Gavin Goes Bush.

Well, not quite, although some consider Canberra to be out in the wilderness.

A while back, I posted on a Mr. Gavin Boby, a town planning lawyer with a passion for mosquebusting. He offers his expertise pro bono to communities who find they have applications for mosques in their midst where there was not one before, nor was there any perceived need for one.

This is a challenging situation for the regular person on the street, because to say, ‘oh, I don’t think I want a mosque down the road’ is generally met with cries of ‘RACIST’ and the usual bleats about intolerance and cultural equivalence.(nb. pointing out that there are no churches in Mecca, and the Christians are being chased out of Iraq is usually ignored or considered racist.)

Gavin has had, as they say over in Britain, a cracking run on what’s become known as mosquebusting.
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