According to CBC, no comments should be allowed because they are racist and white supremacist

CBC once again lowers itself to the neo-Marxist trope to deflect from Canadians being good and sick of its constant anti-Canadian and anti-Western propaganda by claiming that comments are racist against women and people of colour reporters on their government mandated and funded networks and never mention the fact that Canadians just hate them for lying about every damn thing they cover, and being a club against anything conservative or traditional while lubricating and even forcing far-left wing extremist views and laws into a formerly free Canada.

The CBC takes public money, but now won’t allow the public reaction to its propaganda and blames it on Canadians for being misogynist and racist. To be frank, one has to be a little bit grateful for this. When the CBC is this consistently dishonest and evil, it removes any vestigial doubt we may have about their agendas.

From ZeroHedge:

In a move that can only be described as the pinnacle of embracing snowflake culture, the CBC has said this week it is going to close comments on all of its news links and video posts to Facebook pages to protect the mental health of its journalists.

Journalists – who used to be rugged and used to deal with varying opinions as part of the job description – are “fragile” and “in need of attention”, like many other Canadians post-pandemic, the CBC wrote last week. Increasingly, they are facing “vitriol and harassment” for doing their jobs, the report notes.

“For journalists, platforms like Twitter can be a great way to find sources and promote their work, but also a cesspool of hatred. Increasingly, reporters are also physically attacked,” Andre Picard told CBC.  

Women and journalists of color have seen increased abuse, according to CBC President Catherine Tait. In her opinion, those threats pose attacks to “free speech and democracy”.

And what better way to enable free speech, than to shut down all speech?

“That’s why beginning on Wednesday and for the next month, we will close comments on all news links and video posts to the Facebook pages belonging to the journalism division of the CBC (News, Current Affairs and Local),” the CBC wrote.

The report continues:

We have built significant audiences on social media platforms through our program and news accounts. These are vital ways to reach Canadians, and we believe in serving content to people there like we do on TV, radio, web and apps. In fact, some of our social channels boast record numbers, increasing reach and growing engagement with millions of Canadians. […]

Now, right from the seditious CBC itself. A billion + government funded operation a year, (as well as selling commercials) does the Trudeau trick of foisting its own evil, or the consequences of its own evil, on to the Canadians who they are supposed to serve. Just like Trudeau with all his scandals that the CBC helped him bury, now they do that for themselves:

We use this editor’s blog to explain our journalism and what’s happening at CBC News. You can find more blogs here.

There is ample evidence the mental health of many Canadians is fragile and in need of attention after 16 months of pandemic lockdowns, school closures and economic uncertainty.

Journalists are no different. Some recent articles on the well-being of reporters tasked with covering a crisis they’re also living through have many of us looking in the mirror to take stock of our health.

Compounding the stress and anxiety of journalists is the vitriol and harassment many of them face on social media platforms and, increasingly, in the field. As André Picard wrote in a recent column, “For journalists, platforms like Twitter can be a great way to find sources and promote their work, but also a cesspool of hatred. Increasingly, reporters are also physically attacked.”

The president of CBC/Radio-Canada, Catherine Tait, has also written about the increased abuse of journalists on social media, especially women and journalists of colour, and the threat such attacks pose to free speech and democracy.

If public discourse is a litmus test of the health of a society, the conversation on social media suggests we have a problem. It’s one thing for our journalists to deal with toxicity on these platforms. It’s another for our audience members who try to engage with and discuss our journalism to encounter it on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, where they are almost guaranteed to be confronted by hate, racism and abuse.

That’s why beginning on Wednesday and for the next month, we will close comments on all news links and video posts to the Facebook pages belonging to the journalism division of the CBC (News, Current Affairs and Local).

For the record, I have been to many events that CBC has covered and watched their “reporters” manipulate good people who were at protests and wanted nothing more than the preservation of freedom of speech for all, into being apologists for the KKK. I have seen them use dishonest camera angles to change the appearance of the number of people at events. Seen CBC avoid real grass roots events altogether while covering phoney staged left wing groups yards away from much bigger protests for basic freedoms for all. I have watched CBC invent the motives for large protests while using audio filters to make sure the actual message of speakers at a protest could not be heard while the “reporter” actually made up why they were there in that classic elitist left wing fashion of mocking the rubes.

Whatever vitriol and contempt the CBC receives, let it be known that they earned every single bit of it, the way a 1900s era miner earned every penny in his cheque at the end of a month underground. What a shame their “mental health is too fragile” to be able to handle the fruits of their efforts.

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CBC, Trudeau, Jagmeet Sing all lie about the London accident, probably to take away all freedom of speech

The London truck accident that killed members of a Muslim family, and the enemy propaganda and politicians that invented a hate crime to pass a bill.

Read the RAIR article above. Then check out the source page here. Note how they go from the part everyone will read, a drooling Nazi loon, to what actually happened near the bottom. A nice guy with no hatred for anyone had steering issues and a middle eastern friend who vouches for him said he had no issues with muslims, or any group at all.

Trudeau put on his best Hijab Hoax sanctimonious outrage as did NDP leader Jagmeet Sing. Neither of them waited to find out what happened though. They both immediately imputed all they needed, most likely to push through bill C-10 which gives the Canadian government control over pretty much all publishing, social media and otherwise, where people might say things the Trudopians do not approve of.

Like the Hijab hoax of 2018, all these politicians immediately jumped to a foregone conclusion that this was racism and hatred of muslims for their own political gain. Never let a crisis go to waste, and better if you can invent the crisis (cough cough hijab hoax) so you can control it. The media was worse. The same media that ignores mass killings of Jews and Christians by muslims for jihad, jumped the gun on this one. Curious though, how when acts of jihad happen, they perambulate from mental illness to religious extremist to anything but what it actually is. Islamic Jihad. And it takes days before they even start guessing at the motives when its crystal clear that its jihad.

In the CBC article linked above, they write about this attack by the Islamic State, as if it was just a guy who hit a fence with a car. Check it out. But for this man who had a defective steering mechanism and had no problem with any group, they imputed every aspect of the event to force an anti-white, anti-homseschool and anti-Christian narrative. No matter how much they had to make up to do it.


Rep. Marjorie Greene fights back against attacks on police, and the promoting of ANTIFA

This is a great presentation by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. From the perspective of this site, while it’s great that people point out what they view as hypocricy, we think its a form of controlled opposition. We see the events she raises, not as examples of a double standard, but proof of a new, single standard. One where any action which promotes the communist revolution which clearly is taking place, will not be prosecuted, and in fact be rewarded and held up as an example for us all, while any counter-revolutionary action, thoughts or speeches will be punished using one of a number of devices created during the Obama years and amplified now under what might as well be Obama’s third term.
Devices such as The Office of Countering Violent Extremism, which seeks to equate swearing an oath to defend the US constitution in the military with being a violent extremist, and therefore the same as being a Muslim radical, even as it seeks to disassociate Islamic terror with Islam itself.

Increasing number of vague laws and regulations about racism and hate speech are similar devices used to negate the Western nature of the American polity overall. And used in a similar way. Where anything that attacks white people, heterosexuality, and a host of other things which define our species, history, culture and laws are lauded and even funded, and anything which defends them are swiftly punished, if not directly by law, by use of corporate power that ends up having a similar effect as the law might have.

Even so, this presentation is very good and deserves to be seen.

For the details, please see RAIR Foundation’s article on Rep. Marjorie Greene

Catherine Austin Fitts interviews Dr. Mark Crispin Miller

There are a couple of people that some regulars of this site, and aficionados about our issues, insist that we familiarize ourselves with. Catherine Austin Fitts is one of them. In this video, she is interviewing a professor of propaganda who educates about the nature of propaganda, and in parts, as it applies to Covid mandates. Masks for example, appear to be entirely a propaganda effort, as all proper studies indicate that masks do nothing to prevent viral transmission.

There is no embed code that I can find, so please click though and enjoy this refreshing interview of a great mind by a great mind.

Facebook and blatant manipulation of opinion goes back several years at least. Remember Tommy Robinson policy?

Recently, Project Veritas released materials with hidden recordings of Facebook insiders revealing some of the lengths they go to, in order to manipulate public opinion, and force a narrative on the world. This narrative has nothing to do with facts, or public health. What it does have to do with, is a matter of speculation. But what is fact, is that Facebook has been doing this for years and years. Covertly and overtly.

While discussing the Project Veritas materials with a colleague, a memory of a Danish TV interview with the top man for Facebook in Scandinavia surfaced, where overtly, not on hidden camera, but right there at a news desk, in front of all of Denmark, on TV, he explained that Facebook had a policy whereby Tommy Robinson was banned from the platform, and anyone who posted anything of his would be blocked or banned, and no supportive posts would be tolerated. But, the Facebook executive explained, anything bad someone wanted to say about Tommy Robinson would be allowed. And presumably promoted.

This needs to be added to the recent Project Veritas materials on Facebook for a more complete understanding of the true hideousness that make up the Zuckerberg organization.

This clip was translated and published sometime before September, 2019:

Here are the new Project Veritas materials on Facebook’s deceptiveness and manipulations.

Documents here.


More examples of scientism being used to force leftist policies on Western peoples

So a communist Chinese made virus, almost certainly made as a weapon against the West, but most certainly used as one, amplified as if in a PCR test, is used against our diets and food culture by claiming that Covid came from a Chinese Wet market, which would never be tolerated in the West, even by those who actually think they believe in ‘multiculturalism’.

Poster near Parliament Hill, Ottawa Canada

Truth: Covid 19 in fact, would not exist in a world without communists and communist revolutionaries, wherever they may be from.

Gay BLM statue in Hungary, a propaganda false flag

Notes from Kalloi:

Summit News does not mention that the erection of the “statue” was a provocation: its creators had stated that they expected that the “statue” would be demolished after it gets publicly displayed. And immediately after it did get demolished, the Hungarian leftist media started propagating how “far-right” an act it was to destroy it. But most of the right-wing comments are unapologetic, with some of them stating that a Marxist terror organization has no place in Hungary. It seems to have been a planned Marxist operation with the aim of shifting the entirety of public opinion further towards the left.

The article: 

A rainbow-colored statue in honor of Black Lives Matter that was erected in the Hungarian capital of Budapest was vandalized and then demolished within 24 hours.

The monument was a re-creation of the Statue of Liberty with the words ‘Black Lives Matter’ inscribed on the tablet.

The statue was meant to remain in place for two weeks until April 14 but was immediately targeted after it was unveiled in Budapest’s ninth district.

Pro-family activists described the monument as an “anti-European, anti-white, anti-heterosexual, and anti-Christian symbol,” and within 24 hours it was attacked three separate times, doused with paint and finally torn down.

Police later arrested members of the Legion Hungaria organization for their role in defacing the monument.

According to the monument’s creator Péter Szalay, its message was neutral.

Please read the rest at Summit

Thanks to Kalloi

CTV hits level of dishonesty beyond even that of CBC on Youtube

This is one of those things you can prove to yourself.

CBC as state mandated media, on most of it’s enemy propaganda videos know that the comments will torpedo any messaging they attempt to force on us . So they usually disable comments under their videos, especially when it comes to Islamic misbehaviour or anything involving non-white people being anti-social. This of course is repugnant for a state broadcaster, to make their messaging only one way, and forbid the people who are forced to pay the 1.X billion a year to float them, from presenting a counter-point of view.

But CTV has gone a step farther. And as CTV almost certainly is a recipient of Trudeau’s 600M$ a year media fund, they qualify as a state broadcaster by any rational metric.

To understand what CTV does, go to this video, and leave a comment.

Yours will appear to be the only comment there. But no one else can see it. You can prove this by opening a new private window or incognito window on your browser, which is not logged in to Google or Youtube and go to the same video. You will not see your comment.

This is an example of what I call, “Judo propaganda” and is the same thing Facebook and Twitter does. They allow people to exhaust themselves or spend time and energy to be part of what they think is a public conversation, but really isn’t. And it is more dishonest than the odious CBC, because at least when CBC says openly that no comments are allowed, you can post what you think somewhere else. Like a comment here for example.

But in this case, you are led to believe you left a comment, and in actuality, you did not. So you won’t bother to make your thoughts known elsewhere as you think you already did at Youtube.

Try it! You won’t like it.

The direct link to the Youtube video is here, for those that don’t know how to click through to Youtube.

And do leave a comment about the video above here in the comments.

Meanwhile, on the actual subject, a Conservative MP on the AZ injection:

Just for fun, consider signing our petition

We have zero expectations for this thing, even if every Canadian citizen at home or abroad signs it. But it might be fun to listen to CBC strut and insult and call us all racists if it does get enough signatures.

The idea is to make CBC accept an official motto of our choosing. We posted several ideas at the petition site already, and here is a new one below:

The motto would more likely be, “We are enemy propaganda”, but as I made this as a sign on the CBC building in Ottawa this fit better. Also its closer to what Roddy Piper saw when he put the sunglasses on in the movie, They Live.

This should be the link to the petition.

Scene from They Live: