Mass stabbing attack in Sydney Oz. with predictions and updates

“Terrorist slogans”. Talk about a total betrayal of the people of Australia

Alleged Sydney CBD stabbing attacker had ‘material linked to mass crimes’

A knife-wielding man who allegedly went on a rampage through Sydney’s CBD, leaving one woman dead and another injured, was found in possession of material about “mass casualties around the world”.


The man, later identified as 21-year-old Mert Nay, allegedly fatally stabbed a woman, 21, whose body was found in a unit on Clarence Street about 3pm on Tuesday.

A short time earlier, a 41-year-old woman was found with non life-threatening stab wounds to the back. She was taken to hospital in a stable condition.


During the alleged rampage, Nay was captured on video running through the CBD streets, shouting “Allahu akbar” while being chased by members of the public who managed to apprehend him.

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Reposting a 2018 islamic femicide in Oz. And yeah, he got away with it

FYI: Islam does not mean peace. That is one of the standard cons. Islam means submission.

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Appeal granted on what is a blasphemy conviction in Oz

This is very important. This is the FIRST TIME a court official has publicly stated that (in this case) Australia’s law under which his client had been convicted, was a consequence of UN resolution 16/18!

We have been writing about this for years and years here. But this brings it to a new level.

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Governments lying about migrant violent crime and rape is a Western world wide policy

Watch the following video in the context of the video below it:

Oh yeah, Canada:

Of course, when a muslim 11 year old lied about an “Asian man” cutting her hijab, the media AND the government just couldn’t shut up about it.

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Australia goes dhimmi for Anzak day

For those who read this site it is no surprise at all why they banned the allies from marching. We knew about the song as it was in his video, and Brad Johnson discussed the connection to the CC killer and Serbian war heroes he wrote the names of, on his weapons.

This makes the decision no less disgusting. Or perhaps the better word would be dhimmi. As Richard reminds us:

The Chetnicks were the non communist fighters against the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia.

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@Fraser_Anning: “I don’t see that we need to have any people in this country that don’t integrate…

: “I don’t see that we need to have any people in this country that don’t integrate

Islamic terror attack in Melbourne, an update from Avi Yemeni

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At least Allah has another client for his sky brothel today.

Story here, political response, surrender while making it look like victory.

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