VERY IMPORTANT: Both French and British governments doing secret mass immigration, threaten people who film or expose it

The BBC shows us why “Fake News” is not a strong enough term

We are all used to the MSM having as much of a cultural-Marxist shift to it as does Netflix. But the BBC has hit new lows with outright factual misrepresentations, compounded by lies against those they do not like, and multiplied by unreferenced allegations and a sprinkle of repetition to try and make something that is Soviet era propaganda look more like news.

Lets have a look at the click-bait yet irrelevant title of the ‘news-piece’ for openers:

German Jews propose anti-Semitism lessons for Muslim migrants

(I am pasting screen grabs of sections of the article because if BBC is dishonest enough to post this article, they are dishonest enough to change elements of it without explanation or admission of the earlier version.)

The first part of the problem of course is that they make Antisemitism a function of nation state propaganda, and not Islam, which is the actual reason muslim countries teach antisemitism as a base value.

While there is at least an admission that “many of whom come from muslim majority countries”, this could be called the kind of half truths famously referred to as “the damnedest of lies” by our literate forefathers. I would call it a lie of omission.

Then they go on to try and pin antisemitic acts against the classically liberal AfD, a party which is the only refuge for gay or Jewish or any other people who may have one attribute that muslims find to be more of a target than a cause for a ‘celebration of diversity’.

There are entire gay and Jewish groups that are formally AfD supporters. We have featured translated videos of them here at Vlad.

And while the German communist propaganda organ, DW typically invents anything and everything to try and herd Germans into suicide booths, one expects the BBC to be a little more subtle than they are in this article.

Also, notice that there are zero examples or attributions to the statements that the AfD is 1. Far right, 2. Antisemitic and 3. the majority of antisemitic attacks are by far right groups.

These are what we call, “claims”, not reportage.

Any non-far-left-extremist publication would be drawn and quartered for this kind of rampant invention.

Now lets have a look at the video they embedded in their report:




Above, a screen cap from the embedded video of what they claim is, “A young Jewish man that was attacked in Berlin”

(Readers of this site might remember that we were the first people to post that video outside of Facebook, and had it pulled twice from Youtube despite every MSM source having it online)

The facts are, that this was a young Israeli Arab, who’s friend had given him a kappa as a present but warned him not to wear it in Berlin as the danger from muslims would be high there.

An interview with the man targeted can be seen below:

Although the target was NOT JEWISH, he could not believe things were that bad for Jews in Germany so he wore the kappa as a test of his friend’s assertions, that turned out to be sadly true.

These are well known facts. But the BBC made him Jewish to set the tone for the rest of the article, which is a hit piece against the AfD, with a pretext of being about classes against antisemitism for muslim immigrants.

Here is the actual video:

The rest of the article as it is can be found here. I have backed it up and photographed it in case BBC attempts further Winston Smith like changes to history.

Further example of BBC propaganda from some years ago, a documentary claiming that Jesus Christ was really a Buddhist monk named ISSA.

All fair and good. Now let’s see their documentary using Robert Spencer’s excellent research showing that Mohammad never existed.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog

(A current example of a DW propaganda piece is this one from today, where they claim that the German security chief is being fired for refuting the “well documented” case of migrant hunting in Chemnitz, which in fact has been clearly established as an ANTIFA staged and edited clip use by the Merkel government to quell protests against her globalist policies in Germany)

British government bullies witness from Youtube over Tommy Robinson videos

Does anyone else think that an official from the British government should not be trying to force a witness to pass judgement on video he has never seen and is totally unaware of? Is this what democracy has devolved into?

March 13, 2018. Hearings on extremist and radicalizing videos on Youtube. UK

H/T Oz-Rita


Simon Platt left this critical information in the comments:

Some minor points of correction: this isn’t Her Majesty’s Government, but the Home Affairs Select Committee. That’s a committee of members of parliament, not government ministers, whose principal role is to hold the Home Office (a government department) to account.

The Pakistani bully was Rehman Chishti, who, believe it or not, is not just any old “Conservative” MP but a Vice Chairman of the “Conservative” Party.

In respect of that, it might interest readers to know that an article written by Boris Johnson, favourite to succeed Theresa May as Conservative leader and Prime Minister, an article that appeared yesterday in a Conservative-supporting newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, has led to demands for an apology from the Islamophobic Conservative Party Chairman, Brandon Lewis. Johnson’s crime: he wrote that he thought Denmark had gone too far with its recent “burka ban”, and that the UK shouldn’t follow suit, much as Johnson disliked the niqab (common on our streets) and burka (almost never seen). If I remember correctly, the offending word Johnson used was “weird”.

The other point of correction I wanted to make has already been made but is worth repeating: it wasn’t Tommy Robinson who “radicalised” Darren Osbourne. It was the BBC.

Thank you Simon.

DJ Added this comment:

Darren Osbourne stated at his trial that the BBC miniseries 3 Girls about Muslim rape gangs in Rochdale was what made him attack.

It did the same for many of us, we just haven’t reached his stage yet.
Travelling to work on the Tube on 7/7 with my wife thinking I was dead for an hour did the same for me,even though I didn’t even hear a bomb explode.

Daniel Hannah made the point recently that we English are quiet snorkelling for a very long time until suddenly we flip into a cold determination to do something. The best example is our passivity towards Germany in the 30s followed by our change in 1939 when we declared war.

Thank you DJ.

Does anyone know if 3 Girls is still available online? If not, I would attempt to put it on Bitchutte if there is an interest in seeing it.


Muslim Day Out In London.

This hit my inbox this afternoon, and I do believe, in the interests of social cohesion that it could do with a wider audience.

After all, we know that the British government set out to change the face of the United Kingdom years ago. Since I like to play “Let’s Compare”, I felt this post would be incomplete without showing something that is quintissentially English.

I looked at so many videos of street parties in Britain and they are all so cute. Men and women of all ages, children, babies. The decorations – it’s not a street party if there’s no bunting. The trestle tables laden with food and everyone out socialising, enjoying the company.

It’s not quite your average street party in downtown Birmingham, though.

Britain: a nation of flip floppers?

From European Son.
Local council elections on Friday saw the coalition Conservative-Liberal Democrats Government wounded and embarrassed by huge losses. Although Boris Johnson was reelected as London Mayor, after only two years in power, the dominant Conservative Party lost a massive 405 councilors in the 181 districts that went to the polls in England, Scotland, and Wales.

But not every party is in decline in the UK. The rise of the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas, George Galloway of Respect — a kind of Leftist-Islamist coalition — and the United Kingdom Independence Party portends, possibly, the beginnings of a seismic shift in electoral politics, and one that might eventually lead to the collapse of British politics as we know it.

Often portrayed as merely picking up disgruntled voters, who’d prefer to vote Labour or Conservative, the truth is that the majority of people only vote for a small party — that stands much less chance of getting into power, at least in the short term — if they are convinced of its message. With the major parties ignoring the issues, it is, inevitably, the voter with no real interest in, or understanding of, politics that votes for the mainstream today.

Hence, the flip flopping — perhaps the flailing about in desperation — of the majority . Thrown out of power only in 2010 — with talk of it being cast into the “wilderness” – Labour was by far the biggest winner last week, picking up an extraordinary 823 councillors.

But is anyone actually convinced by Labour? No. it is that the public voted against the Conservatives and the Lib Dems this time, just as they voted against Labour last time, at the last general election.

A couple of decades ago, it was the minor parties that had, necessarily, to position themselves with minor issues, such as animal welfare. It was the minor parties that had to rely on negative politics and fear mongering. Now it’s the major parties that have to do this. It’s the major parties that have to keep the attention on minor issues — especially during election time — and it’s the major parties that have to fear monger about the minor parties. The fringe parties — whether on the Left or Right — are the only ones who are free to discuss the existential issues and to express the big ideas, and, consequently, the only ones that can stir any passion among the voters.

UKIP is the party that worries the Conservatives. And with good reason. Recent polls have shown… read more.

REPORT: George Galloway returns to Westminster wins unprecedented landslide in Bradford West

George Galloway, new MP for Bradford West, in front of the Muslim Brotherhood's banner

George Galloway the shill for Saddam Hussein, the supporter of Hamas, the Islamists’ friend, has been returned to Westminster as an MP after a landslide shock by-election victory of truly unprecedented proportions.

The 53% vote increase his Respect party took in tonight’s result represents the largest EVER increase of a vote in Westminster parliamentary history. His over 10,000 majority, is about as comfortable as any MP could ever want.

Bradford West’s demographics are startling. The Islamic tipping point has been passed, so that the Muslim population dominates every aspect of culture, identity and politics, regardless of actually only consituting 43% compared to the 53% of indiginous whites. These are however 2001 census figures (!). Bradford West, is Europe’s future.

This startling result is a powerful representation, both of the rapidity with which Muslim populations can swell in the blink of an eye, and, of what a block vote can accomplish if an ethnic group votes together for one candidate. This is a thing ethnic Europeans have long since ceased to do, so successful has been the campaign of divide and rule, through accusations of “divisive” politics against nationalists.

Indeed had a credible nationalist candidate stood in the by-election you can be sure that the whole media would have swooped down on them demanding to know how they would even pretend, as MP, to represent the diversity of the “whole” community. You can bet nobody will dare to raise this question now in Bradford West, and that territory and the ethnic English it contains, like London’s Tower Hamlets must – in all seriousness, and without a trace of hyperbloe – be considered lost to the Dar al-Islam.

QUESTION: How did George Galloway win Bradford West?

ANSWER: By successfully claiming to be a better Muslim than the Muslim Pakistani Labour candidate in what has always been a safe Labour seat!

Mr Galloway has for years been darkly hinting that he is a secret Muslim, as this video demonstrates, while acting with incredulity towards anyone who would dare to be impertinent enough to ask him to come clean.

It is very important to fully understand what this historic result represents. In response Michael Coren has tweeted, that the “Bradford vote proves UK Muslims care about Islam, not Britain. Culture war – denial increasingly futile.” In fact it means much more than this, and two key things are profoundly and undeniably proven by this result.

The first, and here I am thinking of the incredulity that greeted Kent Ekeroth from all sides over the subject in this interview posted by Eeyore earlier today, is that this result must finally dismiss any last vestige of skepticism over the reality that Europe is being Islamised.

It is important to be clear. A white Scotsman born a Roman Catholic, has just won a respounding victory in Europe against a Pakistani Mulsim Labour favourite, precisely because he convinced the local populace that he was a more active/pious/true Muslim than the person he was against. This is Islamisation crystallizing politically before our very eyes, in inglorious technicolour.

The left wingers did what has always worked in the past, and are now scratching their heads in incredulity and astonishment. They accused everyone else of racism, but then played the race card with consumate skill. To them, on paper at least, their candidate in the safe Labour seat, was perfect. A locally born 33-year old barrister and Pakistani “Muslim”, Imran Hussein,  who had chaired the local Labour party for years, and was deputy leader of the council.

There was one crucial difference, Mr Hussein is a moderate Muslim, a secular Muslim, a reform Muslim, that is, not a real Muslim at all.

Just like the French “Muslim” paratroopers killed by Mohamed Merah in France only two weeks ago, that are supposed, in the ignorant minds of liberals, to refute the self-evident truth that Merah was driven by Islam.

Because what Mr Galloway did – in a constituency in which he had never set foot before – against a Labour party with 100 times his financial resources, was simply to post, with the use of the electoral roll, the following letter through the letterboxes of the Muslim households of Bradford West, a week before the polls opened:

I have been increasingly angered by the dishonest and desperate efforts of the Labour campaign for Imran Hussein, to deceive you about your vote. You should vote for him because he is a “Muslim” they say, and because he is of Pakistani background. … God KNOWS who is a Muslim. And he KNOWS who is not. Instinctively, so do you.

The second thing this thumpingly declares, is a deafening clarion call against the repeated shibboleth of the entire political establishment of Europe, that criticism of Islam must necessarily be racist in character.

the letter that won Bradford West

In the public sphere the issue of Islam is not religious, not ideological, not one of a dangerous foreign dogma that seeks to dominate wherever it goes – so they keep telling us. It is one of identity, victimisation, colour, and the powerless being repressed by the racial bigotry of ethnic Europe.

If that had even a modicum of truth in it, Labour’s sure-fire bet would have come off handsomely, and Mr Hussein would now be preparing to take his seat in Westminster.


It is now beyond denial that Islam has nothing whatsoever to do with race and only does so from the Muslim’s side when it is a convenient stick with which to beat conscessions out of the foolish European kuffar.

Finally, spare a thought for the likes of Matthew Goodwin, who is regarded as Britain’s supposed foremost authority on political extremism. Naturally, like his colleagues Europe-wide he is a committed Left-winger, obsessed with “Rightist-under-the-bed” plots, and the imminent certainty of a far-Right attempt to take over Europe through the barrel of a gun.

If the BNP win 40 votes in a parish council by-election it is the end of the world, 12 members of the EDL protest outside a chip shop and it is empirical proof that a Breivik copy-cat is just hours away from striking evil in the heart of Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

Because it is the duty, of people like him and his colleagues, to warn us of the intense dangers of political extremism and the fascist ideologies that are inexorably tightening their grip.

You can guarantee that for the next week, just like the last week when little Jewish girls were being gunned down in the streets of France, Goodwin and all his kind in politics, media, and the police, will be nowhere to be seen.

Picture of the Day – Demographics is Destiny edition

British Prime Minister David Cameron visits the Kings Science Academy, Bradford, Northern England.

I particularly like the faux heraldic symbolism on the breast pockets. How soon before the parents of this school’s pupils realize that heraldry dates primarily from battlefield identification in… erm… the Crusades?

Voters in Western European nations often fool themselves into thinking that our political establishment are somehow cocooned from the reality of their demographic cleansing of our nations. The truth is however, as this picture demonstrates, that though insulated from the negative effects they know exactly, exactly, what they are doing.

from the Daily Mail

Britain Gone Mad II – Taxpayers money routed through gov’t to Islamist groups

...the Global Islamic Political Party working for the reestablishment of Khilafah

After Eeyore’s post from earlier today that still has my head spinning, here’s another story that beggar’s belief from the country that once used to stand up to totalitarian ideologies.

We all expect the Islamists and Jihadis to be dedicated to overthrowing our governments and overturning our way of life, and some of us get furious when we discover how inactive these governments are in the face of the threat, but when these selfsame governments are actively funding groups dedicated to their own destruction, with our money? Well this is a degree of ill-judgement which borders on lunacy.

How taxpayers are still funding the extremists

from The Telegraph

Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money is still being paid to groups linked to Islamist extremism, more than a year after David Cameron vowed to outlaw the practice.

People associated with one “extremist” group whose grant was terminated after the Prime Minister’s pledge are now being used to induct new staff into the Government’s own Office of Security and Counter-Terrorism (OSCT), the Home Office division responsible for directing Britain’s anti-terror efforts. Only last week the same individuals were awarded thousands of pounds of fresh public funding.

Meanwhile, the Civil Service has solicited “fast-stream” recruits for the top ranks in Whitehall from a group which has hosted numerous extremists and terrorist supporters, including the al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was linked to a number of international plots before his death last year.

Another body linked to the extremist sect Hizb ut-Tahrir, the public funding of which Mr Cameron condemned as long ago as 2009, is still receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money, to educate primary-age children in Hizb ut-Tahrir ideology.nds of taxpayers’ money is still being paid to groups linked to Islamist extremism, more than a year after David Cameron vowed to outlaw the practice…

click through for the rest

The deliberate eradication of a people

Sometimes, a picture really can speak a thousand words. Like this one of a National Health Service booklet from a borough of London, England.

Deliberately replacing the population of a specific geographic area, with other populations, used to be the kind of things wars were fought over, millions would die and suffer in such a cause or against it.

Now it’s just plain old boring government policy, coupled with an entire cultural framework designed to visit ruination on anyone who’d dare to ask the question: “What the hell is going on here?”

Why all this demand for new Jewish schools in London?

Why all this demand for new Jewish schools? It’s
not like lots of Jewish immigrants have suddenly arrived, in fact quite the

I don’t think people recently found religion, got more orthodox after all sales
of Kosher meat haven’t gone up? Jewish schools aren’t cheap, I know that too
well, and every ones having a hard time now. Most Jewish parents were always
happy sending their kids to state schools, leaving the Jewish bit for Sunday mornings.

Short on teachers too, they were never short of teachers before. So what
happened in the last ten years?

this from The JC

By Simon Rocker, October 27, 2011

A senior Jewish educator has questioned the wisdom of opening more Jewish
primary schools in north London, warning that it could store up
problems for the future.

Susy Stone, head of the Progressive Akiva School in Finchley, said:
“It is clear to me that the rush to create more Jewish schools is a
dangerous strategy for the community. Are we going to open so many
schools that we are not going to be able to maintain the excellent
standards we have in our schools now?”

Predicted cuts in local authority education spending could leave
existing voluntary-aided schools like Akiva facing a squeeze in funding,
she warned.

Although school budgets had largely been cushioned from the impact of cuts so far, “that is not going to continue”.

If more schools opened, “how are we going to resource all these? Are
we taking on commitments for the future that are not sustainable?
Another issue is whether we will be able to fill all these schools. And
is it morally responsible when we have an ageing Jewish community to put
more money into building schools rather than social services?”

Three new Jewish primary schools serving the mainstream sector opened
this autumn in north London and Herts, with two more to follow next

Finchley parents have begun a campaign to start a cross-communal school.

Although Akiva was heavily oversubscribed this year with 127
applications for 60 places, it recently rejected the idea of opening a
third entry form after assessing future demand.

“I can understand the feelings of parents who can’t get their child
into the Jewish school of their choice,” Mrs Stone said. “It’s
heartbreaking to see children who can’t get into my school.”

The economic climate meant that schools needed to co-operate more to
maintain services — such as behavioural support — cut by the local
authority, she argued. But opening too many schools could increase

Adam Dawson, chair of the new Etz Chaim free school in Mill Hill,
believed that leaders of Jewish schools had a responsibility to “work
more closely together”. But he pointed out that Etz Chaim had opened
only after “a lot of research” indicated local demand.

“It depends on whether you think schools should be local or whether
you bus children about. Are there places in Jewish primary schools in
other parts of London? I am sure there are. But parents have told us
they don’t want their four-year-old having to go on a bus to school for
an hour in the morning.”

4,000 foreign criminals set free to fight deportation including murderers, rapists and child sex offenders.

By Jack Doyle.    Daily Mail     27th October 2011

Nearly 4,000 foreign criminals who should have been deported are at large on the streets of Britain, an official report revealed last night.

Human rights claims and red tape are giving them their freedom while they fight deportation orders.

The criminals include dozens of former prisoners convicted of  offences such as murder, rape and sex crimes against children.

The figure emerged in a report by John Vine, chief inspector of the UK Border Agency.

He revealed there were 3,775 criminals in May this year who had been released from immigration detention centres because there was ‘no prospect of them being deported in a reasonable time’.

Of those, 3,259 had served sentences for low-level offences, another 429 for ‘more serious’ crimes, and 87 for the most serious offences – including murder, rape and paedophilia.
Read more:

The Economic Lunacy of Climate Change UK

How climate change zealots are wrecking every last industry this country possesses.

Daily Mail October 2011

Rather overshadowed by events at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester last week was a line in George Osborne’s speech which could mark the start of a long overdue political transformation in Britain.

He was referring in particular to the Climate Change Act, famously passed by the House of Commons in October 2008 by 463 votes to three, even as the snow was falling outside. By the Government’s own estimate, it would cost £404?billion to implement – £760 per household every year for four decades. Continue Reading →

Madness! …Secret diary of a Labour Immigration Minister who rails against Human Rights Act !

A Labour former Immigration Minister last night said Theresa May was right to say human rights laws make a mockery of the way Britain deals with asylum seekers.

Phil Woolas also released extracts from an explosive diary revealing the ‘absurd’ degree to which the immigration service was hampered by court rulings on human rights.

Mr Woolas, Immigration Minister from October 2008 until the 2010 election, was unaware of the cat ruling until he saw it in newspapers. But to back his case that the Human Rights Act and European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) were crippling the immigration system, he released extracts from his private diary as a minister.

Published below, they reveal his anger at learning:

  • Osama Bin Laden’s son could use British Freedom of Information rules to see Government files rejecting his visa application, even though he lived in the Middle East.
  • A suspected drug lord was freed because the French navy vessel which caught him took too long to bring him to port and charge him.
  • A convicted rapist due to be deported could still get British legal aid in India to fight for custody of his estranged son.
  • There was a challenge to the Lords against deporting someone to Greece because the Greek asylum system might breach the person’s human rights. Continue Reading →

Matthew Would Like To Say A Few Words.

Tundra Tabloids posted an article recently about something that happened over in England.

My mate Martin Brennan has been staying with a fellow called Matthew Stiddard. Martin was deported from Australia officially due to a breach of visa, but seeing as Martin had never been in trouble with the police nor had any notification from DIAC about any visa irregularities, I wonder if that was really it.

That’s for another day, so we’ll leave that for now.

Matthew was interviewed by VladTepes, and I’ve also gotten to know him. He’s starting to get a bit of a profile now, and he’s concerned that there might be some misconceptions floating around with respect to his current police…. challenges… and what’s happening with the leadership of the EDL.

For the record, Matthew has never made any comment about why the police would be interested in Martin. In conversation he has made it quite clear that it’s not a path he would like to travel down.

I’ll let him speak for himself*:
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