200 police take on Church in Alberta Canada

Please watch the videos in the post we should have up in about an hour and think about this video below in that context.

Islamic orthodoxy on Christmas and its greetings

Here are three of countless examples of Muslims explaining to their faithful how to view Christians and Christianity. More importantly, how to treat the heartfelt friendly Christmas greetings, and how to feel about those expressions of neighbourly good will.

On this site we have documented many since we started this effort over 12 years ago. The temptation is to write these off as minority or extremist opinion within the religion. Just to channel Sam Harris for a moment, if these people represent the extreme of a religion, doesn’t that make the fundamentals of the religion the problem? Extremist Buddhists filter their water so as not to kill a microorganism that may live in it. This is an extreme version of Buddhist concepts of not causing suffering to living things.

Quoting Harris directly: “The problem with Islamic fundamentalism is the fundamentals of Islam”.

Think of these three examples of authoritative clerics as representing those fundamentals. One of whom, is in British Columbia.

1. Analysis: Extremist Victoria imam seems to be “running amok,” says B.C. Muslim leader. “If he is defaming Christians and Jews we strongly condemn that kind of language.”

December 17, 2020

[…] A militant imam in Victoria who openly calls Jews, Christians, atheists and free-speech advocates “filthy” and “evil” is causing distress among Canadian Muslims, and there are calls for him to be prosecuted for hate speech. […]

Kathrada has made international headlines before, including last year when he called Christmas a “false festival” and said it is worse for a Muslim to wish someone “Merry Christmas” than it is to engage in adultery or murder.

And he is continuing with his online denunciations.

A Canadian human rights organization that has been tracking Kathrada’s online sermons for years has been pressing for him to be prosecuted for hate speech.

“There must be consequences for years of relentless hate and incitement against Jews and others,” said Michael Mostyn, chief executive of B’nai Brith Canada, a Jewish service and advocacy group.

(It must be noted that neither he, nor any other imam or Muslim preacher in Canada has ever been taken before the Human Rights Commission, despite the fact that they would be a bullseye for what the commission is alleged to be doing.)

2. Hamas Official Ahmad Kulab: It is forbidden for Muslims to congratulate Christians on Christmas

3. For details on the following video, please check RAIR Foundation.com

This man is not a lone individual and is not speaking about individual views:

Berlin: man stabbed because of the Cross – perpetrators probably Afghans

An original translation by Hellequin GB with much thanks

From this German language article:

Typically Berlin:

After almost 11 weeks, the police published two phantom images for the search.

The two wanted, attacked a man who was wearing a chain with a cross.

The attack happened on September 11, 2017 near the Neukölln S-Bahn and U-Bahn station.

Neukölln, especially the north, is considered a Muslim zone, where many obviously still do not speak the German language, even after many years, more headscarves than in Izmir, plus this provocative macho culture on the streets and in public transport, which signals,

“We own here everything ”,“ what are you looking at me for”.
An adventure trip for anyone that shows up with Christian symbols.

On September 11, the 23-year-old was approached by the two men at around 10 p.m. near the Neukölln S and U-Bahn station.
They noticed a cross hanging on a long chain around his neck.
After they asked him why he became a Christian, one of the attackers tore the young man’s chain off the neck and threw it on the ground.

Then he hit the victim in the face several times with his fist.
The second man held him while the other attacker cut his upper body with a knife.
The men then fled, leaving the 23-year-old injured.

This is how the suspects are described:

The first suspect (photo left), presumably an Afghan, is between 27 and 30 years old, around 177 cm tall, has dark hair and a full beard.

The second perpetrator (photo on the right) is also between 27 and 30 years old, about 173 cm tall and has a beard. He’s probably Afghan too.

The police can receive information on the following telephone number 4664-953315, or on this telephone number 4664-950130 or any other police station. […] Source: bz-berlin.de/24.11.2017

Yes, it was an act of religious vandalism and as much as a thing can be, a “hate crime”

If Kevin Krehan’s death meant anything at all, the man who did this should be punished in proportion. Kevn Krehan died in prison serving a 2 year sentence for leaving a strip of bacon on a mosque doorknob. Meanwhile…

Stopping Church bells in Germany, 1 complaint at a time

One might consider this an example of the dialectic negation of Western culture. One, perhaps Muslim, perhaps not, complaint might be enough to stop a church bell. Because tolerance. But the thousands of complaints within Germany of blasting minarets fall on deaf ears because ‘islamophobia’.

This isn’t simply selective enforcement. This is Soros’ reflexivity used a la Marcuse, enforcing the minority view on the majority for the purpose of negating that majority.

Below, the Habermas video:

What appears to be a religious Muslim describes Jesus and Mary in highly offensive terms

WARNING: As our friend Paul put it, “(this) Might be the most offensive 1.29 minutes on film.

This was translated for us by Janya, a translator of most Indian dialects into English. If you are sensitive about how you wish to hear Jesus and Mary described, I would give this a miss. But seeing as how muslims like to riot and burn things when someone says something true about Islam or Mohammad in an unflattering way, there doesn’t seem to be a point in hiding this.

We don’t know anything else about this clip yet. But hopefully we can find out how this guy is and what his cannon is like.

Italian Krampus fights back against the invaders

FAKE NEWS: There are now a couple of comments that show that someone fabricated a story around a normal event. Thanks to C. and FakeNews, for the correction. It seems that the Krampus’ just beat everyone. That is what they do. Its part of the fun. They don’t beat people hard, although recently… but generally this is an annual tradition.


Correction links: https://www.unzensuriert.at/content/84841-medien-erfinden-rassismus-skandal-bei-krampus-umzug-in-suedtirol and

The following video takes place in the small Italian village of Vipiteno in the Alto Adige region of NE Italy but where German is the language used. Our Italian translator tell us that it is a very picturesque part of Italy, but visitors would think they were in Austria.

What takes place here according to what we can find out, is that a Christmas parade took place in the village and migrants came into the parade and tried to pull the masks off of the participants.

The people dressed as Krampus, a sort of evil Santa, or the coal bringer if you like, have traditional switches which they used to fight back against the invaders.

More can be found at this Italian news site.

Thank you Gary Fouse for your help on this.




Oh Merkelbaum oh Merkelbaum, Aufheben der Kultur

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German leader, Anegla Merkel does her bit to destroy the iconography of the West by making tard-guards, also known as “diversity barriers” in the crude approximation of Christmas trees. This is what Stephen Coughlin might consider “Aufheben der Kultur” (“Destroy the Culture”) and is at least as effective as the occasional low casualty explosive jihad.

One just doesn’t think of Christmas trees the same way after this alchemical transformation of the central symbol of a home celebrating Christmas into an ugly concrete barrier between the tiny bit of territory allowed to unabashedly celebrate Germany’s Christian-German roots and the rest of Germany, now at least somewhat controlled by Communist and Islamic gangs.