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This comment just in concerning some of the material in this video:

EW on  said:Edit

The book he recommends at the end of the video is endorsed by David Duke.
Isn’t he a real white supremist. The author Mark Collet, who made the video, on the website for the book, on the author’s information, says that he is a regular on the David Duke Show.
Not good company to keep, whatever you may think of the situation in Britain.

“I am dying, I am dying” – Another girl stabbed to death in Germany.

An original translation from Bild:

Iulia (15) stabbed to death in the park
++ Suspect turns himself in to police ++ Mother collapses at crime scene

Iuliana R., called Julia by her friends, only lived to be 15 years. Photo source: Facebook

(This is a breaking story, the following translation is of the most updated article. To read the previous version, please scroll down. – translator)

By J. Löbker and G. Altenhofen, published 11.06.2018 – 23:18h CET

Viersen (NRW) – The young girl is smiling into the camera friendly. Dark hair, brown eyes. She is Iuliana Elena R. (15), nicknamed Julia. Her life ended brutally on Monday. On this sunny spring day, the girl was stabbed to death in the park called “Casinogarten” in Viersen.

Shortly afterwards, between shrubs and flowers, there are investigators in forensics overalls, investigating the crime scene. The homicide commission’s investigators are trying to reconstruct what had happened on the lawn.

Gravely injured, the victim staggered towards two homeless people, said: “I am dying, I am dying”. Then, she collapsed.

As the girl did not have any papers with her, her identity was initially unclear. In the evening, it turned out: it is Iulia R. (15).

The girl is from Bucharest (Romania), and living with her parents in a suburb of Viersen in a three-storey building. She had a boyfriend and went to school in Viersen. Police officers escorted her parents from the precinct to the crime scene, where blood stains were still to be seen in the evening.

The mother kept crying “Iuliana” and collapsed crying at the crime scene. When they came home, the parents were still crying. They allowed Bild to show a photo of their murdered daughter.

“Casinogarten” in downtown Viersen (North Rhine Westphalia) is a meeting point for drinkers. The homeless Ilja Hansen (47) and his girlfriend come here often, yesterday, too. Ilja Hansen tells Bild: “We were sitting in the park, having a beer. Then we heard loud screams.“

Moments later, the victim approached them. Hansen: “My girlfriend and me ran to her. She fell on her knees, into our arms. She was covered in blood and covered in slash wounds. We immediately called police and fire department.“

The homicide commission was searching for a perpetrator, who, according to police, was of “northern African appearance” and had “black, oily hair“. A helicopter and a large police force were deployed, searching for the perpetrator. Specialized “mantrailer“ dogs were to take on his trace.
When the officers wanted to check a suspicious Turk (25), he fled. Later, the man, who has got a previous police record, turned himself in at a precinct. A police spokesman: “His possible involvement in the deed is currently investigated.“

A mother who was visiting the park with her child and allegedly witnessed the deed might be able to identify the perpetrator.

The background of the deed is still completely unclear.


Previous article from earlier tonight:

Woman stabbed to death in park in North Rhine Westphalia
Eye Witness: “She was covered in slash wounds”
+++ Perpetrator on the run ++ Victim cried “I’m dying. I’m dying” ++ Homeless man called ambulance +++

By Jörg Löbker and Gerhard Altenhofen, published on 11.06.2018, 17:12h
Bloody deed in Viersen (NRW): According to Bild information, a young woman was stabbed to death on Monday in Casinogarten!

Police are hunting for the perpetrator on the run!

According to police, the man is wearing dark clothes and is of “northern African appearance, has got black, greasy hair”.

According to investigators, the victim is around 20 years old. Her nationality is uncertain, but she allegedly said in German „I am dying, I am dying“, when she approached homeless persons in the park, gravely wounded. Then she collapsed unconscious.

One of the homeless people made an emergency phone call at 12.22, the woman was taken to hospital immediately, where she then died.

Ilja Hansen (47) is the homeless man into whose arms the woman fell. He tells Bild: “We were sitting in the park, having a beer. Then we heard loud screams.“
Moments later, the victim approached them. Hansen: “My girlfriend and me ran to her. She already fell on her knees, into our arms. She was dowsed in blood and covered in slash wounds. We immediately called police and fire department.“

The homeless man describes the victim as: “black hair, mediterranean type. Between 18 and 20 years old. Black shirt, white-and-red trousers.“

A helicopter and a large police deployment of officers and cars is searching for the suspect. Specialized “mantrailer“ dogs are to catch the perpetrator’s trace. Police began an murder investigation, led by the experienced investigator Ingo Thiel.

“Casinogarten“ is a posh park. It contains statues by the Beuys-scholar “Anatol“. In its centre is a modern, popular playground. A mother wrote in a Facebook group in the afternoon that she and her little son witnessed the deed, and described the perpetrator to the police.

The crime scene is alleged to be a meeting place of drinkers and homeless people. According to eye witnesses though, the young woman was well-kempt. She had a bicycle with her. It remains unclear whether she belonged to the homeless and drinkers.
As the witness did not have a passport on her, identifying her was difficult, according to Bild information.

Herbert Reul (CDU), interior minister of North Rhine Westphalia, comments on the crime: “The deed that happened this noon in Viersen is shocking. It saddens me that a young woman was lethally wounded in a public park. Police of NRW are investigating with consequence, and searching for the alleged perpetrator with great force. The ministry is costantly informed about the current state of investigations.“

Berlin: 87-Year-Old Lady Maimed In Brutal Robbery In Broad Daylight

After 10 days of investigation, Berlin Police have now released these wanted photos of the suspect in an extraordinarily cruel attack on an 87-year-old lady.

The man is suspected to have mugged an 87-year-old lady in Berlin, and wounded her massively. Photos: Berlin Police.

The original account of the assault is extremely disturbing, please be aware of that, if you wish to read on.

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New Year’s Eve Germany: 12-Year-Old Girl Shot

An original translation from Braunschweiger Zeitung:

12-Year-Old Girl Badly Wounded By Bullet Shots in Silvester Night

SALZGITTER The girl is not in critical condition. Police arrest three suspects in Thiede.
January 1, 2018

Several People Celebrated New Year with gunshots. A 12-year-old girl was shot.  Photo: Foto: Rudolf Karliczek

A 12-year-old girl was gravely wounded in the Salzgitter district of Thiede, when several men fired indiscriminately with handguns in Silvester night. The child was hit in the upper body and underwent emergency surgery in a Wolfenbüttel hospital. According to Salzgitter police spokesman Matthias Pintak, the girl is not in critical condition.

Police only learnt about the wound by a gun in hospital. “The full police force went into action immediately”, said Pintak. With the help of witnesses, his colleagues swiftly determined three suspects who were lingering near the crime scene, and immediately arrested them. “Their involvement in the crime is currently under investigation and is not yet finally determined”, says Pintak. The area around Diesterwegstraße, where the crime happened, is still widely cordoned off around noontime. Police went in with track hounds searching for ammunition. According to information that our newspaper has obtained, on the street, in the cordoned-off area around a sports bar, more than 20 brass were found. Neighbours told our newspaper that there shortly before midnight, “firing in all directions” started. Some projectiles appear to have hit a house.

It has not yet finally been determined which types of guns were used. It is also still unclear if all of the three suspects were involved in the crime, and who of them used an armed weapon. “We are still investigating into whether the three suspects will appear before the committing magistrate” says Pintak. Not much is known about the identity of the three men. One of them is 65 years old.

New Year’s Eve 2016-2017 in Thiede already made nationwide headlines. Two voluntary firemen (33 and 28 years old) who were off-duty rushed to support their colleagues near the station house, and were beaten up. One of the two men still suffers from the after-effects. Unknown people had, among others, broken his ankle multiple times. The perpetrators were never apprehended, prosecution closed the case in May.

Underage Girls Sexually Harassed On Augsburg Public Transport

An original translation from Augsburger Allgemeine

Exhibitionists harass pupils and student
Three pupils and a student were harassed by exhibitionists on Augsburg public transport. Police are looking for the perpetrators.
Dec. 15, 2017

There have been three incidents of exhibitionism in Augsburg public transport. Three pupils (10 and 11 years old) and a 26-year-old student were harassed by unknown men on the street tram and the bus. It is unclear whether the cases are related or whether it is a serial perpetrator, according to police.

The first incident happened on Thursday around 1:30 PM in the tram line one bound to Göggingen. An eleven-year-old pupil noticed at the station Maria-Stern a man who was visibly masturbating his member. When the girl moved away, the man, according to police, took her seat, and continued. He neither spoke to the eleven-year-old, nor did he look at her, according to police. The perpetrator had short, black hair, was between 35 and 40 years old, and about 1.80m tall. He wore a pair of blue jeans.

Only twenty minutes later, in tram line 1 bound Königplatz, at the same station, a similar incident occurred. This time, an unknown person was masturbating in front of two ten-year-old girls. When the girls departed the train at Frohsinnstraße, the man kept following them for a while. According to police, the dark-skinned man was about 20 years old, 1.60m tall, and had dark, shoulder-length hair. He wore a blue jacket and carried a grey backpack.

On Wednesday, around 9 PM, a 26-year-old student was harassed in bus line 26. A man exposed his member to the student, and then departed the bus with her at the stop Bärenwirt. He, too, was dark-skinned, about 1.70m tall and in his late 20s. He wore a pair of grey trainers, a hoodie, and had black, short hair.

In all three cases, police Augsburg are asking for relevant information under the phone number 0821/323-3810.

Augsburg Christkindlesmarkt

“Prague Is Like It Used To Be With US” – A Berliner’s Thoughts In Festive Prague

A friend who lives in Berlin sent this note from Prague:

Tonight, I strolled home from a bar, between 4 and 5 in the morning, for half an hour, alone, across the city. The city was quiet. No rubbish, no screaming. At important buildings, there was the occasional police officer, not paying attention to me. At the access road to the old city, there was another police officer, freezing and bored in the middle of the road, but he was there. Scattered party-goers came my way, with civilized behavior. An elderly man walked his dogs on a leash. I felt safe on the whole way, I had nothing* in my pockets, I dilly-dallied and enjoyed the christmas decorations at the castle hill. All of it was simply enchanting, peace in freedom. Precious christmas decorations were fixed even on the outside of the ground floor windows, little trees with balls, and mangers stood directly on the pedestrian walk, or on the doorsteps. Apparently, no one here is expecting theft, vandalism, riots.

Prague is like it used to be with us.

There had been only nice, civilized people in the bar, most of them czech, and a single black person among them who was eager to be the nicest person, too. Earlier this night a friend had told me about Mannheim, where, as a woman, you don’t go anywhere alone at night anymore. And WE are lecturing the Visegrad states? On what? Spare your words!

(* translator’s note: no pepper spray)

Photo: MB

Germany: Diapers in the Kiddie Pool on Women’s Bathing Day

An original translation from Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung:

Problems at the women’s bathing day
Guests violate hygiene rules
The women’s bathing day in the Vahrenwalder Bath is getting out of kilter. Bathing guests enter the pool fully dressed. The bath’s female employees aren’t able to assert themselves. The town is considering counter measures.

Hannover. The weekly women’s’ bathing day in the Vahrenwalder Bath is causing massive ripples. Hundreds of guests, allegedly, enter the non-swimmer-pool in Jeans and ignore other hygiene regulations too. They ignore the female employees’ warnings, even threaten the public servants. The employees now turned to the city administration. This is what sports’ department head Konstanze Beckedorf has just reported in the confidential part of the sports’ committee, according to information that HAZ obtained. The municipal politicians were stunned and demanded that the bathing regulations must be respected.

The city’s administration is officially answering the HAZ’s enquiry that the problem is known, and that currently, meaningful measures are discussed. „The cancellation of the women’s’ bathing day is not an option“, says city spokesman Ulrike Serbent.

Each Friday, the Vahrenwalder Bath is open for women only between 5PM until 9PM. Mothers can also bring boys up to the age of three. The women’s bathing day is, by all accounts, welcomed particularly by Muslimas. Now, numerous problems surface. Women enter the pool in street clothes, and dye their hair in the non-swimmer section. They enter the sauna in street clothes, too. Diapers are thrown into the paddle pond, dustbins used as toilets. Sometimes the women are having picnics at the poolside.

The female employees of the bath are now anxious. If they remind the bathing guests to adhere to the rules, this often prompts massive arguing. Some guests threaten to fetch their husbands and brothers. Allegedly, the bath’s employees have issued house bans for people, but these are being ignored. The female employees have now complained to the bath’s administration.

According to HAZ information, the administration is considering to position security staff at the entrance. Further, they consider employing a male pool supervisor, if necessary. The city intends to better regulate the influx of visitor on women’s’ bathing day in the future, and to prevent the pool from getting overcrowded. The majority of the town’s politicians welcome the planned measures. Abandoning the women’s bathing day should just the last resort, is the opinion heard from the politicians.

It is not the first time that there are problems at the women’s bathing day. In 2005, guests reported that women were getting into the pool fully dressed. The city administration denied this and called it rumors.

Translator’s note:
Most large German mainstream newspapers abolished their comment sections, or don’t allow comments under ‘sensitive’ articles. Only smaller local newspapers, like the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung here, do. We seized this rare opportunity and translated a few of the German readers’ comments. You decide: Is there still hope, or is Germany lost?

Staunch Democrat 13.12.2017, 20:02:00
What, counter measures? The cultural competence of the female bath employees must be strengthened, and they should receive anti racism training.

# 13.12.2017, 21:25:00
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blackhawk60 14.12.2017, 06:50:00
Too much vagueness
There is too much “allegedly” in the text. It would be good to have clarity. Especially, before getting into a fret.

framue 14.12.2017, 07:42:00
Not vague at all
I can tell you from my own experience as a pool supervisor 20 years ago that an above-average number of muslim co-citizens do not adhere to the rules. Violent assaults were business as usual, theft, house bans, police actions.

Bodie72 14.12.2017, 08:23:00
The dream of multi culturalism, cultural enrichment, integration (and willingness to integrate), hand in hand with the readiness to unlimited self-denial, leads to the abuse of respect and freedom, and the opposite for those who grant the consideration. The daily living together is not made easier, but more difficult. If people don’t wake up in this country and oppose such bloomers, then we will have unbearable conditions in the near future. Folks, wake up, at last!

Nachodka 14.12.2017, 09:05:00
It’s not good to defame other bathing cultures like that. Where is the problem when someone enters the pool with fresh and clean street clothes? The pool has got an efficient filter system, and the water is chlorinated. We should have more consideration, and maybe simply join in the picnic at the poolside.

rene 14.12.2017, 09:56:00
These Muslim co-citizens partially live in parallel societies and have no will or readiness to integrate. “Islam belongs to Germany” For that to become true, some Muslims will have to change 180 degrees. If the circumstances depicted are true (and I suppose they are), then the Muslims living in Germany won’t be accepted, and they are just fostering stereotypes of rejection.

a human being 14.12.2017, 11:26:00
why not have a picnic in the bath? Of course, defecating into the pool and dying hair is a Nono, but apart from that I find the idea quite endearing to organize your trip to the swimming pool nicely. The food you can buy on site is disgusting and unhealthy – why not bring your own? A picnic is connecting, and eases the atmosphere. Why not walk new paths? Oh, right, because we are in Germany. The country that defines community by stiffly adhering to rules. Other cultures have more joy for living in daily life. I miss that. I do not enjoy swimming pool visits because I think the sterile, cold, impersonal surroundings is repulsive.

framue 14.12.2017, 11:49:00
@ a human being
Wonderful, we’ll come over to you, have a picnic and inspect your household. Don’t be awkward in this square Germany with no joy for living.

a human being 14.12.2017, 11:56:00
A private apartment and a public bath are different concepts.

Frank.H. 14.12.2017, 13:48:00
Unfortunately, I have witnessed several times that Muslim co-citizens relieved themselves completely in the showers and in the pool. Unfortunately, all respect is lost, there is no will, and there is an enormous aggressiveness. After we made a comment in the bath, they waited for us outside with an axe-knife.

# 14.12.2017, 16:10:00
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Twenty men gang rape a Swedish woman, and locals pass by refusing to help

An original translation by Tania Groth with much thanks.

From this Swedish publication:

“Eeew, you have sperm on your face and on your clothes, don’t involve us,” they said to the woman. She had just endured a gang rape and abuse by up to twenty perpetrators in a stairwell in Fittja, but nobody in the southern Stockholm suburb wanted to help the victim, Metro reports.

More details are now being published about the high profile case in Fittja, which took place in a stairwell in August of last year. The woman was gang-raped and also beaten up by up to twenty perpetrators.

A neighbor who saw what happened to the woman chose to ignore the event. He stated in interrogation that he has “learned not to see or hear too much.”

When the woman sought help after the rape, she rang the doorbell of apartment to ask for help in calling the police. But the man who opened the door ignored her appeal and instead showed her the way out of the gate, it says in the newspaper Metro.

The woman then managed to get to the Fittja center to seek help but there she was told she was “disgusting”. “A guy like NN (?) told her she was disgusting and she had sperm in her hair,” reads the police report. She also tried to get help from a guard, but also he didn’t care about the woman’s situation.

Instead, the woman was forced to take the subway to central Stockholm in order to seek help. Several men are now charged with the crime. According to the prosecution, they also filmed the rape and laughed while it was in progress.

Berlin: Syrian Rapes Pony On “Children’s Farm” in Public Park.

An original translation from Berliner Morgenpost.

Man allegedly sexually assaulted pony in Görlitzer Park
A babysitter with a young child saw the scene, photographed the man and saw to his arrest
November 10., 2017
Sebastian Geisler

A young man allegedly sexually assaulted a pony of the “Children’s Farm” in Görlitzer Park. An employee of the institution confirms this to Berliner Morgenpost. The incident occurred on Friday of last week around 3 PM. Amanda F. (name changed by our editorial staff) described the incident to Berliner Morgenpost. “My babysitter took a walk with our son through Görlitzer Park. They had to witness the man sexually assaulting the pony.” Her babysitter told her about the incident, and also spoke to the so-called “park runners”. She did not want to comment on the incident. The scene was too traumatic.

The employee of the children’s farm tells Berliner Morgenpost that the babysitter quick-witted took a photo of the man as he was committing the deed, and immediately contacted employees of the children’s farm. They consulted the “park-runners” who are there to ensure safety in the Görlitzer Park*. The employee called the police. The young man realized that his deed did not go unnoticed, backed off of the animal, and disappeared in the park for the moment.

The man received a house ban and a police complaint

The “park runners” searched and found the man by the photo, and held him until the police arrived. Police then recorded the man’s personal particulars. “We banned him from the premises”, says the employee. “Should he return, we will report this. We have never had an incident like that before.” They filed charges at the police. The police confirmed the charges for violating the animals’ welfare law, and “causing public nuisance by sexual acts” against a 23-year-old native of Syria.

The children’s zoo is particularly popular with young children. They have two ponies, two donkeys, half a dozen sheep and goats, and ten chickens, ducks and rabbits each. “All around the year, we have such positive things happening here”, says the employee. “It is a pity that now, we are being associated with such an incident”.

The punishment for “causing a public nuisance” in Germany is, according to paragraph 183 a of the criminal code, imprisonment of up to a year, or a fine. Violating the animals’ protection law is punished with a prison sentence of up to three years, or a fine, if the animal was caused significant pain.

Translator’s note:
* “park runners”: after giving up all attempts to get the drug dealing in Görlitzer Park under control, the city of Berlin now employs Turkish and Arab street workers, who patrol the Görlitzer Park, to engage in dialogue on an equal footing with the 180-200 drug dealers (largely refugees from African countries) and encourage a friendlier atmosphere (Tagesspiegel: Auf Augenhöhe mit den Drogendealern).

Germany: Communist Kurds Clash With Police

Düsseldorf – a Kurdish November 4 protest with some 20,000 participants is turning into major clashes with police, as participants insist on displaying flags of the banned organization PKK (Kurdish Workers’ Party), violating German law. Apparently, the police have now had to bring in anti-riot water cannon vehicles.

An original translation from Die Welt:
Kurdish Demonstration Escalates
Police Use Pepper Spray
November 4, 2017, 2:19 PM CET

Several thousand Kurds congregated in Düsseldorf at a demonstration for releasing the captive PKK chief Abdullah Öcalan. They displayed his portraits, which is illegal. Clashes ensued.

The Kurdish demonstration in Düsseldorf on Saturday saw clashes with the police, after numerous participants displayed illegal flags with the portrait of the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan. The officers were attacked with flagpoles, and upon that had to use pepper spray, said a police spokesman. The police had stopped the two protest marches, as they were displaying the illegal flags.

A photo reporter confirms that the officers repeatedly asked over loudspeakers to roll up the illegal flags, to no avail. Several protesters were taken into initial custody.

The protest was organized by an alliance of several groups, including organizations like NAV-DEM (Kurdisches Democratic Society Centre), who are close to the banned Turkish Workers’ Party PKK.

The participants came with busses from all across Europe, a speaker of the event said. They were expecting 25,000 participants.

Friday evening, the Superior District Court North Rhine Westphalia had, in an express hearing, explicitly confirmed the established jurisdiction that demonstrations may not display flags and banners with portraits of Öcalan (File.: 15 B 1371/17). The PKK is classified a terrorist organization in Germany, the European Union, and Turkey..

In mid September, a Kurdish festival organized by NAV-DEM caused dismay in Cologne. The German embassador in Ankara was summoned to the Turkish foreign ministry.

The organizers of the demonstration in Düsseldorf demand the release of the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, who serves a life sentence in Turkey. The PKK is classified a terrorist organization in Germany, the European Union, and Turkey. As they are close to the PKK, the NAV-DEM is on the watch list of the Office For The Protection Of The Constitution in Germany.

Translator’s note:

RT has a live stream on Youtube:

Germany: Rejected Asylum Seeker Kills Prostitute

An original translation of German newspaper Bild.

Rejected Asylum Seeker Strangles Prostitute
Why was the murderer of Lica (33) not deported?

Prostitute Lica L. (†33) was strangled to death in her apartment in Regensburg. She had been living in Germany for four years.

By J. Völkerling, September 06, 2017

Regensburg – It is difficult to take. Another asylum seeker, who should long have been deported, killed a woman in Germany!

Only Wednesday, Bild reported about the murder trial of Hussein K. (according to expert assessment, older than 22), who had raped and murdered student Maria L. (†19). K. should never have received asylum procedures in Germany: he had already applied for asylum in Greece, and had spent time in jail for attempted murder.

Now, the next case surfaces

In the night of August 29./30., Souleymane T. (21) from Mali sees prostitute Lica L. (†33) in Regensburg. They have sex, he pays 50 Euro. Then the man presses a pillow on the Romanian woman’s mouth, strangles her to death, flees with his victim’s money and phone.

Monday, police is able to arrest the African in Weiden in Upper Palatinate, after they were able to geolocate the phone. He is in detention for murder since.

His motive? Greed! „He killed the woman for financial reasons“, announces Franz Schimpel of the criminal investigation department Regensburg.

The man from Mali should not even have been here anymore in the first place – two montsh ago, his asylum application had been rejected!

The proceedings: Souleymane T. entered Germany on March 30, asked for asylum one day later in Heidelberg, and was transferred to Regensburg, where he filed his application officially. His accommodation is opposite the apartment of his later victim. In May, T. committed battery in the accommodation.

A housemate tells Bild: „He came from the town of Bamako. I went to the welfare agency with him, I had to pay for the taxi, as he refused. I did not want to share a room with him anymore.“

Already on June 20 – only three months after entry – his application for asylum is rejected. The authorities were quick! But T. is not deported: „As the man was not possessing a valid passport, the aliens registration authority requested substitute papers from the Republic of Mali.“

The photo of his birth certificate which he produced on entry was not sufficient for the authorities.

„It is not clear if this was the photo of a genuine document“, a speaker of the government Upper Palatinate says to Bild. As several authorities are involved in the acquisition of a substitute passport, one had no influence „on the timeline of the consulr proceedings“.

Why was T. not in custody pending deportation? A police speaker says to Bild: „A substitute document was requested from the Republic of Mali, and for the time being, a suspension of deportation is extended, time and again. The battery offense in May was no sufficient reason for custody.“

Translator’s Note:
This case is particularly sad, as a Romanian woman is the victim. Since an alliance of Social Democrats, Greens, Liberals, and Die Linke completely legalized prostitution in 2002, Germany has become the center of human trafficking of women from impoverished families in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. These women barely make a living, and send the little money they can save home to their families, many of them were even forced into prostitution.