IREA In Our Showgrounds.

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IREA Islamic conference: Are Aborigines supporting Islam’s anti-black racist ideology?

The Islamic Research and Education Academy (ie Islamic propaganda and dawah) plans a huge meeting at the Victorian showgrounds on 15th/16th/17th March. According to their meeting in Sydney Rd on the 9th December, to plan this event some very unpleasant people are being invited to speak (eg AbdulRahman Al-Sudais, the imam of Mecca who called on allah to annihilate the Jews whom he said were ‘the grandsons of monkeys and pigs…and they also intend to use gullible Australians to promote their frightening ideology.

The claim is made the ‘we’ve got brothers and sisters from aboriginal backgrounds who have become muslim in the past 2 years ….. there are constant numbers who become muslims’

1) Why would any dark skinned person join a religion, the only one I know of, that says black people were created for hell and whose prophet abused and enslaved black people and associated them with hell, satan and epidemics ?

The Koran tells us people with black faces are going to hell –those with white faces go to paradise.

*Koran 39.60 And on the Day of Resurrection you will see those who lied against Allah –their faces WILL BE BLACK. Is not in hell an abode for the arrogant?

Also in *Koran sura 3.106-107, and 10.26-27 those with black faces go to hell.

Allah created black people for hell: this cannot be changed.

*Tirmidhi hadith 38 Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said: Allah created Adam when He had to create him and He struck his right shoulder and there emitted from it white offspring as if they were white ants. He struck his left shoulder and there emitted from it THE BLACK OFFSPRINGS as if they were charcoal. He then said (to those who had been emitted) from the right (shoulder): For Paradise and I do not mind. Then He said to those (who had been emitted) from his left shoulder: They are for HELL and I do not mind.Transmitted by Ahmad. (ALIM CDROM)

This is repeated in Mishkat Al Masabih (supposedly the improved version of Masabih al-Sunnah –a collection of sunnah) (see

Islam’s text (Koran, hadith) tells us that your entire history is set before you are born and you cannot change it. Muslims will go to hell if allah has set this down.

*Koran 17.13Every man’s fate We have fastened on his own neck: On the Day of Judgment We shall bring out for him a scroll, which he will see spread open.

*BukhariVolume 4, Book 55, Number 549: Narrated Abdullah:
Allah’s Apostle, the true and truly inspired said, “(as regards your creation), every one of you is collected in the womb of his mother for the first forty days, and then he becomes a clot for another forty days, and then a piece of flesh for another forty days. Then Allah sends an angel to write four words: He writes his deeds, time of his death, means of his livelihood, and whether he will be wretched or blessed (in religion). Then the soul is breathed into his body. So a man may do deeds characteristic of the people of the (Hell) Fire, so much so that there is only the distance of a cubit between him and it, and then what has been written (by the angel) surpasses, and so he starts doing deeds characteristic of the people of Paradise and enters Paradise. Similarly, a person may do deeds characteristic of the people of Paradise, so much so that there is only the distance of a cubit between him and it, and then what has been written (by the angel) surpasses, and he starts doing deeds of the people of the (Hell) Fire and enters the (Hell) Fire.”
(this is repeated many times with slight variation in BukhariVol 9 Nos 430, 593, BukhariVol 8 book 77 Nos 594, 595, 602,-604, and Muslim Book 33 Nos 6390-6408 etc.) Note: Bukharihadiths are considered the most authentic and authoritative hadith followed by Muslim.

Satan is equated with a black person according to Mohammad:

*From the Sira; SiratRasul’allah (Mohammad’s 1st biography) p 243 re Natal
I have heard that it was of him that the apostle said ,”Whoever wants to see SATAN let him take a look atNabtal b. al-Harith!” He was a sturdy BLACK man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks. He used to come and talk to the apostle and listen to him and then carry what he had said to the hypocrites. ..

Mohammad compares his dream of a black woman to an epidemic: *Bukhari Volume 9, Book 87, Number 163 (USC site)

Mohammad refers to an Ethiopian (black person) as a raisin head *Bukhari Volume 9, Book 89, Number 256: (USC site)

Mohammad had black slaves-

* Bukhari Volume 3, Book 43, Number 648Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbas: (this long hadith relates a tale from Umar –only relevant bits noted here)
…….. So I went to the upper room where the Prophet was and requested to a black slave of his: “Will you get the permission of (Allah’s Apostle) for Umar (to enter)? ….

‘a black slave’ implies more than one. This is repeated in *BukhariVol 9 Book 91 No. 368; Vol 6 Book 60 No. 435; Vol 7 Book 62 No. 119.

Mohammad also had a black clave called Anjasha*BukhariVol 8 Book 73 No. 182.

Mohammad pays 2 black slaves for a ‘white’ one –were black slaves worth less?

*Muslim, Book 10, Number 3901: Narrated Jabir ibn Abdullah: There came a slave and pledged allegiance to Allah’s Apostle (peace_be_upon_him) on migration; he (the Prophet) did not know that he was a slave. Then there came his master and demanded him back, whereupon Allah’s Apostle (peace_be_upon_him) said: Sell him to me. And he bought him for two black slaves, and he did not afterwards take allegiance from anyone until he had asked him whether he was a slave (or a free man).

According to Mohammad his little black slave boy goes to hell -*Malik’s Muwatta, Book 21, Number 21.13.25:
There are other stories.

2) Islam is a white Arab supremacist ideology
All muslims must take on Arab culture, often Arab dress and recite prayers etc in Arabic as allah’s true message is only in Arabic. Arabs are the best people-
Eg*Koran 3.110; 12.2 (verily we have sent it down as an ARABIC Koran..); 13.37; 16.103; 20.113; 26.193-196; 39.27-28; 41.3; 41.44; 42.7; 43.3; 46.12.
*BukhariVol 4 Book 55 No. 593 and 572, Vol 6 Book 60 No.211 etc.

Mohammad is described as ‘white’ –white Arabs are superior:
“Mohammad” … “This white man reclining on his arm.”*BukhariVol 1 Book 3 No. 63;

“And a white (person) (i.e. the Prophet) who is requested…..” *BukhariVol 2, Book 17 No. 122;

“I saw the Prophet, …, “He was white and his beard was black with some white hair.”…. *BukhariVol 4 Book 56 No. 744

..”The Prophet passed through the lane of Khaibar quickly and my knee was touching the thigh of the Prophet . He uncovered his thigh and I saw the whiteness of the thigh of the Prophet.”… *BukhariVol 1 Book 8 No. 367;

“The Prophet never raised his hands for any invocation except for that of Istisqa’ and he used to raise them so much that the whiteness of his armpits became visible.”…. *BukhariVol 2 Book 17 No. 141

..describing the Prophet saying, “….. he had a rosy color, neither absolutely white nor deep brown,”.. *BukhariVol 4 Book 56 Nos 747, 748.

Islamic law: *Reliance of the Traveller: Shafii sharia law
*Law m4.2 p 523. The following are not suitable matches for one another-
1) a non-Arab man for an Arab woman (O: because of the hadith that the prophet [allah bless him and give him peace] said, “Allah has chosen the Arabs above others”)

3) Islam’s deep hatred of black extends to all animals as black animals are the least acceptable as a sacrifice and when Mohammad initially said to kill all dogs and the people complained he said to kill all black dogs! Black dogs are highly offensive and are devils (eg *Muslim Book 4 Number 1032, *SunaanibnMajah 2.952) so kill all black dogs (*Abu-Dawud Book 16, Numbers 2839, 2840). The best sacrificial animals (eg sheep, goats) are white ones, while the least acceptable are black In strict Islamic countries their offensive women are covered in long black shrouds.

*Abu-Dawud Book 16, Number 2839: Narrated Abdullah ibnMughaffal:
The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: Were dogs not a species of creature I should command that they all be killed; but kill every pure black one.

*Muslim Book 4, Number 1032: Abu Dharr reported: The Messenger of ‘Allah (may peace be upon him) said: When any one of you stands for prayer and there is a thing before him equal to the back of the saddle that covers him and in case there is not before him (a thing) equal to the back of the saddle, his prayer would be cut off by (passing of an) ass, woman, and black Dog. I said: O Abu Dharr, what feature is there in a black dog which distinguish it from the red dog and the yellow dog? He said: O, son of my brother, I asked the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) as you are asking me, and he said: The black dog is a devil.

Under Islamic Law when sacrificing an animal, a BLACK one is the LEAST acceptable.
*Reliance of the Traveller: Sacrifice Animal Specifications:
Law J 14.2 p 358 ….. The best kind of animal to sacrifice is a camel, then a cow, then a sheep and then a goat. The best kind of shah (sheep/goat) to slaughter is white, then tawny coloured, then black and white and then a BLACK one.

4) Do black people NOT know of Islam’s unending black slave trade where many millions were enslaved, while estimates using information available on the slave market and survival rates claim at least 120-180 million black people were affected (Scourge 2004, Bill Warner 2013). Many more died in battles or starvation resulting from the Islamic slave trade, entire tribes werewiped out and millions brought into the Arab Islamic world but where are their descendants now? Black men were horrifyingly mutilated by having their testicles and penis cut off resulting in survival rates of 1 in 10 to 1 in 30 (Bostom 2005, p 92, 93 Scourge 2004, Trivkovic 2002, p174)! Handsome young boy eunuchs (ghilman) were used for homosexual activity (Khan 2009 p 312-313). This continues into the paradise promised by allaheg*Koran 56.17-18; *Koran 76.19, *Koran 52.24 .

The Koran, ieallah sanctions the use of eunuchs—who clearly lack sexual desire or needs or vigour (capacity to perform sexually), particularly when castrated as children eg women could expose themselves in front of ‘the male servants not having need (of women)’, Koran 24.31

In Africa Black slaves were stored in underground dungeons (matamores) filled with filth and water and cramped( Khan 2009, pp293-294). Islam’s black slave trade which takes pure black muslims (they are inferior to Arab or Afro-Arab black people) and any non-muslims continues today (read Black Muslim NazerMende’s recent story).

European slave trading was brief and minute in comparison with Islam’s. Only half a million black slaves went to the US along with free black settlers who also owned black slavesegaccording to the United States census of 1830, in just the one town of Charleston, South Carolina, 407 black Americans owned slavesthemselves.(Scourge 2004). In the US Black people had rights and could become prosperous, and own other black people as slaves. Black religious andbusiness leaders, men and women, were part of the abolitionist movement. Slaves were not mulitated but could marry, reproduce, and be freed. Later all were given freedom as US citizens. It was Christians who stopped the slave trade. Islam’s text and laws promise slaves as booty for its fighters. Mohammad was a slave trader who handed out women and children to his men to be enjoyed!

Europe became involved in the slave trade from 1519-1815. Briton became involved in the slave trade in the 17th century but outlawed the slave trade in 1807. The International Treaty of Europe, signed by all the European powers in 1815, included abolition of the slave trade. Punishments in Briton for involvement in the slave trade moved from 14 years hard labour in 1810 to death in 1825 (Khan 2009, p 324). A Parliamentary decree in 1833 set ALL slaves in the British Empire free. This was followed by France in 1848, then the Dutch and the new United States in 1865. British soldiers died in Africa attempting to stop the Islamic slave trade.

Under Islam slaves were forced into huge armies or used for sex, household labour, menial labour, building, agriculture, plantation work, mining, or administration (white Europeans) (Khan 2009, p 286, 302). Even in the 19th century, many hundreds of thousands of black slaves were sent to Arab/Islamic plantations (Khan 2009, p 307-308).

An estimated ‘minimum’ of 14 to 32 million or more African slaves reached the Middle East (Scourge 2004; Khan 2009, p 334, Spencer 2008, Trifkovic, 2002). Slaves suffered extreme sadism (Scourge 2004, Bostom 2005, Spencer 2008). The mortality rate for slaves in transit across the Sahara or East Africa was 80-90% so at least 112 million died in transit. Many more died in the initial attack or through starvation due to the destruction of their village, crops and livestock.The trade was massive egSookhdeo ,(2007, p 250). Slaves also went to India and Islamic Asia.

In contrast in the European slave trade it is estimated that 10.5-11 million Africans were transported across the Atlantic with a death rate of 10%.Most of these slaves would have been Christian or animist etc often sold by muslim traders.

The Atlantic (European) slave trade regarded slaves as valuable assets whose life and progeny should be preserved ….in the Muslim world slaves were cheap, readily available, and dispensable.(Trifkovic 2002)

There was no abolition of slavery movement in the Arab Islamic world—any end to slavery (publicly) resulted from western influence or intervention. Jihad laws incorporate the slavery of others (Reliance of theTraveller; Islamic sacred law, Law O9.0-15, particularly O9.13, O 9.15. ).

Muslims in general and Muslim Arabs in particular, deny their huge involvement and complicity in the African slave trade and the full support of slavery in Islamic text, horrendous slave laws and Mohammad’s example which legitimated slavery and the sexual and physical abuse of slaves for eternity.. Earlier religions demanded kindness to slaves. Neither Buddha nor Jesus Christ were slave owners or traders. Manumission of slaves where slaves paid for their freedom or were simply emancipated as a voluntary act of their masters was practised even a thousand years pre-Islam. Even Islamic text tells us people treated slaves well and manumitted them before Islam. Allah’s prophet Mohammad was a slave owner and trader who handed females to friends and sexually abused captured females himself. Western Christian text and thought and ideals of freedom and equality stopped slavery. Under western pressure the Ottomans and Egypt attempted to suppress slavery but this was resisted as anti-Islamic and contrary to sharia. In 1960, African Muslims going on the Hajj still took slaves to sell in Saudi Arabia. (Khan 2009, p 345).

Islam’s black slave trade continues in the 21st centuryeg Mauritania, Sudan, Niger etc (Spencer, 2008). With the revival of Islam, slavery will increase as have other acts of violence to non-Muslims.

The article ‘Twenty-first Century African Slaves – In the Land of Islam’ states ‘From the Niger River to Sudan slavery continues to be practiced and justified in the name of the Koran.’The article notes the ‘reluctance’ to study Arab/Islamic slavery and the ongoing slave routes and abuse, particularly of black people–they are treated worse than animals.( (www.chiesa)

The slaves of muslims are found within the Islamic world and even in the west! (Summary in Circe 2009)

5) Those Macassanswho landed on our northern shores and their legacy for aboriginal people:
Research by anthropologist Ian McIntosh shows that contact between Aboriginals and the Muslim Macassan fishermen was extremely disruptive with an evil power entering Aboriginal society for ever. The result was Aboriginals learned they were ‘black’ and came to believe they lost power and wealth to the ‘white’ other (Muslim Macassans) and will forever be impoverished and dominated! “In the here and now, there will always be strife, poverty and domination by Others. This, I suggest, is a previously unrecorded legacy of contact between Aborigines and Indonesians.” Australian Folklore 11, 1996 131)

McIntosh notes that ‘atrocities were a feature of contact’ —indeed where are atrocities NOT a feature of contact with Islam? The Macassans bought alcohol and took sea slugs and sea cucumbers (aboriginal wealth) often collected by aboriginals. Aboriginals retained their separate unique culture despite some muslimsreaching parts of our northern shores. Islam would destroy aboriginal culture which includes art (drawing animals and people), dancing and music (all banned under Islam) and it would destroy aboriginal mythology and dreamtime (see Islam and aboriginality parts 1,2,3 at articles by circe)

It is deeply tragic to see black people including our aboriginals turning to Islam through ignorance and lies as they are fed anti-white hatred and told Islam is for them when in fact Islam is a white Arab supremacist ideology which hates ‘Black’ people and other black animals. Islam has committed the greatest mass murder and enslavement of black people.

Tragically our schools, universities, politicians and religious leaders also seem ‘ignorant’ of Islam’s black hatred, white Arab supremacy and its massive black slave trade or they cannot tell the truth.


1) Azumah, John Alimbillah. ‘The legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa by John AlimbillahAzumah’ presented on youtube as ‘Islam and slavery’ from of many statistics etc based on log books from the African slave ports, ships logs, travellers reports, eyewitness accounts
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17) Islamic text at or ALIMCDRom.

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  1. Islamic Research and Education Academy [IREA]?
    That sounds a bit like the Islamic Education and Research Academy [IERA].

    “The Guardian falls for an extremist lie”: Andrew Gilligan’s blog, Daily Telegraph Aug 3, 2010
    The agenda behind these inflammatory lies can be found in about two minutes on Google. iERA’s advisers include Bilal Philips and Zakir Naik, both banned from the UK by the Home Secretary; Haitham al-Haddad, who believes that music is a “fake and prohibited message of love and peace;” and a number of other people with utterly odious, anti-democratic views. The iERA “researcher” quoted by the Guardian, Hamza Tzortzis, is, as I reported in January, deeply in bed with extremism.

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