Rolling Thunder event April 29, 30 in Ottawa: A veteran led event to restore dignity to the War memorial and Cenotaph

On April 29th and 30th in Ottawa, Veterans are coming to Ottawa to circle the Cenotaph and War memorial once and then head back to points of origin. This is not a protest, and has very specific messaging. For more information, social media sights are below. We are encouraged to watch and film and photograph as its pretty easy to see that should controlled COMINTERN media like CBC, CTV, or Global, should they bother to cover it at all, will likely arrive with a prefabricated narrative intended to destroy the purpose of the event and demonize those men and women who have served their country by putting themselves in harm’s way.

Making and sharing records of this event ourselves is at this point, the only way to push back against the state imposed pseudo-reality intended to achieve what is increasingly clearly a WEF (COMINTERN) agenda of the destruction of our institutions, history, modes of organizing society, and ultimately our very individualism and the rights granted therein.

Social Media for Rolling Thunder Ottawa April 29-30th 2022


Rolling Thunder Ottawa OFFICIAL



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Dr. Sam Dubé, MD, PhD, discusses how Covid is a path to tyranny with two fellow physicians and scientists

This is both really good, and very followable. Here is the direct link to the video for all who are having difficulty getting it to play. Again, I must emphasize, this is truly excellent. Please consider listening to it, even in stages and while doing chores.

The inquisition of doctors who oppose the unscientific mandatory narrative on Covid, treatment, and the mRNA injections

Please watch this right to the end to understand the persecution of Canadian Dr. Christian by the various official offices of the Canadian medical and government establishment. This was recorded July 3, 2021 and contains a secret recording of the inquisition at the end.

Thank you Dr. Hodkinson

UPDATE: Youtube has deleted this video. So we have restored it to Bitchute. Please watch and spread as if Youtube/Google/Alphabet does not want you to see it, its likely important to your wellbeing.

Important update added: Trudeau makes his most concerning comment yet on his form of governance

Please see this correction to the translation that was sent in today for this video above:

at 1:33   it is the journalist that says affirmatively  :  “… écouter aussi évidemment… ” 
the nuance here would be …” but evidently you will also have to listen to what those are saying, don’t you ? “
the “dont’ you ? “part is not expressed by words but by the intonation 
and to that trudeau answers “… oui , mais surveiller “
and  that would be   ” yes … but to monitor (them) ” 

If that isn’t clear, lets look at these clips to add mental context:

I think this is actually 2016…

Here is a popular Quebec TV host discussing this newest shove to Orwell out of Trudeau’s mouth:

Oh Canada! premiered in Ottawa and Toronto this weekend to great audience reviews

Michael Hansen’ creator of the stunning and important film, Killing Europe, premiered the Canadian version of his new film, Oh Canada! about the death of free speech as orchestrated by the government-media complex, as well as self appointed information warriors for money, masquerading as “human rights lawyers” while in fact, working to crush real human rights in favour of enforcing their replacement, cultural Marxism and phoney group rights.

Both the Ottawa and Toronto audience felt that this was a movie that MUST be seen by everyone in Canada while there may still be time to salvage freedom with the vestigial bits of it we still have.

I would like to thank the many volunteers of ACT for Canada, as well as the Zionist Centre of Toronto for their efforts to make this video available for a screening at all in these days of Samizdat V2.0

Also of course, Michael Hansen with whom, efforts are being made to try and make this video easily available to the general public and soon.

Rest assured, one way or another, we will make sure that some method is found, even if its handing it out on scraps of paper like a flip book.

EU Seeks Methods To Implement New Level Of Censorship

An original translation from the blog of Vera Lengsfeld.

EU-Commission Plans The Final Solution To “Disinformation On The Internet”

Guest author Hanno Vollenweider

There are growing concerns in Brussels over the disinformation of the citizens over the internet. That is why an “expert group” of researchers, journalists and the representatives of platforms is meeting in Brussels, and will finally present suggestions for a final solution of avoiding disinformation on the internet to the EU commission.

„Since the election of Donald Trump as the president of the USA at the end of 2016, there are increasing worries in Europe that fake news on the internet might drastically manipulate public debate. The EU commission therefore wants to take measures against fake news, and, for this purpose, has summoned a group of experts from the sciences, and representatives of the media industry and platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter. This ‘High Level Group’ will submit suggestions for fighting fake news on the internet until summer, write on their website about the plans of the Eurocrats. One does not need particular skills in reading between the lines to understand what this means: The electoral success of Trump was only possible because he had a large voting base who had lost their trust in mainstream media, and who were looking for “alternative” information on the web, far away from anti Trump campaigns. This must not happen in Europe! Just imagine how Eurocracy might end, if the people in Europe were no longer to listen to the soothing mainstream media.

In the German sphere, the so-called “alternative media” are on the march, while “long-established” magazines like Bild, Spiegel, Stern, Focus, etc., keep losing readers. The reason is simple: their unconditional courting of the Merkel regime.

So many of the positive news about the mass migration was such a brazen pack of lies that it was insulting to the readers’ intelligence. This is taking vengeance now, and will probably not be reversibly easily.

And exactly that is the reason why there now will be a political interference. What is particularly telling is that, no matter what the committee of experts will suggest to the EU commission in the end, we will never know, because it has been ordered from the highest place that all documents will remain secret.

There is a reason for that.

There are two suggestions at the moment:

– So-called “Fake News” will be outright banned, and the operators of social networks, servers, alternative websites and other platforms will be required by law to completely delete content. You can imagine who will define what is “fake news” and what is not.

– The competitors of the “Fake News”, in other words, mainstream media, will be made more visible, by
promoting the news that is, in the opinion of the EU, more credible. Additionally, the awareness of “Fake News” will have to be increased by training, for example in schools.

All this reeks of censorship, cooptation (Gleichschaltung) and reeducation, and should be fought sternly before it comes into effect.

Do not rely on politicians, become active! Send news from alternative media per email to friends, educate your friends and family about the possibilities to receive news outside the mainstream media! Beat the Eurocrats by warning as many people as possible about the “reeducation” through these so-called “educational measures”.

Translator’s note:
Read the original EU statement here. It is pretty clear where it is truly aiming:

Germany: Are you a target of “left-leaning” violence? Then the Constitution is not for you.

An original translation from HNA (Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine).

“Steinke, you Nazi! We will com [sic] back” – Antifa attack on the former house of an AfD youth organization official. (source: PI news)

District court ruled
Court battle over apartment lease: Defeat for Göttinger AfD politician
November 02, 2017

Göttingen. The regional chairman of the AfD youth organization, Junge Alternative, Lars Steinke, will presumably have to find a new apartment after a court ruling.

The district court of Göttingen granted his landlord’s action for annulment. Reason: the 24-year old withheld from his landlord that, because of his political opinions, he were a likely target for left-leaning violence. According to the court, he should have had to enlighten her about his special role, because it might affect the lease object, a spokesman said. As he had omitted doing that, the lease contract was a result of malevolent deceit, and therefore invalid.

The 24-year-old had moved into the apartment in the city of Göttingen in July 2017. A few months later, the landlord went to court to refute the lease contract – successfully: the district court of Göttingen pointed in its ruling to the respective jurisdiction of the Federal Court. According to that, it is malevolent deceit even then when someone omits facts about which a contractual partner in good faith and trust can expect clarification. For example, the seller of a car must mention when a used car had an accident.

The Göttinger official of the „Jungen Alternative“ had himself said in posts that he saw himself as a target of leftist activists. As this circumstance were significant for the decision about the lease contract, he should have told the landlord without being asked, the judge ruled. And indeed, in the period following, damage of property and arson on the premises occurred, for example at the trash cans.

In march, the car of the 24-year-old, that he had parked at the street, burst into flames in front of the apartment house. The heat damaged another car and a close balcony parapet. The court pointed to the fact that similar instances had occurred at his previous address in Göttingen.

The father of the 24-year-old had signed the lease. According to a spokesman of the judiciary, the lease contained a clause that the father would consistently loan the apartment to his son. But this were not relevant for the decision.

Appeal against the ruling

The 24-year-old announced after the court ruling that he intends to lodge an appeal against the “scandalous ruling”.

Translator’s note:
Die Achse des Guten  comment: “District Court Göttingen shreds Constitution” and remind that the German constitution says, „No one may be disadvantaged or preferred for his sex, his ancestry, his language, his home and origin, his belief, his religious or political views“.

The Hajj – Czech Style

Humour is the best medicine.  It is also the best weapon against bullies, totalitarians, or anyone who takes themselves too seriously.  Perhaps that is why humour is one of the first things curtailed when freedom of speech is threatened.

We have seen various comedians in the US lament how Political Correctness is preventing them from performing on college campuses.

We have seen Canadian comedians fined thousands of dollars for telling a politically incorrect joke.

We have seen German comedians charged and threatened with extradition to Turkey for authoring a humorous poem about Recep Erdo?an.

We know we are not far from the days when Socialist Regimes on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain would routinely jail people for telling jokes

Well, some of us know…

Perhaps those who lived behind the Iron Curtain remember it better than most of us. Perhaps that is why they cherish their Freedom of Speech and why they use humour to ensure it does not become as eroded as it has become in much of The West.

And Czechs do love their humour.  It is therefore not surprising that Dr. Martin Konvicka, a brave patriot who is fighting to preserve his cultural heritage – and his freedom of speech – and his organization IMK (Iniciativa Martina Konvicky) have turned to humour to deliver their message.

And deliver it they did!

On August 21st, Czechs mark the anniversary of the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union of and the rest of their Warsaw Pact ‘allies’.  This invasion had ended the liberalization of Czechoslovakia, called Prague Spring (after which the Arab Spring freedom movement was named), and was opposed by the vast majority of the population.  Yet, when it became clear that the invaders were going to succeed in rolling back the progress towards liberalism and that hard socialism would indeed be imposed, many people had started licking the heels of their oppressors in order to improve their social status.

Now, Europe is experiencing a very different type of an invasion:  millions of young, strong, able-bodied Muslims are flooding in, falsely claiming to be fleeing war, and imposing Sharia restrictions on the Freedom of Speech through threats of violence and massacres should the local governments refuse to impose them.  And there is absolute proof that these people are not poor refugees fleeing war:  some of the ones who had already been granted asylum in Europe – and living off of government subsidies – are also holidaying in their countries of origin.

Dr. Konvicka and IMK took the opportunity to draw parallels between the two invasions:  the  invasion of Czechoslovakia by their socialist brothers on the one hand and the Muslim invasion on the other.  And the anniversary of the Warsaw Pact occupation was the perfect occasion!




As you can see from the videos above, it was a fun skit, people were enjoying it, except for the few who disagreed with the message – and who were not afraid to say so…which they would presumably be if they had thought this really was ISIS.  Despite all of this evidence, Czech and International media corporations have universally reported panic, injuries and havoc…

And that is why you have to go to the blogosphere to see what had actually happened.

Following this street theatre, Dr. Konvicka was kind enough to grant this interview:

As you can see, humour is an effective tool to use against totalitarians of all stripes (or stars).

After the skit, many ‘Progressive’ politicians demanded an investigation into how Dr. Konvicka had managed to get a permit to stage this skit, calling for the bureaucrat who had granted it to be fired and Mr. Konvicka to be charged with something.  Anything!  Spreading false news, perhaps?  (Would this not apply even more to the mainstream media?)

Well, there is still some sanity in Czech and the investigation had concluded just last week and found that everything was fine, and nobody has to get fired or charged with anything.  Even more sanity:  a judge has just dismissed all charges against the protesters who had carried gallows during last year’s anti-migrant demonstrations.

And Dr. Konvicka is far from being done.  To mark the 15th anniversary of the Islamic attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11, he held a demonstration in front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Prague:


The event took place on the 11th of September, 2016, in front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Prague, from 2 pm until it had been disbanded about 30 minutes later.

The large sign behind Dr. Konvicka, hanging on the Saudi Embassy fence, has a delightful little rhyme:






Dr. Konvicka was not the only one to speak at this demonstration.  Beata Radosa, a former Muslima who explained that she used to believe that a hijab would keep her modesty and protect her from sexual harassment.  When wearing the hijab did not protect her from harassment by Muslim men, she began to loose her faith and eventually left Islam. Now, she is an activist and a blogger.  Her site (in Czech) is called Women Against Islam.

In her above-linked post, she points out that the Magister’s office warned them against using the port-a-potty to represent the Ka’aba…even though this was not specified in the permit application.  This can only bring us to one conclusion:  in the minds of the Magister’s office bureaucrats, the Ka’aba and a port-a-potty are closely  related.

And, she writes, the Port-a-Ka’aba was such a danger to public safety that a whole squad of police in riot gear had to come and monitor the situation.

Martin Vitek was the third speaker and he pointed out some negative aspects of Islam and how they are connected to Saudi Arabia.

Then came the street theatre, until, that is, uniformed police officers pulled the plug on it and heavily armoured police officers arrived to let everyone know they are willing to use force on unarmed citizens if they don’t obey the order fast enough.  Photos of the armoured police dispersing the citizens are at this Czech language site.

The lesson of the day?  ‘Piss Christ’ is art, ‘Dung Madonna’ is art, but ‘Port-a-Ka’aba’ is hate speech.  And the Czech Republic, despite being one of the most enlightened societies, is perfectly willing to use physical force to curb speech it does not like.

Czechs are, however a tenacious peoples.  (Is it still allowed to say that or is that now racist?)  Dr. Konvicka and IMK are planning more activities:  on September 17, 2016, and on November 17, 2016.

Stay tuned, dear readers, for what is coming next!



You can’t parody Islam, says Palin: Monty Python star believes religious sensitivities have increased so much it would be impossible to make Life of Brian today

Daily Mail:

Michael Palin said there is one comedy taboo he is too scared to break- Islam

Now be impossible to make 1979 film Life of Brian – which satirised the life of Jesus – let alone laugh at Muslims.

During his Monty Python days he poked fun at everyone from the Establishment to Christianity. But thanks to the threat of 'heavily armed' fanatics, Michael Palin has admitted there is one comedy taboo he is too scared to break-IslamDuring his Monty Python days he poked fun at everyone from the Establishment to Christianity. But thanks to the threat of ‘heavily armed’ fanatics, Michael Palin has admitted there is one comedy taboo he is too scared to break-Islam

He said: ‘Religion is more difficult to talk about. I don’t think we could do Life of Brian any more. A parody of Islam would be even harder.

‘We all saw what happened to Salman Rushdie and none of us want to get into all that. It’s a pity but that’s the way it is. There are people out there without a sense of humour and they’re heavily armed.’

Click to continue:

Mr. Palin’s observations are far far short of the mark. The problem is infinity larger than mocking religion. It means the end of the enlightenment itself. It means you cannot tell the truth or debate the merits or costs of a religious belief. Many who have been killed by muslims were just peripherally involved with people who made valid points about Islam like the Japanese translator for Salman Rushdie’s book, The Satanic Verses. His point in the book was also a valid one by the way.

We must not let the freedom to discuss and even mock irrational authority, religious or political, be dissipated as it is for Islam or leftist leaders like Obama or communists and murderers like Mandela or we lose everything of value in civilization and eventually civilization itself. For once the enemy sees that you are willing to submit and give up a central freedom out of fear, its the first step to losing them all.



tunis dance of guys and gals 6.3.2013

And the guys join in.

In Europe they would be hauled in for defamation of an ethnic minority, with the Islamic fundamentalists cheering and chucking stones. It shows just how far we’ve fallen. These are the people worth supporting, not the Islamic fundamentalists who always manage to claw their way to the top. Lead the way girls! ‘

NOTE: They are doing this in spite of Islam, not from principles stemming from it.


H/T: Stefan Metzler

In Which Geert Visits A Glass Sculptor’s Studio.

Subject: Geert Wilders Visits Sergio’s StudioGeert visits Sergio's studio.

Geert Wilders came and visited my studio yesterday for a photo, and to show support for my right to express my opinion about full face coverings.

The ironic part about his visit was that the Newtown / Marrickville area can best be described as the Socialist, Anarchist and Greens stronghold of Australia.

These people had no idea that Geert came to visit and have a tour of the studio and to see my Artwork.

The sad part about the visit was that it took 24 hours of pre planning, so I keep asking myself one question. If we have no problem in Australia from our so called peaceful Muslims or the illegal Muslim boat people that are allowed to walk free in our cities, WHY DID GEERT NEED SO MUCH PROTECTION?



Sergio is long known to Vlad and the counter-jihad crew as a man of principles. He has been painting and re-painting his mural for a few years now, and is not interested in stopping. He’s a one-man counter-jihad on his own in the heart of Lefty-LaLaLand!

OIC gears up to get denigration of religions criminalized

Saudi Gazette:

Last Updated : Monday, February 18, 2013 12:17 PM
Rizwan Saeed Sheikh

Hassan Cheruppa
Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Getting the go-ahead from the Cairo Islamic Summit, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has been actively trying to get the denigration of religions recognized as a criminal offense, according to a top official.

“Next session of the Istanbul Process on Islamophobia will be held in the first half of this year, and the session will squarely focus on the issue of criminalizing denigration of religions,” said Rizwan Saeed Sheikh, director of cultural affairs at the OIC general secretariat and spokesman for the OIC secretary general.

Click to continue:

The video below taken last year will give an idea of how slippery the OIC is, especially when you compare what is below, with what is above.


Saudi to fund mosque construction in Maldives

The best line is the last one. Freedom of religion in Islam. Just in case anyone in the world still thinks that Islamic supremacism is rare and not indicative of the whole.

H/T Martin

Construction Week Online:

Saudi Arabia has agreed to finance the construction of mosque's in the Maldives.

Saudi Arabia has agreed to finance the construction of mosque’s in the Maldives.

RELATED ARTICLES: Abu Dhabi begins mosque landscaping scheme | Sheikh Khalifa initiates $68m mosque for RAK city | King urges faster pace on Prophet’s Mosque project

Saudi Arabia has signed an agreement for $1.7m in free aid for the development of mosques in the Maldives, according to a statement from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

The signing, which took place at the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Sri Lanka was attended by the Maldives Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Hussain Shihab as well as Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the Maldives, Abdul Azeez Jammaz.

The Ministry also stated that they will be announcing the location of the proposed mosques in the near future. The Maldives, which is spread over 1,200 islands, officially declared itself as an Islamic state in 1997 and holds a strict position on freedom of religion, banning all faiths other than Islam.

The new dark age: Across Europe, free speech and democracy face their biggest threat since the Thirties

Mail Online:

By Dominic Sandbrook

PUBLISHED: 18:45 EST, 2 November 2012 | UPDATED: 18:45 EST, 2 November 2012

After a week dominated by the terrible effects of Superstorm Sandy, the increasingly bitter struggle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and the continuing fallout from the Jimmy Savile scandal, it was easy to overlook a little story about an obscure Greek journalist called Kostas Vaxevanis.

In its way, though, the ordeal of Mr Vaxevanis, the editor of an Athens magazine, who narrowly escaped prison for publishing the names of suspected tax evaders, is the biggest story of all.

Its themes — the freedom of the Press, the corruption of the establishment, the arrogance of the elite and the terrifying storm engulfing the economies of Europe — go to the heart of a crisis that threatens to tear the Continent apart.

An assault on free speech: Greek magazine editor Kostas Vaxevanis was arrested for naming over 2,000 individuals evading taxAssault on free speech: Greek editor Kostas Vaxevanis was arrested for naming individuals evading tax

But the Vaxevanis scandal is merely the tip of the iceberg.

From the Leveson Inquiry in London to the attempted comeback of former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, and from the salons of Paris to the committee rooms of Brussels, there are disturbing signs of a backlash against democracy, free speech and the will of the people — a counter-revolution that could sweep away many of the liberties we take for granted.

For more than half a century after World War II, most of us assumed that life in Europe would always get better. And when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, it seemed that the tide of freedom was irresistible.

Democratic? Greece has had more in common with a dictatorship since a new government was 'imposed' by Brussels

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