The New Soviet Story: A work of Future Fiction by the Johnny U community

Watching the Soviet Story again, the modern parallels are remarkable. The propaganda techniques back then and now are essentially identical. Then, bold ad hominems against broad swaths of undesirables disregarded discourse to short the circuit to HATE. Very effectively. Narrower ad hominems shorted the circuit to Jews.

Repeating the sins of the father to atone for the sins of the father. This was today’s politically-corrected German. Thankfully, generations of brutal collectivism had immunized Russians from today’s p.c. pandemic.

We knew the ghosts of their guilt drove their silly repentance, perhaps, even though they were too young or weren’t even alive in WW2. But what about the rest of us? The great repudiation had been going on for years now, but was accelerating. There weren’t many statues–either physically or psychologically–left to topple.

Almost every western country fell in line, save for the good ‘ol U.S.A., but even she was suffering severe political indigestion. Antifa, Black Panthers, BLM, the Democratic Party, MSM, environmentalists–every radical faction was arrayed against Trump. The political mid-ground was effectively removed. Goebbels would be proud. Accusing any denier of any branch of scientism, or flowing-like-water gender identity, was quite enough to have one branded a Nazi. It was precisely the excuse used by Russia and Germany to stamp out “Polish Fascism” at the outset of their invasions of that country. No such bona fide threat existed, which necessitated the need to create it. It was as masterful a use of reverse engineering as had been used anywhere in terms of propaganda techniques, and it would be used again and again. News sources spooned the people just enough truth to seduce them into accepting select narratives. The socialists knew they’d succeeded when truth became stranger than fiction to the man on the street, and so he rejected it.

When first I heard about the ban on acetylsalicylic acid the gravity of the psy-op we were in, hit home like Joanna Kozloski’s home-run swing in the 2021 World Series final. She was the first transexual athlete to make it to the top of the sports world, and did so with elan. When finally she trounced on home plate in the bottom of the ninth, after launching the ball out of Wrigley Field, she removed her high-heels and flung them high in the air in elation. Yes, she had run the bases to victory in stilettos. It had quickly become her trademark, and a symbol of her unbeatable confidence. Much like Babe Ruth pointing to the sky when he came to bat. Thirty-five thousand mask-wearing fans went berserk. She then grabbed her crotch and gave her now patented one-finger salute to her adoring followers. The crowd went even crazier at this flip off. In a post-game interview she said the finger was aimed at the patriarchy, and to Antifa. The balkanization of every group, sub-group, and sub-sub-group was now mission complete. The demoralization described by Yuri Bezmenov had become a hyper-ripened perpetual-motion machine of societal atomization. Not even the modern Soviets knew how to stop it now, except perhaps by adding a pinch of fresh holocaust to their recipe.

The Commissioner’s Trophy was presented to Miss Kozloski by a very old George Soros, who had just announced his candidacy for President in the 2024 election. The Democrats, still smarting from their 2020 defeat to Donald Trump, had learned at least one lesson. It mattered not how old or infirm your candidate was. What mattered was who controlled the narrative. 2020 had been a surprisingly close election despite Joe Biden’s dementia having boiled his brains to borscht, and despite the Dems successfully arguing that not a single pre-election debate was needed. Heaping endless disinformation upon the American public through multiple fire hoses, domestic and foreign, had shown real effects. Now, with a little tweaking, Democratic strategists knew they couldn’t lose.

What the left had not seemed to realize, however, was that they had already won, essentially. They were the establishment in every western nation. They largely controlled the media and institutions. They didn’t see that the right was now the counter-culture. The left was sure the silent, moral majority that had held its proverbial tongue right up until stepping into the ballot box would be usurped, this time, by mail-in and internet voting. Yes, Soros was old, but he still had his mind, name recognition, and a way with words. Absurd? –No more than anything else the Dems had accomplished. They even convinced the country that Soros had been born in America. He was their next Trojan horse. With a little luck he’d drop dead a few months into office. For his part the President, ever the brilliant strategist, surprised the nation by announcing Bari Weiss in counter-weight as his running mate. The former New York Times writer shot to fame when she quit the paper back in 2020, declaring war on cancel culture in the process. She had managed to maintain a voice despite numerous social media shutdowns. The President recognized her value as a youthful, articulate veteran of the raging propaganda battle in which the country was mired, and knew he needed the kind of turncoat media general her inside knowledge afforded. Besides, he reasoned behind closed doors, she could help siphon liberal Jewish votes and donations from the Dems.

The off-licence use of a drug had never before been disallowed. Fear mongering pushed by the mainstream media said aspirin caused stomach bleeding and a host of other side-effects. It was then rumoured a study was coming out in the Lancet journal proving it caused elevated eosinophil counts in some Covid-2022 patients. It would take very little, but deft, fictitious placements to accomplish the relegation of acetylsalicylic acid to the trash heap of medical history. Tucker Carlson compiled the msm repetition of key words over the broad outlet spectrum to little avail. “DANGEROUS”, “FATAL”, and “WITCH-DOCTOR MEDICINE” were the strike words used. The witch doctor reference, however, was dropped because of the outcry over cultural appropriation, and so to not malign legitimate, hard-working witch doctors everywhere.

Most medical doctors knew it was because the President had endorsed it as a remedy when used with the proper dosage of iron supplement and antibiotics. Of course, most were afraid to speak out. Cancel culture was as pervasive in the medical community as anywhere. Career-crippling sanctions were but a misplaced utterance away.

It was also imperative that the drug cocktail be given to the patient as soon as symptoms appeared. The President admitted his taking it as a prophylaxis against the virus. Up to now cases of Covid-22 were dropping quickly, as was the death rate. An aspirin a day keeps the doctor away, went the grassroots slogan. CNN tried hard to change this to: an aspirin a day keeps the undertaker at play.

I was listening to the radio when first I heard. I was driving Tom Hicks to the hospital. He’d had a lifelong problem with booze and drugs, and was at the business end of another bender. He was rough. He couldn’t tell if his cough was from his COPD, his emphysema, or from a viral infection. We assumed the former but feared the latter. He was talking about some old girlfriend as we drove. He would never leave the hospital. He would be denied aspirin. While not yet geriatric, Tom was the poster child of comorbidity vulnerabilities.

When the announcement came I swore I heard the sound of every last bottle of aspirin, and every brand that contained it, flying off every store shelf in the country. People had already been hoarding because of the media campaign, and government telegraphing its intentions with the usual word salad. Within hours it was impossible to get your hands on a single pill. Doctors were even forbidden from giving it to their own friends and family members. Sales of Advil and Tylenol spiked briefly before the public realized these contained no acetylsalicylic acid. A $5,000 fine was introduced, combined with possible jail time, for anyone caught cutting down willow and poplar trees. Long ago, indigenous North American tribes boiled the bark and leaves of these trees to extricate the chemical contained therein. They would drink the tea to mitigate pain and fever. The run on tree bark ended as quickly as it had begun. The poaching industry for animal parts went back to status quo, which meant supplying the massive traditional Chinese medicine industry with the likes of caribou antlers, black bear scrotums, and beaver foreskins. Canada’s Trudeau government seemed quite happy to oblige its CCP masters in this regard.

As my old friend got out of the car, feeble and unsteady on his feet beyond his years, I tried to remember what life was like before all of this. I tried to find perspective.

So many old people were dying in old age homes. The aged were always considered a huge, expensive liability by socialists. Socialism can’t afford them, or any of the infirm, for that matter. Besides, the older you were the more conservative you tended to be, and the more you remembered the now-racist and non-inclusive “old normal”. Ah, the old normal. A world of wondrous, beautiful statues and non-postmodern art. (The arthole graphic embodiment of the great deconstruction.) A time when government answered to the will of the people and not the reverse. A world without masks, social-distancing floor dots, hate speech laws, or false neo-Marxist narratives stacked upon each other like old, piss-stained mattresses piled from here to the moon. The very proof of this successful deconstruction. The Frankfurt School fraternity surely gazed up from their eternal hell holes with broad, self-satisfied smiles.

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The Outer Limits: Final Exam

Some ten years ago or so, a friend and colleague of mine mentioned this episode as an explanation for how things may go in the future. Pay particular attention to the short burst from the main character about why humanity has never met aliens, and then later when he is sitting down with the 2nd main character about how ideas become ubiquitous at a certain point.

Then imagine they are talking about CRISPR

The Forbidden City (Mirrored from Gates of Vienna)

Chances are, anyone who is having the problem described below is unable to read this post.

I’ll explain what happened: Late Monday night I started to get reports on skype and by email that people were getting a “403” error when they tried to access Gates of Vienna. The actual text of the message varied, depending on the browser and operating system, but it would look something like this:

You don’t have permission to access this resource.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Since I am a technical dunce when it comes to website mechanics, I consulted with Vlad Tepes and Henrik Clausen about what was happening. They looked into it, and it seemed that a crucial setting on the site was disabled for some reason, and needed to be enabled. Henrik enabled it, and over the next 36 hours people reported back to me that they were once again able to access Gates of Vienna. So everything was fixed.

But only for about 36 hours. I started getting messages today from the same people, and also additional ones, that the same error message was popping up when they tried to visit this site. It’s only happening in Europe and Israel, as far as I know. I’m getting no emails from the USA, Canada, or Australia about the “403 Forbidden” message. Countries affected include the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, and Israel. And probably others that I’m forgetting. But not on this side of the Atlantic.

I consulted at length with the hosting service, and the setting that Henrik enabled was still enabled. They can’t recreate the problem, since they’re in the USA. So there’s nothing more they can do unless I can give them specific instructions about what needs to be changed.

Something is fishy here. One time could be just a random glitch, but twice? And all within less than 48 hours.

My paranoid intuition says that when whatever it was the major ISPs in Europe tried to do two days ago failed — that is, when Henrik enabled the setting. So they decided to try something else to accomplish the same purpose. I don’t believe this is a coincidental, accidental malfunction — I think it is deliberate.

But then, I’m paranoid.

So… If you have friends, relatives, or acquaintances that report this problem, please explain what I have posted here. And most of the significant content I post is also posted at Vlad’s place, so they can go over there to stay somewhat up-to-date.

I don’t think this is an issue in the USA because not many people are very interested in what’s going on in Europe. I don’t report on Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Barr, or any other facet of the impeachment circus. I leave that to the specialists, and that’s where all the American traffic tends to go.

But this blog has a wide readership in Europe. Or rather, had — I think my European traffic is probably significantly reduced by now.

“Not Guilty” for tax evasion on a Libertarian argument

October 24th, 2019: Today in Ottawa, the former leader of the Canadian Libertarian party was found not guilty on failing to file tax returns. Although the judge did not cite his argument, and in fact, seemed to read the whole court transcript from the trial, mostly centred around the procedure of determining if the Social Insurance Number of the accused, Jean-Serge Brisson, was in fact really his.

But at the end of the reading of the transcript by the Judge, (who would have looked perfectly at home standing in with The Allman Brothers or Crosby Stills Nash & Young) he was found not guilty. In the video below, Jean-Serge explains the situation and makes a powerful point about forced labour by the government.

Profile of a real far right wing person

First it needs to be said, that I mean this title, not as a pejorative in any way. In fact I admire this guy in the same way I admire the legendary, Wyatt Earp or Doc Holiday.

I refer to him as “far right wing” to straighten the record. One of the most effective Marxist dialectic scams played on us, that we all bought in to.

So let’s define terms to get back to sanity.

Left wing: The politics of increased state power and authority. That much like Islam, all that is not expressly permitted, is prohibited. Truth is no defence, and there are no individual rights. All is for the glory of the state.

Two major examples of a left wing government historically in Europe, are the Soviets, and the Nazis.

In left wing thought, if an innocent person is killed by the state, he should be grateful that he died for the glorification of the state. As it has been said to be the communist slogan:

“There is no God, and Marx is his prophet”

One of the main Marxist scams that has been played on the West is the ludicrous notion that the Nazis were right wing. Hitler’s speeches were nearly perfect quotes from Marx, and other political philosophers who modelled their work on Marx and socialist/fascist thought. (Please see Postmodernism Explained, by Steven Hicks)

Right wing: Maximum individual rights and responsibilities. Truth is always an absolute defence. Government power is limited as much as possible and the people are the sovereign.

Left and right is not a circle that meets at some point. It is a straight line from liberty to being a slave of the state. Islam actually means submission (to the sharia) and so an Islamic government is strictly speaking, a far left wing, extremist form of control.

The USA as it was initially formed, is a far right wing government. Not because of slavery, slavery is a left wing institution. Right wing, or libertarianism, holds that all men are qual before the law, but only before the law.

And in this way, I would like to introduce you to a far right wing man, who seems to be a pretty direct philosophical descendant of the early and legendary libertarians.

John McAfee.


A great time to get a Cross of Matamoros

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Cross of Matamoros shipping times

UPDATE: EVERYONE who has ordered a Cross of Matamoros should have had them shipped by Monday. Almost all are already out or delivered. But EVERYONE who has ordered one up to now will have them shipped by this coming Monday. Thank you all very much again for your patience!

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We can only make them so fast as they are hand finished, so yes, we fell behind even though we are making them as many as we can at a time now, but again, without reducing the quality by changing methods, which we do not want to do.

As a consequence, people are experiencing a greater delay than they expected. And for this I do apologize.

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So I ask for your patience just a little longer please. Everyone who ordered them should get them by at the very very latest, the end of February but most much sooner than that. Some should arrive in the mail tomorrow to some of you.

Again, I apologize for the delay. It is awesome that InfoWars did a spot on these. Very exciting. And perhaps once I am ahead of the game Ill post the clip to the site, but for now its playing catch-up. It won’t be much longer though, so thank you again for your patience.


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Cross of Matamoros

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As some of you have noticed, Youtube have disallowed us from uploading to our channel on that company’s servers for a couple of weeks, and under questionable grounds as the same video that caused the objection, was copied by many MSM sources and uploaded to theirs without consequence.

So we have turned to where the last 8 months worth of our videos are archived already,

Bitchute is much more than a different server, it is a different technology altogether.

It uses the old, but excellent, concept of ‘bit torrenting’. Many of you here understand this better than I do, so please feel free to offer links or your own explanations in the comments. I would like to know more myself actually. Also please correct any errors I may make in my own form of explanation by analogy.

The idea is, 10 people want to have a copy of the NYC phone book. Each person gets a cover, and one person has the book. That person copies page 1, and sends it to one person, who copies it and sends it to a few others, and the whole thing is done so that each person does the least possible amount of copying and sending as is mathematically possible given the number of people who want it and the number of people who have it.

People who want it and do not send out parts themselves, I believe are called, “leachers” and those who are sharing it and have a substantial portion of it are called “peers”.

This can end up being VERY fast and often is better than streaming to people with poor connections. But this depends on the number of people sending.

How can individuals help?

Bitchute appears to work like Youtube, but it doesn’t really. It depends on us to share the videos ourselves. The consequence is, people who live in rural areas and have poor internet, find that they can sometimes have a difficult experience with Bitchute videos.

Someone I work closely with on a lot of projects all the time is in this situation. He has found that recently it works better than it used to because more people are watching the videos at once.

This is of course the opposite of Youtube, where the more people who watch a video the more demand on their resources. With Bitchute, the more who are watching it, the more sources there are.

So all of us can help in a few ways. Some browsers are more friendly with Bitchute than others. At the moment I am liking Brave. And the reason is that you can click the little magnet at the bottom right of any video, if you are watching it at the Bitchute page, and it will open a tab asking if you want to torrent it. This makes you part of the solution, and makes it easier for others to see it. The cost to you if you have a broadband connection with high or unlimited internet, is zero.

Many people have written me to ask how to send a link out for the video to others directly.

This turns out to be easier than I thought. If you click on the top left of the video where it says “Bitchute” it will actually take you through to the video page where that video is and will continue streaming from that point exactly like clicking on the words, “Youtube” on an embedded video and it brings you to that video on YT. You can then grab the video URL from the browser address bar as you would any other link.

Please let me know if there are other issues or questions and I will try and address them. I will also edit or change this document for accuracy as information becomes available to me. At some point I may add it to the sidebar so its always available to people to understand how this works.

The interesting thing to me is, we can all actually help this cause now without any cost to ourselves at all, and not even a noticeable effect on our bandwidth by clicking the magnet on a video we may feel others need to see, and either letting it start your Torrent client, or if you are using Brave Browser, just letting it open a tab to let you download and seed the video.

How can I download the video normally?

The brilliant program, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate seems to allow you to download from Bitchute.

How can I embed a Bitchute video on my own WordPress site?

Copy the code below and keep it in a simple word editor. Not one that will change anything, but as simple as possible, like Text Edit on a Mac.

<div class=”videoWrapper”><iframe src=”” width=”950″ height=”545″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe></div>

After the word “embed” you see a / and a series of numbers and letters and another /. Replace those numbers and letters with the identifier in the URL of any Bitchute video you want to embed. For example the address for the Jordan Peterson video is:

Grab the number string at the end: E2OLDfEn8SCL, and replace the string in the embed code above with it. You must of course, put the embed code into your WP site using the HTML setting, not the visual setting the way you would with a Youtube link.




Quick update for regulars to this site

Many of you may have noticed that the site was not reachable for some hours over the past 8 hours or so.

We live in a time of the death and burial of genuine liberalism. People who speak obvious truths, that there are only 2 sexes however many imaginary ‘genders’ there may be, or that Islam is a clear and immediate danger to any other system of thought, government or religious belief and must be fought by any means necessary and exposed for the pernicious and hate-filled ideology it is, face attacks of all kinds.

In this case its digital attacks on digital media.

Sorry for any inconvenience to readers, but as you know, it is extremely rare that one of these attacks succeeds in any meaningful way at all as it did last night.

Lastly, a shout out to the people who manage the firewall.

They are exceptional. They have kept this site up under incredible circumstances that used to bring us down for hours and hours every day. And the site has grown in authority and popularity since then as well, so the attacks have likely grown as well.

So the occasional issues with the site are a reminder of just how good their technology, and staff really are.

They did publish a partial explanation for what took place which makes for interesting reading for those interested in a more in depth understanding.

Thank you all for your patience as well. We appear to be back live now.


A couple of tech notes concerning the site

A few of you noticed that the site was down for an hour or so yesterday. This was for maintenance and security, and is all good. It does mean that we have been under attack for some time, but users may notice that today the site loads faster and better than anything, thanks to our good friends at the security service that keeps us up and functioning.

Also for reasons I really don’t get, the semi-automatic post for readers links did not go up on time for 2 days in a row. This I think has also been fixed, as it did work for today’s post.

So thank you all for your vigilance and support and lets carry on as usual!