Excellent example of the partizan disinformation and propaganda that defines the CBC

COMINTERN agency, Euronews deceptively edits NATO chief to placate audience

This is an update to the post from earlier where the European head of NATO appeared to have made some pro-freedom noises. One of our most perceptive readers has sent in the following comment about this video, which changes its context by 180 degrees.

We have caught Euronews lying to its audience before, and in an equally brutal manner. From memory, one of the best examples is when they showed muslim girls seeming to wave lovingly at the Pope as he drove by them in the Central African Republic (CAR) and cut the audio out so you couldn’t hear that they were actually mocking and deriding him.

They actually used some of the same video and did a voiceover to convey the opposite of what happened. Much like CBC, Global, CNN and CTV do.

Below, the email about the European NATO Chief with much thanks to Kalloi:

The context of the speech under the video you posted actually means the exact opposite of what the title of the video suggests:
‘Freedom is more important than free trade’.
NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg urges countries to look beyond their economic interests in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as world leaders gather in Davos for the World Economic Forum 2022.
Translation: we are gonna crush the economies of the West (and the rest) by not trading with Russia, using the “freedom” of Ukraine as an excuse; and when you are all on your knees we will enslave you, muhahaha. 
So the Comintern (Euronews) deceptively cut a part of the speech out of contex in order to deceive the viewers, and gave a title to the video that means the absolute opposite of what is being planned in Davos and what Stoltenberg really means, to confuse and mislead folks so that the globalists can rob and enslave them more easily in the framework of the “4th Industrial Revolution”. 
Nothing short of criminal — a war crime in fact, considering the magnitude of the economic warfare being waged on the citizens of the NATO countries and the curtailing of human rights. “Freedom”, my @ss! — How utterly ironical — it is almost as if they are mocking us by uttering that word! They are literally laughing at us while they are deceiving and mistreating us. This little event on Euronews goes to show that it is all a carefully crafted and conscious entrapment of the population; these people (the global parasitic overclass mistakenly called as ‘elites’) are 100% psychopaths. 

If anyone can find the full unedited speech, please post it to the comments here and we shall add it to this post.

UPDATE: Here is the whole speech:

Global News doing the Winston Smith against veteran, James Topp

As some of you may know, James Topp, the Veteran who is walking his way to Ottawa from Vancouver, was reported by Global News thusly:

Canadian soldier charged for speaking against COVID-19 vaccine mandate in uniform

A Canadian soldier who publicly spoke out against federal vaccine requirements while in uniform has been charged.

The Department of National Defence says Warrant Officer James Topp faces two charges of conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline.

A charge sheet provided by Topp’s lawyer, Phillip Millar, says the army reservist is accused of criticizing vaccine requirements for military personnel and other federal employees on two occasions in February while wearing his uniform.

Those include a video posted to social media as well as public comments made in SurreyB.C.

Canadian Armed Forces members are restricted in what they can say while in uniform, but Millar argues such restrictions should not apply to policies that affect them personally.

Defence Department spokeswoman Jessica Lamirande says a second Armed Forces member charged with the same offence received a $500 fine after being found guilty.

Global News didn’t tell an outright lie this time like they did about the Trump supporter who gave a Nazi salute at a theatre performance of Fidler on the Roof. This time it was a lie of omission and implication.

Please see James Topp’s own post about this issue below:

How CBC worked with a scam artist to try and defame the Freedom Convoy by narrative attacks

This is an important story by Rebel News journalist, Alexandra Lavoie. She busts the COMINTERN enemy propaganda media machine, CBC, for conspiring with a scam artist to push a critical-theory narrative, what Stephen Coughlin would call, a Maoist Mass line narrative attack, against the Freedom Convoy of truckers that gave hope and joy to hundreds of thousands in Ottawa and across the world this past January and February. CBC omitted relevant information in order to cast aspersions on the Truckers.



How flawed data has driven the narrative (From respected expert to cancelled)

This is very good and can be listened to without watching, as its all data and graphs supporting the points. Its a nice summary of what most of us know about the fraud that was Covid reporting. We, at this site, its authors and readers, have known this material since nearly the start. But he puts it together elegantly and adds a few data sources, like all 999 calls in the UK and the real false positive rate.

“Every war in the past 50 years has been caused by media lies” – Julian Assange

This war was against us. But it was started and won by the same means.

Why Canadians do not, and should not, trust government or law enforcement

The language was also deceptive. Notice that the inserted police chief managed to wedge in the word, “Occupation” with reference to the protest in Ottawa. By that definition, ANY and EVERY protest is an “occupation”.

But the trucker protest was different in that they did not deny the use of the space to anyone. Which makes it less like an occupation than one where the protestors have a picket line and will not let people cross it into the space being protested, if they are not assisting the agenda of the protestors.

Many years ago in Ottawa, we used to have two major newspapers. A leftist/Liberal one, The Ottawa Citizen, and a conservative Conservative one, The Ottawa Journal.

The union for the Journal went on strike for many months. Possibly even years. They would not allow other workers onto the site, Eventually, management went to work the presses and do all the union jobs for a while, but eventually the paper closed altogether, costing all the jobs for the union.

Looking back on this event, and even as a child it made no sense that a union would close the plant that gave all its workers jobs, one cannot help but wonder if it was a political action against a non-leftist and influential publication, rather than an actual worker’s grievance. But that, was much more of an occupation, as they denied access to any other workers, and at one point, IIRC, even management. The Trucker’s protest was a 3 week party and denied entrance no no one.


All things concerning the Russia Ukraine war for February 27, 2022

Please check the comments under this post as that is where most of the substance will be. Some materials will make their way into the post though, so check back now and again.

UPDATE: Tanks of some type on streets of Kiev.

1. NATO Secretary General Warns Russia of ‘Article 5’ Counter Attack

Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary General of NATO, has warned Russia that if Moscow’s attack against Ukraine spills over into other European nations who are member states of NATO, it will force the intergovernmental military alliance to take counteraction.

“For NATO Allies, we provide the absolute security guarantees under the Washington Treaty Article 5. An attack on one will be regarded as an attack on all,” Stoltenberg said in a Feb. 25 press conference.

“And we are clear on this distinction because it is important to make sure that we don’t have an even bigger crisis in Europe where Russia challenge, or is threatening, or attacking any NATO allied country.”

Cyber attacks on NATO nations can also trigger Article 5, Stoltenberg stated. NATO is presently focused on “strengthening our cyber defenses” and providing support to Ukraine, he added.

2. Recycling old news articles and blaming the casualties on the Russians

3. Shallow Fakes. A video exposing BILD for the total leftist fraudsters they are. Like the CBC, NYT, etc. BILD creates a narrative then fabricates or spins what it needs to make you support the issue it wants you to.

One of the things I’ve noticed about the war in Ukraine has been the prevalence of fake photos and fake videos being used to advance the West’s propaganda. The images are generally from some previous conflict, and usually not taken in Ukraine. There are so many of them that it makes me wonder whether this war has produced more fakery than previous wars, or whether the earlier fakes went undetected because the search and detection capabilities of the Internet weren’t as advanced as they are now.

The following video from Germany busts some fake video footage put out by the tabloid Bild. The clips used are from 2014 and 2015, and have nothing to do with the current war. Someone peddled them deliberately as disinformation. Was it Bild itself? Or did Bild just get snookered by some other actor? (Video at link)

4. Please read this essay at Gates of Vienna. He does an excellent job of detailing how both sides are using lies and deception in the current war, but how our side is much more heavy handed and clumsy at it.

Until now I haven’t written about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, mainly because the topic is complex, and I’m not an expert on it. However, I’ve browsed enough data and edited enough material about it to have some idea of what’s going on.

First of all, from my perspective there are no good guys in this war. The anti-Russian invective being generated by Western media and politicians is vile, but anyone who takes the antipodal point of view and regards Vladimir Putin as a righteous defender of Russians and freedom is making a big mistake.

About 98% of what is written about the invasion is propaganda. Virtually anything that appears in the Western mainstream media is part of a carefully crafted narrative engineered by the Deep State (the State Department, the CIA, and analogous institutions on the other side of the Atlantic). However, there are also deep tranches of Russian disinformation out there. It’s more subtly executed than the heavy-handed dreck peddled by CNN and The New York Times, but it’s quite effective. Many people on what I consider my side of the fence have fallen for at least some of it. After all, when they do an about-face from the propaganda of the American MSM, they run head-on into material derived from dezinformatsiya planted in various Russian media outlets.

In other words, the atmosphere around the war in Ukraine is all but opaque with a thick cloud of metallic chaff released by every party that holds an interest in one side or the other in the conflict.

However, one thing that Vladimir Putin says is true: he has invaded Ukraine with the intention of de-nazifying it. The current government of Ukraine contains real Nazis — not the “nazis” decried by Justin Trudeau or the Southern Poverty Law Center, but organizations whose unbroken Nazi lineage may be traced back the SS and Stepan Bandera. You won’t read much about them in the media, but they are there — promoted, funded, and whitewashed by the globalist Left. Those Nazis were installed by George Soros’ NGOs and the State Department in 2014 during the Maidan coup.

For an in-depth analysis of what happened in Ukraine in 2013 and 2014, see these two essays by Takuan Seiyo, “Things Are Not What They Seem” and “Ukraine as Quantum Decoherence, Part 1”.


5. Even if you view this as entirely enemy propaganda, (which CBC, CTV, Global News, the NYT, CNN etc. indisputably are against Canadians and Americans) it is important to see the propaganda the enemy makes for you, as well as what they make for domestic consumption if you are to understand a conflict and have any kind of effective role in it.

6. Recent president, Donald Trump last night (Excerpts)

7. Julian Assange: “Nearly every war that has started in the past 50 years, has been the result of media lies”.

(I only have about 15 years as a blogger and occasionally working for non-legacy media orgs. And I am confident this is true. The media is now, and has been for a while, and in many cases always has been a weapon. Nothing more, and nothing less. A strategic weapon at that. Let’s compare how the West treated Julian Assange for being in possession of leaked info (legal) with how the Trudeau govt. used stolen, hacked information against citizens who contributed to a legal protest. And voila! You know all you need to know about the media in the West.)

8. This makes some sense. It almost sounds like much of what Brad Johnson said, if he could speak more freely.

Please keep eyes peeled. The comments and post hopefully will offer some lucidity, or perhaps just actual information which raises more questions. This is also a good thing. Not knowing what is true is better than being certain of what is false.

Nurse who was destroyed by CBC lies, confronts her attackers

You know, it’s funny but CBC is trying to make themselves the victims of their own actions. In write-ups here and there, i see them congratulating themselves for taking abuse from the public while doing their job. But never once asking if the abuse was justified. In fact, it’s about a ten thousandth of what they deserve.


I would like to give them an award though. One they truly deserve and in reality have worked hard to earn.


Enemy propaganda as applied to the Trucker protest: Links 2, February 5, 2022

1. Canadian Truckers inspire: AUSTRALIA now getting a convoy of their own against the mandatory vaxx

Check out this stunning bit of dishonesty from the AP

Even the title is a lie. Its like saying people who don’t want to get shot are anti lead protestors.

2. In fact, a ‘counter-protestor’ decided to plow through the crowd of protestors injured 4, and isn’t making any news:

3. Unvaccinated New Brunswick dad loses custody of at-risk child

(Government is now taking away your children for disobedience to the vaxx narrative. I think we need more trucks.)

Judge rules danger to immunocompromised child’s health requires virtual visits only

A New Brunswick father who is refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19 has lost his right to see his immunocompromised child and his two other children in person.

Justice Nathalie Godbout of the Court of Queen’s Bench writes in her decision that she was ruling “with a heavy heart” but that the health risk to the 10-year-old child made the decision necessary.

And she debunks the “research” the father did himself that he says led him to question the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

“His own anecdotal research on such a highly specialized topic carries little to no weight in the overall analysis when measured against the sound medical advice of our public health officials,” Godbout writes.

The parents separated in 2019 and agreed to share custody of their three children.

But the COVID-19 pandemic and the refusal of the father and his new spouse to be vaccinated posed a serious risk to the children, Godbout wrote, especially the middle child who gets specialized care for non-cancerous tumours in her blood vessels.

Their mother asked the court for a change to the custody agreement ending the father’s in-person access. She applied to the court last year and the hearing took place Jan. 24.

“As the parents who are caring for [the child] 50 per cent of the time, in close quarters, unmasked and unvaccinated, they are well-positioned to transmit the virus to [the child] should they contract it, this despite their best efforts,” the ruling says.

(A lot more trucks. Soon, the FDA is holding what are most likely rigged hearings on injecting 0 to 5 year olds with this experimental mRNA goo. We know how this will go already don’t we? First you CAN inject them, then if you don’t, you’ll lose custody for not letting the government make critical medical decisions for you.)

4. Another sterling example of enemy propaganda. Protestors have not shut down downtown Ottawa. The City did. Ottawa instructed all restaurants to close in order to inconvenience the protestors, and actually bought out all the hotel rooms so no one would have a place to stay who came to protest. This is the city doing this. And classic media propaganda techniques to deliberately reverse the cause and effect. Like the now infamous video of Trudeau in French where he accused the unvaccinated of taking away all our rights when it was in fact he, himself who did so. This would be Maoist dialectics at work.

5. Meanwhile, down by the Canal, protestors built a makeshift restaurant, which is really a free good give away to anyone.

Thank you all who contributed to this post today.


A few examples of how the Trudeau media is actually enemy propaganda. All examples this weekend

Media reported that protestors defaced the Terry Fox statue, (they hung a sign around it) and denigrated the war memorial by parking 3 cars near it and moved them the moment the police asked them to, and also claim that they stole food from the homeless.