An example of BBC as enemy propaganda

First, the BBC report:

Covid: Man charged with assaulting officer in Burnage cafe raid

A man has been charged with assaulting a police officer at a Manchester cafe where Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were suspected of being broken.

Police went to investigate claims of up to 50 people found inside the cafe in Burnage on Sunday.

Greater Manchester Police later said an investigation had begun after footage of an alleged altercation emerged.

Lucjan Domanski, 38, of Chapel Street, Levenshulme, will appear at Manchester City Magistrates’ Court on 23 February.

A police officer was injured but did not require hospital treatment following the disturbance in Burnage Lane.

A “significant amount” of people who were “blatantly breaching” restrictions were discovered, before attempts were made to disperse the crowd, police said.

Officers also suffered verbal abuse from those at the scene.

GMP said footage of the incident, which circulated on social media, had been referred to its Professional Standards Branch.

It said while initial reviews suggested officers’ actions were reasonable, when assessed within the wider context of the situation it had been referred in line with policy.

I wonder what the video might reveal:

Hellequin GB summarizes this event this way:

One officer pins the victims hands behind his back. The second one starts smashing his face in using his handcuffs as a set of knuckledusters. They then later start strangling him
The third officer then watches.

So what do you do? Make a complaint? Nah, Greater Manchester Police says no. You can’t complain
What about a Crime Report for the Assault? Nope, you can’t make a crime report. Greater Manchester Police don’t want their crime statistics going up.

So they lock him in the cells, and charge him with assaulting the policeman by damaging the policeman’s fist with his face.

(Please leave a comment when this evidence of the new/old police fascism is removed from Youtube so we can restore it somewhere else.)

French Senator busts Soros propaganda-effort to bring in North Africa to France

Please read the whole story over at RAIR Foundation

C corrected my title:

He talks about sub-Saharans, and men of unspecified origin, he doesn’t explicitly mention north-africa at all. But it’s true, many are coming in from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

I doubt those people are so well looked after. One reason, they don’t want to be registered, they want to move on to the UK, Sweden, Germany, few want to stay in France. The ones who want to get into the UK move to camps like the one at Calais.

Anyone listening to CBC or Canadian media knows how they are reporting yesterday’s events. But…

In FACT, Trump supporters were spotting ANTIFA false flaggers and grabbed them and stopped them.

Below is the tweet. but the same video is above as we all know what happens to evidence of reality.


Airstrip One: UK woman arrested and taken to jail from her home because she busted a government lie with these

Short version:

Full version:

Video of her arrest:

News story confirming that she was indeed arrested for making the videos above:

Woman arrested in connection with video filmed at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Police have confirmed an arrest has been made in connection with an incident at one of the county’s hospitals.

A 46-year-old woman has been arrested after a video was filmed at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and posted online.

Officers from Gloucestershire Constabulary arrested the woman yesterday on suspicion of a public order offence.

She has been bailed until January on condition she does not to enter any NHS premises unless it is for an emergency or an appointment.

The woman has not been named.

German MSM magazine: “Freedom without responsibility can no longer exist”

German main stream magazine, Stern December 23

Link to magazine:

Laszlo offers these titbits from the cover:

The main title on the cover: 
“Ein akt der Nächstenliebe
Was Sie jetzt wissen müssen”
“An Act of Brotherly Love / Charity
What you have to know now”
One title on the cover:
Freiheit ohne Verantwortung kann es nicht mehr geben – Ökonom und Mediziner Stefan Brunnhuber über unsere Zukunft”
Freedom without responsibility can no longer exist – Economist and physician Stefan Brunnhuber on our future”

Thank you Laszlo and Gates of Vienna

RELATED: Spain Will Keep a REGISTRY of People Who Refuse the COVID-19 Vaccine

According to Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa, Spain will create a registry of people who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine.

“What will be done is a registry […] of those people who have been offered it and simply rejected it,” Illa said on Spanish television.

Maria Jesus Lamas, head of Spain’s Medicines Agency, also said on a radio program that the registry would be used “to understand the causes behind declining the vaccination” and that they would keep the names of individuals anonymous.

Trending: Federal Judge (Stacey Abrams’ Sister!) Orders Two Georgia Counties to Cease Removing Ineligible Voters from Rolls

Despite the claims that Spain will neither make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory nor publicize the registry, the potential problems of keeping a list in the first place are legion. Even some healthcare professionals in Spain are expressing their concerns.

James O’Keefe-Project Veritas videos on CNN calls

Will add to this post as clips appear

Same video on YT

CNN shows its other standard:

2nd video:

CBC upticks its game as enemy propaganda

1. CBC pushes for shut down of Alberta economy based on pressure by someone they won’t tell you who it was

2. Without Evidence, CBC Claims Iran “Disbanded (Its) Military Nuclear Program”

In covering the assassination of IRGC Brigadier General and Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, CBC News claimed that Iran “disbanded (its) military nuclear program” in the early 2000s, however, this claim is disputed by Israel, the current U.S. administration, etc.

Reports on November 27 and 28 on the CBC’s website, both featured this claim without evidence. In truth, Fakhrizadeh worked for the Iranian military, and was chiefly responsible for Iran’s controversial, clandestine and contemporary program to develop a nuclear weapons arsenal.

Throughout the course of 2020, Iran exceeded the uranium enrichment limits agreed to in the JCPOA, while refusing to grant IAEA inspectors access to sites suspected of playing a role in a possible military nuclear program.

Quite a leap even for the CBC which has been leftwing and islamic enemy propaganda against the Canadian people and culture, history and the truth for many years now. But this brings them to a new level.

3. Excellent Ezra Tweet.