Canadian Lawyer, Bruce Pardy exposes the logical fallacies and destruction of democratic process during Covid

First, here is what Queen’s University says about Bruce Pardy:

Professor Pardy is a classically liberal legal academic for whom equal application of the law, negative rights, private property, limited government, and separation of powers are foundational to the Canadian and Western legal tradition. A critic of legal progressivism, social justice, and the discretionary administrative state, he has written on a range of pressing legal subjects at the front lines of the culture war inside the law, including environmental governance, climate change, energy policy, human rights and freedoms, professional and university governance, property and tort theory, free markets, and the rule of law. He has taught at law schools in Canada, the United States and New Zealand, practiced civil litigation at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP in Toronto, served as adjudicator and mediator on the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal, and has published and commented widely in traditional and online media. He serves as senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, and helped to birth the Runnymede Society, a branch of the Canadian Constitution Foundation. He spearheaded resistance to and ultimate repeal of the Law Society of Ontario’s statement of principles (SOP) policy that required Ontario lawyers to attest to their ideological purity to maintain their licence to practice. He is one of the co-creators of the Free North Declaration, a public petition and movement to protect civil liberties in Canada from COVID-19 irrationality and overreach.

Professor Pardy is presently on leave from Queen’s Law to serve as the Executive Director of Rights Probe, a division of the Energy Probe Research Foundation, one of Canada’s leading public policy and governance thinktanks. The work of Rights Probe can be found on its website at

Just the fact that he is described as a “classical liberal” right away means he knows wha’t going on.

In his testimony at the National Citizens Inquiry last month, he breaks down what happened to government during Covid in a nice tidy package, showing both how the government restructured itself in an undemocratic way, and the series of logiocal fallacies it used to justify its massively ultra-vires actions against the Canadian public.

The only open question is, did the government restructure itself as an authoritarian and undemocratic organ due to Covid, or did it along with other governments, use Covid to do precisely that.

We think its the latter.

National Citizens Inquiry: Daniel Bulford, ex sniper on Trudeau’s RCMP security detail

The fundamentally communist reasoning of Ottawa’s energy plans

The clip below is from the City of Ottawa meeting of April 18th, 2023 where the city took questions on the radical plans to transform the energy grid, and life in Ottawa overall.

The first question asked to Angela Keller-Herzog was about the seeming reluctance of the city to consider what Hydro Ottawa had to say in response to the plan to make Ottawa run on solar and wind.

Herzog’s answer was straight out of one of the early anecdotes from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s. famous book on the workings of the Soviet Union, The Gulag Archipelago.

The example he gives, illustrating the reversal of reality dictating policy, a central axiom of communism, was when the Soviet told the rail engineers that they had to double the amount each train carried on each trip. It was explained to the political officers that the tracks could only handle so much weight and to double the load would lead to catastrophes. The Soviets rounded up those engineers who refused to double the load and shot them. Then doubled the weight of the trains. Catastrophe followed resulting in hundreds of deaths and massive damage. The people who orchestrated that were given the Order of Lenin. (It may have been another honour, it has been a few years since I read book 1)

Listen to Keller-Herzog’s answer about the city not listening to Ottawa Hydro and see if there is a comparison there. The master plan must be supported. The reality of how much you can make by wind and solar is not to be discussed.

The next speaker is using reason to defeat the plan overall, but at the top layer of deception of the plan itself. This means that his objection, while scientifically accurate and verifiable and therefore, ‘true’ still operates on the base assumption that man made CO2 is causing climate change, or more precisely, Global Warming. I would go out on a limb and suggest that he knows the CO2-Global warming connection is utter nonsense, but realizes that our civilization is too far gone into the abyss of scientism to attack the base lie. It has been accepted as axiomatic, both by repetition and by extensive use of Discourse Theory. Still, worth watching as he attacks the plan on the basis of ‘even if true then…’.

The next presenter explains why we have to eat crap we don’t want. The excuse is the Carbon Footprint of food. Which again, is a branch of the base lie, that CO2 causes the world to heat up in a way that is somehow a bad thing. There is no science or reason to the presentation. Just a plan on how to make life less pleasant in order to reduce carbon in agriculture. Something one might suspect is related to this National Post article on Trudeau’s advisor, Mark Carney. Especially the part where he says his plan is to make our lives worse, not better. The presentation on making more plant based options, really means taking away your choice of what you want to eat. Note that prisons are on her list of where food will change.

How Ottawa plans to change your life slide 1

Next is Nigel Ellis. His volume was very low on the video. I had to raise it to the level of the other speakers to be heard. He also played into the CO2 = Global Warming myth, but at least used science to show why the plans to reduce it are nonsense even if we accept the hypothesis as it is.

Karen Bourdeau asks some proper questions, like “When do you plan to ask the residents of Ottawa about your plan to “prohibit automotive oriented land use”. It should not be a rhetorical question because it is a policy that will destroy many generations of labour and development, and end much freedom and liberty. But we all know it is rhetorical. The Politburo doesn’t ask the public what it wants. It appoints experts to speak for the people, that give the answers the politburo wants. She also asks questions that appear to be related to a covert plan to implement 15 minute city type restrictions in Ottawa.

Next is an Ottawa U prof. His volume was very good. Loud even. So I bet you can guess what his politics are. He launches into full scale and undisguised Habermas Discourse Theory attacks against people who merely asked rational questions about the plan to radically transform Ottawa due to alleged CO2 effects on global climate. He expresses outward dismay that they were even allowed to speak and called them “essentially climate deniers”. This is a Frankfurt School dialectic where you destroy the people who disagree with your consensus view you are trying to impose on the majority. Call them names that effectively makes them thought criminals. For a refresher on the formal method of how this works, click through to this video on Marcuse and Habermas and making truth, hate speech.

It is also famously Saul Alinsky Rules for Radical rule XIII if memory serves.

This Prof. also wants a shift from voluntary to mandatory measures. Somehow, indigenous leadership and rights factor in to changing the climate.

Next is Danielle, who tries to steer the ship back towards safe shores by mentioning that even far left wing extremist, Michael Moore made a film exposing the green scam of wind and solar. She is followed by another climate scare advocate who demands more action to lower CO2.

After the delegations is questions to staff. Here’s one that doesn’t get asked. Why is Canada, which seems to be the most vocal nation in terms of pushing the Global Warming scare, actively working on their Century Initiative plan to increase Canada’s population to 100,000,000 people via immigration from hot countries, where their per-capita carbon footprint goes up by FOUR TIMES!

This ‘debate’ was not about competing visions for a better Ottawa or world. This was a confrontation of individual rights Vs. collective authoritarianism. Authoritarianism using any excuse it can make up to justify its actions. If Covid measures didn’t convince anyone that this is the plan, then don’t be surprised with what these people do to us in the name of ‘climate change’.

For a really comprehensive and science based, fact based analysis on the Climate Scare of Global Warming, please watch this video below and maybe take some notes in case you run into a believer.

A multipart video on why to become a libertarian

1. Member of Parliament ejected for speaking the truth abut a Trudeau tactic in a new piece of communist/Nazi legislation

2. One wonders why what clothes a person wears changes whether kidnapping is a crime or a protected activity

Below is the same video, preempting YouTube’s Lenin-like inevitable removal of the one above.

It may be worth asking yourself, if video 1 on banning guns, and video 2 on the state kidnapping of babies if you do not go along with potentially fatal government medical policies have anything in common.

3. One Canadian speaks truth to power; speaks facts and consequences

4. Classical civilization was successful, wildly so actually, for many reasons. One of the chief ones, is The Merit Principle. Communist regimes, like Islamic ones, swap out merit for ideology. What you believe outside of your field of endeavour, is more important than skill, knowledge or competence.

5. The One Chart That Tells the Entire Story’: Analysis Shows 26% Worse Mortality Among the Vaccinated

Source and summary:

What a lucky thing for illegals that in Canada and the US, and likely the entire Western world, illegal migrants where not required to take the shots for some reason.

Remember, government forced these shots on people. Yes, you can call it coercion, but when you add up military developed propaganda campaigns, and add it to people losing their homes, careers, jobs, families and becoming pariahs in the community if they refused the shots, its tantamount to force in a way any court would agree back when we had evidence based and rights based law.

So. Libertarian yet?

Dialectics: The prime weapon destroying Western Civ – a proto-post

For weeks now I have been ruminating on a paper or post about the state of the dialectic attack on Western civilization via every single imaginable metric. That is to say, think of a value or a compartment or a taboo that is part of the Western culture and thought process and it is under attack. From national feelings to sexual habits to your traditional form of diet in the West.

A lot of people get it at one level, but at the meta, its quite a well constructed ceaseless attack, created and launched via communist and postmodern think tanks, some of which date back over a hundred years.

The evidence is overflowing. So permeated is our culture now that you can basically play a version of dialectic Pin the Tail on the Donkey and win every time. You could blindfold yourself and spin around and walk forward with your arm out and whatever you stop against is probably an example.

(Subsequent to writing this article, this more or less happened when we stopped to take the picture of the embassy flag below, and happened to find this poster beside us)

Each day that goes by, my list of examples grows, and of course, the project becomes more intimidating. So I have decided to do a kind of proto-post on the subject. Perhaps each time I add a data point, I’ll do it in a separate post and link back to this one. It may be messy, but at least the ideas will be out there.

Let’s begin with this video on Diversity training:

What the makers of this otherwise excellent video fail to understand, can be seen in the last couple of sentences:

“Whatever the explanation, it is bad business in the long run”.

See, it’s meant to be. That is what many who are proper critics of the revolution that is now taking place, do not recognize or express. It is meant to ruin not just business, but all aspects of cooperation in our culture between all people by grouping them in various ways and setting them at each other. In fact they may not even recognize it as rhetorical/dialectic weapons in an actual war on Western thought, and the very concept of the individual itself. (My personal theory as to the nature of the vaccine mandates, was specifically to in part or in whole, dissolve the concept of the individual in our own heads and form an almighty collective we put before ourselves, guided by a God like state.) This is why people must be lumped into groups as the attackers define those groups, and set us all against each other. To not do so, is somehow racist, when in fact racism is a key part of the strategy by the leftist revolutionaries.

Another example is sexual preferences, which have been turned into sexual identity now. So much so, that cross walks are sometimes painted with rainbow colours, and crossing lights for pedestrians are sometimes modified to show homosexual people or couples. This is, as we now know, because the most important thing about crossing a busy street is celebrating men having sex with other men.

Much like this flagpole in front of a posh prestigious private school in Ottawa Canada:

Because after the National flag and the crest of the school, the most important thing about educating children from grade 5 to 12, is celebrating sexual identity and practice of anyone engaging in non-conventional sex acts and identifying as being part of groups with similar preferences at the expence, it would seem, of more meaningful identities. This is so important, they actually have to flag the school with it.

How long till that flag finds its way to the top? And then what is known as dialectic negation could occur. The replacement of the National flag, which is anathema to communism, with group identities which maintain acrimony and division. Until of course its all the party flag which by then will be a hammer and sickle.

Perhaps Trudeau’s first minister of health could design it. After all, her training was entirely in graphic arts. Her replacement is a graduate of the communist think tank university, The London School of Economics. Neither of them have any medical training.


Then we have the Rogers Communications building on Richmond Rd. in Ottawa. One of the HQ buildings for Canada’s main cable TV, internet, and cell phone providers.

Rogers is more prepared than the private school. They understand that the dialectic attack is part of a never ending revolution, which is what communism is. Their flag is the most up-to-date one with the bits added for Trans and whatever else has been added in the last year or so. At this point the Rainbow flag is at risk of being called racist since it is insufficiently inclusive of whatever new ‘groups’ or ‘communities’ have been created as part of the ongoing dialectic.

These photos are all from this August, 2022. “Pride Month”, which itself is revealing since it’s not “Gay Pride” anymore as, like the flag, its not inclusive enough, was all of  June.

(Also noteworthy is that the literally millions upon millions of young, healthy, productive and nearly entirely men, who sacrificed themselves for our freedom and culture and rule of law, get half a day a year to be celebrated and remembered, while people who like to have sex in unusual ways get a whole month.)

Two months later, and the flags are hanging off buildings which are highly symbolic of important aspects of our culture.

To be clear about the highly annoying and too-often repeated word, “Dialectic”, I mean one thing. Operationally defined for the purpose of this post: dialectics is the weaponization and re-tasking of language in order to be used against classical thought and non-communist, or counter-revolutionary people.

It takes many forms. One common form would be to define a word in such a way that the user of that word, no matter what the context or how that person may use or understand that word, or how its has always been used up until now, can now be made to be guilty of an actual crime based on the new assignment of meaning to that term by communist groups. But that is just one form of dialectics and one worth understanding. Dialectics are always selectively enforced. More accurately, they appear to be selectively enforced. But it is better to see it as a calculated form of weaponized language, the purpose of which is always to move the culture and the law ever leftwards.

When for example, it is not an actual crime to use one of the selected words, they can cite the use of that word to destroy the person in much the same way as if it was. Sometimes worse. I think it was Wendy Mesley of CBC who used, (now get this cause its an example with an example), “The N word” OFF AIR near colleagues, while quoting someone else who used “the N word” to try and show how horrible that person was because they used “the N word” and was fired or otherwise castigated and punished in some manner by the state broadcaster for doing so. The fact that she was waging a dialectic attack against a hated non-leftist by quoting him wasn’t important. It was the blasphemous utterance of the word itself, now more fetish than language, which caused her to metaphorically be put in stocks and have fruit thrown at her.

US Embassy August 21, 2022 Ottawa

The government funded media in Canada, mostly CBC, CTV and Global, but City News, whatever that is, and other news orgs. use the same MO.

They do not cover news and views. They wage dialectic attacks against targets they wish to destroy. Mostly ones which could be properly described as believing in individual choices for themselves and real non-racism as racism was originally sold to us.

Then there is this flag on a private home in Ottawa:

Asexual ‘pride’ flag

This one is extra special. Its an “Asexual pride flag”. This person takes such pride in what they don’t like to have sex with, they flagged their home with it. That, is their identity.

In essence, there is only one metric at play in the developed world now. And its very easy to understand. Any revolutionary act will be amplified, rewarded, normalized and in all ways promoted. If the act is illegal, such as throwing a firebomb at police in Portland or Seattle, or killing a Trump supporter who is an unarmed woman-veteran waved into the Capitol building in the US, it won’t be punished and the person who committed these acts will be protected. Any counter-revolutionary actions will be punished. Even if the act was fully legal and harmed no one, it can and will be construed as “hate speech” along the lines of Marcusean Discourse theory. Suddenly speaking a simple empirical truth will be a crime, and if they cannot make it an actual crime, they will doxx you, attack you in other ways, cause you to lose your job or punish you in legal and illegal ways. This is a full scale war for all the marbles. It just happens to be using information warfare for the most part at this time.

I have witnessed this myself for days at the building referred to as “The United People of Canada building on St. Patrick. Media will fire astonishingly awful attacks with question marks against the people within the organization, while asking softball questions to hate-filled protestors on their lawn. One question I heard repeatedly was, “Can’t you understand that people in this area would be frightened when they see vehicles here that are decorated in a similar fashion to the ones in the convoy when they were so traumatized by the protest?” This isn’t a question. It’s the crown attorney grilling a suspect when he knows they have no lawyer who will object. Had that question been asked as a “guilty by association” issue about any in-fashion group, we all know what would happen to the questioner. Imagine it about fearing a racial or sexual orientation group because of the imputed experience of people with other members of that group. You can see what I mean.

Rude and aggressive protestor who claimed to represent the area

The example above, of reporters asking questions about the symbols associated with the Freedom Convoy of last February, is expressed much more simply by this leftist protestor below. She attempts to destroy the police nearby who tried to remove her for trespassing with one of the simplest and most direct forms of dialectic attack:

I suppose this will do for a start. If anyone made it this far, my sincere thanks.

There will be MUCH more on the United People of Canada soon. It does appear that it was Ottawa’s Mayor who is interfering with their rent payments. I really hope they have a good lawyer.

Veteran Ontario doctor loses licence for failure to comply with ‘corporate medicine’

This is an excellent example of how formerly benign and perhaps even beneficial institutions such as the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, have become weaponized and are now instruments of political control. Gone is the quaint notion of “go and get a second opinion”, now replaced with Stasi like operatives acting as patients to spy on doctors to make sure they are enforcing the political lines on disease treatment. No personal expertise or judgement allowed.

Until Covid, or let us say in 1 BC, medicine was practiced by doctors using their best judgement to determine what disease a patient suffered from, then find the best way to treat it with the least danger associated with the treatment. Patients were often encouraged to seek a second opinion.

Now medicine across the Western world has become what is often referred to as, “Corporate Medicine” where a higher authority, like the government, determines all courses of action for all aspects of medical health. The Soviet Union also did medicine this way. Talk to anyone from behind the Iron Curtain to find out how this worked out. Like in Canada today, everyone had to learn a sort of ‘secret language’ to communicate with each other. To hide the truth within the official lie.

Please watch this video carefully. Some of the most horrifying aspects of what happened to this veteran Ottawa doctor are understated. But the reality is what it is, and must be understood for what it is.

Questioning the good-faith negotiations of the city of Ottawa and Canadian governments at all levels

In this interview, we talk to one of the organizers of the events planned for June 30th in Ottawa, the arrival of James Topp.

Taken at face value, it would almost seem that when playing by the city, or indeed any level of government’s rules, they are not attempting to work with us for the best outcome, but in fact seek the information they need to make sure your event is a failure.

It seemed that way with Rolling Thunder when at the last minute, the Veterans were not allowed to ride around the War Memorial, and it seems that way on the attempt to have a family picnic a couple of miles from Parliament Hill and the Downtown core. When the permit was issued, it had impossible conditions. Then the city said the park would not be available for family picnics, even though that is what it’s for, and that indeed NO CITY FACILITY would be available for the veterans or supporters of James Topp.

Quite a contrast to what they let you do if you claim to be a member of a sexual activities group that cannot possibly produce offspring.

Perhaps it isn’t as it seems. Maybe this is just bureaucracy at work and, like is so often stated, “don’t mistake incompetence with malice”. I gotta say though. After watching 15 years of various lines of effort against Western thought and civilization it is exactly the opposite. Do not mistake malice for incompetence. Because they cannot get it exactly that wrong, that often, with such predictable results unless that was the desired outcome.



2013: Stunning testimony by Aaron Weiss against gun confiscation by the state

As the US and Canada are both gearing up to become totalitarian states where paid state thugs can just take your property, and to quote Aaron, “There is a difference between voting on police protecting your rights and voting to have them take your rights away”, I thought it was worth the week long (an hour or two a day) looking through old hard drives to find this particular video.

If you like it as much as I, please spread it around.