Tommy Robinson film: Silenced

Apparently they are trying to jail Tommy Robinson again for this film. Last time they jailed him, they had him one floor below Julian Assange. If they were trying to send a message, it worked.

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This film “SILENCED” by Tommy Robinson, was banned in the UK. Shame on those people and institutions for censoring the truth.

I had the privilege of watching this exceptional story.

It will anger, educate, and then inspire.

Robinson is an action oriented, truth seeking, fiercely independent journalist who has courageously reported on issues that affect not only the British people, but people all over the world who’s voices have been banned by their own governments.

This story could become anyone of us or our families here in America given the direction our government has taken.

Stand up, step up and speak up—local action = national impact.
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A British High Court issued an order prohibiting the public release of Tommy Robinson’s film Silenced.

Now that it has been leaked online, Tommy faces 2 years in prison.

Once you watch it, you’ll know why they wanted it SILENCED.

RUMBLE – Silenced – A BANNED Documentary by Tommy Robinson

( 1 hour 32 min )

“Silenced” is a leaked documentary originally made by Tommy Robinson. In the film, he uncovers an unholy alliance between the government and the media as well as the unbelievable lengths they will go to silence the truth.

A judge of the high court has threatened to send Tommy to prison if he released this documentary to the public. That is where we come in! Leaked to us by an unknown source, it is our duty to share this story with the world.


On Western leaders dismantling our polities

First, please pay attention to this excellent video by Neil Oliver

Then consider what Trudeau said, out loud, on at least two occasions. First to the New York Times:

And then what he said on as TV show in Quebec before he was even elected PM in 2006. I still want to know what book he is talking about. I bet it was Klaus Schwabb’s. Still looking for this whole show. All we can tell is the interviewer is named Seamus, and it was in 2006. Here is a reference to what he said, but not when and where he said it or with who. Quite odd.

UPDATE: Reader, PePi found this!

The book was: Citizen of the World: The Life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau which is about Trudeau’s gloabalist crap
The eldest son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau is belittling nationalism as an “old idea from the 19th century” that is not relevant to today’s Quebec.

“Nationalism is based on a smallness of thought,” Justin Trudeau said in an interview broadcast on CTV’s Canada AM on Thursday.
“(It) builds up barriers between peoples, that has nothing to do with the Canada we should be building.”
He was being interviewed about a new book about his father titled Citizen of the World: The Life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau.
Although for the most part Mr. Trudeau talked about the book written by history professor John English, he digressed into the debate on Quebec’s place in Canada that erupted last weekend when Liberal leadership front runner Michael Ignatieff supported the idea of recognizing Quebec as a nation.
“I’m supposed to be, sort of quiet on this,” an almost sheepish Mr. Trudeau said.
Mr. Trudeau didn’t directly mention the debate in the party his father led for nearly two decades, but he appeared to think the nation issue was not a good one to get tied up in.
“Unfortunately, some people these days are wrapped up in this idea of nation for Quebec, which stands against everything my father ever believed,” Mr. Trudeau said. “We need to start looking forward.”

Muslim violence against British Hindu community post 3

This is not going away anytime soon it seems. We had a very interesting comment at Vlad this morning about this. It is notable, the commenter observed, that the police don’t feel the need to wear full riot gear the way they do whenever there is a protest against leftist policies at all. I guess it is now all optics and not reality. Or as so many brilliant people observe, “with the left, the point is never the point. The revolution is always the point”. That plus Peterson’s observation this morning that in an authoritarian state, everyone has to lie about everything all the time. I see that bearing out in my own city more and more often, and more and more by design.

Officialdom seems to have a report on muslim sex-slave gangs of children in the UK now

Remember the massive muslim rape gangs in Rotherham? Well everywhere actually but they couldn’t stop Rotherham from getting into the press. Well there is a report on it now.
I mean one from the official channels of course. We had tons and tons of them including a whole segment of a movie and an interview with a victim, but that was ignored by government media of course.

Here is an interview with one of the Rotherham victims done by Danish film maker, Michael Hansen. This was from many years ago. Around the time this was still in the news.

The resistance against clearly Marxist tactics to create hatred against the vaxx skeptics is very strong in Milton Keynes

Yesterday we posted amazing videos of a protest at a test and vaccine centre. Now Piers Corbyn, the brother of, and opposite to, the former leader of the British Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, (a communist and antisemite), joins a protest against medical Apartheid at a theatre in that same town.

(The Youtube title on that is stupid. People cannot order other people to do things with no authority. The truth is the reverse. Every store clerk can order you to put ON a mask or not get food. The maskless can suggest people take them off, but there is no authority to order them. Propaganda on the part of the uploader.


Rate of death in English adults UNDER 60, 2X rate of unvaxxed same age

1. England: From Alex Berenson’s Substack

Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age

I have checked the underlying dataset myself and this graph is correct. Vaccinated people under 60 are twice as likely to die as unvaccinated people. And overall deaths in Britain are running well above normal.

I don’t know how to explain this other than vaccine-caused mortality.

The basic data is available here, download the Excel file and see table 4:

2. Message from Austrian bus driver


A brave (real) refugee from Turkey is stabbed in Hyde Park for being critical of Islam

A Christian woman from Turkey was brave enough to defend freedom of speech at its most iconic location in the world and was stabbed for it. What a chronic shame to all born to freedom

RAIR Foundation has another video of previous grotesque attacks against her

Revisiting Duxbury: Is this what C-10 will mean for Canada?

The man who made the following video is the same fellow who made the excellent video explaining how Covid fines and arrests are in fact, ultra-vires. A principle in law for the UK, US and Canada and most likely the whole commonwealth although I have not checked that yet.

HIs analysis here is equally superb. Although there was one moment which I thought needed a comment. That is where the police ask Louis if he is a racist and he explains that he isn’t. The right answer should be “Why? Is that a crime now? Please show me a legal definition of racism and then show me where its a crime to feel or think that.”

Here is RAIR Foundation’s article with original interviews both with Mr. Duxbury and the witnesses at BOTH his trials.

As I go through this superb video, I can’t help but notice this bit of communist anti-truth. At just after 18 minutes, his parole officer told Louis that he was white and had white privilege which was his problem. I think I want to take what may be one of the last opportunities to tell some obvious truths before the C-10 police to do me what they did to Louis. Here is a case from the UK back in August of 2018. Here, two black girls of African decent from the Maghreb, randomly attacked a white girl they did not know, because she was white, and beat her while calling her a “white slag” among other names. The judge, frantic to apply the reality of black privilege, had to think up an excuse not to convict them of what was not just a hate crime but quite arguably terrorism. So he said that because they had been drinking, and because they were muslim (double privilege) they most likely were not used to alcohol because Islam forbids it, (so they didn’t do it, except this time when they obviously did) and so because they were drunk and not familiar with alcohol, NOT GUILTY.

Now imagine two white males attacking a black muslim and calling him racist names. Imagine the media coverage. Imagine the sentence.


Thank you Michelle.


Data points on how the UK has left democracy far behind in favour of sharia-communist control over thought and speech

For those of you that missed the Tucker Carlson clip on Julian Assange last week, here it is below. This clip alone shows that the UK has political prisoners. Assange, who has committed no crime, and we are unsure if he has even been charged with one, but most certainly he has NOT been tried for one, has been in jail since April 11, 2019. Over two years. By the look of him, he has been tortured. According to Tommy Robinson, who managed to exchange words with Assange when they both where guests of her majesty at the same facility, Assange was being kept in solitary and was indeed being tortured albeit in the more psychological rather than medieval ways. I have not found the video clip Tommy leaked on Assange in Prison yet but its out there somewhere and we posted it when it was first released.

The Assange case shows that any pretence to democratic rule of law is dead in favour of elitist communist style narrative forcing along with sharia law, which we saw with Kevin Krehan, who was killed in prison for the crime of leaving a strip of bacon on a mosque doorknob and his lady friend left a bacon sandwich on the steps outside the mosque.

Below, is an interview we did with another victim of sharia law and communist PC working in tandem to silence anyone who dares speak against the narrative. The full write up can be seen at RAIR foundation and we recommend reading it. The post has been nearly a year or more in the making. We also have the original video for which the main person involved, Louis Duxbury, was put in prison. There is absolutely no reason that in a democracy the maker of the video should ever be even visited by the police, let alone imprisoned. but we all have decided not to repost it in order not to make Louis’ suffering at state hands any more severe than it already has been.

Below, the 2019 interview:

We spoke to two of the witnesses at his trials. Both of them felt that a severe miscarriage of justice had been done. Even if one applies the unwritten law of political correctness, he was not guilty.