40 Replies to “Report on Islamic gangs forcing British children into sex-slavery”

  1. Ah, it’s the religion of peace hard at work again! I am surprised they can find time for this, given their busy agenda of beheading (As specified by the Qur’an), stoning (as specified by the Qur’an), maiming 8 year old boys who steal BREAD (as specified by the Qur’an), genital mutilation (is that in the terrorist handbook or just a latter day invention like halal certification?) etc etc etc. Talk about versatile!

    • Did you ever read the Qur’an? Doesn’t seem like you did with all that misinformation. Better know what you’re talking about before you write such a hilarious nonsense. The Qur’an doesn’t say anything about stoning for example…just to let you know. P.S. I am no muslim, but read the Qur’an 😉

      • You are correct. I owe you and all muslims an apology. It was in Bukhari the most authoritative of the hadiths.

        Bukhari (6:60:79) (alt link) – Two people guilty of “illegal” intercourse are brought to Muhammad, who orders them both stoned to death. Apparently their act was out of love, since the verse records the man as trying to shield the woman from the stones.

        Bukhari (83:37) – Adultery is one of three justifications for killing a person, according to Muhammad.

        Muslim (17:4192) – This hadith clarifies the different penalties for adultery (when the subjects are married), and fornication (when they are not): “in case of married (persons) there is (a punishment) of one hundred lashes and then stoning (to death). And in case of unmarried persons, (the punishment) is one hundred lashes and exile for one year” (See also 17:4191)

        Muslim (17:4196) – A married man confesses to adultery. Muhammad orders him planted in the ground and pelted with stones. According to the passage, the first several stones caused such pain that he tried to escape and was dragged back.

        Muslim (17:4206) – A woman who became pregnant confesses to Muhammad that she is guilty of adultery. Muhammad allows her to have the child, then has her stoned. The description is graphic: “Khalid b Walid came forward with a stone which he flung at her head and there spurted blood on the face of Khalid and so he abused her.”

        Muslim (17:4209) – A woman confesses adultery and is stoned to death on Muhammad’s order.

        Ibn Ishaq (970) – “The adulterer must be stoned.” These words were a part of Muhammad’s farewell address to his people on the occasion of his final pilgrimage to Mecca.

        Islamic Law – “The stone shall not be so big so as to kill the person by one or two strikes, neither shall it be so small that it cannot be called a stone” The victim is intended to suffer.
        My deepest apologies to you Maya. How offended you must be that I had the wrong source. You see the problem is, outside of islam people have thousands, even millions of books to read and ideas to consider and weigh against reasoned evidence. In Islam, well, you pretty much are considered an important person if you memorize just one kinda short and badly assembled one. So I hope you can forgive my getting the wrong source. Yes, the stoning of people to death is in the hadiths and all through every school of sharia of course but no longer in the koran itself.

        • Eore thanks for informing and educating us.
          Condamnation without investigation is the highest degree of ignorance.
          Maya, you can apologize to Lindsay now.

        • Apparently their act was out of love, since the verse records the man as trying to shield the woman from the stones.

          An honorable Muslim male? Quel surprise!

        • Aisha claimed that in the turmoil surrounding Mohammed’s death, a goat had eaten the flimsy material upon which had been written the verse setting out stoning for adultery. It may be a complete coincidence that she herself had narrowly escaped an accusation of adultery. Anyway, the verse is as you say, not in the Koran thanks to the actions of the “goat”.

        • Excellent, Vlad. Don’t you just love these people who consider themselves authorities on islam who have so little actual knowledge of what has been written and commanded?

          These apologists for the most horrendous of so-called “religions” (actually a death cult) are not hilarious, since their ignorance supports the killing, the sex slavery, the pedophilia, etc. that are the bedrock of islam. mohammed built islam upon the very perversions he enjoyed, and made sure the desert scum, the brigands of his time and place knew that the moon-god, “allah” (whom he created out of smoke and assorted filth) approved of those same perversions. That is how he swelled the ranks of his make-believe religion. He was the L. Ron Hubbard of his time. To this very day, there are those losers, unable to get next to a woman on their own, who have joined in hopes of getting their hands on a “war bride” (aka sex slave). A number of them have been American citizens.

          The Ayatollah Khomeini – supreme religious authority in Iran – wrote a book in two volumes on “proper muslim conduct” titled “Tahrirolvasyleh”. In it he declares these are approved behaviors:
          “A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate vaginally, but sodomizing the child is acceptable.”
          “A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels and so on. However, he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village, but selling the meat to a neighboring village is reasonable.”
          “If a man sodomizes the son, brother, or father of his wife after their marriage, the marriage remains valid.” (Notice the Ayatollah did not say it needed to be consensual.)

          Yes, I realize the world is full of those who – many of them former clients of Epstein – believe pedophilia is acceptable behavior. I think that is partly why so many of them support islam. Considering pope Francis’ love of muslims over Christians, it gives you pause, doesn’t it. The same might be said about Barack Hussein as well, don’t you think?

      • Have you read Sharia Law? It was created by Muslim men to enslave Muslim women. Women are property, and have the same value as goats or sheep. Example: Sharia Law specifically describes how stonings are to take place. The man is to be buried up to his waist, with his arms free. It takes a man about 30 seconds to wiggle out of the hole. In the meantime – no one throws stones at the man. No man has ever died at his stoning. Women are to buried up to their necks with their arms at their sides. No woman has ever escaped death at her stoning.

    • It is, IMHO and understanding that – like Obama (and possibly directed by Obama), the Brandon administration is actually assisting Iran in building and possessing a nuclear weapon. I read that this was part, unspoken of course, of Obama’s agreement with Iran (remember – he said that he would support the muslims over us in any disagreement). The author of the article indicated he believed Iran would become a nuclear power before the end of 2022, IIRC.

  2. MOSLEMS have ALWAYS HAD a SICK OBSESSION with SEX SLAVERY!!! the vast majority of BDSM/sex slave pornographic sites on the Web(epecially on TUMBLR!!)are clealy made by, and for MOSLEMS!!… Over 1400 years, ISLAM has reduced to sex slavery COUNTLESS MILLIONS of women and little girls, White Western women being their first and foremost target!…. And never forget: THIS is GOING ON RIGHT NOW!! as the Rotherham scandal so clearly indicate. Wonder WHERE all the countless thousands of White children who “disappear” each year end up?? Inside MOSLEM “HAREMS”!!! There must be tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands Western women and children being detained as sex slaves throughout the entire islamic world, especially in the entire Arabic Peninsula… Question: WHAT THE HELL are both INTERPOL and the United Nations doing about this??!…

    • Islam is the most evil violent ideology and mostly towards women. That’s half the population, how do men who follow this despicable ideology look at themselves in a mirror?

  3. News often they are silenced in the mass media appears.
    Moreover laws should be changed in the West, where a rape should be cause for life imprisonment.
    And with the aggravation of minors, which should castrate the individual (as exists today in many countries by chemical methods) voluntarily (by the individual violator) .We are terrified of the numerous cases of these crimes in Western countries, committed by subject, usually of non-white ethnic groups, against white people.
    At least, that is flashy or are revealing data, hence no statistics appear or similar studies in many countries these very serious crimes.
    Collateral damage occur when: feminist associations distort messages and the man generally appears as the number one enemy, regardless of race, ethnicity or culture of criminal subject, every man for feminists and other interested groups (politicians ) (almost childlike in ideas) subvert reality.
    Islam is a harmful sect, declared from the time of Christopher Columbus (historical texts).
    Islam should be banned in the West, but the politicians are afraid, afraid, and followers (followers) of Islam exploit messages Koran and its subsidiary books to make clear that only followed to the Islamic teachings point.
    Another problem is the immigration from the Zionist media (especially in Anglo-Saxon countries) usually refers to the term migration: immigration and migration. For quite some time now; is distinguished by many portals this difference, it is not the same as an American immigrant to be considered only for having moved house or have gone to another region of the country, etc.
    Besides the massive immigration (uncontrolled) in North America it has been alarming, and this has made crime figures soar.
    The term hate Don also used for political purposes, wrongly, as another term: racism.
    Hatred and racism is not a crime in a democratic system, as if it were there would be no democracy. So someone can hate in your mind and not say who will control those ideas that are unknown in a subject?, This is no reason to compare it necessarily a bad thing, negative or outlaw.
    I can hate my opponents, but respect it. (Example in the sport).
    A soldier shouts: Long live the United States of America! (Example of racism).
    Racism is closely linked to an identity, a nation, a group, a sense of country, etc. And it is no fault or crime.
    All these technical problems have been intentionally embedded language to connect ideas, also: a serious mistake, since all the people of the world are different including twins, twins, family, etc ..
    It is as if everyone forced them to sign something with a single entry, for everyone.
    Or as if someone forced you to think like the neighbor, etc.
    In another aspect of these events, the crime, it is also considered organized crime; because the offender belongs or is conditioned for ideas outside the law (Islam).
    And all due to an excess of trust among citizens, but also the wrong way, it is not the same citizenship citizenship from 1920 to 2020, everything has changed and countries need to adapt laws and protect citizens because if not; nations and societies die before social conflicts and civil wars, or the absolute chaos appear.
    All these crimes are also considered criminal events of chaos or lack of protection from the authorities of each nation.

  4. Christianity and Islam have both infected the World. They have come from the desert and both religions should be made illegal. Christianity has caused such terror across the world in the past but has been subdued. Islam is now causing terror across the world. We have no need for either of these organisations. The removal of them would benefit the world. Sadly it will take many decades to remove them however.

    • I totally agree. All three Abrahamic religions are rooted in ancient stories mainly Sumerian and Assyrian and in mysogyny. The difference between Islam ( which is a hotch potch of Old and New testaments and other scriptures prevalent at t time id Mohammed) is tt unlike the other books, the quran is considered the final word of god and therefore pinned to its historical context. As a result Islam cannot tolerate critical thinking (so any emerging period of Enlightenment is always crushed) and any archeological historical or scientific evidence refuting its claims are rejected. It is, unlike most Christianity and Judaism, in a constant state of arrested development. What we see in the Middle East is an angry petulant juvenile trying to come to terms with adulthood while still being controlled by a stern and violent patriarchal father.

        • Indeed, “mohammed” (whoever he really was) made up his “religion” by copying from Judaism and Christianity. But when he did not get the respect he thought he was due from those religions, he changed his tune (he was illiterate and had written nothing down) and his make-believe “religion” became death to non-believers, insisted that Jews were never to be trusted or befriended, treated as anything but infidels, deserving of death. When his fairy-tales were finally written down, their resemblance to his original ideology was gone, changed.
          The qur’an and hadith were never written by him. His creation was verbal on his part, supposedly copied from his verbal discourse, but who knows how much the qur’an actually matches what he spoke of during his life?
          From what I have read, I do believe his “religion” does match much of what the Ayatollah Khomeini described in the book “Tahrirolvasyleh”.

  5. What religion has more schools, more hospital, more care centres, more soup kitchen, more simple drop-in centres than any other religion and organization in the world – answer: the Roman Catholic Church. The Church founded and has maintained the true and only way to salvation for billions. It is the only Church imbued with mercy, love and understanding. To criticize Christianity is to criticize Catholicism that has given the world a civilization of love. I am a Catholic and I know something about my Church. Find out a little bit about history before making such bigoted and ignorant statements.

  6. Islamic terror especially to women and children this ideology needs to be wiped out. How do men who practice this evil Islam look at themselves in the mirror or sleep at night?

  7. ComSat for Africa https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/israel/2019/august/israel-successfully-launches-amos-17-satellite-to-bring-the-internet-to-africa

    How humane. Then the whole of Africa will know about the “paradisiacal conditions” of the Western social systems and apply for “asylum”. Guess why they’re all on our doorstep. Without Google and Smartphone this would never have happened. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/08/22/one-quarter-of-germans-now-come-from-migrant-backgrounds/

  8. https://www.news24.com/World/News/in-berlin-refugees-get-classes-on-sexual-consent-20190731

    Muslim invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany are being given “cultural adaption” classes in order to “teach” them the difference between having consensual sex and outright rape.

    Official figures show a 15-percent rise in sex crimes committed by foreigners in 2018, with more than 6,046 sex attacks registered that year alone—more than 16 every day.

    In Norway, invaders pretending to be refugees were compelled to undergo similar courses between 2013 and 2015 https://herogroup.no, after several rape cases involving refugees, the AFP coyly adds.

    “These are difficult themes, speak freely,” the workshop’s moderator, Carola Pietrusky-Niane is quoted as telling the group, as they discuss the video in a mix of German and Arabic.

    “Advice is given to refugees from countries where displays of affection are banned in public, boys and girls often attend separate schools and rape within marriage is not considered a crime.”

  9. Have you read Sharia Law? It was created by Muslim men to enslave Muslim women. Women are property, and have the same value as goats or sheep. Example: Sharia Law specifically describes how stonings are to take place. The man is to be buried up to his waist, with his arms free. It takes a man about 30 seconds to wiggle out of the hole. In the meantime – no one throws stones at the man. No man has ever died at his stoning. Women are to buried up to their necks with their arms at their sides. No woman has ever escaped death at her stoning.

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