Competing theories on cause of US forest fires

One from the anti-state Governor of California, Gavin Newsome along with enemy propaganda:

The other from the Islamic State and related orgs and ideologies who suggest that these exact fires be set as a form of jihad. Many arrests have already been made of people for setting fires in this region. In fact it specifies California.

Or it could be…

Jihad attack in Villejuif a southern suburb of Paris

The name of the area is French for Jewish Village but the name is likely historical. Most of these areas are now anything but Jewish at this stage.

M. sent in this explanation:

They cannot explain the etymology of the name —
there are 3 catholic churches and 1 coptic church but  no synagogue and no mosque yet
and there must be more North-Africans than Jewish people in this suburb
of course the best would be to ask someone living in the area
[…]The French author from the 17th century Louis Moréri indicates that the settlement was founded by Jews expelled from Paris.

This idea, however, remains speculative: available medieval Christian and Jewish sources do not mention the existence of the Jewish community in this place. For this reason, the exact role of Jews in the inception or the development of this town remains obscure.

Two more muslim murderous terror attacks that we know of today

1. At least 14 killed in attack on Burkina Faso church

OUAGADOUGOU (Reuters) – At least 14 people were shot dead in an attack on a church in eastern Burkina Faso on Sunday morning, the government said.


The identity of the gunmen was not immediately clear and further details on the attack had yet to emerge. Burkinabe armed forces were caring for the wounded and searching the area, the government said in a statement.


This year an Islamist insurgency has ignited ethnic and religious tensions in Burkina Faso, rendering large parts of the country ungovernable, especially in northern areas bordering restive Mali.

The attack took place in the village of Hantoukoura near the border with Niger in the Est region, an area known for banditry that has come under attack over the past year from suspected jihadist groups with links to al Qaeda and Islamic State.

2. Likely Islamic terror in Sweden just now

(Aftonbladet has a video we sent out to translation)


Did another jihad attack take place November 29 but in Winnipeg?

Driver of stolen Winnipeg fire truck tried to hit pedestrians, say police

Police have stopped a stolen fire truck and have a man in custody after a wild chase through Winnipeg Friday.

United Fire Fighters of Winnipeg president Alex Forrest tells Global News the fire truck was stolen from a medical call on Henderson Highway, police say it was taken around 12:50 p.m.

“They were in the building for about 12 to 15 minutes and when they came out the truck was gone,” said Forrest.

It should be noted that all three events, (although only one has been confirmed so far as a jihad attack), could in fact be part of the Days of Rage triggered due to the Norwegian koran burn event. We will be looking into this as time goes by. The OIC is anxious to get blasphemy laws in place, and as we saw with Merkel’s little speech last night, leftist leaders are anxious to help.



Paris police stabber supported previous terror attacks such as Bataclan, Charlie Hebdo

Direct link:

As you watch this, keep in mind The BBC and CBC propaganda where they attempt to maintain that the attack motives remain a complete mystery to all.

This man was a jihadi, and had access to top secret counter-terror information as he worked at a top security centre in Paris, and had clearance for all. And, his jihadi proclivities were known.

Four news items on what had to be, premeditated act of jihad, that murdered four police in Paris

1. Daily Mail:

Deaf Islamic convert is named as Paris police HQ attacker: IT worker who fell out with supervisor ‘after he refused to deal with women’ slaughters four colleagues, including female officer, with a knife – as police arrest Muslim wife

A deaf civilian police worker who had recently converted to Islam was shot dead in Paris today after murdering four colleagues with a ceramic knife following a ‘dispute over working with female colleagues’.


Michael Harpon, 45, caused the bloodbath in the French capital’s historic Police Prefecture, next door to Notre Dame Cathedral.


Investigators have not ruled out a possible terrorist motivation for the Thursday afternoon attack, which left a woman and three men dead. 


All were repeatedly stabbed by Harpon, who had worked in the IT department at the Prefecture since 2003, in the worst loss of French police lives in a single day since World War II.

Harpon had recently been referred to his boss over his refusal to greet women, Actu17 reported.

(It should be noted that other news reports explain that he was working in a secured part of the police station. That he murdered his colleagues with a ceramic knife that would not be seen by the metal detectors used for that part of the building. This means he knowingly brought in a weapon that could not be detected, and more importantly means this was not a spontaneous result of an argument but was a premeditated act of jihad.)

2. Photo of dead convert after being shot by police

3. Computer scientist you say?

4. RT:

Knife attack at Paris police HQ: At least four officers dead, suspect fatally shot, reports say


French Interior Minister Christoper Castaner is en route to inspect the crime scene, according to local media.


The suspect is believed to have been an administrative officer working in a secure part of the building, making it easy for him to enter the premises, a source told the Sun newspaper. It is thought that he used a ceramic knife that could not be picked up by metal detectors.

Thank you all who sent in links on this story. For once, the media, which did try and hide the jihad and islamic connection to this attack, was defeated to a degree in their attempted mass deception. In a way they still are by trying to make this look spontaneous when the weapon has to have been smuggled in by the jihadi in advance of this event, making it premeditated by any definition, and given the nature of the argument, clearly Islamic Jihad.

Dutch police describe shooting and arrest of Islamic jihadi mass stabber in August 2018

Thank you C. for the translation on this one

Direct link:

Swedes respond to the vehicular jihad in a small Swedish town

Ever wondered what a herd of cows might think as they see the members of their herd slaughtered in front of them? How they stay so sanguine?