Muslim Day Out In London.

This hit my inbox this afternoon, and I do believe, in the interests of social cohesion that it could do with a wider audience.

After all, we know that the British government set out to change the face of the United Kingdom years ago. Since I like to play “Let’s Compare”, I felt this post would be incomplete without showing something that is quintissentially English.

I looked at so many videos of street parties in Britain and they are all so cute. Men and women of all ages, children, babies. The decorations – it’s not a street party if there’s no bunting. The trestle tables laden with food and everyone out socialising, enjoying the company.

It’s not quite your average street party in downtown Birmingham, though.

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  1. The Shia chest beating ritual seen in the first is becoming a tradition in America too – here is a video of 2011 in Jersey City USA –

    It’s part of the Ashura celebrations :

    from wiki article Day of Ashura :

    Participants congregate in public processions for ceremonial chest beating (matham/latmiya) as a display of their devotion to Husayn, in remembrance of his suffering and to preach that oppression will not last in the face of truth and justice.[24] Others pay tribute to the time period by holding a Majilis, Surahs from the Quran and Maqtal Al-Husayn are read.

    Muslim day out in Jersey City :

  2. The psalmody can become ecstatic and frenetic – (here with Reza Helali – the same famous bearded singer imam seen in the previous video ) the English translation of the verses gives you an idea of what it is about –

  3. How could even the leftists let things like this happen? I know they want to destroy the west so they can take over but surely they want to save some of the comforts of the west.

  4. Arun, I don’t recognise the song, although it sounds a bit like a Lily Allen song to me. (That said, I don’t think it is).

    Richard, the leftists are riding the tiger. They think they’re in control, and are too blind to consider they might not be. After all, they know it’s for the best that we become multicultural. Doesn’t matter if we object, they are the ones who know.

    And as Andrew Klavan said so beautifully, Shut Up. 🙂

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