News links for Nov 17 2013 – 2

1. English language news bit on pig heads at German mosque site. (Translation of German article in previous post)

2. Huge bomb hits Syria government site

3. The UK: Roger Daltrey: ‘I will never forgive Labour for their immigration policies’

 Roger Daltrey, the lead singer of The Who, says he will never forgive Labour for their mass immigration policies as he says they “destroyed the jobs of my mates”.

The musician, who once supported the party, says that they have let down his generation by allowing an influx of workers which resulted in jobs being undercut because of “stupid thinking on Europe”.

4. Remember the Christian Action Network’s report on various islamic terror training camps across the USA sponsored by a Pakistani billionaire who is connected with, well everything bad in Islam? Well it seems the MSM has at least made a grudging nod about it what, 5 years later? Here is the report over at Gates of Vienna.

5. Teens’ ‘Knockout Game’ a growing danger with deadly results

A recent string of attacks tied to a dangerous game called “Knockout” — where unsuspecting residents are targeted and sucker-punched – is being investigated as possible hate crimes.

New York police are looking into the growing trend, WPIX reports, after attacks in predominately Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

6. Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia conference hears ‘this country at war’ with radical Islam

Hizbut Tahrir

A HARDLINE Islamic group has warned Muslims that the government was trying to “brainwash” their children and that they should resist any attempts to water down their strict view of Islam.

“The government is playing a dirty, dirty game,” Wassim Doureihi told the 600-strong audience at the Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia conference in Lidcombe yesterday.

Hizb ut-Tahrir wants global sharia law. Yesterday in Sydney it launched a 124-page report on what it sees as Australian government attempts to divide the Muslim community into extremists and moderates. […]

Thank you M, Taffy in Canada, EDL Buck, M


Australian Defense League respond to Muslim threats at planned march tomorrow. (today?)

Well, while what he says about Islam is true, I think he could have tried inviting them to the march and discussing it all over a beer and some BBQ pork ribs.

Youtube seems to think that this is somehow worse than jihadi and beheading videos. Granted it was not tactful. But then, neither is cutting off someone’s head with a short serrated knife.

Matthew Would Like To Say A Few Words.

Tundra Tabloids posted an article recently about something that happened over in England.

My mate Martin Brennan has been staying with a fellow called Matthew Stiddard. Martin was deported from Australia officially due to a breach of visa, but seeing as Martin had never been in trouble with the police nor had any notification from DIAC about any visa irregularities, I wonder if that was really it.

That’s for another day, so we’ll leave that for now.

Matthew was interviewed by VladTepes, and I’ve also gotten to know him. He’s starting to get a bit of a profile now, and he’s concerned that there might be some misconceptions floating around with respect to his current police…. challenges… and what’s happening with the leadership of the EDL.

For the record, Matthew has never made any comment about why the police would be interested in Martin. In conversation he has made it quite clear that it’s not a path he would like to travel down.

I’ll let him speak for himself*:
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The Tundra Tabloids has just learned from Martin Brennan, a former leader of the Australian EDL, is being sought after by the British police for some unknown reason.

According to Brennan, he has participated in the Tower Hamlets demonstration, as well as the wreath laying ceremony at the American embassy in downtown London on 9/11. He also  attended with the EDL Anjem Choudary’s disgraceful gathering for the purpose of burning the US flag on the same day.

Martin says he also took the time to hurl some insults at Choudary and his group on the day, during which time he was assaulted by a police officer.  He managed to record footage of this.

Martin Brennan also informs the TT that he has on his phone some video from the 9/11 demo. He was outside the main body of the EDL, and so captured some interesting things there. He was supposed to head back to a friend’s house to upload it to a pc and then to youtube, but changed his mind and stayed on in town.

According to an anonymous source, police intelligence have just been around to a friend’s house looking for him, offering money for  intelligence on Brennan. He said he didn’t know where Martin was. According to the anonymous source, the police said: “we’ll pay for you to go to some demos plus a bit of extra in your pockets to tell us who’s who and what’s what”. That’s a direct quote from Martin according to the anonymous source.

According to the unnamed source, Matthew’s response was a rather direct:”F* off, I”ll do ten years in prison instead.”

But back to Martin. The long arm of British law is crashing down on dissent, it appears that having video footage of a police officer breaking the law is the catalyst for the hunt. After all, while he was filming them, they were filming him. If he does indeed have video evidence of police brutality against EDL members, then there would be a need to get it before it’s uploaded to You Tube. KGS



Convicted killers, rapists and paedophiles cleared to stay in Australia

I am working on a story which I hope will involve an interview with a fellow who was recently, within the last 48 hours actually, deported from Australia. In fact so recently he may still be in the air under Australian police escort as we speak. He did not commit any crimes at all however and was a successful business man there. Please keep this in mind as you read the story below.  I hope to have the story I spoke of, ready tonight or tomorrow. Meanwhile, for some perspective:

From the Herald Sun:

     DOZENS of foreigners who committed despicable crimes in Australia have escaped deportation because of a tribunal’s rulings.

Convicted killers, rapists, paedophiles, armed robbers and serial offenders who have had their visas cancelled have won the right to remain in Australia.

In the last financial year the Administrative Appeals Tribunal overturned 24 cases – reinstating serious convicted criminals’ visas that had been cancelled by the Immigration Department.

In another eight cases the tribunal told Immigration Minister Chris Bowen to reconsider the Government’s finding that the offenders were not of good character and to give them visas.

One of the most shocking cases involves Maltese-born ”DNCW”, a convicted rapist and paedophile, who settled in Victoria after moving to the country from overseas as a child. Continue Reading →

ADL Stand Strong In Sydney.

Australian Defence League and friends standing tall and strong against sharia.

For a variety of reasons, I was unable to attend the ADL rally in Sydney’s Martin Place yesterday. One of those reasons was the incarceration of Martin Brennan, the leader who organised this protest against sharia in Australia.

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EDL demos today

Good to see the lads out unafraid to be English on English soil. I mean it isn’t like they can pack up and go home is it?

Meanwhile, Muslims in Australia relive a single moment of violence, as if it was a glorious thing, over and over again. I bet if I changed the music and sped it up it would be closer to the facts.

I think Ill try it…

Of Capping And Clubbing. “Racists” In The House.

Vlad Tepes posted this video earlier, but it bears revisiting.

I’m a member of the Australian Defence League group on facebook, and the poster mentioned, Australia IsDying happens to likewise be a member. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth at this news report, but I honestly found it rather ho-hum.

Those involved with the counterjihad – regardless of what form – get called a racist sooner rather than later purely because of the opinions they express. It doesn’t matter if there are facts, and reports, and personal experience to back up these opinions, we’re still racist.

Just for the record, islam is not a race!
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Why I Love Shannon.

O’ disbelieving enemy of Allah, read with two eyes; while you and your feral, racist, redneck, drunken yobbos are wasting your money drinking, gambling your money away, we are working hard, praying to Allah and preparing. The result is not in our hands nor yours but with Almighty God-Allah. you seem o forget that just north is the worlds largest muslim country who are also preaparing and many have pledged their loyal support to me and to Allah. We dont protest. We fight. Ibrahim Siddiq -Conlon

So my favourite out and proud “revert” – because some people can’t just “convert” like everyone else – thinks that regular aussies are quite colourful. Just not in an approving way.

As usual, Shannon Conlon has to have his say, and in this case, rather than cheering for the deaths of our soldiers, he’s threatening us with allah’s wrath.

For someone who used to be one of us, he surely has forgotten where he comes from – as a self-identifying bogan, I will confess to not drinking to excess and preferring to use manners and niceness rather than being a total feral.

About the only thing he missed calling us was drongoes, but that’s okay. I can fill in the spaces.

It’s also entertaining to see his use of the word “redneck” in the same sentence as “racist”. Redneck is racist language, but I guess those rules don’t apply any more since he became one of the Best People.

These are, of course, the Best People who believe that sharia is the be all and end all for all our woes.

Wife looking a bit disobedient? You can beat her.

Son come out of the closet in all his glory? Throw him off the roof.

Cousin decides against islam and its attendent sharia? There’s that death penalty again.

So what’s Shannon’s current bleat? He’s not happy that the ADL is having a demo up in Sydney in a couple of months’ time, and he’s made sure that Martin Brennan, the leader of the ADL knows about it.

The beauty of modern (non-sharia compliant) technology is that now everyone else knows about it too.

Too bad for him that most of us aren’t inclined to embracing sharia.

July in Sydney certainly won’t be dull.

Wish I could be there.

More from the ADL demonstration

Here is that same blogger again attempting to explain reality to leftists. One wonders if this is where the expression, ’tilting at windmills’ comes from. This video makes me think of two things.

1. If Mel Gibson had a not-evil twin, this would be him.

2. “If Fascism ever comes to America I don’t know what it will look like, but they will call themselves ‘anti fascists'”

Certainly this fine bloggers opponents are the new fascism and supporters of genocide.

Australian blogger attempts to reason with leftists and supporters of Islam

Over the next 24 hours I will post a lot more on today’s first ‘ADL’ demo and our Australian correspondent will be posting as well. Meanwhile, here is a short video she took of one of the speakers at the event who was being shouted down by a chorus of the usual knuckle dragging, one note fascist ‘anti-fascists’.