Is this a meaningful comparison?

Many years ago when this author first noticed irregularities in the Matrix, shall we say, there was a guy who basically put the entire concept of blogs on the map as a thing.

If I recall properly, his name was Charles Johnson. And he ran a site called Little Green Footballs.

What put him on the map was a single event. He affected the outcome of an election by exposing a narrative lie about George Bush II.

60 Minutes, and then all the rest of the MSM, had decided to get rid of Bush by fabricating a story that he had been dishonourably discharged from the Air Force for some invented reason. The story took and of course, conservatives who support the military, honour and so on, somewhat shifted support away from Bush.

Then comes LGF who noticed that the document 60 minutes showed, was written on Microsoft Word which did not exist in 1973. It was clearly a fraud. The Font and line spacing etc. etc would have to have been done on a word processor and printed. not typed.

The narrative fell apart.

Shortly after that, LGF became irrationally leftist and he lost his following. So irrational, again if I recall correctly, that it seemed unlikely that even he believed the stuff he posted.

Flash forward to basically now:

Julian Assange in 2016 released leaked documents that showed a tiny fraction of Clinton malfeasance and far worse, and probably won the election for Donald Trump. Now Assange is not a conservative per se, except in the sense that he appears to believe in the Bill of Rights. Which should be good enough for all of us frankly.

Assange has now been in a British prison without trial since April 11, 2019

In discussions with an old libertarian like-minded counter-jihadist on Twitter this morning, I was reminded of LGF and Charles Johnson. And it auto-collated.

Did both these men suffer the consequences of interfering with a leftist narrative that slowed the revolution down?


Dr. Hodkinson on the legal attacks on Peter McCullough for speaking out against the Vaxx/Covid narrative

In this interview, Dr. Hodkinson focuses on the pressure being applied on Dr. Peter McCullough for his brave stance for medical truth. Both in terms of effective treatments for Covid19, and in terms of exposing the lack of informed consent in terms of taking the new mRNA injections. To put it at its very mildest.

For an excellent write up and related videos, please see this Rair Foundation post

More Swedish journalists harassed and robbed by the state for anti-narrative reporting

This is a little hard to follow but here are the basic points.

Police raided a Swedish journalist’s home and took ALL his electronics.

He was not arrested or charged with anything. But the raid happened because he is investigating someone known to have broken several laws, and avoided arrest himself by hiding out in Tanzania till the statue of limitations ran out on his animal abuse charges.

The man runs an outfit in Sweden that seems an awful lot like “Tell Mama” in the UK, and like Tell Mama, most of its charges against people for Islamophobia are pure invention. They have done a lot of harm to a lot of good and innocent people.

Thanks to Jan Sjunnesson for setting this up for us.

German government pushes the “far right danger” narrative to absurd lengths

First, the most recent communist propaganda from Germany

They specifically mention the attack on the Synagogue recently. Before you even watch this absurd theatre of incompetence, ask yourselves how long it would have taken to plan the across Germany anti-right-wing terror drills.

*WARNING* There is some violence in this video below as the lipstick wearing PeeWee German does appear to kill two people. But this happened too recently to be the cause of this set of drills, and the German government has actually said that this attack shows that the threat of right wing terrorism is “very very very very serious and at least equal to the threat of Islamic terror”.

Below, the German government quote:

Facebook now openly admitting its ludicrously Soviet like policies: “Only can say bad things about Tommy Robinson”

First, please watch this first five minutes of a Danish TV show with one of Facebook’s top execs. Although we hope to have the whole thing done over the course of next week, this first segment contains an admission which is so stunning it is hard to believe he said it out loud like it was an OK thing to say.

Direct link:

And if you do not think this is a big deal, consider it in the context of the video below, and the video below in the context of the one above.

The company that tells you what you can say and not say about a person with zero consideration of what is true, wants you to use money it invents and completely controls.

How would this not become a Chinese like, Social Credit system where Facebook can cancel or refuse to allow you to buy airline or rail tickets or anything else someone with whom it disagrees. And at the moment it disagrees with anyone not sporting a Neo-Marxist value set.

Bill Whittle on President Trump’s statement about Jewish people and the Democrat party

Bill Whittle points out that this is just another, albeit excellent, example of how the media presents the exact opposite of the truth if that is what is needed to push the narrative. The narrative, will always be obeyed.

For a thorough and deep understanding of what Bill Whittle is talking about, please consider committing 10 minutes a day to reading this explanation by Stephen Coughlin on how the left operates.

Follow up interview with Dutch man arrested for face-covering

Direct link:

The video of the arrest, and circumstances of the arrest can, and if you have not seen it yet, should be seen here.


Twitter bans people now for discussing policies of the US government positively

In fact, this tweet, which got the user a 24 hour ban, was criticizing President Trump for NOT declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, which it clearly is as many Arab nations have listed it as such, including Egypt, where it started!