In Which Geert Visits A Glass Sculptor’s Studio.

Subject: Geert Wilders Visits Sergio’s StudioGeert visits Sergio's studio.

Geert Wilders came and visited my studio yesterday for a photo, and to show support for my right to express my opinion about full face coverings.

The ironic part about his visit was that the Newtown / Marrickville area can best be described as the Socialist, Anarchist and Greens stronghold of Australia.

These people had no idea that Geert came to visit and have a tour of the studio and to see my Artwork.

The sad part about the visit was that it took 24 hours of pre planning, so I keep asking myself one question. If we have no problem in Australia from our so called peaceful Muslims or the illegal Muslim boat people that are allowed to walk free in our cities, WHY DID GEERT NEED SO MUCH PROTECTION?



Sergio is long known to Vlad and the counter-jihad crew as a man of principles. He has been painting and re-painting his mural for a few years now, and is not interested in stopping. He’s a one-man counter-jihad on his own in the heart of Lefty-LaLaLand!

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  1. Sergio, one of the most couragous Australians (italian background) is called by the little tax-payer funded nasties a “Raaaaaaacist” (among other things). He is married to a wonderfull young woman of “non-European” back ground. If Sergio is a “Racist” we will have to change the meaning of the word and make it something positive, because if Sergio is a “Raaaaacist” I wanna be a “Raaacist” too. I admire him.

  2. The sad part of this article is that Sergio deludes himself that anyone in Newtown/Marrickville really gives a stuff about him or whether or not Geert Wilders came to see his ridiculous mural.

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