One region in Spain is at least honest about mandatory vaccinations

In Canada and elsewhere to avoid some of the fallout from those who dared predict that once they had a fake cure for a fake pandemic that it would become mandatory, many governments are launching devices now familiar to recently communist states, where word games and legal inversions are used to get around basic rights and freedoms.

One is reminded of the words of Canadian Prime Minister, John Diefenbaker, who once said, “Getting taxes is like plucking a goose. The trick is to get all you can without them squawking too much”. It appears to be the same now with taking our rights and freedoms.

So Western nations have launched initiatives like vaccine passports, and lists of things you cannot do, like buy food, or leave your home area and return to it and maybe even have your personal information shared on data bases for all to see in the new form of the yellow star, the great unwashed, the ‘unclean’. These would be legal inversions in our view. They don’t outright say you must take the RNA experimental gene therapy treatment, but that if you do not, you will suffer loss of basic rights. Much like if you say you do not have to go out on the street and mourn for the death of Dear Leader, but if you don’t you will spend 3 generations in a Gulag and while you can choose your own mate for that next generation, if you don’t let the guards do it for you, they will probably rape you and hang you from a tree.

So in a horrifying way it is somewhat refreshing to see a region of Spain actually just come out and say that the vaccination is mandatory. At least then the citizens have a clear choice. FIGHT tyranny and depose the tyrants, or submit.

Please see the Rocco Galati video where he gives examples of the more subtle forcing of vaccines and why governments must never be trusted.

Please read the details over at RAIR

Germany votes itself out of Democracy, effects felt immediately, as popular doctor is raided by police during Youtube Live stream

First watch this one carefully and pay attention, right to the end please.

Here is a short observation by Hellequin, the translator of the following clip:

This is how must have felt when peoples Home were raided during the Nazi Era.
I really did not expect to live in a time I only heard of from Family, School-teachers, Books and old Hollywood Movies.
I stand chastised……

And about this clip:

Dr. Andreas Noack is one of the most famous and popular experts when it comes to nutrition, nutrients and health.

Dr. Andreas Noack was rumored to be under investigation for not complying with German COVID-19 lockdown laws, but some speculate there could be more to it. The arrest came after the German Parliament passed the “Infection Protection Law’

The police raid during live Youtube broadcast:

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“Because protesting is not only selfish, its stupid”, said about a man who was hit by a police car and then stomped on the head by police.

Disturbing new footage shows police ramming their car into a father-of-three in Melbourne – moments before officer STOMPED on his head in brutal arrest that has left him in a coma


A father-of-three with bipolar disorder is in a coma after being rammed by a police car and apparently stomped in the head during a brutal arrest in Melbourne. 

The roof plumber, 32, is being treated in an intensive care unit following the disturbing incident at Epping, in the city’s north, on Sunday afternoon.

Relatives said the tradesman had been seeking psychiatric treatment at the Northern Hospital but fled after failing to secure himself a bed, leading to police being called.

Outraged bystanders filmed the man’s arrest, with new footage showing the runaway patient flying forward after being hit by a police car shortly after 4pm.   

Video filmed afterwards captures officers pinning the man to the ground and appearing to kick him. 

Eyewitnesses Jake Edwards and his partner George Michael were driving down Cooper St when they stopped and filmed the shocking incident. 

Deep breaths before watching the videos in this post: Links 2, September 3, 2020

1. Very important Twitter thread showing the extreme restrictions on freedoms being imposed with the stunningly accepted excuse of foreign words sounding sorta like no-no words in English. Please click through to see the whole thread.

2. BLM is the KKK in blackface

3.  this is Victoria province of Australia

Full video

4. Leftist governments have found an excellent way to turn the law abiding and honest public against the police. Covid seems to be a splendid excuse to implement measures designed to break down civilization in every way they can identify and implement totalitarian measures.

5. Ontario woman kicked out of bingo hall for not using mask to cover breathing hole in her neck

TORONTO — An Ontario woman battling lung cancer, who breathes through a hole in her neck, was kicked out of her local bingo hall because her breathing hole wasn’t covered with a mask, her son says.

Whitby, Ont. woman Elaine Arbeau doesn’t go out much anymore, her son says, unless it’s to play at a casino or bingo hall with her friends.

According to her son, the 67-year-old was excited to see her friends again when Delta Bingo in Pickering, Ont. reopened following the COVID-19 shutdown. 

But things didn’t go as planned when she arrived earlier this month. When she got inside, management asked her to leave. 

“She was told to leave by management if she didn’t cover up the hole on her neck,” her son, Joe Gilbert, told CTV News Toronto on Sunday. “She explained that was impossible to do. That’s how she breathes.”

(Video at link)

CTV also informed us all this week that people who do not wish to wear a mask are in fact, psychopaths. CTV joins a long tradition of communist dictators who claimed all who objected to any arbitrary communist policy must in fact be mentally ill. Debate will not be permitted. Arrests will be made for non-compliance. Forced hospitalization usually follows and already has in Germany with one constitutional lawyer having been taken to a psychiatric facility for objecting to the Merkel Covid policies.

Thank you all who contributed to this effort all week long. 

UK: New legislation for COVID 19 Control of Disease Act

Simon Platt made this comment:

Some mistakes here.

It’s not a new law. It dates from, er, 1984. We all – nearly all – missed it before now.

If what this fellow cites is accurate, it won’t lead to mandatory vaccination. First, you don’t give vaccines to people who already have the disease. Secondly, I would argue that vaccines are not medication. But I don’t know the legal position.

That doesn’t mean it’s not a bad law, or that we need not be on our guard for something even worse. But we shouldn’t be distracted by this.