Oregon hit and run of women at College Campus

On the Sixth day of Ramavan my jihadi sent to me…

Witness said driver “gunned the motor” trying to hit him: Portland traffic incident

Christopher Bond told The Oregonian/OregonLive that he was nearly hit by a blue vehicle and said the driver “gunned the motor” as it sped toward him after already hitting three people.

First responders are tending to “multiple patients” following an incident at Southwest Sixth Avenue and Hall Street in downtown Portland.



Article which says very little.

20 children die after eating mid-day meal in Bihar school

Ramadan poisoning? Mid-day meal? Mighty suspicious

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20 children die after eating mid-day meal in Bihar school

Patna20 children have died in Bihar, allegedly as a result of food-poisoning from the free mid-day meal provided at their school near Chhapra in the central part of the state, 60 kilometres from the state capital Patna. Most of them who died were younger than 10.

Another 35 children have been admitted to the Patna Medical College Hospital.

The mid-day meal caused severe food poisoning, said sources.

“Nearly 50 students got very sick after eating the mid-day meal at home. By the time they were taken to PSC Mashrak, two children died. By the time they came to us, seven more children had died. We’re treating the children at the moment. Doctors found some foreign chemical matter present.

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When simply being grateful for safety and three squares a day in a refugee facility is too much to ask for.


If they value their holy month (as Vlad says) -of skipping lunch and blowing things up- more than the regular routine at the refugee center, then they’re more than free to return to the Muslim state from which they fled to observe Ramadan there. This is all about supremacy, they demand and the dhimmis dutifully jump to their feet to comply.

NOTE: Check out how the state journalist (an oxymoron) qualifies Ramadan as ”the holy month”, like it’s deemed holy by non-Muslims as well. I guess in this case it is, by the journalist and his gate keepers.

Bag lunches for Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan began earlier this week for devout Muslims worldwide. In Finland, the religious observance involving daytime fasting has caused a flap over meal times at a major refugee accommodation centre. Bag lunches may be the answer to the clash between religion and routine.

Suomen muslimeja syömässä yhteisellä aterialla.
Muslims in Finland break the fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Image: Yle

During the holy month of Ramadan Muslims abstain from eating during the daytime and only break their fast at night. The exceptional nighttime meal ritual has in the past disrupted meal schedules at the Metsälä refugee reception centre in Helsinki.

Residents and officials at the Metsälä reception centre have agreed to resort to packed lunches to solve the dilemma.

“This idea of a bag lunch was suggested as a compromise by one Muslim association. Usually we can only serve fruit in the dormitories,” said Pekka Nuutinen, director of the Metsälä reception centre.

Finnish Interior Minister Päivi Räsänen said that Muslims observing the Ramadan fast should also have access to proper meals.

Räsänen said that evening meals should be provided, but safely and economically. Currently immigration officials have no clear guidelines for operating in what are still unusual circumstances in Finland.

Veikko Pyykkönen, chief inspector with the Finnish Immigration Service, Migri, said that authorities will cooperate with the reception centres, and other experts during this Ramadan to see how the late meals should be managed.

“The idea is to have guidelines ready for the next Ramadan,” he explained.


Coming Soon: Tariq Telling It Like It Is.

Soooo.. I was tootling around the blogosphere, and one link led to another and I find out that Tariq Ramadan is giving a lecture at a Catholic University about islam. This is quite interesting, given that islam is pretty much mutually exclusive to christianity – especially catholicism. The catholic writer Belloc considered islam to be a great heresy and devoted a chapter to it in his book called, appropriately enough, The Great Heresies.

Seeing as I’m in Australia and not in Canada, perhaps one of the regular readers here from Waterloo might like to mosey along in March as I can’t attend. That weekend we’ve our own dawafest (facebook page) here in Melbournistan.

It appears that SJU is rather liberal in its catholicism, and Ramadan is a past master at dawah and taqiyya, so I expect there will be quite a few attendees who will go weak at the knees. Unlike Barry Obama, he really is and excellent orator.

For your education and perhaps enjoyment, here is his debate with the late great Christopher Hitchens on whether Islam Is A Religion Of Peace. Hitch scores some nice points, but it’s also worth watching to see how Ramadan works his way around things.

Cinema warns moviegoers about “annoying” Muslims

Multiculturalism once again is shown to be an oxymoron. EIther you have people understanding how to behave in a cinema, or you do not. You cannot have both.

European Freedom Initiative:

Advisory in a Copenhagen theatre creates a firestorm of criticism and an eventual apology.

A poster that appeared in the window of Copenhagen’s Palads theatre Saturday night warned patrons that due to Eid, the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, more Muslims would be in the theatres than normal and they could get loud and become annoying to other cinema guests.

The sign even offered advice as to which of the films on offer could be the noisiest: “Movies like the Batman 3 [Dark Knight Rises], the Bourne Legacy, Total Recall, Abraham Lincoln and Prometheus, but one can never be sure in advance,” read the warning.

Guests were advised to contact security guards if they experienced noisy Muslims.

“G4S guards will be available all day, so if you experience unacceptable behaviour, please contact them,” read the notice.

The notice went on to apologise “in advance” to cinema guests for any “bother” that may occur.

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Afghan policeman kills several US special forces


United States Marines from the 2nd MEB, 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion gather during a patrol where a gun battle with insurgents occurred earlier, near Shabu in the volatile province of Helmand, southern Afghanistan, Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009. (AP Photo/Kevin Frayer)


A suspected Afghan police officer has shot dead a group of US special forces during a Ramadan breakfast. Recurring incidents of surprise attacks by Afghan police are undermining trust with their international mentors.

At least three US special forces soldiers have been shot dead by an Afghan wearing a police uniform, although it remained unclear whether the perpetrator was actually a member of the security forces or a Taliban infiltrator.

“All we know is that they were killed by an Afghan in a uniform of some sort,” a NATO spokeswoman told Reuters news agency.

The special forces soldiers were attacked while attending a meeting late Thursday in the Sangin district of the volatile Helmand province in Afghanistan’s south. Sangin district chief Mohammad Sharif told the AFP news agency that four US soldiers had been invited to a Ramadan breakfast by an Afghan policeman.

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Pizza Hut in Pakistan ditches all-you-can-eat Ramadan offer to curb ‘unrestrained gluttony’

Muslims keep pretending that Ramadan is about fasting. Well fair enough they also call islam the religion of peace. People should call Ramadan what it is. A few weeks of skipping lunch, gorging at night and killing infidels.

The Telegraph:

 Pizza Hut has withdrawn its all-you-can eat Ramadan offer in Pakistan prompting howls of fury from thousands of hungry Muslim families used to breaking their fast with plate after plate of deep pan or thin crust.

Pizza Hut has withdrawn its all-you-can eat Ramadan offer in Pakistan prompting howls of fury from thousands of hungry Muslim families used to breaking their fast with plate after plate of deep pan or thin crust.

Rob Crilly

By , Islamabad

3:07PM BST 07 Aug 2012

Instead the chain said it wants to reduce “gluttony” by limiting customers to a single regular pizza in its Ramadan Fiesta offer.

In previous years Pizza Hut restaurants would be packed for the evening meal of Iftar, as diners starving from a day of fasting would fill their bellies with pizza after pizza for as little as £7 – a figure industry analysts said was unsustainable.

Furious fast food fans have taken to social media to complain at the new, cheaper deal, which is still advertised as an “all-you-can” offer.

“Pathetic and a misleading deal. It’s only one regular pizza with bottomless Pepsi, not all you can eat,” said one post on Pizza Hut Pakistan’s Facebook page.

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Some Canadian Muslim wants to have 30 feasts in 30 days

In case anyone still thinks that Ramadan is about fasting and piety, check this story out from Toronto. The Star points out that as he is cycling from mosque to mosque he may not get as fat as Muslims usually get during the ‘killing and feasting season of Ramadan. Or, as I like to call it, ‘a few weeks of skipping lunch and slaughtering.’

Man whipped for drinking water in Iran

Our Persian contact sent this to us this evening. (Thanks Shab) This man was whipped for drinking water during the day during the Muslim month of Ramadan where Muslims are instructed to skip lunch and stuff their faces every morning before sunrise and then again every night after sunset. But they are not allowed to eat or drink during the day and only men over 50 are allowed to have sex during the day. Although I don’t think with each other, I am not 100% clear on how that is supposed to work.

My tribute to the holy month of skipping lunch and killing people is below the photo…

Belgium Shaken By Ramadan Crime Wave: Threats of Grenade Attacks on Public Buildings

More Ramadamading dong doo joy from tRoP

Islam Vs. Europe:

13:07 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Threats, clashes and gatherings of “jeunes” are shaking day-to-day life in certain districts, especially those in Brussels

The period of Ramadan is bringing its share of tensions and incidents in the streets of Brussels. It has only been six days since the month characterised by the Muslim fast has begun. However, the local police in Moelenbeek has already received threats in relation to this period – indirect, it is true – of attacks against public buildings. “These threats involved the possibility of grenades being launched at a police station in Moelenbeek or any other public building such as the town hall or community centre.”

Threats which were taken very seriously. Suddenly, at the end of last week and this weekend, the western police zone raised its state of alert and reinforced its security regime. “We were all on guard. Police numbers were reinforced on the ground as well as technical resources, like cameras, to observe any excesses.”

At the time of writing, the regime has nonetheless been lifted, given that the threats have not been acted upon.

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