French TV panel actually has TWO people who object to the Islamification of France

This may have no precedent. Normally the procedure is to have one panel member who believes in the host culture and the existence of their nation and identity and attack (usually) him. But this time they had two. A closer to even chance for the cultural-survivalists.

One of the realists is actually Zinab  who is a survivor of the Charlie Hebdo attack, and although culturally Muslim herself, is a strong advocate of not allowing Islamic principles to be normalized in France.

Thank you Gate of Vienna for the observation and Ava Lon for the translation.

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Muslims plan a ‘vigilante app’ to counter the Dutch face cloth ban

A few words ahead of the video.

The way it works in France, and the way it is going to work in The Netherlands and Quebec, is that muslims have a text tree set up. A lot of men who live on benefits, loaf around at or near the mosques. And when a cop tries to enforce a no-burka law, she texts a bunch of these people, who text a bunch of people and all they need is a location, and next thing you know, hundreds of cars are burned, police stations are occasionally burned down, and the odd time people die. And then they don’t enforce the law anymore.

Depending on whether or not the Dutch police are aware of this process, and I would guess its 50 50, you could argue they are being quite clever by not enforcing this ban in advance. The law is a bad solution to a very different problem.

As you listen to them discussing this issue, notice how close they get to the facts without saying anything quite true about it.

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The D Tube instance of this video is not working at all well. Or at all. Below, the same video at

While muslims demand the ‘right’ to wear hijab, lets see how it works out

On head cloth: Please watch this everyone

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Iranian blocks street just to report a woman with no head cloth

On Quebec’s proposed new anti-religious symbol ban

CBC has this video on the issue:

This video is not as hideously pro-islamic or socialist as one may have gotten used to this past decade, although it’s clearly biased against Quebec. But I would like to stick my neck out and predict how I think this will go, when improperly done. And it will be improperly done.

If one is to ban a uniform, you may find out of the gate you get the results that John Robson detailed so well in his video for the Rebel a few years ago.

While his assessment has a lot of merit, summarizing as once you are trying to ban clothes you have already lost, I would like to take a different approach, as well as look at data from other places that have tried this, also improperly.

First, there is the insistence of false moral and ideological equivalence. As Postmodernists have managed to con us all into doing on an hourly basis, we make our comparisons on the wrong level of abstraction. its a clever trick and works very well.

The false level of abstraction of course, is the idea that the problem is religious symbols, and not islam.

As a consequence, the Quebec government like so many others, think they can target islam by banning all religious symbols.

Here is how that is going to go:

Many Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, Christians and possibly other religious folk who live harmoniously in Quebec and very often contribute mightily by operating honest businesses and generally building civilization in a cooperative fashion, may leave for Ontario, New Brunswick, or the United States. But the religious muslims, who’s ambition is total and complete control of the world along with their socialist allies, themselves bent on total destruction of the West and its thought processes, will stay.

The muslims will put into full force a system where each and every time any attempt is made to limit their imposition of islamic customs or sharia law on Quebec, such as writing a ticket for wearing a face cloth, or fining an employee at work, they will take full advantage of the media-leftist government complex in Canada, and will also send out a txt message in a tree fashion, to large numbers of male muslims who hang around mosques waiting for such a signal, who will then riot and damage and sometimes even kill to make damn sure no police or other official will ever dare interfere with their process of Islamification again. ANTIFA of course will hold their own similar riot or join in with the muslims.

At the end of the day the cost of enforcement becomes very high but to save face, like the government of France does, they will continue to enforce a secular culture on a pretend basis, occasionally targeting easy groups like Jews or Christians, while leaving the original but unnamed target alone, Islam.

Belgium did similar things over a decade ago when they tried to ban “religious dress at government offices” to stop all the hijabs and face cloths and then the muslims protested so vigorously the they got an exception to the law, and the law ended up achieving the islamic goal of muslim superiority better than they could have managed themselves.

The fact is:

Islamic religious dress is in fact a uniform. It is an outward sign of commitment to an ideology. An ideology which is by design, non-miscible with Western law and life.

Banning all religious symbols is as stupid and counter-productive as banning all uniforms to try and stop one enemy from attacking you. You will end up hurting those wearing uniforms of allies, while assisting those wearing uniforms of the enemy.

The only way we can stop this problem before it gets to the point where any effective solution would be bloody beyond our ability to cope at this time, is to recognize that islam and leftism are the problems.

That ANTIFA are terrorists, and they must not be allowed to cover their faces when committing vandalism, (which are by definition terrorism, as they do not benefit the aggressor directly but are destructive or violent for a political cause, and therefore are not really criminal, but military and terrorist)

And to apply existing laws, (of which we already have far far too many), to Islamic texts and preachers and arrest them for sedition, hate crimes, and every other thing that islam violates on a minute by minute basis. After all, if our laws were not selectively enforced against liberals, no muslim would ever be allowed in the country to speak at all. Just ask Marc Lebuis of Point de Bascule, (featured in Killing Canada on this subject) where he explains what happens when you take a muslim imam to the HRC for wanting to kill all the Jews and force non-muslims into dhimmitude.

In summary, Quebec’s proposed law will hurt Quebec, every group that is a true contributor to Quebec’s well being and prosperity, and I guarantee will advance the cause of islamic manifest destiny.

The problem is islam, and their partners in revolution, the various factions of communists/leftists who seek the destruction of the West.

And the longer we play games of abstraction to try and pull this thing out of the fire, the more fuel we give the actual enemies to burn us down with.

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The liberating hijab

A few years ago at an everyone wear hijab day in Ottawa: