The video of German pathologists and claims for what is in the mRNA shots

A few days ago, we posted a link to a gates of Vienna which had this video as its feature. We wrote up our own explanation of why it should be viewed in more than one way. At face value, but also as a potential weapon of information warfare to move people incrementally away from what is true, to what is not, in order to protect those who profit by what is true and do not want us to know, be certain of, or act on those truths.

Here is the video with both the RAIR write up, and our own for what we hope is a gestalt of it.

France sees increasing danger to all teachers who fail to toe Islamic-socialist ideology

The West needs to pay close attention to these events. At this point its surprising that France at least even pays lip service to its own culture and values by offering these teachers protection. In Canada and the US I think we know what would happen to them. And this circumstance will happen more and more often, assuming there are any teachers left willing to stand up for Greek thought, Western values and freedom of conscience and speech.

Please read the whole story and details over at RAIR Foundation

Comintern in mid coup to unseat Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, a fun-house mirror of the coup against Trump?

The journalist in the video below is likely not fully correct about the motive. There may be an element of stealing in the actions of the Brazilian supremes, but this looks a lot more like what is taking place in the US, where massive frauds were perpetrated to attempt a coup against President Trump while making it look like a legal procedure. Also much like the pseudo-legal prosecution of Marine Le Pen in France, where her parliamentary immunity was stripped post hoc, in order to prosecute her for publishing a short Islamic State video as proof of why her party did not want immigration of that ideology.

The same thing just happened to Matteo salvini where his immunity was stripped in order to prosecute him for his decision not to let a boatload of illegals dock which Marxist logic determined to be “kidnapping”.

And the eternal prosecution of Geert Wilders for actually doing his job in a democracy, which was to criticize the government’s immigration policy, which the government has deemed “racist” and Geert is now facing the same charge for the same remark I think for the FOURTH time. Another great argument for America’s double-jeopordy law in the 5th amendment.

The video below is another explanatory video of this significant event in Brazil. Remember, this must not be viewed as an isolated incident, but as part of a global policy against traditional, Nationalist, or non-Marxist politicians and influential people. In blunt, this is a global communist revolution taking place in a highly targeted manner and using corruption of existing systems, and even the creation of an anti-state to act against the state using the Marxist dialectic, Thesis, antithesis, solution. For a better understanding of that, Stephen Coughlin and Rich Higgins’ paper linked here makes it clear with some effort on the part of the reader.


The real agenda behind much of alternate sexuality marches

A brilliant example of how the left weaponizes tribal identities in order to achieve a uniquely communist-islamic outcome. Washington Times.

Dyke March bans Israeli and Jewish Pride flags; Palestinian flags still OK

The D.C. Dyke March, which is being billed as an all-inclusive celebration of underrepresented people, is banning Israeli and Jewish Pride flags but allowing Palestinian flags during Friday’s event.


The march, which is returning to Washington after a 12-year hiatus, is seeking to be more radical than its previous version, including LGBTQ people of various races, religions, socioeconomic classes and gender identities, organizers told The Washington Post.


However, pro-Zionist and “nationalist symbols,” including Israeli and Jewish Pride flags, will not be welcomed at the event, organizers said.


Yael Horowitz, a Jewish march organizer, said the ban is a protest against “nations that have specific oppressive tendencies.”

Notice that Palestine, such as it is, along with other muslim states, murders people for being gay and anyone as far out as the people in the photo just wouldn’t dare in any muslim territory, even as close as Birmingham or Saville town.

Israel actually has a gay pride march annually, and has for some time.

So this march has nothing to do with gay rights whatsoever. It is about the deconstruction of classical civilization. And that is all it is. Nothing less.

Thank you Amy Mek.


On the current acceptability of actual science in our postmodern societal rules

 Academic paper on evolution flushed down the memory hole.

To understand the enormity of the importance of this article, I once again refer to the (probably soon to be illegal) excellent documentary, Dogs Decoded. Pay special attention to how the Soviet Union treated actual science, especially evolutionary biology, that contradicted Marxism’s axioms.

Especially the segment on Silver Fox bred in the barn for domesticity or aggression. This renegade experiment, while illegal in all ways in the Soviet Union has been invaluable ever since for real science in the understanding of certain attributes which we can loosely call, domestication. This article may be experiencing a less blunt force train of events than the Russian experiment on Silver Fox, but for the precise same reason our Russian evolutionary-biologist had to hide his intentions and methods from the government. But the subtle and frankly, pure Postmodernist way in which it was done is in fact far more effective in preventing the work from reaching academic circles.

The only thing it can use for potential exposure is the Streisand effect, which of course is why I link to it here. And the fact that it appears here, will be used as an excuse as to why they believed that this truth must not be known. And the great truth that is so scary?

Men and women are biologically different in general.

Here is an excellent video on this subject of the state of academia today:

Remember this moment from a James Damore discussion?




So about those grants to Muslim groups…

The story at Spencer Fernando:

A number of disturbing guest speakers, and serious concerns over an attendee who was jailed for trying to join Islamic State, has led the Canada Revenue Agency to revoke the charitable status of the Ottawa Islamic Centre.

Here’s what the CRA said about the Ottawa Islamic Centre Assalam Mosque:

“Many of the views expressed by the organization’s speakers are misogynistic, homophobic, racist and/or promote violence.”

Additionally, according to Global News, “The CRA was also concerned that “radicalized individuals” had attended the mosque, one of whom, Ashton Larmond, is now imprisoned for attempting to join the so-called Islamic State.”

Download the report here:

The Rebel asks some excellent questions, after doing the research all media should have been doing.





Austria To Ban Headscarves At Kindergartens And Schools

An original translation from Die Welt:

Sebastian Kurz announces headscarf ban for kindergartens and schools
April 04., 2018

„Veiling little children is something that should definitely have no place in our country“, said Austria’s chancellor Sebastian Kurz. With this, he wanted to prevent discrimination at a young age.

In the will of the Austria government, in the future, girls won’t be allowed to wear a headscarf in kindergarten and elementary school any longer. „Veiling little children is something that should definitely have no place in our country“, said chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Wednesday in Vienna.

It was about granting the same opportunities to all children. „And this also means that there isn’t any discrimination at a young age“, said Kurz. The new law will be titled „Child Protection Law“. „All children should have equal opportunities, girls and boys“, said Kurz.

The respective motion is to be formulated no later than the beginning of summer. To elevate the law into constitutional status, the government, conservative ÖVP and right-wing FPÖ, will have to convince one oppositional party of their plan. FPÖ-chief Heinz-Christian Strache wanted to combat „undesirable developments regarding political Islam“ with his headscarf ban for girls.

50 people charged for veiling their faces
It is unclear how many children are affected. There are no figures. „It is certainly a symbolic gesture“, said education minister Heinz Faßmann (ÖVP).

In Austria, a general ban on veiling the face came into effect half a year ago. The anti-face-curtaining-law means that in public spaces and in public buildings, clothes or other items shall not disguise or veil „the facial features in such way that they aren’t recognizable anymore“. Dressing up in the context of halloween is not affected by this law, the decree specifies.

Since then, approximately 50 people have been charged. The law specifically aims at veiling with a burqa or a niqab, and it is meant to promote integration of Muslims. According to the law, it is punishable with up to 150 Euros, if the face is made invisible between chin and brows.

But look how happy they are! – Seen on Etsy.

“I Delight in Watching Her Die”

A 17-year-old Libyan refugee girl in Germany named Alaa was stabbed down and critically injured by her ”husband” and her brothers, who filmed the deed.

The brother who did the stabbing is currently standing trial for preparing an Islamic act of terror, and had just been released from custody on February 26.

Alaa’s family then sent the video to her alleged lover. In this version below, that was published by Bild newspaper, the scenes that actually show the critically wounded girl have been blackened out. She can only be heard begging for an ambulance, as she is pregnant – again. She had the first child from her twice-her-age “husband” when she was 16.

An original translation from Die Welt, Germany:

“I Delight in Watching Her Die”

A 17-year-old is stabbed down by her husband and her brother in an Islamic rite. Was it an attempted honor killing? It appears the family sent a disturbing mobile video to the victim’s boyfriend after the crime.

This act of violence is blood-curdling: Tuesday evening, a young woman is brutally stabbed down by her husband and her brother. She is critically injured. The two flee. Shortly thereafter, they are arrested on a train in Schweinfurt, 250 kilometers away.

Investigators assume a “relationship incident”, but for tactical reasons they initially did not disclose more. The 17-year-old girl from Libya is married to a 34-year-old Syrian by Islamic law, but not by German law. Both of them came to Germany as refugees.

Disturbing new details have now been disclosed. On Friday afternoon, police announced that it appears that before the deed the 17-year-old wanted to separate from her husband. Was it an attempted honor killing? The cultural and religious background is an important part of the investigations.

According to “Bild” newspaper, the young woman fell in love with an asylum seeker from neighboring Biberach. On the evening of the crime, the family was assembled in the parental home in Laupheim. After an argument escalated, the 20-year-old brother drove a knife into his sister’s chest and critically injured her.

Alleged phone video to the lover

In its Saturday edition the paper printed stills from a mobile video. In it, threatening male voices, and a whimpering woman can be heard.

Another brother — not the stabber — allegedly said “Can you see where I’m standing? I delight in watching her die, and smoke a cigarette whilst doing so.” The video was allegedly recorded in the nursery of the 17-year-old, and sent to the man from Biberach.

The victim was not fit for questioning on Friday. But she isn’t in critical condition any longer, the police spokesman replies to our inquiry. She is in stable condition. The criminal police are still investigating friends and family of those involved. The 34-year-old man and the 20-year-old brother of the badly injured woman are still in custody on suspicion of attempted murder.

The 20-year-old brother is an Islamist, apparently. He is currently standing trial for assisting in the preparation of a grave and subversive act of terror, and for perjury. According to the investigators, he was released from custody only on February 26 — shortly before the deed. The “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” report that the Libyan [husband — translator] had been “on the radar” of the special task force of Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU), who is responsible for the deportation of particularly criminal foreigners and terror risks.

Honor killings in Germany

Crimes with a background of alleged violations of honor make the headlines times and again. In February 2005, the German-Turk Hatun Sürücü was shot dead at a bus stop in Berlin. The murder — allegedly committed in the name of honor — created ripples across Germany. Her youngest brother was sentenced to nine and a half years in youth detention.

In the case of the murder of the mother-of-six Hanaa S. from Solingen in 2015, the court established this January that it was a deed “to restore the family honor”.

Translator’s note:
This last paragraph by Die Welt, mentioning only two cases, is quite an underestimation., who track known cases of Sharia killings in Germany, list 12 attempted honor killings, two of them lethal, just for January 2018, and 77 cases in 2017, 45 of them deadly, others “only” leaving the survivor disfigured.

Alaa (r.): her brother stabbed the pregnant girl in the chest and slit open both sides of her mouth.

German women launch long-overdue movement to direct feminist anger rationally

One begins to wonder if #me too and similar movements aren’t planned leftist tactics to deflect proper rational anger towards muslims for their treatment of Western women, and channel it to Western men. A sort of commie, emotional judo.

H/T Copywriter

Deadly Stabbing in German School: Attacker Says Victim Had Looked At His Mother “Provocatively”

An original translation of a press release by Dortmund Police.

Dortmund (ots) – Joint Press Release of Dortmund Prosecution and Dortmund Police

As announced in press releases no. 0141, 0142 and 0144, Dortmund police formed a Kap commission to investigate after a homicide in a school at Dammwiese in Lünen.

According to the current state of investigations, the accused and his mother had an appointment with the school’s community worker. According to the community worker, the 15-year-old has got a police record for violence, and was deemed aggressive and unfit for school, and had, for these reasons, temporarily attended a different school. But this measure failed, which was why he now was to attend Käthe Kollwitz school again.

While they were waiting for their appointment, the later victim met upon the attacker. According to the suspect, the victim looked at his mother repeatedly in a provocative manner. This angered the 15-year-old so much that he stabbed a knife into his schoolmate’s neck.

Before the deed, there were already confrontations between the later victim and the suspect. Investigations will have to probe whether this was the ultimate motive.

The postmortem confirmed that the violence was cause of the death. The weapon was seized at the scene of the crime.

The police records on the accused are meagre and do not show earlier relations with the victim.

The victim’s family is being taken care of by Dortmund police’s office for the protection of victims.

The 15-year-old will appear before the committing magistrate tomorrow.

Translator’s note:
According to Dortmund police, the victim is a 14-year-old German boy from Lünen, the perpetrator is a 15-year-old boy, born in Germany, but with Kazhak and German nationality.

Kätze Kollwitz School in Lünen

Berlin: 87-Year-Old Lady Maimed In Brutal Robbery In Broad Daylight

After 10 days of investigation, Berlin Police have now released these wanted photos of the suspect in an extraordinarily cruel attack on an 87-year-old lady.

The man is suspected to have mugged an 87-year-old lady in Berlin, and wounded her massively. Photos: Berlin Police.

The original account of the assault is extremely disturbing, please be aware of that, if you wish to read on.

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