Amazing Polly on Trucker protest leadership – lots of great points. Inset with raging dissident who also bats it out of the park on CPC

Raging dissident is quite correct about the Conservative party(s) of Canada. Its obvious with Alberta and Ontario’s leaders who are so in tune with the Globalist agenda that CBC actually warps their dialectic to protect them. Those of you over 10 years old will remember that CBC would shape their words like blue bottle fly larvae whenever they mentioned a Conservative or a Conservative policy. But just today on CBC radio, they actually said something like “…siege against Ontario’s public health policies”.

Stunning application of dialectics to misrepresent legitimate protestors for freedoms like that. Not ONE of the people in any of the protests would say, “We are here to lay siege to Ontario because we are against Public health policy”. This is one great data point showing you there is no opposition in Canada. So Raging Dissident and Amazing Polly have that one right.

It is also true that we are at war now, which is to say our government and the COMINTERN is at war with the people of Canada, in all but kinetics. (Unless you count forced injections of experimental substances into you as kinetic, and you may.)

Media, social and legacy, is weaponized against individualists, and is perhaps the chief weapon for the moment, against those who wish to preserve the Nation State as a bulwark for our culture, which means our legal systems and peoples, history and beliefs.

But it also means that any organization which is potentially effective against the Marxist revolution now taking place around the world, will be targetted with overwhelming means to be penetrated with enemy agents appearing to represent the counter-revolutionary point of view.

Around ten years ago, Frank Gaffney, former undersecretary of defence for Ronald Raegan, created a ten part video course on Muslim Brotherhood penetration of the US government. The focus was on the republican party, as there was no need to put that kind of resources into the Democrats as they were already enemies of the American people, culture and legal system by that point. The video course is still valuable for its original purpose. You get names and motives and backgrounds on people and a sense of why and how certain events played out the way they did.

But its also valuable to understand that this is the normal means of war now, because presumably the US and the West is so dominant in military power, the only way to beat them is to make the generals, presidents, Prime Ministers and other leaders, all your own people. Then you win, AND you get control of their war toys.

So yes, the Conservative parties of Canada are not an option unless Pierre Poillievre can pull off a miracle, assuming he isn’t one of them of course, as they have been at least as subverted as the Republicans have in the US.

(Not that this needs saying really, but in case anyone is new at this, this is the precise reason Trump was popular. He was an American president who was not part of either party’s obligations, and in fact the GOP tried to kick him out as a candidate and he threatened to run as an independent which would have given it to Hillary and so they ‘allowed’ him to run for the GOP but then sequestered him so he couldn’t actually do as much as he tried to do.)

Once, shortly after 911, I was having a chat with a brother of mine, and we were discussing potential technical safeguards to prevent such an attack in the future. My brother played the trump card in the debate. “All they have to do is make the pilot the hijacker”. That pretty much ends any possibility of preventing a 911. Even if you use a computer failsafe, then they just have to make the programmer the hijacker.

This Trucker’s protest is by far the best and most well done and potentially effective way of forcing our own governments to give back rights they had no legal authority to take from us in the first place. It must succeed. But that doesn’t mean its pure.

“The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”. And that means watching inside your perimeter equally.

“Terrorist who stabbed French police had thumb drive with personal info of many police personnel” – Police Union boss

Direct link:

France’s Fifth Column: Terrorist Infiltration of the Paris Police Force

After years of Islamist terror attacks from Paris to the Riviera that have left hundreds dead, you might think that the French are inured to the fact that they are the jihadists’ favorite target in the Western world. But now they have been shocked into the realization that the situation is even worse than they thought. Last week’s massacre at the monumental Paris Police Prefecture on the Île de la Cité near Notre-Dame cathedral occurred despite repeated government assurances that all possible measures had been taken to prevent further random slaughter. If one of France’s most secure buildings could be infiltrated by a terrorist, commentators are saying this week, no one is safe anywhere.


“This is a major turning point in Islamist terrorism,” says Gilles Kepel, a specialist in Middle East and jihadist studies. “It’s hard to believe that the police [force], which we rely on to protect us and is supposed to be our last rampart against terrorism, can itself be the victim of terrorism, with throats slit in the holy of holies of the Police Prefecture.”


The attack was also a powerful symbol of France’s ingrained, systemic vulnerability to the jihadists. The two countries’ law enforcement systems are too different for an exact analogy, but it’s a bit as if an FBI special agent at the Bureau’s Joint Terrorism Task Force or a CIA operative in the Counterterrorism Center suddenly ran amok. The implications for French — and Western — security are broad and acutely troubling.

(The article continues to detail the info in the video above)

Richard adds this important observation:

In Nam the government had to move the families of the policemen into fortified barracks to keep Charlie from murdering them. The infamous picture of the South Vietnamese General blowing a prisoners brains out helped turn people against the war but the full story is rarely told. The General was the Chief of Police for Saigon, the prisoner was the head of a unit of men that was (during the Tet offensive) going to the homes of all of the police and murdering their families.

This puts a very different slant on the photo.

RCMP Employee, a computer master, arrested for spying, (probably for China)

The story at CTV:

There is a video, stumblingly read at CTV, which gives some information but avoids a lot more. Who did this cyber-info expert sell out to and perhaps more importantly, why.

TORONTO – An RCMP employee has been arrested and charged under the Security of Information Act, a national security law that addresses security concerns, including threats of espionage by foreign powers.


In an emailed statement to CTV News, an RCMP spokesperson said that Cameron Ortis was charged under three parts of the Security of Information Act and two parts of the Criminal Code of Canada.


“The charges stem from activities alleged to have occurred during his tenure as an RCMP employee,” the statement says, adding that as the investigation is ongoing, the RCMP will not be making further comments at this time.

CTV News legal analyst Ed Prutschi said the charges levied against Ortis are anti-spy related.


“[Ortis] is a civilian cyber security guy in the RCMP and the combination of charges implies he’s accused of either hacking or just plain out stealing sensitive info through digital networks presumably and passing it along,” Prutschi said.


A spokesperson for the office of the Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale said in a statement emailed to CTV News that “Canadians can continue to have confidence in their security and intelligence agencies to protect our safety and rights,” and that all questions should be directed to the RCMP.

Some indications are that this event is MASSIVE



Muslim pressure group forces Green Party candidate out for FB post 14 years ago

Several years ago, muslims all over the world rioted, burned down buildings and murdered people, including but not limited to, Catholic Nuns.

They did this because one Danish newspaper dared publish a page of around a dozen cartoons mocking Islam to a small percentage of the extent that all religions get mocked every day somewhere in the West.

As a result, one man who many years later would run for the Green Party, wrote a social media post that the people at a pig roast BBQ he was at should send the leftovers to the muslims. Likely meaning the ones who did the rioting and killing.

Personally this response to the kind of horror we saw as a result of those cartoons is offensive in its understatement. A proper response would have been to sequester the Islamic world until they grew a sense of humour and do what President Trump in fact did do, and become energy independent of the Middle East.

Instead, we have a situation where CAIR Canada, now called the NCCM, forced the Green Party to shed themselves of this candidate for a post he did sometime around 2005.

That would be around 14 years ago.

H/T M.

Stunning expose on the communist infiltration of the Democrat Party in the USA

This will be a sticky post for the time being.  Newer posts will be below it for the time being. We cannot over emphasis the extent to which we feel this is an important document. For anyone wishing to see excellent and thorough documentation that adds a lot of clarity to this video, please consider downloading Stephen Coughlin’s paper here and giving it the time it takes to read a few pages a day.

This is the most important video we have posted in some time. For a related article, please click this link.

There will be more on this in short order. But for now, please watch this very important video and spread it widely.

Conservative party of Canada would NOT ALLOW Salim Mansur to speak with The Rebel!

Direct link:

This should give life-long Conservative voters a sense of how the party has shifted to just another narrative party, Liberal Lite in most ways, afraid to deal with reality, or worse, controlled by the same forces the Liberal party clearly is.

Video on restrictions in the Catholic Church against Pope Benedict’s writings

I am really hoping that people familiar with Catholicism and its inner workings can write on this video in the comments. I have no idea if any of this is true or not.

What I do know is the following:

Pope Benedict set up and guaranteed the largest canonization in Catholic Church history. It was the mass-canonization of soldiers who fought against Islamic Invaders of Europe and chose to be killed by the muslim pirates of the 15th century, rather than convert to Islam.

Trying to google this gives narrative versions of the events but that is what happened.

Pope Benedict set up the canonization and left Francis with the job of finishing it which he did after sanitizing the language so that no mention of the real reason these men died could be mentioned. And had Benedict not mysteriously abdicated his role for the PoMo Pope, Francis, he would have finished this ceremony properly.

We can safely say he would have, because in another speech where he quoted a Persian king, that was under siege by Mohammed’s armies in a speech he gave, which became for some unknown reason, a major controversy in his reign as Pope, even though it was an accurate quote, and the context made sense.

But we don’t live in a world of truth. We live in a world of “hate-facts” where truth will set you to a reeducation camp of one sort of another.

So if anyone knows more about the subject matter of this video or of the rest of this post, I welcome it in the comments.

Attn: Florida voters

A short video on the Islamic leftist protests against AIPAC 2019

Once again, @AmyMek suffered through hours of tedious and hate filled video of Islamic antisemitism, thinly bearded as political action against Israeli lobbyists.

This is a 2:20 second distillate of this protest against AIPAC 2019, with solid research showing who the leader of this event is, and what his ambitions and preferred methods really are.




Islamic ambitions in government