The declassified document ,which shows Obama knowingly funded Al-Qaeda

Its official. Obama knowingly funded a designated Al Qaeda group.

Click above for the downloadable PDF. If it is no longer available, please advise.

Mind you readers of VladTepesBlog have known that for many years. Watch the video which was translated from a Bulgarian documentary, and which was taken down from EVERY platform we put it on, even Bitchute, until after Obama was out of office. I’m trying to find out what year this was made, but for sure it was during the Obama years, which is why it was taken down everywhere. My guess is it was the CIA that did that, as there was never an explanation or other notice about why it vanished. That includes off of by the way.

Rasmus Paludan makes the list

From Gates of Vienna:

It seems that Rasmus Paludan, the founder and leader of the Danish party Stram Kurs (Hard Line) has been put on the Al Qaeda hit list. He’s in exalted company now.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

After Swedish-Danish Rasmus Paludan’s Islamophobic party Stram Kurs went on tour in Sweden and burned several Korans to demonstrate against the Islamization of Denmark’s neighboring country, and for freedom of expression, the terrorist organization al-Qaeda announced that it will assassinate the party leader. Paludan, however, shakes off the threat, and is now collecting money for another return visit with Koran burnings.

Samhällsnytt has followed the development of recent events around the Danish party Stram Kurs’ interest in Sweden, where the police announced a two-year entry ban on the party leader Paludan, and in violation of the constitution banned their demonstrations throughout Sweden. Despite this, party functionaries have carried out several actions, including burning the Koran and ‘Koran football’.

On Monday Geert Wilders, the party leader of the PVV (Party for Freedom), who already lives with death threats from Islamists, noted that the Muslim terrorist organization al-Qaeda is now urging all Muslims inside and outside Europe to attack all individuals who humiliate Islam, the Prophet Muhammad and the Koran.

Paludan new on al-Qaeda’s death list

Al-Qaeda lists the people it is particularly interested in, and a new name is Rasmus Paludan. Furthermore, the terrorist organization is still looking for the Swedish artist Lars Vilks. Below is what is said to be an excerpt from al-Qaeda’s message…

A way to push back, and invest in your future at the same time

Shortly after Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, a minting company made a fine looking 1 and 2 Oz. Silver coin with President Trump on one side and the White House on the other.

The odd thing is, they are extremely difficult to get. Virtually all places that buy and sell silver do not have it.

Speculation is, that most places who carry the coin/round faced such blowback that they just stopped carrying the product. Not worth the hassle produced by leftist agitators that seek to destroy choice for everyone they disagree with.

One place resisted however and you can still get them there.

The good news is, silver is very low right now, treading water between USD $15.00 and $16.00 at time of writing, so its a good time to buy a little. And what great gifts these would make for Christmas should you not wish to hang on to them!

The bad news is, they only ship to US addresses but increasingly there are more and more companies that provide a re-shipping service from the US to Canada.

What Breitbart UK did was so clever, it deserves its own post

This gives a pretty good idea of how dire things are in May’s England when Breitbart has to do something like this. And we all know that even this will likely be punished in some way because the reason 10 Downing St. set these gag orders has nothing to do with the reasons they exist as a tool for government, It is for fascistic police state reasons they implemented them. So its unlikely they will let even this stand.

[Redacted] Arrested for [Redacted] Outside [Redacted]: Leeds Crown Court Issues Media Ban

The Leeds Crown Court has issued a UK media ban following the arrest of well-known activist and citizen journalist [redacted] outside [redacted].
The reporting restriction, which requires on all publications within the United Kingdom to cease any mention of the details of the arrest or court proceedings of [redacted], was issued Friday afternoon:

Please continue at BBUK.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, and many many people including some new ones who are watching the UK today due to what happened to Tommy and are posting links to this site in the Reader’s Links post.

Thank you all, stay safe, and keep posting.



Police take on ANTIFA in Toronto today

Thanks to our friend, Paul Sutliff, who was the guest speaker at today’s PEGIDA event in Toronto, we have a first hand account plus some video of the fascist jackboot tactics of ANTIFA and today the Toronto Police not only defended the classical liberals of PEGIDA, but ANTIFA made the mistake of attacking the police when the police would not allow them to block the path of the march.
It did not go well for them.
Thank you Paul for giving us this interview on your way home.

Germany: 60+ Syrian Refugees In Fact Al Nusra Fighters

An original translation from the German newspaper Merkur.

Members of Islamist Group in Germany
Report: About 60 Men From Terror Militia Came As Refugees

About 60 fighters of a Syrian Islamist Militia are residing in Germany, according to media reports. The Office For The Protection Of The Constitution [“Verfassungsschutz”, German Intelligence Service – translator] is observing the former fighters.

Liwa Owais al-Qorani car convoy, photo: Wikipedia

Hamburg – as the news magazine „Spiegel“ reports, quoting Intelligence findings, the members of the group Liwa Kwais al-Karni came to Germany as refugees. The unit initially fought on the side of the Free Syrian Army and then changed over to the Nusra Front which is close to Al-Qaeda.

According to the report, their members were involved in „several massacres of captive civilians and Syrian army“. Currently, there are investigations ongoing against 25 former fighters of the unit.

Authorities think that at least 30 more fighters of the group are residing in Germany. But many of them have not yet been identified with absolute certainty or traced down. According to information obtained by „Spiegel“, the Office For Protection Of The Constitution formed a task group on this issue.


Germany: Do Islamists plan a chemical attack on drinking water?

Thank you Egri Nok for translating both the video and article on this important news item being ignored by all other Western media:

From Die Welt German News Site:

Federal Criminal Police Office and Interior Ministry: Do Islamists plan a chemical attack on drinking water?

January 24, 2017

Islamistically-oriented perpetrators are apparently willing to acquire and employ larger quantities of chemicals. According to information received by Bild, this is what a risk analysis by the Federal Criminal Police Office and Interior Ministry says.

Summary from FOCUS Online:

According to a report by Bild, the Federal Government and Federal Criminal Police (BKA) warn of the danger of possible terror attacks with chemicals.

This is what the paper reported on Tuesday, referring to a “risk analysis in Civil Protection” by the Federal Government. According to the study, perpetrators motivated by Islamism were ready and capable “of acquiring larger quantities of chemicals and employing these”, BKA writes in the paper, which was made available to the newspaper.

A chemical attack on the drinking water supply of apartment buildings is seen as a “realistic option”, or on foodstuffs. Also, possible attacks against facilities or transports for the chemical industry had “a high-risk potential”.

According to this government report, a “determined terrorist group, equipped with adequate knowledge, should be in the position to peruse the potential of hazardous chemical substances sufficient for their purposes for use in an attack in Germany.”

Zhudi Jasser on the announced merger of Al Qaeda, the Islamic State and the Muslim Brotherhood

Zhudi is spot on here if you make a couple of minor changes. If he replaces the word, ‘radical’ with the word ‘Kinetic’ and exchanges the word ‘extremist’ with, ‘orthodox’ or ‘religious’ then he is actually great on this video linked here.

The main thing is, they distorted the timeline here. The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organization of the other two. There is no merger, just a public admission that all these groups are identical but one was a beard for the other.

Video here duration 2:35


VICE News: Another tool for the Obama narrative on Islam

weatFor anyone who remembers VICE when it was an edgy innovative organization that made rapid status for itself by speaking the unvarnished truth about places like Liberia and North Korea and about interesting subjects like Datura, (Scopolamine) the drug that makes people so suggestible they may give away everything they own to strangers after a single unaware dose of it, this article may be painful to read.

Not long ago, VICE did a video on the aftermath of the murders of the Jewish people and attempted murder of free speech advocates in Denmark where they had a woman in tears defending islam and ignoring it’s victims, saying that the real tragedy was the image of islam by Danes. The woman looked so much like she staged the whole thing, as the speech she gave as a ‘woman on the street’ interview was so perfectly delivered yet through spontaneous tears of grief that, at least last time I looked, even VICE felt it was too much and took down the video altogether.

Since then, all kinds of VICE videos dealing with islam have appeared which frequently use common deceptions to sell the narrative of a hijacked islam. And lets not even mention the ‘interview’ they gave Justin Trudeau which has to have been scripted by his own campaign managers. I can’t link to the Danish video because they took it down. But Im sure its out there somewhere should it be needed.

In the 3 part video, ‘The War Against Boko Haram’ they manage a massive amount of ‘lie by omission.’ In part 1 they only interview muslim ‘victims’ of Boko Haram’s outrageous horrors against the Nigerian population and never mention any of the enormous number of Churches and Christian targets of Boko Haram, nor do they interview any Christian victims, nor do they bother to mention the full name of that group, “Group of the People of Sunnah for Preaching and Jihad”. An odd omission for a documentary on this same group.

The narrative runs that this group are not muslims but merely criminals with no agenda other than crime for no particular reason and their actions run contrary to islamic teaching. A point their muslim family of victims makes directly to the VICE reporter, but there is no attribution given to these teachings which Boko Haram is running afoul of. It could also be noticed that his family was allowed to leave because they were muslim. The Christians never seem to get that sort of mercy. Typically if you cannot prove you muslim credentials to one of these monsters you don’t get to give an interview to VICE news. You get killed.

The narrative also runs in part 1 that the problem may be because Christians control the part of the country that has natural resources and the wealth is not distributed to the muslim parts of the country. It fails to mention however whether or not the islamic side of Nigeria actually educates any of its citizens in anything that might generate wealth or whether islamic law forbids such education, which is what the name Boko Haram, specifically means. ‘Western Education is Forbidden’. But the idea is, to create doubt in the viewer as to the fact that Boko Haram is a muslim terrorist group seeking to replace democracy and secular law with the sharia and hudud (Islamic punishments) and that the motives are entirely based on islam and islamic doctrine, as the kidnapping and enslaving of non-muslim women wherever they can, illustrates rather clearly as slavery is a big part of Islamic culture and dogma.

In Part II they manage to interview a soldier who explains that they, Boko Haram, attacked churches, but they are not really muslims but just devils. Still no footage of the attacks on Churches or the stated goals of Boko Haram as creators of an islamic state in Africa, despite the internet being so full of this material you need delouser to avoid seeing it. The message that Christians and muslims are united against BK is repeated like a Buddhist mantra but with no actual evidence to support it.

In part III the soldiers they show at the start use terms like “grace” and “father” and “heart” during prayers, which VICE calls a “toast” while drinking and smoking cigarettes. This leads me to suspect they may not be muslims. A lot of the rest of it is tactical minutia. It does look like the Nigerian Army has some reactive armor on their tanks though. Thats gotta help as well as some serious air power. And if you want to know what happened to your old Ramones T shirt, you get to find out at the end.

But one thing is for sure. VICE is now part of the effort to propagandize the public into the Obama/Cameron plan of reinventing islam with the hope that either muslims will believe it and stop following islamic examples or at least the public will not act up and make their governments uncomfortable as we are all slowly being forced to give up our own rights and freedoms and customs and accept a sharia one.