5 Replies to “Your Government Despises You.”

  1. Jump, Kerry! Jump!

    Kerry holds urgent talks as US-Saudi rift deepens over Middle East policy (theguardian, Oct 22, 2013)
    “A deepening diplomatic rift between Saudi Arabia and the US burst open on Tuesday after secretary of state John Kerry acknowledged that Washington’s key strategic ally had serious misgivings about US foreign policy in the Middle East.

    Kerry held urgent talks with his Saudi counterpart in Paris on Monday amid complaints from Riyadh that the US was not doing enough to help Sunni-dominated rebels in Syria following a decision not launch US military action.

    “We know that the Saudis were obviously disappointed that the [Syria] strike didn’t take place,” Kerry told reporters in London on Tuesday.

    “It is our obligation to work closely with them – as I am doing,” he added, referring to multiple meetings he had on Monday with Saudi foreign minister Prince Saud al-Faisal. “The president asked me to come and have the conversations that we have had.”

    Kerry insisted relations remained fundamentally sound, but news of the meetings appears to confirm reports in the Wall Street Journal that the Saudis had threatened to scale back their regional co-operation with the US in protest at what it saw as a misguided Middle East strategy…”

  2. Kerry and Obama aren’t obeying their masters and are now being punished, unfortunately the useful idiots will not realize this fact.

  3. Eight police, two militants killed in Tunisia clash (Reuters, Oct 23, 2013)
    “Islamist militants were killed on Wednesday when they clashed during a raid by security forces in Sidi Bouzid in the south of the country, security sources and state television said. Tunisian authorities say Ansar al-Sharia, one of the Islamist militant movements to emerge since the country’s 2011 uprising, is behind a string of attacks on security forces…”

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