Tom Harris: The scam of the climate crisis, and Ottawa’s authoritarian non-solution to the non-crisis

Anyone who is paying attention should know how important this information is since the UN, WEF and Google has created a totalitarian cabal to make sure you can never see this by searching for it.

Please read the story details here at RAIR Foundation

Canada knew about Ivermectin and trashed it anyway

Ivermectin emails inside Public Health Agency of Canada

August 2022 update — you can now find the second release package here

For treating covid, the Canadian government says ivermectin is unsafe, ineffective, and not to use it… but the sciencesays otherwise, and so do some PHAC staff.

In September 2021, the Public Health Agency of Canada was asked for all internal communications regarding ivermectin for the treatment of covid. Today (in June 2022) they provided some emails dating from 1 March 2020 to 7 June 2021.

These were apparently originally released April 2022 to some other party who requested the same information from PHAC (see date on the file name).

Please read the remainder of this important article at the source, Scoopsmcgoo

Highlight from page 23 of the emails:

A tale of two elections


Canadian Conservative Party leadership race

Populism on the rise in Canada as “unelectable” Pierre Poilievre sweeps Conservative leadership

Pierre Poilievre dispensed the naysayers in the Canadian Conservative leadership convention and swept the top job on the first ballot, something that hasn’t happened since Stephen Harper kicked off his political dynasty in 2004.

The Poilievre movement brought 300,000 new members into the Conservative Party (myself and my wife included), which resulted in 68% of votes. The Laurentian elite anointed (and media approved) candidate was Jean Charest,  who was clubbed like a baby seal, stitching together a mere 16% of the vote. This morning Charest announced his departure from politics.

(Article is pretty good. Read the rest at link above)

I would like to offer a thought of my own about the victory of Pierre Poilievre to the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The history of story telling has a theme that goes back thousands of years, and it’s a theme that could destroy us right here and right now.

That theme is one of a hero and saviour of mankind, who comes with something amazing and saves us all and then is usually destroyed, killed, or eternally punished for it, usually on a hill. This goes from before from Prometheus to after Neo of the Matrix.

This theme is profoundly destructive in this instance because it will allow our own complacency to destroy what is left of our freedoms.

Let me state clearly that is Pierre Poilievre is every last thing we think and hope he is, it means not one damn thing if we do not take this opportunity to fight for ourselves and our freedoms.

Stephen Harper also promised to defund the CBC when he was running for office. Was he lying? Did he not really want to do it? No we hasn’t and of course he did. CBC practiced critical theory against Harper at every turn. They called him a racist in nearly every sketch their alleged comedy people wrote on CBC radio and the “news” was worse. Canadians did nothing expecting that since he was the PM he could do all the work that needed by magic. Well he can’t. Even Trump couldn’t and Trump was massively accomplished.

But frankly, all that matters is we have someone who even makes claims to want to set Canada right in a position like his. Even if Poilievre is a fraud (and I do not think he is) it doesn’t matter if we take this opportunity to get it right. Pierre is the symbol we need to do the things we have to do. Go to protests. Make your voices heard at the office and social settings the way the left have, and normalize reality again.

OPPOSE all the communist measures that are now in place everywhere (and are the normal and only allowed positions) vocally and in every other way you can short of crime.

Pierre’s victory is not our victory. It is merely a door and a path to victory. WE have to walk it. There really isn’t much he can do, even if elected Prime Minister. We have to give him a mandate to act, and act ourselves. We have to put the communists and authoritarians in retreat. Military personnel can now react to the placement of Political Officers (Diversity Inclusion Equity etc) at the top of all command chains and go back to merit and purpose if they fight for it.

We have a symbol now we can rally behind. Start the wheels now. If he gets elected PM then double your efforts. But this ship won’t be steered away from the iceberg unless we all grab the wheel. Remember it is headed for one because the people commanding the ship actually want it to hit the iceberg. Just getting a captain we like does nothing except give us access to the engine room and equipment lockers.

Start demanding consideration for Christian, Orthodox Jewish, Greek, Byzantine values and classical liberal values instead of the negating destructive anti-reason of the communist left in all things now in Canadian culture and institutions.

Start this week. Saturday, large protests with speakers and so on are planned all over the place. Find out where the one closest to you, or where you can be the most effective and go. Many of us are afraid of what will happen if we are seen supporting the fight for basic liberties. But by now it should be obvious that hiding from the fight means you lose without even knowing you tried, and is a huge betrayal to the people who have indeed sacrificed everything to stand up to the totalitarians.

The doctors, the nurses, the family people, the truck drivers, the people who owned mom and pop businesses that got walloped for donating to them. Now is the time to join them because we have someone who at least pays lip service to the idea that we are right. And that person has given us a shot at winning back our liberal democracy and restoring truth and reality from this Trudopian, Neo-leninist goo we live in now.

We have to be the army behind Poilievre, and Maxime Bernier for that matter, that make the left know they are done. The leaders cannot do it alone no matter how much they want to. And Canadians are famously complacent. So it is a big, big ask.

FIND a way to support any movement that allows freedom of speech, and the injection of truth into the public forum. Make yourself heard. Put some of your resources into it. Support people who speak for you in one way or another and preferably in all ways. This, my dear Canadian friends, is for all the marbles. And the old way won’t work. We know how a few violent leftists managed to take over whole parts of cities in the US and declare them autonomous zones and they were called, “Mostly peaceful protests” by the media, while a few hundred unarmed middle class protestors at Capitol Hill…

This speaks to the reality of politics today. There won’t be a saviour in the literary sense. Only someone who opens the door. It is up to us to walk through it.



UPDATE on TUPOC Church issue, St. Patrick St. Ottawa

For those unfamiliar with this story, please see this RAIR Foundation report on it here.

The case is going to court TODAY. The Ottawa Citizen reports on it here this way.

St. Brigid’s deal fell apart after TUPOC failed to make a $100K deposit

But the people from TUPOC have a very different story which they will tell in court tomorrow. They have the money in certified bank drafts, and they did try and deliver them and on-time.

Today’s judgement will be very telling about the state of law in Canada.

APOLOGIES for the audio quality.

UPDATE: September 2: TUPOC’s lawyer wasn’t able to make it to court. So proceedings have been postponed for some days. The protest across the street was minimal. At most a dozen people and the few we knew about were not local to the area, but simply opponents of the existence of the group at all. Better put, existence of counter-narrative spaces. Around the building today where a few actual locals who support the project. Which is consistent with our other visits there.

More on that when we publish the interview with James Formosa.

Important Lowell Green reboot show on Ottawa’s full on authoritarian revolution disguised as Climate justice

For those who don’t know Lowell Green, he was the finest voice on Ottawa radio for decades. When Bell Media bought CFRA, the talk-radio station that Lowell was by far the most popular voice. They waited till they could phase him out, and once that was done, they mass fired all the conservative hosts. Even ones who had the highest ratings in Canada for that time slot. I’m thinking of Pastor John Council as one example. But Nick Vandergragt was also sacked in the same meeting. Now CFRA is another narrative voice peddling the same leftist dialectics as everyone else. Think CNN without all the hair.

Bell Media also owns CTV, and a dozen or so other media outlets in Canada.

Today, Lowell Green did a show on Facebook. I had no idea he was even still on the air, or had a public profile at all. But he does, and anyone living in the Western world needs to listen to today’s show if you want to know your present or your near future. But if you are in Canada, and especially in Ottawa, and especially if you own any property at all, you really, really have to watch this:

(I grabbed this off of Facebook and placed it on an open platform which doesn’t track you, and also isn’t Facebook. When you watch tonight’s Tucker, you will have yet another giant reason to despise Facebook. Turns out they did help rig the election, and now they are blaming it on the FBI. Which while also true, doesn’t change a damn thing about Facebook’s rigging by preventing fundraising and censoring pro-trump groups.

Retired Captain in the CAF details how vaccine-exemptions are determined

Please read the important details at RAIR

This is an extraordinary thing. Please watch and share. This has to go into the cannon of the details of this entire Covid-gene-therapy debacle. The implications of Cpt. Formosa’s revelation is that the higher up you are in the military, the more likely you know the gene-therapy shots are a bad idea, and the easier it is to avoid them.

Veteran Ontario doctor loses licence for failure to comply with ‘corporate medicine’

This is an excellent example of how formerly benign and perhaps even beneficial institutions such as the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, have become weaponized and are now instruments of political control. Gone is the quaint notion of “go and get a second opinion”, now replaced with Stasi like operatives acting as patients to spy on doctors to make sure they are enforcing the political lines on disease treatment. No personal expertise or judgement allowed.

Until Covid, or let us say in 1 BC, medicine was practiced by doctors using their best judgement to determine what disease a patient suffered from, then find the best way to treat it with the least danger associated with the treatment. Patients were often encouraged to seek a second opinion.

Now medicine across the Western world has become what is often referred to as, “Corporate Medicine” where a higher authority, like the government, determines all courses of action for all aspects of medical health. The Soviet Union also did medicine this way. Talk to anyone from behind the Iron Curtain to find out how this worked out. Like in Canada today, everyone had to learn a sort of ‘secret language’ to communicate with each other. To hide the truth within the official lie.

Please watch this video carefully. Some of the most horrifying aspects of what happened to this veteran Ottawa doctor are understated. But the reality is what it is, and must be understood for what it is.

Last Saturday’s demo to support Dutch Farmers in Ottawa

First, please read the story over at RAIR Foundation.

In this first video, you can follow one of the several planned convoys from the initial staging area, in this case Kemptville, and then to a meeting place in Kanata, and on to the Dutch Embassy office in Downtown Ottawa. In it you will hear a short interview about how police and authorities waylaid farmers and truckers to make sure that the demo would have no impact.

In other words, even if MSM actually reported the truth about what they saw at the demo downtown, it would still be a lie since the police and city government made sure it would not look as big or impressive as it actually would have been. Exactly like Rolling Thunder, and exactly like The Freedom Convoy, which never had anything like the 40 miles of trucks that headed to Ottawa from the West alone.

Below, one of the Front Line Nurses speaks to the crowd gathered at the Kanata meeting area getting everyone ready to move on to downtown. The police however, closed off many of the exits from the 417, or the main highway throughout the city as they have on many previous occasions to stop any demonstration they do not agree with. Then they blame the protestors for disrupting traffic.

Short interview with one woman destroyed by ‘vaccine’ mandates

Health-Canada approves ModeRNA shot from 6 months to 5 years old – health care workers most reluctant to take it

Two important speeches on immigration in Canada from conference in 2011

I have been going through old hard drives looking for a video I had from 2013 of testimony from one Aaron Weiss where he stood up to I think it was the New Jersey state legislator. At that time they were planning to confiscate guns from people’s homes. Aaron’s testimony was so good I remembered it, and went to some degree of trouble to restore old hard drives to find it.

In the meantime, I have come across a lot of materials that have been pulled down offline of some importance.

Here are two videos, one from an immigration lawyer, Julie Taub, and another from a Canaadian Diplomat, James Bissett. Both are good. And if you consider that things were this bad in 2011, imagine how they are now under Le Petit Dauphin.