NY Governor uses the most flagrant example of false analogy perhaps of all time

“Hitler wore pants. Hillary Clinton wears pants. Therefore, Hillary Clinton must want to build death camps and exterminate entire races.” – me making that up now out of whole cloth.

“Ghandi wears diapers. Babies wear diapers. Therefore…” -same.

He has disabled comments for this video. So I welcome people making them here. This is an actual insulting level of sophistry and an insult to even his own grandparents who didn’t come here to blow up the innocent and conquer this land and live off the fruits of other’s labour.

Adding the missing puzzle piece on Obama’s peculiar lexicon

Often, when consistent observations do not fit any acceptable theory, the public or pundits will feel they have to make up a complicated puzzle piece that allows observations to fit with an accepted paradigm. Authority hates a vacuum and humanity hates an unknown. And often one can tell that this was what took place because the solution is clumsy, counter-intuitive and impossibly complex.

One of my favorite examples of this was the Catholic Church propagation of the notion of ‘retrograde motion‘ of the planets to try and explain why, when observing the motions of the planets, they did not always move in perfect circles around the Earth as the legally mandated theory of the day insisted they must, but instead, occasionally moved what appeared to be backwards for a bit as their orbits around the Sun were viewed from the  Earth. The Church at one point had a giant clockwork machine made that more or less replicated these motions to show how they happened in fact.

(To the Church’s credit, they allowed observations to be made and attempted to adjust their model to account for these observations and even though conclusion based reasoning is anathema to science, it is still an order of magnitude more valuable than Islam which kills the observer when reality fails to reflect belief.)

Once the theory was changed from an Earth centered universe to a Sun centered solar system within an arm of a spiral galaxy, pretty much all observed motions of planets and stars fit theory near enough to perfect for accurate predictions to be made.

Since President Obama took office in 2008, he has been very consistent in the way he refers to, and mandates that others refer to Islamic obligatory jihad. In fact he has removed those words not just for himself and his staff…

…but from the FBI lexicon to the extent that it is accepted by many that the Boston Marathon bombing occurred because all the references to jihad, umma and other Islamic terms connecting a terrorist act to the two brothers had to be dismissed according to rules Obama set out for the FBI.

In some cases, the narrative out of Obama’s mouth himself have crossed the border of the ludicrous attempting to avoid any connecting terms between horrific acts and the muslim religion.

Now the observations of Obama, his senior staff, and instructions to law enforcement are too consistent and too similar to be dismissed as anomalous. And so now, enters the ‘retrograde motion’ attempt to explain it without changing any dearly held beliefs.

Political correctness is likely the most popular explanation, that in Obama’s post-modern world-view, islam is a ‘full house’, at least in Obama’s politically correct poker score-card and so he seeks to dissociate it with what it obviously teaches, believes, and acts on. Or, that he is enacting a grand strategy we mere mortals are just too stupid to understand so we just have to roll with him on this as things get worse and worse everywhere.

But what if we add in a new theory that allows for his behaviour without any complex mind twists to make it sort of seem to work?

Let’s see what happens if we plug in the Islamic definition of slander, quite a specific concept and not that akin to our own at all.

Robert Spencer on slander in Islam

In Islam, slander is anything which makes islam look bad, especially to an outsider and wholly irrespective to the truth of the claim. In other words, anything which is said which may give another person an unfavorable view of islam, no matter whatsoever the truth of the claim, is legally slander in islam.

The moment you come to understand this, Obama’s words and that of his senior staff make perfect sense. He is observing and applying the Islamic definition of slander. This is not to say he is a muslim, he may or may not be I have no idea other than one can bet the actions he will take will favour Islam uber alles. But certainly, as he was raised in a madrassa in Indonesia for most of his formative years, he knows that definition cold and if one examines his speeches, words and actions in terms of what can be said about Islam, such as (famously at the UN) “The future must not belong to those who would slander the prophet of Islam” down to his instructions to the FBI., it suddenly becomes clear, easily understood and utterly contortion free.

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Arabic Rapper Says U.S. and Israel to Blame for Palestinians Not Sending Man to the Moon

You know, in a way they may be on to something. After all, from all accounts, the only thing taught in Palestinian schools and universities is the making and launching of rockets.

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The Blaze:Palestinian Rapper Says US and Israel to Blame that Palestinians Not Yet Sent Man to the Moon

Hip hop group DAM, with Tamer Nafar in center (Facebook photo)

A Palestinian musician is blaming the U.S. and Israel for the fact that the Palestinians have not yet been able to send a man to the moon.

Tamer Nafar of the Arabic hip hop band DAM says the group’s latest album was inspired by the contrast between NASA’s space exploration and the digging of smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. He tells the pro-Palestinian website Electronic Intifada that the “occupation” and the U.S. are to blame for hindering Palestinian space exploration ambitions. He does not mention that Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005 and that Hamas – defined by the State Department as a terrorist organization – now controls Gaza, not an Israeli “occupation.”

In the interview, Nafar describes the inspiration for DAM’s new album Dabke on the Moon. Dabke or Debka is a traditional Arab line dance (Emphasis added):

Well, once I read an article about some NASA experiment on the moon, or in space, I don’t know, but they created some kind of a spaceship that goes to outer space to do something. And on the same day, I read an article about the people in Gaza digging tunnels. I didn’t feel comfortable with these two opposites. They are exploring the galaxies outside of Earth, and the Palestinians are digging tunnels — it’s the opposite direction.

Of course we want to go to the moon, but we cannot do it with the occupation. And who’s responsible for the occupation as well? America, the USA. They are sponsoring billions of dollars every year to make us dig under tunnels. I didn’t like it, and it was a sad song at the beginning. How come we are digging tunnels and they are reaching outer space?

Nafar also blames Arab dictators for restraining the purported Palestinian moonwalking dreams:

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Coming Soon: Tariq Telling It Like It Is.

Soooo.. I was tootling around the blogosphere, and one link led to another and I find out that Tariq Ramadan is giving a lecture at a Catholic University about islam. This is quite interesting, given that islam is pretty much mutually exclusive to christianity – especially catholicism. The catholic writer Belloc considered islam to be a great heresy and devoted a chapter to it in his book called, appropriately enough, The Great Heresies.

Seeing as I’m in Australia and not in Canada, perhaps one of the regular readers here from Waterloo might like to mosey along in March as I can’t attend. That weekend we’ve our own dawafest (facebook page) here in Melbournistan.

It appears that SJU is rather liberal in its catholicism, and Ramadan is a past master at dawah and taqiyya, so I expect there will be quite a few attendees who will go weak at the knees. Unlike Barry Obama, he really is and excellent orator.

For your education and perhaps enjoyment, here is his debate with the late great Christopher Hitchens on whether Islam Is A Religion Of Peace. Hitch scores some nice points, but it’s also worth watching to see how Ramadan works his way around things.

Charlie Hebdo to publish non-provocative history of the Pirate Mohamed, founder of Islam

My suspicion is that CH is attempting to show that even a certifiably accurate history of Islam will cause violent reactions by Muslims if it falls into the Islamic definition of ‘slander’, meaning, ‘may or may not be true but does not depict Islam or it’s founder in the best possible light to infidels’.

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Charlie Hebdo will publish a “halal” biography of Mohammed

Charlie Hebdo does it again. The newspaper will publish a special edition on Wednesday with the title “The Life of Muhammad”, a “perfectly halal” cartoon biography made up from texts of Muslim chroniclers. It was Charb, the editor of the weekly satirical magazine, who communicated this on Sunday to AFP. But the newspaper’s management promised that this time the tone will not be provocative.

“Neither a cartoon nor a satire”

It will not be a cartoon nor a satire, but a detailed account taken from serious bibliographical sources. This fact is certified in a foreword by “Zineb”, a Franco-Moroccan sociologist of religions and co-author of this publication.

“This is a biography authorized by Islam since it was written by Muslims. It is a compilation of what was written about the life of Muhammad by Muslim chroniclers and it has simply been drawn in pictures “, Charb added, rejecting that he would be engaging in provocation. “I do not think that (even) the most learned Muslims will find anything substantial to complain about,” says Charb, whose magazine caused stirs several times after publishing Mohammed cartoons.

As for criticism that will surely be voiced regarding the fact that depicting the prophet is blasphemous, Charb replies that “it’s just the tradition, it is absolutely not found in the Qur’an. Insofar as Mohammed is not ridiculed, I do not see why one could not read this publication as one read the stories of the life of Jesus in the Catechism.”

“Muslims are willing to laugh at themselves”

In November 2011, after the publication of a special issue of the magazine named “Sharia Hebdo” which containing caricatures of Muhammad, the headquarters of the satirical newspaper were burned, its website hacked, and Charb received death threats. Since then, he lives under police protection. More recently, new cartoons published by the magazine Charlie Hebdo had sparked strong criticism by part of many Muslim countries to the point that the French government had to take steps.

Although this time the approach is quite different, Charb expects that he will not please everyone. “If people want to be shocked, they will be shocked, but this will not be done in order to shock. Muslims are also willing to laugh at themselves. If we begin to think of them as people handicapped in their capacity to laugh , then one cannot link them with a peaceful Islam, but with an extreme one. One should stop being being afraid of Islam, (because) the more you fear Islam, the more scary Islam will be “, he says. He thinks that “it would be a good idea to bring it to the schools, even Muslim children can read it in that they accept that Muhammad is represented (in the cartoons)”.