Witnessing History.

I get asked why I blog, why I talk to people and why I continually wade through the muck of modern decay.

I get asked why I put up with being called all sorts of names. After all, it can’t be pleasant, and it’s far from a delightful way to spend the day.

Why not let someone else make waves (not that I do much wavemaking – more like the occaional miniscule ripple).

Well, who else is going to do it? Who else is going to speak up for those who are too apathetic, frightened, inarticulate or just ignorant? I don’t see too many others raising their hands.

My photo from a couple of years back made it into the papers again last week, with the comment,

Islamic Council of Victoria spokeswoman Sherene Hassan said Muslims were outraged by the placard and strongly condemned it at the time.

“These kinds of messages of hate are appalling and the fact that a child was involved makes it even more contemptible,” she said.

Actually, Sherene, no they weren’t and no they didn’t. It was a lass flogging some socialist rag who got the woman to take it down. I was too busy going for the police. In a situation like that, I’m the Enemy, and it could have gotten real nasty real quick. Better to let the Law deal with it.

Kudos to the unknown young woman, though.

As for a child being involved, that’s no big deal.

How about this for size?

We have the fellow at 1.58 shouting ‘Death to you, by Allah,’ followed by a bit of praise to Bin Laden, and then the usual calls for bombings, and death, and taking your wives as war booty (yes, he really does say that).

Oh, and remember the Khayber. Not that anyone ever knew who they were before 9/11.

Watch carefully, because at 3.29 you’ll see someone’s brought his little tacker along. I guess you could call that a teachable moment.

Here’s another teachable moment:

The decorous young muslima at 3.25 shows a remarkable amount of tolerance with her cries of ‘go back to the ovens!’

I wonder if she truly understands what she’s demanding? An old saying springs to mind: be careful what you wish for.

You might get it.

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3 Replies to “Witnessing History.”

  1. inarticulate. That pretty much pegs me rightly. doing blogs and news items would be a total disaster, not to mention I would probably get arrested after a day or two. As for the inarticulate amoung us, we can but be greatful for bloggers who can write well, and we can support them to the hilt. Keep up the good work oh great and uber blogger personage.

  2. I am very afraid that the first picture is telling us what is coming in the next few years, if not sooner.

    Eeyore I know I can’t write as well as you can so please keep up the good work you are helping us prepare for what is coming, and hopefully we will manage to prevent it.

  3. Infidel, that is my point. People don’t read anymore, and this is a topic where words can often fail.

    Too many signs and videos like those above can leave even me gobsmacked and needing to take a sabbatical from it all, but not everyone can talk underwater like I can.

    Having a child means I also have a higher stake in the game than a lot of others – I have friends without children who honestly don’t care about it all. They know their lines end with them, so they’re just enjoying their lives.

    I have a hard time getting my head around that one, but there are people like that.

    I’m happy to speak on their behalf too, because when they realise that they do have a stake, then it’ll be too late.

    Nobody can accuse me of burying my head in the sand.

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