German singer has home raided by police looking for fake vaxx pass

Fascism. It’s not just for Canada anymore.

Please read the important story details at:

Famous German Singer’s Home Raided On Suspicion of Fake ‘Vaccination’ Card – She Fights Back (Video)

Restoring the clips of the UN planes in North Bay

During, and right before the fascist, jack-booted assault on peaceful protestors on and around Parliament Hill in February, there were a couple of clips that seemed to indicate that the sudden swell of unmarked militarized ‘police’ that suddenly appeared in Downtown Ottawa, might be from two UN aircraft that were spotted in a North Bay airport.

The clips have disappeared from their original platform, so I thought I would restore them and add a few clips of the curious police and the MASSIVE amount of busses and other vehicles plugging Ottawa roads that brought all these olive garbed, state thugs downtown.

A quick look at a communist counter-demo from Feb 13th

On February 13, 2022, far leftist extremists staged a nasty kind of demonstration where they held captive a number of trucks on Riverside Drive and wouldn’t let them leave unless they removed all Canadian flags. They also seemed to walk them out of the kidnap area they created while heaping abuse on them as you can see from the video below. RAIR Foundation writes up some of the aspects of the tactics and organizations behind the counter-demo.

Below is one of the photos from the event, where you can see a revealing sticker on a car that was part of the demo, so most likely belonged to an organizer.

Also this flag demarcated the area the leftists took over:

Video: Aftermath of fire at Alberta Pastor’s house

This is most likely arson. The arsonists were no doubt emboldened by the police actions against Pastor Artur. The Mayor of Calgary, Far left extremist Nenshi, the mayor that said that marching for freedom against Ultra-Vires lock-down measures was “white supremacy”, has been targeting Pastor Artur for years before the Pandemic for such crimes as feeding the poor.

Artur was told it was arson

From 2018:

The Calgary mayor:


ANTIFA makes threats, intimating murder, against mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler

Portland mayor, Ted Wheeler, had a chance to work with President Trump to deal with ANTIFA and the massive destruction by violent communist revolutionaries in his cities in such a manner that it would have solved all those problems for some time and with minimal cost.

It seemed at the time, that like so many partizan hacks, Wheeler decided to use ANTIFA, and allow the victimization of the citizens of his own city, to drum up additional hatred of President Trump and then when the Democrats won, they could all look like heroes and deal with ANTIFA at that point.

Yesterday, this video appeared on Twitter. A video for which a pretty solid case could be made is illegal. Interestingly, Twitter doesn’t seem to have any objection to it being there.

Montreal police knock phone out of father’s hand while thugging him for Curfew

Please read the details over at RAIR Foundation.

I must thank Oz-Rita for the rapid translation she did on this video, which was very difficult as its in a heavy Quebec dialect as well as very poor audio quality, and Sassy for going over it and filling in the blanks where it needed a Quebec ear.

Below, the segment from Ford where he speaks on Quebec’s measures

Here is the entire presser with Doug Ford as well as the Q&A. It was captured during a live stream so it is unedited.

Brad Johnson on the Democrat State Senator attacked by the communist mob

Brad discusses the Demcocrat State Senator who got attacked by communists under the BLM or ANTIFA label and why that should not surprise anyone.

So here is an unexpected datapoint for the overall hypothesis.

The couple who the media has been attempting to destroy and humiliate in public for defending their own home, the one where prosecutors and politicians are swearing they will find a way to prosecute them for defending themselves against the communist mob; the couple who Tucker Carlson defended so eloquently and passionately on his show last night (and rightfully so) are lawyers who defend BLM and ANTIFA and are hard core leftist elites. Oh yeah.

The Western Rifle Shooters link above is a worthy read from a tactical perspective as well.

Meanwhile, about the couple:

You could almost hear the narrative being crafted in liberal newsrooms. The white couple who scared off lefty trespassers in St. Louis was about to be poster kids for every garbage ‘woke’ narrative under the sun. These clowns forced their way onto these people’s property.


They were trespassing. That’s illegal—a key aspect of this story. The property belonged to Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who came out armed with firearms to deter these lefty agitators from the premises. Mark was sporting an AR-15 rifle, which surely triggered liberal America. This was a case of self-defense. To make things more interesting, the McCloskey’s are actually supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. This lefty mob was marching on the house of Mayor Lyda Krewson, a Democrat after she released the names and addresses of locals who are for defunding the police department: