Russel brand on Trudeau and thought crimes laws

Posting this to draw more attention to what we posted yesterday, Canadian constitutional lawyer, John Carpay’s talk on two authoritarian speech control laws being turned into law in Canada now.

The Hyperkinetic intro goes on till about 24 minutes before he gets to Trudeau. It is entertaining till then though. He does rather better than average impersonations.

John Carpay: An expert opinion on bill C-63 and Bill C-367 and Canada’s slide into oligarchy

Story details can be read at RAIR Foundation. Below is the speech John Carpay, perhaps the most significant lawyer in Canada in terms of defending liberty and Canada’s traditional values of individualism and rights, gave in April in Ottawa. Below that, the two videos of the Q&A.

Bill C-63 is getting a LOT of international attention as Canada appears to be leading the way for the dissolution of Freedom of speech for the communist revolution that has taken place across the world where Western Civilization was the norm. This talk is quite a bankable one in terms of the reality of bill C-63. John Carpay has taken a cautious approach though. The truth could end up being quite a bit worse than this. But this is an excellent place to begin an understanding of the nature of this very controversial bit of legislation.

One additional point on Carpay’s discussion on aspects of C-63 that would make certain religious texts illegal:

Bill C-367: An Attack on Religious Freedom

Bill C-367, proposed by the Bloc Québécois, seeks to remove the exemption for religious texts from hate speech legislation. Carpay argues that this bill could criminalize religious teachings on topics like homosexuality, potentially leading to prosecutions of religious leaders for quoting or teaching from their sacred scriptures.

Currently, the Criminal Code allows defenses against charges of willfully promoting hatred if the statements in question are based on religious texts. Removing this defense, Carpay contends, would open the door to a wave of prosecutions against pastors, rabbis, imams, and other religious leaders for simply expressing their faith-based beliefs.

This would also open the door to continued selective enforcement against religious beliefs that are unfavourable to the leftist agenda. As Trudeau himself tried to pass M-103 early in his role as Prime Minister, which would make special status for Islam and criminalize those who criticized it, it is not difficult to predict which religions would face prosecution under C-63.

Add to that, Trudeau’s banning of all who oppose abortion from summer jobs funding, and the picture is complete. This would be used to criminalize Christian views on Abortion, but not Islamic views on non-Muslims.

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Revolution chants on the streets of Montreal yesterday, and why Jerry Seinfeld is way underestimating the threat to comedy

1. Two anti-Israel, anti nation-state protests converge on the streets of Montreal yesterday, originating from McGill and University of Quebec, but the protests likely started on St. Catherine’s St. which is a main street in Downtown Montreal to where the video was shot. Both groups are camped out at McGill.

Yesterday we posts a couple of photos. Here is some of the video of the march. Please note the chants

2. Gerry Seinfeld almost gets it. Live comedy is also policed. Anyone who has not seen the important film, “Oh Canada” needs to do so. There is an interview with a Canadian comedian destroyed for doing what comics always do, to two hecklers who were clearly, clearly provoking him.

To get a sense of how far Jerry is below the degree of the actual problem, at least in Canada but it can’t be that far off in blue states like California, in the US, watch this clip excerpted from the excellent film, Killing Canada released in 2018 or shortly before.

The complete movie of Killing Canada, released on or before 2018 is available right here. And more relevant than even when it was made.

Tucker Carlson exposes a serious breach of all law and constitutional rights … of a Black Marxist Revolutionary group

Of course the irony is his side won, and he is a victim of the consequences of that. What this man is experiencing, is the Night of the Long Knives in slow motion.

Tucker Carlson: The First Amendment is simply gone

2013: BBC clip on death for blasphemy laws implemented in Bangladesh

This was in 2013. Death for criticism of Islam or its founder, the pirate Mohammad, is central dogma in Islamic scripture and sharia law. As Muslims become more numerous around the world, the decrease in freedom of speech is becoming obvious already. And while some countries have blasphemy of Islam laws disguised within “hate-speech” laws, most nations avoid speaking truthfully about Islam where muslims are numerous because Muslims will simply kill you themselves. This was the case quite often, certainly in France and the UK, but quite possibly in Denmark over two cartoonists and other less famous examples.

But one only needs to remember the Danish Cartoon Crisis which really began the suppression of freedom of speech in the West, if Salmon Rushdie wasn’t enough of an alarm clock.

The end game is what you see below. And it will happen here. As noted, for many it already has. Just ask anyone who worked at Charlie Hebdo. Or Samual Patty. 

Journalism in Europe rapidly being replaced institutionally by directed dialectical narratives


Please read the write up at RAIR Foundation

Interview: Rasmus Paludan on the geopolitical consequences of burning the Koran, and how it reveals the Islamic threat to freedom of speech

Please read the article at RAIR Foundation 

The connection to Rasmus’ remote secure location was poor. Despite using a technology that grabs his video and audio from his end to avoid issues with a poor connection, there was still dropouts during the interview. These are rare and short, but you may notice them as the interview goes by.

Full hearings on weaponization of gov’t against freedom of speech with RFK Jr.

Tulsi Gabbard has a thing or two to say about the subject

Some truly excellent news, if the judgment is in any way actionable at all

Please read the whole thread here, some of which will be reproduced below:

The preliminary injunction prohibits nearly all of the federal government, including DHS, DOJ, and HHS, from coercing and colluding with social media companies to censor free speech, amongst other things:

Report on the ongoing Star Chamber of Dr. Mark Trozzi by the College of Surgeons and Physicians

There will be a lot more on this soon. It is an ongoing ‘trial’ by a regulatory agency that, like most things in North America, has moved from the purpose of its creation to an agency of dialectical transformation to a communist and authoritarian state. The trial begins again at 9:00 and all are invited to get a link to watch it over some streaming service they use. Email here and you should get an auto-reply with a link right away: tr******@op***.ca

Here is an update on the trial as it happened on day 1 yesterday:

As an aside, the interviewer Derek Sloan, who was a sitting member of the Canadian Parliament, first as a Conservative, and then when it became evident that he actually believed in Canadian values and laws and was ejected from the party, as an independent, held a press conference in Parliament with 3 scientists who warned the public about the vaccines. Mr. Sloan is a brave man and one of the few politicians willing to stand and fight for classical and libertarian values in the face of the communist revolution that clearly has happened. So it is right and fitting that Derek did this interview. Below, the presser he had back when it mattered. It is also noteworthy that none of the state broadcasters covered it except CSPAN, which enjoyed its largest viewership on this video of all time.