ANTIFA/UAF take a beating this time from British patriots at today’s demos

BBC claims there was 700 there:

Some new footage from one of the demo points today in Manchester just after 2:00 PM GMT

Interesting exchange between the post modern ANTIFA and a proper British Patriot who happens to have a higher melanin level than the indigenous British.

Who is the brave Muslima who faced down the “fascist” EDL

In May 2016, brave “Muslim Selfie-Girl” Zakia Belkhiri, shot to fame after she defied crowds of “anti-Muslim” protestors in Belgium by posing in front of them for waiting photographers. The media loved it.

“Defiant teen stands up to anti-Muslim protestors with amazing selfies” they proclaimed. It became a little embarrassing when more observant social media users started to discover her history of virulent anti-Semitic postings, including the notorious “Hitler didn’t kill all the Jews, he left some. So we know why he was killing them”. She claimed her account had been hacked, claimed she couldn’t remember ever posting such remarks, claimed they were old from times when she was “younger and ignorant” and she was now a changed person. The press quietly let the issue die out, Belkhiri closed her social media accounts and the world moved on.
On March 22, 2017 social media came alight with photographs of a Muslim woman walking past victims of the Jihadist attack in Westminster, cell phone in hand and seemingly unconcerned by the carnage around her. Within minutes, people were coming to her defense, posting pictures of a “white guy doing the same thing”. Within hours, the press were publishing articles examining pictures from different angles to support their case that the woman was just as shocked as anyone, was telling her family she was safe, and just wanted to get away from It all as fast as she could.

In a statement to TellMama, the UK agency well-known for turning even the slightest criticism of anything related to Islam into a savage attack of so-called Islamophobia, the woman (still anonymous) blasted “those who could not look beyond my attire, who draw conclusions based on hate and xenophobia”. It was, in the words of the press “a classic example of how easy it is to take an image out of context and use it for the purpose of propaganda”.

It must have been a dream come true when, on April 8, 2017, a “brave woman” stared down ‘fascist thug’ Ian Crossland, leader of the English Defence League (EDL), a notorious ‘anti-Muslim’ ‘far-right’ organization. Depending on which newspaper you read, Crossland had tried to hit her but was restrained by the police, she was a smiling heroine who had come to the rescue of another Muslim girl who was being assaulted by a howling crowd of violent criminals, or a heroic local resident who just happened to be passing and came to the rescue of another girl in distress. The high-quality professional photograph of the pretty Muslim girl smiling down on the unshaven angry faced Crossland went viral and within hours had been published in newspapers from Dublin to Delhi and Amsterdam to Adelaide.

Some elementary fact checking reveals a somewhat more nuanced picture that doesn’t quite fit the perfect story. A local girl indeed, born in Birmingham of Bosnian and Pakistani parents, Saffiyah Khan would seem to be the perfect poster girl for multicultural liberals. It must be very inconvenient that she actually appears to live in London, is a self-confessed ‘anti-fascist’ activist and apparently specifically attended the EDL in order to disrupt it. No wonder then that that there was only one obscure website that reported these facts, while the mainstream press conveniently omitted them.

Perhaps the press might too have taken a little time to examine the history of the posts by Saffiyah Khan who, with “Free Gaza – Free Palastine” t-shirt had made no secret of where her sympathies lie. But then they might have just stumbled on a 2014 pro-Hamas post, a most inconvenient truth:

If you really think Hamas is Israel’s problem; think again. Hamas was only formed in the late eighties, 1987 to be precise, but the occupation stated in 1948. This means 39 years of massacres, imprisonment and displacement. 39 years of pretexts to kill more Palestinians. If Hamas was destroyed, they will find another pretext to kill.”

But perhaps her twitter account was hacked? It’s certainly interesting that two new twitter accounts were opened in the last week, each claiming to be by her. And the “offending” twitter account … is that really her and not some imposter? Many of the Facebook links posted in the account in question, bring you to the account of Saffiyah Begum Khan. Someone else, obviously? Checking the electoral rolls for Birmingham reveals some interesting facts: there is a Saffiyah Begum listed at an address in Birmingham and at the same address there is a Saffiyah khan. The oldest male resident at that address is Mohammed N Khan; the oldest female resident at that address is Kaniz Begum.

So, there cause for serious doubt as to whether our brave Muslim heroine is indeed a sweet innocent-looking local girl who happened to be passing by and came to the rescue of another girl, or a long-term pro-Hamas antifa activist who, after traveling up from London with the main purpose of disrupting an otherwise peaceful EDL protest, took part in an elaborate scam to play the media and the public for fools.

After the Westminster incident people were vociferously insisting that a person’s actions should never be judged from an image but, as another tweater remarked, it’s funny how fast things change when they fit a certain agenda.

Written by SIMONXLM with much gratitude from VladTepesBlog

Tommy Robinson to march under EDL banner to raise awareness of UK state murdered, Kevin Crehan

Tommy Robinson is organizing a march under the banner of the EDL to raise awareness of the man sentenced to death by muslim in a British jail for the crime of littering.

Even child rapists are kept in a special wing to keep them safe. But littering near a mosque? Thats a death sentence in the new UK.

EDL warn of militias to tackle hate preachers.

Whether you agree with the EDL’s position or you do not, it might do well to dispassionately examine the overall phenomenon of the existence of the EDL and why it exists before condemning it. People who oppose it may do better to think of them as white blood cells massively increasing in the blood supply to tackle a very real and very lethal infection. Those, like the woman interviewed who probably is a very nice person and if questioned, would likely have the same values as most readers of this site, may wish to find another course of action to stave off the staggering and disproportionate islamic rape and slavery gangs of ‘kafir’ young girls in the UK. Or the various other forms of jihad muslims are waging on the West with the intention, and result, of destroying Western civilization.

Hopefully the time for peaceful and legislation based solutions have not passed in the UK, although the smart money already seems to think it has, but she, the counter-EDL demonstrator, and all like her could try. Opposing the EDL however, and trying to get them shut down by reason of making illegal statements due to “the race relations act” etc. is tantamount to giving the social body AIDS.

If you have a better way to fight the infection madam, then please do it. If not, do not stand in the way of the people are trying everything they can to retain classical liberalism, even if it doesn’t appear that is what the EDL are doing, and even if they, the EDL, don’t know that is what they are doing.

The clock is ticking and things are getting worse. Alternate solutions madam and I would start right away.

Journalism now leftist-Islamic propaganda in the UK

Check out this article from the Birmingham Mail.

The actual event is that someone drove a car at speed into a crowd of 14 men, apparently targeting them all because they belonged to the EDL but doing a lot of physical harm to one man who is the leader of the Sikh division of the English Defense League.If you read the article however, the entire thing is vilification of the EDL with barely a word about the serious crime that was committed, the attempted murder or injury of 14 people because the driver or whoever he represents does not agree with the message of the EDL.

In the article, it goes on to vilify the EDL thusly:  “The EDL play on the historical animosity that exists between some sections of the Sikh and Muslim community”. The article drips with contempt for the EDL at this point.

However it utterly fails to explain why that ‘historical animosity’ exists. I suspect it has something to do with the Islamic attempts to exterminate Hindus and Sikhs from the face of the earth on numerous occasions. But I would have to look that up to be sure. Something about General Tamerlan perhaps.

The article continues: “No doubt the EDL will use this incident to portray themselves as victims.”

If having a car drive into your group as an attempt to kill or maim you does not make you a victim then the UK has moved from Orwellian to Kafkaesque. Do the authors of this leftist propaganda rag not understand that once they create this kind of targeted attack form of journalism that it can and will be pointed at them as soon as the right variable changes? Ownership, person who funds it, government etc? This kind of ‘reporting’ is an atrocity and a crime on the public no matter who it favors. Human beings, and dogs for that matter, make choices based on available information. When you deceive them, you rob them of the right of free will.

Two men have already been arrested, but not named, that allegedly drove the vehicle. Is it because UK law forbids naming a suspect until formally arraigned? Doubtful as non-Muslims are outed by the press the moment they are suspected if memory serves. Or is it because if the two are muslims it changes the equation of the slant this article shows. Either way, the people of the free world would do well to start learning the basics of determining what and what does not constitute information.

H/T EDL Buck

ABC indulges in a little Reductio ad absurdum when it tries to ‘expose’ the EDL

ABC news last night broadcasted a segment on the EDL with what looks like quite a bit of older footage and which was clearly intended to use Islamic extremists as part of the intellectual shell game of reductio ad absurdum. At least the politically correct version of it.

The scam goes like this:

Yes, there are some muslim extremists who are very distasteful and probably should be ignored with a stiff upper lip but people who oppose them and defend their own thousands of year old culture, heritage, history and legal system must therefore be at least as extreme and at least as big a threat to whatever it is the ideal norm is meant to be.

Notice that the reporter takes every possible opportunity to prove Robinson wrong on the exceptions rather than consider the general truth of anything he says. Her treatment could equally apply to Jews resisting Nazi attempts to obliterate them or any group, for that matter, who wishes to defend the status quo from a hostile invader. ‘If you are fighting a group, you must be the opposite and therefore as bad’

Still, I have to give credit to ABC for showing some of the activities of muslim activists in the UK. It was more than I expected from them. Especially as it was a muslim reporter. I think she was genuinely shocked by what she saw from Muslims in the UK. This likely means she has chosen not to look at what her coreligionists do however, or what her religion in fact demands of its followers.

Below appears to be a related video, possibly a part of the same documentary.

EDL marches to raise awareness (and hopefully fury) at muslim child-sex-slavery, forced prostitution gangs.

1. EDL does demo to raise awareness of the tsunami of muslim white-child-slavery gangs. (And no, I do not mean forced to make wallets for tourists on the streets of Hong Kong. For details about what exactly these muslim-rape-gangs do, please find the time and energy to read this report.)

While some of the chants are a little anachronistic, like “No surrender to the Taliban” (it seems like pretty much everyone has surrendered to them already, at least in the area) I quite like, “Allah Allah, who the fuck is Allah”. Very much in the spirit of the enlightenment. When forced to show deference to someone’s deity in order to elevate ‘them’ and degrade ‘you’ it is important to remember that the right to criticize, mock and ridicule irrational or hostile religious and political authority is the most important kind of freedom of speech. In fact it could be argued to be the only kind of important freedom of speech.

RT Clip below:

More EDL clips:

Thank you M.

News links for Nov 17 2013 – 2

1. English language news bit on pig heads at German mosque site. (Translation of German article in previous post)

2. Huge bomb hits Syria government site

3. The UK: Roger Daltrey: ‘I will never forgive Labour for their immigration policies’

 Roger Daltrey, the lead singer of The Who, says he will never forgive Labour for their mass immigration policies as he says they “destroyed the jobs of my mates”.

The musician, who once supported the party, says that they have let down his generation by allowing an influx of workers which resulted in jobs being undercut because of “stupid thinking on Europe”.

4. Remember the Christian Action Network’s report on various islamic terror training camps across the USA sponsored by a Pakistani billionaire who is connected with, well everything bad in Islam? Well it seems the MSM has at least made a grudging nod about it what, 5 years later? Here is the report over at Gates of Vienna.

5. Teens’ ‘Knockout Game’ a growing danger with deadly results

A recent string of attacks tied to a dangerous game called “Knockout” — where unsuspecting residents are targeted and sucker-punched – is being investigated as possible hate crimes.

New York police are looking into the growing trend, WPIX reports, after attacks in predominately Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

6. Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia conference hears ‘this country at war’ with radical Islam

Hizbut Tahrir

A HARDLINE Islamic group has warned Muslims that the government was trying to “brainwash” their children and that they should resist any attempts to water down their strict view of Islam.

“The government is playing a dirty, dirty game,” Wassim Doureihi told the 600-strong audience at the Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia conference in Lidcombe yesterday.

Hizb ut-Tahrir wants global sharia law. Yesterday in Sydney it launched a 124-page report on what it sees as Australian government attempts to divide the Muslim community into extremists and moderates. […]

Thank you M, Taffy in Canada, EDL Buck, M


Australian Defense League respond to Muslim threats at planned march tomorrow. (today?)

Well, while what he says about Islam is true, I think he could have tried inviting them to the march and discussing it all over a beer and some BBQ pork ribs.

Youtube seems to think that this is somehow worse than jihadi and beheading videos. Granted it was not tactful. But then, neither is cutting off someone’s head with a short serrated knife.