Brad Johnson update on Greece and Turkey

Greece has actually stated it intends to go to war with Turkey over Turkish moves to take oil from Greek waters. There are a few revelations in this briefing with retired CIA Chief of Station, Brad Johnson.

(This was edited and posted very late last night, hence “Bard” instead of Brad.)

Brad Johnson on the Five Eyes Leak on the origins and nature of the Wuhan Flu

This is a long one. nearly 25 minutes. But its very good. There is a strong take away which is the consequences of the truth of the origins of this virus. It did come from a Wuhan lab, and that lab made bio-weapons. And released accidentally or deliberately, it WAS spread to the West deliberately and was prevented from spreading to the rest of china.

We can learn a lot from that.

Canada of course is a province of China, or acting like it is, but Russia’s actions are the most telling.

Brad Johnson: Tactical defenestration in Russia, bad Chinese food in Czech

Many years ago, I read a report on Putin’s Russia in a Stratfor report which was quite interesting. In summary, it claimed that Russia had certain immutable problems due to its geography, and so it was always going to be a similar state be it under the Tzars, the Communists or now under Putin. The conclusion was that the real danger of Russia is its still the same place but it doesn’t have the crappy system of communism today, holding it back.

Today’s interview of Brad Johnson discuses a disturbing proof of this with the mysterious deaths by defenestration of several doctors within Russia.

Also try to avoid Chinese food in the Czech Republic.

UK: New legislation for COVID 19 Control of Disease Act

Simon Platt made this comment:

Some mistakes here.

It’s not a new law. It dates from, er, 1984. We all – nearly all – missed it before now.

If what this fellow cites is accurate, it won’t lead to mandatory vaccination. First, you don’t give vaccines to people who already have the disease. Secondly, I would argue that vaccines are not medication. But I don’t know the legal position.

That doesn’t mean it’s not a bad law, or that we need not be on our guard for something even worse. But we shouldn’t be distracted by this.

What in the world is actually going on?

Agree with her thesis or not, the fact that police, who in many countries like Canada and Germany, have a government monopoly on the use of force, have now run roughshod over their constitutions and taken on ultimate powers to determine people’s movements, purchases and even what we have to say about all this is undeniable.