Matteo Salvini speaks to large crowd on his upcoming trial for “kidnapping”

This is an incredible example of how the left uses language as its principle weapon. Salvini simply upheld the law and didn’t let an NGO ship full of illegal migrants step foot in Italy, which they had no legal right to do, even under EU laws. The NGO could have brought them anywhere else, or returned them to Libya or wherever they came from, but instead kept them on board at the docks at an Italian harbour.

Somehow leftists have managed to have Salvini charged with “kidnapping” on the basis that he wouldn’t let them off the ship.

Please read the details at RAIR


Competing theories on cause of US forest fires

One from the anti-state Governor of California, Gavin Newsome along with enemy propaganda:

The other from the Islamic State and related orgs and ideologies who suggest that these exact fires be set as a form of jihad. Many arrests have already been made of people for setting fires in this region. In fact it specifies California.

Or it could be…

Stopping Church bells in Germany, 1 complaint at a time

One might consider this an example of the dialectic negation of Western culture. One, perhaps Muslim, perhaps not, complaint might be enough to stop a church bell. Because tolerance. But the thousands of complaints within Germany of blasting minarets fall on deaf ears because ‘islamophobia’.

This isn’t simply selective enforcement. This is Soros’ reflexivity used a la Marcuse, enforcing the minority view on the majority for the purpose of negating that majority.

Below, the Habermas video:

Islam trumps homosexual in leftist politically correct poker

Reproduction of this linked comment by JohnnyU

Saturday night we went to a birthday party. It was in a part of town that used to be very blue collar but is quickly gentrifying. The blue collar aspect appealed to the communists we were visiting. Now, it is the appreciation of house values that accompany gentrification that appeals to our friends. They fly a big rainbow flag off their porch. They love their house. Funny. People used to fly the maple leaf, or the Stars and Stripes.

The daughter was talking to the mother sitting on the porch. Someone had put a sandwich baggy in their mail box with a CD and a note. On the CD was burned the Koran. The note explained in bad english how gays were not welcome in society. As the girl read the note out loud, the mother matched every hateful (and I mean hateful as in the underlying message was to eliminate gays etc.) word with islamapologies.

I momentarily found it hard to breath through my mouth because it was wired shut, then welded with 304 stainless steal, then bolted with grade 4 fine-thread bolts. The mother ended her gentle lesson to her daughter by saying, “…well, you know, all religion is about control…”

I wondered if our friends received this gift from Islam specifically because of their rainbow flag, or did every house on the street get a copy. Something tells me they were targeted. Something also tells me they are too oblivious, naive, and brainwashed to realize the menacing nature of the person who had put them in their crosshairs. The mother had been going on earlier about how wonderful their neighborhood is, how diverse and inclusive. She said people from all over were moving in. I understood.

I wonder how different an enlightened Bari Weiss is now, compared to when she signed up three years ago? Yes, things are way worse now, but we’ve been at this much longer than three years. We knew the score then, and we ain’t even no NYT editors and writers. So she, too, crawled in to the belly of the beast to get a paycheque, and the beast spat her out.

I wonder how long it will be until the tards kick our commie friends out of their beloved neighborhood?

The UN is as corrupt and anti-human rights as is its components, the OIC, and the the WHO

If there is anything good about these times we are currently experiencing, its that fear of Donald Trump being reelected has forced agencies like the UN, that were well on the way to forcing the destruction of all nation states, peoples, and history of peoples in the world (in part through vehicles like the “Global Migration Compact” and other treacherous plots) to assert a global Marxist government at the expense of democracy via stealth and subversion to drop the facade and show their true natures.

And their true natures are totalitarian, and contemptuous of self rule.

Thank you ML., M., and everyone who sent in this Tweet today.

“Filthy Jew” screamed at Gen Ident by BLM in France, police only concerned with Gen Ident protest

Here are the corrections and details as provided by Oz-Rita with much thanks concerning the incident in France yesterday.

From Generation Identitaire via Oz-Rita, a communique for the event depicted below:

Justice for the victims of Anti-White Racism

This Saturday, June 13, Génération Identitaire invited itself to the demonstration of Assa Traoré, Place de la République in Paris, to denounce the explosion of anti-white racism.

The young Identity Generation displayed a large banner on the facade of a building with the message: “Justice for the victims of anti-white racism – #WhiteLivesMatter”.

The death of George Floyd in the United States led to an unprecedented wave of violence on the fringes of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In France, the “Justice for Adama” committee, named after the delinquent Adama Traoré, who died in 2016 during an arrest, is taking advantage of this phenomenon to accuse the police and, through them, our country and its institutions, of racism.

The committee goes so far as to demand that all “gendarmes and police officers put one knee to the ground with their fists raised. ” (sic)

Génération Identitaire denounces the astonishing submission of the government, which refuses to prosecute the organizers of the demonstrations for Traoré, despite the demonstrations being prohibited and the announced excesses.

Génération Identitaire demands from Christophe Castaner, (Interior Minister in the Macron Government and increasingly unpopular among the French Police) the immediate abandonment of all persecution against his own police officers, such as the presumption of racism and the suppression of the stranglehold lock.

Génération Identitaire demands justice for the victims of true racism, the one that hurts, rapes and kills: anti-white racism, the one that affects French people of European descent, the historical people of our country.

Finally, Génération Identitaire warns all enemies of France: we will never get down on one knee!

The inhabitants of the floor below the banner of the GI (generation identitaire)…took to scissors and cut up the banner from below. They (the destroyers) got loudly applauded by the mob of protesters.

Oz-Rita explains:

I have meanwhile also seen MSM reports (including here on State Media SBS in Australia), who totally misreportet and called the Generation Identitaire “extreme right” etc. The usual attacks and slanders.

French police have had two demonstrations already against the same minister, Christophe Castaner, that Gen Ident spoke against, where the police threw their handcuffs on the floor.

There is also video of that.

Thank you for this effort Oz-Rta

The chants of “Filthy Jew” by the Muslim aligned, ANTIFA/BLM protestors can be heard in this video

Brad Johnson update on CHAZ and the Democrat Party

Brad Johnson pulls no punches in this update on the riots and taking of part of Seattle as an anarchist zone called “CHAZ”. Worth listening through to the end.

Brad Johnson on ANTIFA and Muslim/Kurdish communist groups who train them: from October 2019

This is an excerpt from an interview with Retired CIA Chief of Station, Brad Johnson done in October of 2019.

We are reposting it because this look at ANTIFA training with Kurdish communist groups should now resonate with more people than it did at the time.

Perhaps more people are willing to accept who these communist insurgents actually are and what they are willing to do.

Perhaps tonight we will restore the entire interview. But this segment has most of the relevant material.

Selective Enforcement in Spain: Christians Vs. Muslim religious worship freedoms

Please read the story and see all the videos at RAIR Foundation:

More videos and context available at the RAIR Foundation post.

And yes, there is a massive component of leftist politicians making sure things go this way.

Islamic Call to prayer now permitted in Mississauga, Ontario

Check out the reasoning.

People need comfort, but hearing a call across the city in a foreign language that ultimately is a call to dominate the non-muslims, cannot be something familiar which gives comfort.

This is classic neo-Marxist attacks on Classical Civilization using language and cognitive dissonance and of course, anyone who objects is a “racist” so pointing out the absurdity and hypocrisy of the reasoning to allow this, won’t go over well. May even be punished by law. If you can get a $1500.00 fine for taking your dog to your own back yard, then it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to punish people for not supporting the call to prayer, in a time where we are all supposed to be isolating, (another aspect of the cognitive dissonance) might net you a criminal charge of some kind.

Rumour has it that around May 11th or so, this sequestration may begin to end. This likely means that before Ramadan is done, the call to prayer will actually be a call to prayer and not be for “comfort” at all. It will be what it is intended to be.

A triumphalist note for Muslims where their prayers and schedules are supreme over the unbelievers.

I deeply hope that someone will stand across the street from the mosque and practice Bagpipes at the same time. It would be interesting to see how the police handle that one. Should someone decide to do it, make sure it’s filmed.

H/T Gun Goddess

Trudeau and friends pushing the globalist vision

Trudeau promoting his vision of the world, global citizens, along with the violent revolutionary Marxist at the head of the WHO

Trudeau alongside the man who wants compulsory vaccinations for all, Bill Gates

Some years ago, either Daniel Greenfield or Mark Steyn, I’m sorry I don’t remember which exactly, wrote a particularly insightful article about Obama, where he remarked that you can tell when a person is operating out of a sense of obligation and when they really believe in, or care about the subject.

With Obama, the subject of the article, it was that whenever he talked about Islam he lit up. There was no forced statements or obligatory platitudes of fealty like when he spoke about America. Of course this is when he was president. Before hand, he didn’t even bother with statements of fealty. It was more, “Americans and their bibles and guns” without mentioning Muslims with their Korans and guns, even at weddings of course.

In the videos above, it is the first time I have ever seen anything bordering genuine enthusiasm from the substitute drama teacher. This is his true purpose. When he has to look like Canada matters, he reminds us of Merkel when she was offered a German flag after an election win, and just shoved it away. Merkel’s true purpose can be seen now with the arrest of Germans standing quietly outside protesting the anti-constitutional lock downs while minarets scream out the calls to prayer all over Germany and muslims congregate, unmolested by the hundreds wherever they want to, and with no police interference. Even though there is police presence.


Louie Gohmert on the life and death of Phillip Haney

Andrew Bostom called and directed my attention to an amazing speech given at the House by Louie Gohmert on the nature, and death of his friend, Phillip Haney.

The entire speech is truly excellent and worthy of our time and attention. But as it is over 40 minutes, Andrew felt that some of the main points can be condensed into a short version. Below are both. First the short edited version, and the entire speech below that.

Rep. Gohmert does not come out and say Phillip Haney was murdered. But he does an excellent job of explaining why members of the Obama administration would have excellent motives to have done so.

Full version:


More accounts contradicting the ‘official’ account of the mass killings at shish bar in Hanau

Below, the complete text and video of our previous post on this issue with another video. Thank you MissPiggy for keeping an eye on this story and translating the mounting evidence of what looks like yet another in the Merkel deceptions and misrepresentations of tragic events to crush all attempts at a counter-revolution against the Menshevik communists now running the West in most ways.

Those of you who follow European politics might have heard about the “far right wing racist” guy who shot up a club killing many Kurdish people for some reason.

While this atrocity remains an atrocity, we did not publish anything about it because we spotted the pattern of Merkel and the leftist government media complex either using or even ORCHESTRATING events in order to demonize, marginalize and now, even an attempt to criminalize the classically liberal, AfD party. It is freakish how these events happen before regional elections and also no surprise at this point how the event is used.

We saw it first in Chemnitz which was busted by Merkel’s own director of Intel, who was then moved to another portfolio right away. He would have been fired if not for the coalition partner who made sure he got an even better job, but outside of Intel.

There have been other instances, but the next one that seems clear was the abuse of an event where a nutty fellow who was not even right wing, went and attempted an attack on a small city Synagogue which failed but he killed two unrelated persons in the process. All information on this attack was banned and controlled just as was this new case. Manifestos and videos taken off line and especially in Germany as the facts and motives were reformatted to fit Merkel’s Neo-Marxist narrative.

We did not want to publish anything while the Neo-Marxist machine had control of the narrative.

Information about the killer of the Kurds is now beginning to seep out here and there and now it has become worth posting about. Here is the first couple of items stitched together into one video:

The woman in the second video is co-chair of Germany’s federal AfD.

Swedish girl demands that Swedes be equipped for defence and relearn fighting instinct

Here is how Swedish police spokeswoman explains it: