Germany: SJWs Protest the Deportation of Afghan Rapists and Child Abusers

Last Tuesday evening saw Germany cracking down hard and deporting 8 (eight) convicted Afghan criminals. The men were put on a flight from Düsseldorf to Kabul.

The crimes the men were convicted of. Source: Bild.

The men were taken directly from prison to airport. Their convictions are:

1. rape in coincidence with grievous battery,
2. rape and attempted grievous battery,
3. grievous battery,
4. grievous battery and coercion,
5. grievous sexual abuse of children,
6. robbery,
7. grievous sexual abuse of several children,
8. sexual abuse of a child, two attempted rapes, several cases of sexual coercion.

And still, a coalition of about 180 “refugee welcome” and fake “human rights”* activists gathered in the departure hall of Düsseldorf airport to protest the deportation.

(* we are for human rights, but there is very much wrong with these activists’ definition in a case like this, hence the quotation marks.)

“Stop Deportations” –

“Afghanistan is not safe!” (twice) – “All humans are equal!” – “No man is illegal” – “Asylum is a human right!”

There are 15.112 Afghans currently residing in Germany who are obliged to leave the country immediately (in theory), and 43.000 whose asylum applications have been rejected but who were given a suspension of deportation.

The district president of the German federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia last year calculated that under current German practice, it would take 20 years to deport every rejected asylum seeker just from the state of North-Rhine Westphalia alone.

Arrival in Kabul, Photo: Wakil Kohsar/AFP

UN votes to make all Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria illegal

1, Obama admin fires scientist for actually using science in climate debate.

A top scientist at the Department of Energy was fired for not toeing the Obama administration’s line regarding climate science, a new congressional investigation found.

The report released by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, alleges that DOE officials withheld information from Congress and fired a top scientist at the agency all to advance the Obama administration’s climate agenda.

2. US ambassador to the UN trashes Israel during lead up to security council vote on Jews building homes where Muslims don’t want them to.

3. UN security counsel votes to approve resolution demanding an end to Jews building homes in Judea and Samaria, and making existing homes illegal. US abstains to make it pass. 

The United Nations Security Council has passed a resolution urging an end to illegal Israeli settlements after the US refused to veto it.

The Egyptian-drafted resolution had been withdrawn after Israel asked Donald Trump to intervene but it was proposed again by Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal and Venezuela.

The US has traditionally sheltered Israel from condemnatory resolutions.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said he would not abide by the vote.

The Palestinian leadership welcomed the resolution, which was passed by 14 votes to zero, with one abstention.

4. Stephen Harper tweets to Trump about the UN resolution.

5. This CBC article just reports facts and doesn’t act as a propagandist one way or the other. Here is a more typical example of CBC reporting when it comes to Israel. Prepare to be amazed on today’s however.

The Obama administration allowed the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution Friday demanding an end to Israeli settlements, defying pressure from U.S. president-elect Donald Trump as well as Israel and several U.S. senators who urged Washington to use its veto.

The resolution was put forward at the 15-member council for a vote on Friday by New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela and Senegal a day after Egypt withdrew it under pressure from Israel and Trump.

Israel and Trump had called on the United States to veto the measure. It was adopted with 14 votes in favour, to a round of applause.


Parting shot by Obama

The U.S. abstention was seen as a parting shot by U.S. President Barack Obama, who has had an acrimonious relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and who has made settlements a major target of peace efforts that have proven ultimately futile.

(This must have been written by someone they are contractually obliged to publish)

6. Geert Wilders’ tweet:

Dear Jewish people. If you do not know by now who your friends and enemies are, I suggest changing your name right away.

Thank you Richard, M., Oz-Rita, Wrath of Khan, NorseRadish, ML., Ava Lon, Dan Friedman, Johnny U., and all who sent in links. There will be another post with items on other topics.

But it feels like this UN security council resolution deserves its own. Its hard to see this thing not resulting in a lot of dead people.


Raped woman does not want to report a rape to the police: “I feel sorry for him because he is a refugee”

Here is an article translated today by Liberty Dk. about a far left wing extremist but who certainly cannot be called a hypocrite in one way. This is a woman that ‘puts her genitals where her mouth is’ in fact. But having admiration for her consistency in her values does not negate the fact that her values also mean exposing all the other women and children in Sweden to a high risk of rape from the same group she is protecting by her questionably ‘noble’ action.

 From this Swedish News site

Published November 27th, 2015 at 15:38

Den 28-year-old Iraqi was so unhappy with the standard asylum in Finland that he chose to go back to Sweden and raped a Swedish woman on the night train. The woman did not at first report the man because of his refugee situation. But now the rapist has been convicted to imprisonment and deportation by the district court, who also states that he is not at all a refugee.
The rape took place on the night of October 10 on one of SJ’s night trains between Umeå and Sundsvall.

The woman had booked a berth and ended up in a compartment with three Arab men, who woke up when she stepped in. She wanted to show sympathy with the men because they were asylum seekers and bought among other things, sandwiches for them.
The company drank vodka and sang, but after a while the 28-year-old began to paw at the woman, who twice had to tell him to stop. After a while the woman went to bed but woke up some time later when the Arab was in the process of raping her.

The woman managed to tear herself away, ran from the cabin and made contact with a train attendant.
“The train attendant asked her if he should call the police. At first she did not want him to, because she did not want to put N.N, who was seeking asylum in a difficult situation. She felt sorry for him […] and was afraid that he would be deported to Iraq, ” the court documents read.

In the end, however, she let herself be persuaded, and the 28-year-old was arrested by the police when the train stopped in Hudiksvall. Today, he was sentenced by the Sundsvall District Court to one year in prison. He also has to pay 85,000 Swedish kronor in damages to the woman.

Moreover, it appeared that the raped woman’s fears have come true – the man will be deported back to Iraq with a re-entry ban to Sweden for five years.
The District Court concluded that he did not run any risk of faring badly if he returned to his home country, and had only traveled to the Nordic countries seeking asylum for economic reasons.

“Based on the opinion of the Migration Board, it appears that the situation in some parts of Iraq is serious. N.N. has, however, stated that he did not flee from Iraq because of the war and that there is no risk that he will be imprisoned or persecuted if he returns to that part of the country he comes from, ” read the judgment.

Why Flog A Dead Horse When You Can Milk An Islamically Slaughtered Cow?


Hi [nilk],

There are a few typos in my hurried response. I would like to know theirs! Read from the bottom up. My initial email asked why anyone would want to buy halal Easter eggs and what they hope to achieve by certification.



Begin forwarded message:
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Hypocrisy: UN adopts 9 resolutions on Palestinians & Golan, yet silent on Syrian massacre of Palestinians


See list of today’s resolutions below

GENEVA, December 18 – The U.N. General Assembly today adopted nine resolutions on Palestinian rights and the Golan, sharply criticizing Israel yet making no mention of Sunday’s massacre of Palestinians by Syrian warplanes firing missiles into a mosque in a Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus. Nor did the texts mention the tens of thousands of Palestinians who continue to flee the camp.

By the end of this week, the current 2012 UNGA session will have adopted 22 country-specific resolutions on Israel – and only four on the rest of the world combined, one each for Syria, Iran, North Korea and Burma, noted UN Watch.

Today’s resolutions criticized Israel for “the continuing systematic violation of the human rights of the Palestinian people,” and focused on “the extremely difficult socioeconomic conditions being faced by the Palestine refugees in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.”

One resolution condemned Israel for holding on to the Golan Heights, demanding Israel hand the land and its people to Syria.

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UN Watch: Syrians slaughtered while UN condemns Israel. Again. Several times.

As Syrians continue to be slaughtered, the U.N. is once again too busy condemning Israel to respond to those pleading for help in Aleppo and elsewhere.

The world body’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the principal organ under the U.N. Charter tasked with addressing human rights and fundamental freedoms, has just concluded its annual session by turning a blind eye to the ongoing massacres by the Assad regime. Instead,  a list of all its resolutions for the entire world shows that ECOSOC condemned only one single country: Israel. Two resolutions were adopted against Israel, and one report.


Sponsored by Algeria for the Third World grouping known as G-77, and by Turkey, a one-sided and politicized resolution was adopted on July 26 with the following title: “Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation on the living conditions of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan.”

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It’s Official! Islam Is Not A Race.

I’m on a stack of mailing lists, as well as twitter for fun and education.

One of those is for the Council of American-Islamic Relations, which would probably be better named as the Council of American/Islamic Re-education.

I don’t read them every day, as there are simply not enough hours in the day for that while still working, sleeping, pretending to do housework and most importantly indoctrinating bringing up the next generation of nilknarfs.

This one is important, though, because as someone who routinely gets labelled as a racist, it’s nice to get a bit of validation from the Other Side.

With the tagline of, “American Muslims Pose Little Threat, Study Says (NY Times)” the CAIR mailout linked to this little gem:
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Hamas Says Gaza Not “Occupied”; U.N. Disagrees

From the NGO U.N. Watch.

This is a great organization by the way. They have had genuine impact on events that matter and have exposed UN hypocrisy and corruption (in many senses of the word) many times.

Below, part of a press release from today. Click here to read it at source.

World Body Out of Step with Palestinians

GENEVA, Jan. 3 – The UN’s continued labeling of the Gaza Strip as “occupied” was directly contradicted today by a top leader of Hamas, the vehemently anti-Israel Palestinian terror group that controls the territory.

Noting the Hamas statement reflects the reality since Israel’s full withdrawal in 2005, the Geneva-based monitoring group UN Watch called on the UN to encourage Palestinians to take responsibility for areas they control, and to cease referring to Gaza, in reports and through officials and spokespeople, as “occupied territory.”

“The UN’s traditional practice of absolving Palestinians of responsibility hasn’t helped them one iota,” said Hillel Neuer, UN Watch executive director. “On the contrary, Palestinian citizens are the main losers when those that directly govern and police them are never seriously held accountable for their actions.”

“Now that the Palestinians running Gaza publicly regognize that it’s not occupied — which has been the reality since Israel’s disengagement removed every solider, civilian and setttlement in 2005 — the UN’s refusal to do the same will only hinder Palestinians from developing a healthy culture of self-rule,” said Neuer.

Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahhar confirmed there was no Israeli occupation of the territory in comments reported today by the Bethlehem-based Ma’an News Agency.


UN lowers flag for Kim Jong-il; rights group urges equal sympathy for victims

From U.N. Watch:


UN offices worldwide lowered their flag to half-mast as North Korea began a 2-day funeral for dictator Kim Jong-il. Above: UN European headquarters in Geneva, seat of the UN Human Rights Council, Dec. 28, 2011. (Photo: UN Watch)

GENEVA, Dec. 28 – With UN flags at half-mast today at its Human Rights Council (see photo right) and other buildings to mark the funeral of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, a Geneva-based human rights group called on the UN to show equal sympathy for the victims of Kim’s ruthless regime.

“We understand that the UN follows diplomatic protocol, but the world body must not forget that its founding purpose is to defend basic human rights, and sadly that message is at serious risk of being blurred today,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, a leading advocacy group at the UN for human rights in North Korea. Click here for recent UNW statements on North Korea.

“Today should be a time for the UN to show solidarity with the victims — the millions of North Koreans brutalized by Kim’s merciless policies of starvation, torture and oppression — and not with the perpetrator,” Neuer said. Continue Reading →

Former Soviet citizen speaks to the occupy idiots.

I never understood the term, ‘criminally stupid’ till I heard this woman claim that the “workers of North Korea” are paid fairly for their work unlike South Korea” by a moronic entitled colostomy bag in New York. Not entirely like the one in Ottawa for the same reasons.

This video found over at Blazing Cat Fur. Where everyone should check at least once a day.

Occupy Ottawa.

I think at least some of these guys should pull their pants up higher. Their IQ is showing.

Will have lots more to say on this shortly as I receive more clips. Thank you ‘Deke’ for taking the time and trouble to shoot this video and pass the clips along. I have had clips from Ottawa and London England come to me directly today from the people who filmed these faux-tests. Thank you very much for trusting me with your material.

Here was a guy who seemed to be a leader. But they don’t have leaders. Just people who are “facilitators” but “they do not make decisions” except of course, when they have no consensus, which they never can or do, and then yeah, the ‘facilitator’ makes the decision. At least that is what it looked like in Philly.

Here is a comment from Gates of Vienna with which, I totally agree. In fact I quasi-alude to it above and had planned to add the link to the video he refers to, and will do so the moment I have a few seconds to find it.

Travis McGee said…

The “hypno-toad” is actually called “the people’s microphone” by these freakazoid commies. Look at the youtube from Atlanta where Lewis was kept from speaking for the best example of the “people’s microphone” in action, and how easy it is for the cadres to control the lemmings and bend them to their will. Most importantly, it allows the real commie freaks to take over a very large crowd, because they are the only ones who know the rules of the game, and can boost their volume above any others. No interlopers stand a chance of being heard. It’s very well thought out for crowd control by a dedicated cadre. Please watch the Lewis/Atlanta video. Observe the union thugs and red shirts muscling people, and hand-signalling their leader. Very interesting. I’m sure their inspiration is the Bolsheviks, who seized control not by numbers, but by a keen understanding of group dynamics at all levels.

Meanwhile, a great deal of lip service was paid to equality of opinion and so on and so on. That there was no leader and all people were equal there. Yet oddly, if someone had a divergent opinion from the masses there, as did this fellow in Toronto…