wing extremist” actually is, it’s enough to know that it sounds bad.

EDL gang cleared of racist chanting at Middlesbrough railway station

I wonder if some clever defense attorney had the raw wit to actually ask if Islam is a race, or if so, how it is one.


Gazette Live:

From left: Jak Beasley, Dean Spence and Christoper Caswell

From left: Jak Beasley, Dean Spence and Christoper Caswell

THREE men linked to a right-wing pressure group have had their convictions quashed for racially aggravated public disorder.

The trio’s fines were also slashed for behaviour described by a Teesside judge as obnoxious, unnerving, disgraceful, drunken, anti-social and inconsiderate.

They were among six men, all associated with the English Defence League (EDL),

convicted by Teesside magistrates of racially or religiously aggravated disorder last August.

It was alleged the men sang a highly inflammatory religious chant at Middlesbrough railway station.

Jak Beasley, 23, Christopher Caswell, 32, and Dean Spence, 23, appealed against the conviction at Teesside Crown Court yesterday.

This appeal was not opposed by the prosecution as a crucial witness had since emigrated to New Zealand.

The men accepted they committed a lesser disorder offence without the racial element, and appealed against fines imposed by magistrates.

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Some links on Tommy Robinson’s conviction and sentencing on the false documents charge

As this has been made a large MSM issue I didn’t rush to post them as thats not really the purpose of this site as much as it is to post things that are under-represented by the media or as often misrepresented in ways deleterious to the West and Western civilization.

Here are a few links that detail what happened to Tommy today. Speculation is that he will be free anywhere from a few weeks based on typical 1/3 of time served to a few months from now.

Left Wing Extremist Daily Mail

(No, I dont think the Mail is extreme or left wing. But if they can call the EDL far right wing when their stated goals are classical liberal then I can call them what I want)

Sky News:

EDL Protest at Wandsworth Prison on behalf of Tommy Robinson

Written by Adam K M for Vlad Tepes

Yesterday the EDL gathered outside Wandsworth prison to protest the politically motivated imprisonment of their leader Tommy Robinson. Robinson has been imprisoned having alleged to have entered the United States illegally. The accused of this alleged transgression usually doesn’t get locked up for over 23 hours a day without even use of the prison gymnasium allowed. Not everybody though stands up against the pro-Islamic far-Left establishment of the United Kingdom, hence Robinson’s detention.

A welcome change to usual EDL events was that there were no UAF members staging a counter protest. As a result of this patriots were allowed to overtly profess their love for country and for Tommy Robinson without the customary cavalcade of bricks, bottles and other missiles being thrown at them.

Around 200 protestors chanted “Free Tommy Robinson,” with eyes and minds positioned towards Wandsworth prison.

Robinson’s incarceration comes amid Abu Qatada’s reprieve from deportation that will cost the British taxpayer’s millions of pounds a year. What is more Robinson is being refused bail at a time when nine Muslim pedophiles charged with raping children have been granted bail. The present political establishment has deemed that one of the only ways they can hang onto control in this country is to treat their opponents as lower than those who rape children. Although Robinson’s treatment is horrific his continued imprisonment at least shows that he is a threat the British government takes very seriously. And that is something that the EDL supporters who turned up amid the rain and cold can find very heartening indeed.

Adam K M