Dutch Government acts out against Dutch Farmers who they have illegally disenfranchised in the name of AGW

AGW of course means Anthropogenic Global Warming. And the farmers are accused of generating nitrogen. Nitrogen is 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere. So I think we can all agree that science has nothing to do with political decisions anymore if they ever did since the beginning of the communist revolution across the Developed World. (Please see table below)

What we get are lying slogans instead of anything factual enough to give a predicible result. Those who do accurately predict the results are called “conspiracy theorists”. Usually followed hard-on by being called, “Racists, misogynists, far right White supremacists” and any combination of, plus any other adjective that adds odiousness.

On to the Netherlands then:

Tensions are high in the Netherland. Now Dutch Cops are pulling weapons on unarmed citizens and shooting. Stills are from videos posted below:

This article actually mentions that police shot at demonstrators:

Farmers’ blockades ‘will cost supermarkets tens of millions’

There will be a great deal more on this soon no doubt at all. Please check this post’s comments for related materials, the Reader’s Links and later today, RAIR Foundation for a more detailed and less chaotic post on the issue.


?? The newscaster reads out what was editorialized. And that was wrong. In the Dutch news, the shooting at a tractor is presented as if it was in self-defense. That is not correct.
?? The speaker mentions that they were not warning shots, but targeted shots (nl.: “directed”), because the tractors were driving towards the police officers (nl.: “agents”) in a targeted way. This was not the case. The tractors drove past the police.
If the tractor with trailer had driven just a little slower, the tractor driver might have been hit.
??A striking thing about the shooter is that he was filmed for quite some time with his gun drawn and also pointed it at at least one passenger car.
??Dutch farmers are apparently being deliberately defamed by media misrepresentations.

Two important speeches on immigration in Canada from conference in 2011

I have been going through old hard drives looking for a video I had from 2013 of testimony from one Aaron Weiss where he stood up to I think it was the New Jersey state legislator. At that time they were planning to confiscate guns from people’s homes. Aaron’s testimony was so good I remembered it, and went to some degree of trouble to restore old hard drives to find it.

In the meantime, I have come across a lot of materials that have been pulled down offline of some importance.

Here are two videos, one from an immigration lawyer, Julie Taub, and another from a Canaadian Diplomat, James Bissett. Both are good. And if you consider that things were this bad in 2011, imagine how they are now under Le Petit Dauphin.

Interview with director of Immigration Watch Canada, Dan Murray

RAIR foundation has some important related articles and additional information on this topic at the link below.

Justin Trudeau’s Mass Migration Scheme to Replace the Canadian Population (Exclusive Interview)

Videos and information on what now appears to be a Belarusian attack on the EU using trained Islamic terrorists

1. Video of migrants at border

2. Video of invasion of massive amounts of migrants across border station

3. EU to blacklist Belarusian airline

BRUSSELS, June 1 (Reuters) – The European Union is preparing sanctions on Belarus’ national airline and around a dozen top Belarusian aviation officials, three diplomats said, a stop-gap measure before economic sanctions following the forced landing of a passenger plane.

The proposed asset freezes and travel bans are part of a package of new sanctions on Belarus from EU states, which are outraged that a Ryanair flight was pressed to land in Minsk on May 23 to arrest a dissident journalist and his girlfriend.

EU governments, which described the incident as state piracy, say they are looking at targeting sectors that play a central role in the Belarus economy, to inflict real punishment on President Alexander Lukashenko. They could include bond sales, the oil sector and potash, a big Belarusian export.

Before imposing such economic sanctions, the bloc is expected to agree by June 21 – when EU foreign ministers meet – a smaller sanctions list on individuals and two entities as a quick, intermediary response, the diplomats said.

4. Tent camp of migrants, Polish Belarus border

5. Lukashenko threatens to cut gas supplies to Yamal-Europe gas pipeline if EU imposes new sanctions, promises to send refugees dry firewood

Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko has threatened to cut off gas transit to Europe through his country by shutting down the Yamal-Europe pipeline if the EU imposes new sanctions on the country.  

The Yamal-Europe pipeline is part of the northern route that also includes the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines and transits gas from Russia’s Arctic Yamal fields via Belarus to Poland and on to Germany.  

Currently the Yamal-Europe pipeline is playing a key role in delivering gas to alleviate the European gas crisis as the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has not received EU permission to start operating and the Russian state-owned gas giant Gazprom is not sending any more gas than it is required to under the terms of a new transit deal signed in December 2019. Europe is already suffering from an estimated 15bn cubic metre (bcm) gas deficit for this winter’s heating season and any more interruptions in supplies would send prices on the gas spot market soaring again.  

EU leaders met yesterday and floated the idea of imposing a fifth packet of sanctions on Belarus, which has been bussing thousands to Middle Eastern refugees to the Polish border, who are attempting to cross illegally into the EU. Blocked by some 15,000 Polish border guards and soldiers, the situation in the forest between the two countries is rapidly turning into a humanitarian crisis. The EU foreign ministers are due to meet next week and could vote on new retaliatory sanctions on Minsk.  

6. Migrants gathering around the sports palace of Minsk, Belorussia:

“A very interesting situation when foreigners can gather but Belarusians would have been immediately dispersed and sent to jail”: looks like the Belarussians are learning about migrant privilege / illegal privilege.

OR it’s just a staging area for the hybrid war at the polish border:

7. In this video, it is claimed that Lukashenko picked 2 dozen Iraqis and Afghanis with combat experience and had them trained and armed. These are among the immigrants at the border, and their mission is to cause havoc in the EU:

8. Migrants break though Belarusian-Polish border:

9. “Yusef Atallah, a migrant from #Syria, told
in an interview that #Belarusian military on the border gave him a bolt cutter and forced him to cut the barbed wire. When he wanted to go back, the Belarusians beat him. “They said – you can’t go back to #Minsk. Go to #Poland”.”

Meanwhile, at the border of Poland…

An explanation?

Still ongoing:

Link to EU president Von Der Layen on Belarusian abuse of migrants to attack EU border.

LOTS of additional police:

We will update this as more news and videos become available

Tucker Carlson for September 22, 2021

Tucker continues to chart and document the destruction of the US as a polity by flooding the nation with migrants, who curiously do not seem to be subject to any of the laws Citizens are, either normal laws, or Covid regs. No vaxx, no passports of any kind. Much more importantly, Tucker is now out in front talking about the obvious Great Replacement policy of extermination of White European people as dominant in the US, but frankly in any location at all. Eastern Europe pay close attention.

This is actually a great episode. Well worth the time to watch. The military commander who speaks out against the mandatory vaxx commits career suicide to state obvious truths, obvious ones, but which are now verboten to utter. That is around the middle.

Thank you MarcusZ1967