Veteran CBC, Globe & Mail journalist, Rodney Palmer gives second testimony to NCI over media’s role in deception, coercion and manipulation of Canadian public

Rodney Palmer is the only person who spoke twice to the National Citizen’s Inquiry, the second time being in Ottawa on May 18th, and the first time testifying was posted on this site from day 1 of the Toronto hearings.

For the bio on Rodney Palmer, please click through to RAIR Foundation, as well as written highlights of his testimony of day 2 of the Ottawa hearings where he spoke again, the videos of which are below.

All I can say is, please watch these videos and those who feel as strongly as we do about what Mr. Palmer has to say, please help it go viral. Keep in mind, some of the more egregious crimes of the CBC are not mentioned. Like how the CBC repeatedly reported that hospitals were overwhelmed with Covid patients and there was triage being done in the parking lots and it was chaos, when in fact, the hospitals at that exact day it was reported, were nearly deserted and the lights were off in much of the buildings. Nurses where doing more choreography than triage. CBC reported on critical crowding of an ICU in Alberta and showed a clothing mannequin in a hospital gurney and tried to pass it off as an ICU patient. CBC was a very close equivalent of Nazi propaganda against the unvaxxed. Nonetheless, this Rodney Palmer testimony is incredibly important to understand what is taking place in Canada now. And for those of you not in Canada, don’t dare think that this is not exactly the same process across the anglosphere.

The file was very large so we had to parse it. Top video is Rodney Palmer’s testimony, the second is the Q&A with the panel.

Rodney got a standing ovation after his presentation from the entire room.

Q&A with the panel and lawyer:

Disinformation, the vaxx and something to think about

Trying to get through the excellent book, Disinformation by Natalie Grant, one comes across so many points of profound interest that directly relate to events today, its really difficult to make it through a single page without stopping in amazement and going for a walk to assimilate what one has read.

This single paragraph from page 13 of Chapter 1 was interesting enough to make a post. Start at the word, “Absurd” for clarity outside of any specific context:

The exercise is to think on the people allegedly on the side of the freedom minded on the vaccines in this context. Think about the people who have planted the most absurd stories or done repeated interviews with people who delivered 90% truth, but 10% hysteria with impossible or absurd claims about them. Like the injections build home networks in your blood, or you can get a bluetooth signal from the graves of injected people. (I haven’t checked this one personally yet, but bluetooth generally is too weak to penetrate a coffin and 6 feet of earth and what the power supply be?) There are many more. And they make it easy to check and discredit for those who bother to do so.

While for those of us committed to not injecting ourselves with these shots, it doesn’t make much difference. But for those vast majority who will (or did at this point) this is a very powerful technique at causing them to dismiss our arguments. I’m certain we nearly all know a friend or family member who, when the discussion on the vaxx came up, they sarcastically repeated some absurd claim, thereby negating the material you may have had that was factually correct and even perhaps from Pfizer or the CDC’s own files.

At this point one may think its merely commercial. That its people who are looking for clicks and money that are grabbing the most sensational nonsense they can for selfish reasons. Then it boils down to the motive makes no difference just like the man shooting at you because he hates you, hates what group he thinks you belong to, or just wants to randomly shoot people affects how you respond. It doesn’t. That is for the courts way way after the fact. Motive isn’t important in disinformation efforts. Only stopping it one way or another. Understanding what is is, is probably the most effective way. Swindler or enemy agent, the effect is the same even if there is a subtle variation in desired effect.

So keep this thought in the back of your mind and run the program, ‘what am I listening to here’ as you watch materials intended for our consumption. See if any names stick out in the gumbo of people who are running shows and videos, even as the issue of the vaxx and Covid is petering out.

Joe Rogan, horrified by CBC agitprop against Freedom

Joe Rogan notices the dialectic tactic of the CBC without naming it specifically. Specifically, what the CBC is doing, is applying Discourse Theory to negate or cancel people who want freedom, by claiming that the word freedom itself, is a dogwhistle for “far right groups. In other words, Freedom is bad, because it is used by racists, or any other negative association the Discourse Theory engineer can cement to the concept being negated. Mr. Rogan refers to this article from the CBC. We must revel in this article. It is another nail in the coffin for the MSM and legacy media in Canada. It is a magnificent piece of agitprop and politburo propaganda with zero news or editorial value whatsoever. Its like opening a bag of your favorite food and finding roasted crickets inside instead of powdered crickets on something that looks like real food. When you see roasted crickets, you have to accept what it is, or truly delude yourself into believing this is actually the food you always thought it was.

There are scheduled protests this weekend on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. This seems like a good time to go join one and chant FREEDOM as loudly as you can for as long as you can. Leave your phones at home though. Canada is not a free or democratic country at this point. So may as well make it more difficult to punish you for not being a good comrade.

Dutch stage protest against enemy propaganda media, causing the deaths of thousands and thousands

Please see RAIR Foundation for the story details behind this video

A couple of weeks ago, a small protest was held in front of Canada’s CBC HQ for the same reasons. Below, is a couple of the speeches given there.


Videos and speeches from protest at CBC & celebration of anniversary of Freedom Convoy

Please read the article and see all the videos at RAIR Foundation. Below, one of the speeches at CBC by Ari:

It was reported the next morning by attendees of the protest, that police waged a sort of charm offensive at the CBC protest, being very friendly and affable but asking everyone for their names, phone numbers, organizer names and social media groups by how they came to organize. This would of course give them everything they wanted about the attendees. It might be good to be aware that police are going well beyond their legal rights using these kinds of methods to surveil anyone who might be discontent with the increasingly Orwellian state of Canadagrad.

Remember this CTV enemy propaganda from this time last year?

This is what CTV calls ‘reporting’, or, “news”. Not sure I remember a debate on that network on whether or not these shots were a good idea.

CTV anchor appears to have a stroke on live TV

CTV, CBC, and Global push the vaxx near constantly and to the best of my knowledge have never once had a person on to challenge the narrative of the safety or effectiveness of them. These networks are dealers of dangerous drugs. Vending machines for Pfizer. Hundreds of thousands of people took the vaxx or refused to push back against the mandates in no small part because of the blatant propaganda of these networks, and their utter refusal to broadcast anyone who had reasonable doubts about these untested gene-therapies.

How many people who got seriously injured and were in no danger from Covid, or even died from the shots, did so because of these networks very conscious, policy directed propaganda, pushing an untested injection and demeaning any counter-argument if they acknowledged them at all.

In fairness, they did acknowledge people who opposed the shots, but as a group and as the quality of their persons, while never examining their arguments or facts. What people should have come to know by now as the Alinsky rule version of Marxist Critical theory.

These networks are not sources of information. They are descendants of Leni Riefenstahl.

Enemy propaganda at fever pitch

Just two examples of the insultingly obvious degree to which enemy-propaganda is ready to lie to us to enforce a narrative, and make damn sure we know we are being lied to and can’t seem to do anything about it.

Let’s start with CBC News:

(Watch or don’t watch the news clip. Its funnier if you do. I love the part where he makes an analogy to explain to the peasants why you need to get a booster because “immunity wanes from the initial two shots”, being like “a smoke detector with old batteries.” But whatever you do, click through to YouTube to read the comments while they allow them to be up.)

Not that at this point we need to discuss the science or “my doctor Vs. your doctor”, but it feels wrong to allow this CBC propaganda above without responding with some science, lets say from Dr. Assem Malhotra, one of the very top cardiologists from the UK NHS. This is a segment from I think it was his December 1st appearance on Tucker Carlson Today:

Notice how he quotes his studies and stats and sources them. Let’s compare that to the expert the CBC uses from speed-dial, and who they used to try and reinstate the mask mandates at Public Schools:

After watching that, it may be a good time to contemplate the difference between a claim, and an argument. The entire presentation by Ray should be up and available soon. If memory serves, he never backs up his claims with a source or a fact. One may also ask oneself if we have ever seen even one study showing that masks do not block a virus or can cause harm to the wearer long term. If we have, it brings into question his stark claim.

Back to government/enemy propaganda:

Again, click through and read the responses. Below is a decent graphic though:

I guess inflation in Canada cannot really be that bad if just shy of two billion dollars can buy you this kind of obedience from nearly the entirety of the main stream media.

Preview of program on recognizing disinformation and propaganda!

This begins Tomorrow at 7:00 PM Eastern (New York-Toronto) time and looks like an excellent use of our time and brain cycles. With Dr. Pierre Kory who is excelent, and Prof. Mark Miller who I don’t know anything about yet. But the preview looks like the show will be worth watching.

This seems like the right spot to post this video:


Two surprising interviews from the protest at the Tamara Lich judgement

These are short and quite interesting. Both shot on Friday, July 8th, 2022, at a small demo outside the Elgin St. Courthouse for Tamara Lich in Ottawa. One man was next to the Nazi flag guy at the Freedom Convoy and spoke to him, and another man we spoke to is a municipal councilor for Gatineau Quebec, the city right across the river from Ottawa. He explained what happened to him as a result of supporting the Freedom Convoy.

For more details please see RAIR Foundation.

The man next to the Nazi flag guy:

Gatineau City Councillor, Mike Duggan

Excellent example of the partizan disinformation and propaganda that defines the CBC

COMINTERN agency, Euronews deceptively edits NATO chief to placate audience

This is an update to the post from earlier where the European head of NATO appeared to have made some pro-freedom noises. One of our most perceptive readers has sent in the following comment about this video, which changes its context by 180 degrees.

We have caught Euronews lying to its audience before, and in an equally brutal manner. From memory, one of the best examples is when they showed muslim girls seeming to wave lovingly at the Pope as he drove by them in the Central African Republic (CAR) and cut the audio out so you couldn’t hear that they were actually mocking and deriding him.

They actually used some of the same video and did a voiceover to convey the opposite of what happened. Much like CBC, Global, CNN and CTV do.

Below, the email about the European NATO Chief with much thanks to Kalloi:

The context of the speech under the video you posted actually means the exact opposite of what the title of the video suggests:
‘Freedom is more important than free trade’.
NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg urges countries to look beyond their economic interests in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as world leaders gather in Davos for the World Economic Forum 2022.
Translation: we are gonna crush the economies of the West (and the rest) by not trading with Russia, using the “freedom” of Ukraine as an excuse; and when you are all on your knees we will enslave you, muhahaha. 
So the Comintern (Euronews) deceptively cut a part of the speech out of contex in order to deceive the viewers, and gave a title to the video that means the absolute opposite of what is being planned in Davos and what Stoltenberg really means, to confuse and mislead folks so that the globalists can rob and enslave them more easily in the framework of the “4th Industrial Revolution”. 
Nothing short of criminal — a war crime in fact, considering the magnitude of the economic warfare being waged on the citizens of the NATO countries and the curtailing of human rights. “Freedom”, my @ss! — How utterly ironical — it is almost as if they are mocking us by uttering that word! They are literally laughing at us while they are deceiving and mistreating us. This little event on Euronews goes to show that it is all a carefully crafted and conscious entrapment of the population; these people (the global parasitic overclass mistakenly called as ‘elites’) are 100% psychopaths. 

If anyone can find the full unedited speech, please post it to the comments here and we shall add it to this post.

UPDATE: Here is the whole speech: