“France now in more danger than when Charlie Hebdo was attacked”

Here is another Charlie Hebdo writer interviewed in October 2019

The woman in the video posted above is Marika Bret, the former Charlie Hebdo HR Director.



French TV panel actually has TWO people who object to the Islamification of France

This may have no precedent. Normally the procedure is to have one panel member who believes in the host culture and the existence of their nation and identity and attack (usually) him. But this time they had two. A closer to even chance for the cultural-survivalists.

One of the realists is actually Zinab  who is a survivor of the Charlie Hebdo attack, and although culturally Muslim herself, is a strong advocate of not allowing Islamic principles to be normalized in France.

Thank you Gate of Vienna for the observation and Ava Lon for the translation.

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German school bans all pork products because of two muslim students in 300

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Outrage is preventing me from the calm required to write a proper article on how this is a good example of the phoney nature of multiculturalism, which is clearly just a tactical term for the utter and total destruction of classical (aka European) Civilization.

Any rational person would say if you choose not to eat a thing, then do not eat it and we will not force you to do so.

But this idea that all of us have to give up our own choices because our choices are offensive to a small, or even large percentage of an invading culture, or even a local one, is anathema.

This is dhimmitude at its most advanced.

Fight damn it.

Muslim Calls to Ban Dogs in EU Cities Indicate Colonisation of West, Author Says

Maybe this will convince a few of the deaf-semi-left that islam isn’t such a great idea for the West after all. Nothing like a few million angry dog-moms to change policy.

From Sputnik News:

According to a report by The Stream’s John Zmirak, as Muslims are increasingly moving to traditionally non-Islamic countries, there have been calls to bring and entrench at least some of their cultural norms, including their aversion to dogs.

‘Weird Anomaly’ as ‘Sign of the Times’

In one of his latest reports, John Zmirak, a social and business writer, as well as a senior editor at The Stream, has cited a number of flyers that were circulated in Hoffman Park in Vancouver, asking dog owners to keep their “filthy” pets on leashes due to “Many Muslims living in the area”.


“Please keep your dogs on a leash and away from the Muslims who live in this community”, CTV Vancouver quoted the flyers as reading back in 2017. Mayor John Becker then notably came up with a vague reaction: while arguing that the notices had not been produced by the city, he said that there were “current bylaws in place that enforce areas for dogs to be on leash, except in designated off-leash areas”.


Zmirak went still further, citing another “weird, hyper-polite anomaly”, as Muslim politicians in the Netherlands, which has also seen a vast influx of immigrants over the past few years, had attempted to ban dogs from The Hague, the third biggest city in the country. In Spain, the author went on, local politicians managed to reject such a ban; however, by a twist of fate, a dog-poisoning spree followed closely.

This site has been tracking dog poisonings in parks in Canada near mosques for some time now.


Islamification in the West and how it actually works

One of the things that makes it difficult to get nice people in the West to understand that Islamification is happening, is they cannot allow themselves to understand the methods used to implement it.

To we, tired and ignored peons of Western nations, our bureaucracies are insurmountable monoliths of tedium from which nothing but waste and suffering can emerge.

So one can understand how difficult it is for people raised in that culture to get how a bunch of knuckle dragging superstitious thugs can get whole policies to change without filling out a single form.

Please watch the following video from the Netherlands for just one example of how its done and think, #Nike #Lego #Sony # Burger_King, #CharlieHebdo […]

Thank you C. for finding and translating this news clip for us.

AfD member, Gottfried Curio on the Islamification of Europe, and the government-media complex denial of that process

This is a truly excellent and important speech and somehow even entertaining.

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Samizdat. This is what we must do.

Global Migration Compact = OIC, UN Hijra to West

Tatjana Festerling, formerly of PEGIDA when it was a massive organization, sent me some interesting graphics today:

Notice how the ‘End of Chapter’ mark in the Koran is basically identical to the logo for the global migration (to the West) pact.

The church committee voted yes to Islam: “Great for more people to meet the love of Allah”

An original translation by Tania Groth with much thanks!

From Swedish site, Friatider:

During the church meeting in November, the Swedish Democrats’ (SD) critical motion to vote on the Islamic call for prayer was voted down, according to the Christian newspaper Dagen(The Day). Among the arguments of the other participants was the opportunity for more people to meet the “love of Allah”.

The church committee is the highest decision-making body of the Swedish Church.

Prior to the November meeting, the Swedish Democrats, who had 24 mandates, had suggested that the Church of Sweden should take a critical stance towards the Islamic call to prayer.

However, the motion was voted down by a large majority. 206 voted against [the Sweden Democrats] and 26 for [the call to prayer].

Among those who argued against the motion there were Artemis Lumarker from the Open Church, a nomination group within the Swedish Church.

“Imagine how amazing that more people can meet the love of Allah and God, and what we get out of the meeting with each other,” he said, according to Dagen, and also claimed that SD is trying to “dehumanize” other people.

The open church is working towards the “vision of an open church where all people are welcome”, they write on their website.

A number of people engaged in the discussion during the meeting.

On the one hand there was Aron Emilsson of the Swedish Democrats, who said that the Church of Sweden was renouncing its own faith by supporting the Islamic call to prayer. To do this should not be the task of the church, was his opinion.

His party colleague Camilla Berard Granström argued that Islam has spread more quickly with the help of the Swedish Church.

On the other hand, the Social Democrat Isak Öhrlund explained to Dagen, the church should be “a progressive and open force” in society, and therefore one should not be critical of a call to prayer.

[Editor: Below, a little preview for those virtue screaming Swedes]