The following story was published in French in the Quebec newspaper, La Presse

Translation by Sassy with much thanks. The translator suspects the restaurant in the story is in Montreal. 

It was December 7th. Suzanne A. was delighted to introduce her family to this great little restaurant. She’d been there at least ten times. As a family, it was going to be their first time. For Danielle’s birthday party, her little sister, it was perfect.

For lunchtime, they were a party of eight including Suzanne’s siblings and their respective spouses.

Because the restaurant is a “Bring your own wine”, they also brought four bottles of wine.

It was also a “Bring your own cake” that day: When Suzanne made the reservation two weeks earlier, the owner agreed that they would bring their own cake for Danielle’s party.

Suzanne is therefore among the first to arrive. It’s the owner’s wife who welcomes them. She recognizes the owner, who is vacuuming the floor.

The guests arrive little by little. “Please open the bottles”, someone says, at the table…

The owner’s wife, who wears the hijab, opens the bottles. But she warns the group: At half-past noon, I’m going to have to take the bottles and glasses away from you…

Consternation at Suzanne’s table: Take away the wine, but why?

The owner’s wife explains: “There is a very religious Muslim group that made a reservation, they do not want any wine in the restaurant …”

“She was nervous, she felt bad,” Suzanne recalls.

The group rebelled, there was no question of accepting such a diktat. They tried to parley (to no avail), to have the owner explain (“unavailable”, replied his wife) and to offer compromises (putting the bottles on the floor), nothing helped.

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German school bans all pork products because of two muslim students in 300

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Outrage is preventing me from the calm required to write a proper article on how this is a good example of the phoney nature of multiculturalism, which is clearly just a tactical term for the utter and total destruction of classical (aka European) Civilization.

Any rational person would say if you choose not to eat a thing, then do not eat it and we will not force you to do so.

But this idea that all of us have to give up our own choices because our choices are offensive to a small, or even large percentage of an invading culture, or even a local one, is anathema.

This is dhimmitude at its most advanced.

Fight damn it.

Islam campaign causes a stir: – Risky

An original translation by Tania Groth with much thanks

From this Norwegian news source:

Coca-Cola is courting Norwegian Muslims in a new campaign.

In connection with the Islamic fast Ramadan, Coca-Cola will this week launch a major campaign across the country. On the advertising posters, we will see the well-known logo in a new form, namely with a crescent moon — an important symbol in Islam.

Why are you doing this?

“In Muslim countries we have a long history of observing Ramadan, just as we in this country have tradition for Christmas campaigns. Now for the first time in Norway we want to celebrate Ramadan together with Norwegian Muslims,” says Johanna Kosanovic, marketing manager in Norway.

[Photo (woman with earrings): LONG HISTORY: Johanna Kosanovic says the campaign continues a long story where the company has used its power to promote diversity. Photo: Coca Cola]

Apart from selling more soda, what do you want to accomplish with this campaign?

“We want to show our clear stand on diversity and how important it is to society. Diversity and inclusion have always been important to Coca-Cola. For example, many do not know that in the 1950s we were actively engaged in the civil rights movement, and that Coca-Cola was the first to promote women in advertising campaigns.”

Do you have other plans to mark Coca-Cola as an inclusive brand in other areas, such as sexual orientation etc.?

In general, I can say that we have a long history of taking an active position on issues related to diversity and gender equality. An example from recent times is how we in Norway are the main partner for the SHE conference. And in Sweden, women’s football is supported with as much money as the men’s football in connection with the World Cup. Beyond that, we never comment on plans for upcoming products and campaigns.”

What are you waiting for?

“We believe most share our values, such as the importance of community and joy. So we understand that not everyone would like us to take an active stand for cultural inclusion. It’s quite OK.”

Not brave

“I don’t know very much about this campaign, but it sounds really positive,” says Fatima Almanea, who has a seat on the municipal council for the Labor Party in Verdal municipality.

She thinks the company is releasing a target group with this gesture and says that it can be viewed from an equal treatment perspective.

“This is an excellent way to look after all the target groups. After all, we are already familiar with their big campaigns for Christmas, and so it is only natural that they take this initiative.

“We can look at it as part of equal treatment. And then we can also hope that it raises both curiosity and awareness.”

“No, it’s not brave. This is not controversial. It shouldn’t be, but it could become that!”

[Muslima in Hijab: Fantastic: Fatima Almanea (Ap) is very positive about Coca Cola’s campaign. Photo: Verdal kommune]


“We must also praise Coca-Cola for great marketing,” she adds with a smile.


Nina Marianne Iversen, professor of marketing and branding at BI, thinks the campaign is interesting:

“It is clear that Coca-Cola as a brand wants to establish closer ties to Muslims. The campaign is aimed at a group that fasts — and when they can finally drink something, they should know that there is a Coca Cola ready for them.”

“Another motive for Coca-Cola is that they want to show themselves as a responsible social actor by linking the brand to diversity and inclusion,” Iversen says.

[Smiling female Dhimmi: Risky: Professor Nina Marianne Iversen says that Coca-Cola are pretty “tøffe” (tough). Photo: BI]

“Such a move can also be risky because it connects such an established brand to something that can provoke negative associations and stereotypes in many. They are “tøff” (tough) to do this! They challenge the stereotype and those who are skeptical of Islam,” says the professor to Dagbladet.

“We must remember that we are not as rational as we think when choosing products. So, what one associations with a brand is very important,” says Iversen, and adds:

“This is a short-term campaign that will attract a lot of attention around Coca-Cola. When the brand is as famous as this, there is actually much you can permit yourself to do.”



Christmas Market in Berlin, 2018

An Original Translation by Miss Piggy with much thanks!

From this German News Site:

Christmas market is sealed off
Berlin is building “unique” terror protection

Two years ago, the Islamist Anis Amri raced with a truck into the Christmas market on Breitscheidplatz in Berlin. Twelve people are killed in the attack. Now the Christmas market opens again – and becomes the high security zone.

Since Monday, workers have been building more than a hundred square metal baskets along the perimeter the Breitscheidplatz and screwing them into a long row. The baskets come with plastic bags filled with sand.

The Berliner “Kurier” called it the  “Mulled Wine Fortress”. The barrier elements and their construction and dismantling cost the country more than 2.5 million euros. The metal bollards and concrete bases are to be reused in the future.

Polish MP Slams Vienna Govt for Rejecting Statue of Polish King Who Rescued City from Turkish Siege


Polish MP Dominik Tarczy?ski has slammed the left-wing government of Vienna after they cancelled the erection of a statue to commemorate the Polish King who saved the city, claiming the statue might offend Turks.

Mr Tarczy?ski, who made headlines in July after a combative interview with Channel 4 presenter Cathy Newman, spoke with Breitbart London following reports that the leftist coalition running the Austrian capital had cancelled the proposed statue of Polish king Jan III Sobieski, who broke the Turkish Siege of Vienna in 1683, claiming it may offend Turkish residents.


“What King Sobieski did was an act of defence; if not for Sobieski all Europe would be speaking Arabic — and if the Viennese want to speak in Arabic now, they are very welcome, but it’s not going to change history. So please wake up, Austria, because history will not be changed,” Tarczy?ski said.

Lets compare the Viennese government with the current American:

That is the first official photo of newly elected President Trump who quite deliberately sat down for the photo under a painting of King Jan Sobieski the III.

H/T Wrath of Khan

Contrasting two stories from the UK

First, this one from The Daily Mail:

A landmark legal ruling banning the tradition of saying prayers at council meetings was denounced last night as an ‘assault on Britain’s Christian heritage’.


The High Court controversially backed an anti-religious campaign to abolish official acts of worship.

Christians and politicians reacted with dismay after a judge overturned centuries of custom by outlawing a town hall in Devon from putting prayers on the formal agenda.

Controversial victory: Former councillor Clive Bone, pictured outside the town council offices in Bideford, won a legal battle to outlaw prayers at meetings - drawing instant criticism from religious groups

Controversial victory: Former councillor Clive Bone, pictured outside the town council offices in Bideford, won a legal battle to outlaw prayers at meetings – drawing instant criticism from religious groups


It prompted concern that it would pave the way for Parliament to abandon prayers before Commons and Lords business, mark the end of hospital and Forces chaplains, and could even lead to the abolition of the Coronation Oath, pledged by Kings and Queens taking the throne.

There is more at the DM. But the long and short is, it seems that Christian prayer is now illegal at state municipal government functions in the UK.

Lets compare that with this:

The original story is from Politikstube:

The claim is that:

The new Muslim mayor of Oldham (Manchester) prescribes the Muslim prayer at the beginning of council meetings and no one opposes it. Right at the beginning of every council meeting the Imam is given the floor. It is amazing that not everyone has to sit on a prayer rug.

This is copy-paste from Google-Translate. Im sure one of the team will set it right if there is an error.

The video:

If both these items are accurate, then we can now say its official. The UK has two sets of laws, or, you can say that they have one law, the sharia, as all these items are 100% consistent with that system.


Australia now under the sharia in all but name

In a stunning act of dhimmitude, Australia has turned down an application to build a Synagogue in what was traditionally a Jewish area, because it will be a terrorist target.

This is using the language of national security to enforce sharia law, in exactly the same manner that the rest of the West uses the language of postmodernism, read ‘hate speech’ etc., to do the same.


A LOCAL council has banned the construction of a synagogue in Bondi because it could be a terrorist target, in a shock move that religious leaders say has caved in to Islamic extremism and created a dangerous precedent.


The decision, which has rocked the longstanding Jewish community in the iconic suburb, was upheld in court this week as the nation reeled from the alleged airline terror threat and debate raged over increased security measures at airports and other public places.


The Land and Environment Court backed the decision by Waverley Council to prohibit the construction of the synagogue in Wellington St, Bondi — just a few hundred metres from Australia’s most famous beach — because it was too much of a security risk for users and local residents.

UK Planning lawyer AKA The Mosque Buster was kind enough to give us ten minutes of his time to discuss this underrated issue from yesterday’s news:

On a related matter.

Quite often brutal antisemitic comments appear under some of the Youtube videos we upload. As a general rule, I delete them and ban the poster.

I very much believe in freedom of speech. And blocking people who attempt to hijack our very hard earned platform for irrelevant posts which in 90% of the cases are 100% irrelevant to the issue in the video, is no more blocking people’s freedom of speech than when Kieth Richards smashed the head of a man who jumped on stage at Altamonte was interfering with that man’s right to play guitar.

I do not want the government to regulate them, arrest them, or otherwise interfere with their right to hate on Jewish people. But I will not allow people to hijack a thread on a specific subject to make it about their pet issue and that applies to any issue, although antisemitism is the most common hijack of a thread.

This video was about a Synagogue. But not about Jewish rights per se so much as about the fact that the secular government of Australia denied a permit on the basis that Muslims will attack it. This issue would have been exactly as important if it was any other kind of building. An art gallery, a Church, a school for girls. So I have been deleting attempts to make this about Jews as the central evil under this video on its Youtube page.