Using logical fallacies as weapons against all Western thought

There is a lot of material exposing the horror behind the stories, as well as the horror of the stories today.

Of course, one probably shouldn’t see the second without understanding the first, or else one becomes part of the stream of misdirected action which is likely the intention of these events, shaped by unnamed sources, which have shaped our world this year.

Most of the policies and events of the past many years, but most effectively 2020, seem to be a deliberate reversal of the use of logical fallacies.

For example, if one reads a book or website on what constitutes breaches of logic you might notice one called, “Argumentum ad hominem”.

This is where you attack the speaker rather than the idea in order to discredit the idea by ridiculing or otherwise devaluing the speaker.

In logic of course, this does not hold. Meaning if you seek a truth, that truth exists independently of the speaker, or even his credentials. Which is a related fallacy called, argumentum ab auctoritate.

In other words, if you meet a drunk on the street who gives you medical advice, the advice itself is independent of the fact that it came from a drunk on the street. In fact, he could be a top ranking surgeon on a bender, which again, doesn’t mean the advice is correct either. you have to analyze an argument on its own merits.

The modern left imputes layers upon layers onto that fallacy such that the gene pool of the speaker affects the weight the speaker brings to the argument.

And like true communists, if you object to an idiotic argument that may be brought by a black person for example, then your questioning of the argument will be made equivalent to your being a “racist” against the speaker and his entire race.

It feels very much like the Frankfurt school tacticians read a proper book on logical fallacies and created an entire set of anti-cognitive tools based on their opposites. Tools that let them destroy reason itself in order to apply a Hegelian/Marxist system on the world And it seems to have worked so far.

In fact it’s possible that Hegel, the source of all this crazy, did exactly that as he was a philosopher and was likely familiar with Greek thought and the pursuit of truth.The rest of them from Marx to the second generation school of Frankfurt school tacticians just refined these tactics. An example below on Habermas, the second generation Frankfurt School tactician who created the means to force a Marxist consensus on the majority, then make all opposition to that consensus, “hate speech”. Which goes a long way to explain Global warming, and the labels applied to anyone who uses real science to show why all the models concerning it are nonsense.

One of the main attack vectors of Hegelian/Marxist methods is “Critical theory”. Pretty much the weaponization of ad-hominem but in every possible way it can be used. The adjective, “Racist” being the tactical nuke of ad-hominem slanders.

For evidence of that look no farther than the death of George Floyd. There is not on scintilla of evidence that the police who is alleged to have caused his death had racist motivations. Not one person has come out and said he had issues with black people or other non-white groups. But the accusation that he did was enough to set off what looks more and more like a pre-planned communist insurgency based on the accusation alone.

For a great primer on Critical theory, check out this video by Bill Whittle when he was with Pyjamas Media. He does an excellent job of explaining the Frankfurt School and the basics of communism and critical theory in under 12 minutes.

Moral inversion, the idea that the person pointing out a horror is the bad one and the people perpetrating the horror are victims of the violence of your pointing it out is another kind of rhetorical nuke. Islamophobia is maybe the best example of that.

Notice the escalation also of moving from ‘words are violence’, meaning that saying something that goes against communist objectives, like stopping Islam from deconstructing Western freedoms, to “silence is violence’ meaning that now, you must openly agree with communist objectives or be part of the tactics required to achieve them, or your failure to do so justifies our violence in retribution against you.

And make no mistake, that is what silence = violence means.

There are many more logical fallacies that have been inverted, weaponized and launched on us to destroy logic and reason as our modus. We certainly see it in Black Lives Matters actions as it is meant to replace rule of law, due process and the presumption of innocence with identity-politics based accusations.

Which also explains why up until about now, BLM actions happened after an officer killed a black suspect in self defence or at least understandably and not when it really was a racist cop. The idea is to create fresh layers of outrage with each stage so that the system itself comes unglued. What good is an autopsy if everyone thinks that the results of it are rigged for political purposes? (Yet more damage the Epstein affair has done perhaps) Or a trial if all the evidence for the defence appears to be damage control to let a “racist white cop” off the hook for a “racist murder” of an “innocent black man”.

All these actions are meant to foment contempt and distrust and hatred for the system itself. Which is why, (as what was meant to ba a paragraph or two about links to be posted) has turned into this. Its critical that we understand what’s going on or we become the useful idiots of this well strategized attack on Western thought and civilization.

Here is a link to Stephen Coughlin’s paper, Re-remembering the Misremembered Left. A detailed analysis of the people and ideas that led us to where we are now. He and Richard Higgens have written more and newer papers which deal more directly with these events and can be found here.

Re-Remembering is especially interesting to me, because it was written before the pandemic and the riots. But help frame these events in a way that allows clarity.

Thank you to anyone who made it this far. Really this was meant to be an intro for some of today’s horrors. But it went a little long. Looking forward to any thoughts or rebuttals in the comments.

Disney indulges in postmodern historical revisionism

This is no small thing. By caving in this manner, Disney is allowing, much like modern grade schools, that how Muslims or communists feel about an issue is much more important than how they do, or in fact what the historical facts are. This is the sort of stuff of which, had we read it in history books, we would be asking how people could have let thus happen.


Yes. It really is a commie plot


I watched a good chunk of this documentary and found it very well done and felt it was a decent, even good supporting document to the general theme of this site. That a combination of Islam and leftist/postmodernist/Marxist/fascist thought is what will take down classical civilization.

Actually is taking it down.

I did not watch to the very end however, and for the second time since I began this site, I need to write a caveat and apology for the same reason.

According to a vigilant reader, at the end there is a link to another documentary by the same people. The second documentary is pure Nazi. In fact its a distortion of history to make Hitler the victim, and in defiance of all facts and evidence, claims that Hitler tried to stop globalization.

So it needs to be understood that this documentary below, which is, as far as I watched, a good summary of the facts of the Frankfurt School, is a sort of gateway drug into antisemitism.

This seems to be a good time to reword a theme I find myself having to return to often, although I wonder at this stage if the wheels of history are not greased with inevitability, and so there is no point. But I suppose for the sake of my own conscience I have to say these things from time to time.

It is true that Jewish people are disproportionately represented in the far left, and most destructive elements of Western civilization, although the people often cited are few. Barbara Learner Spectre, I think is her name, is the one most often quoted for modern times, the Frankfurt School men, largely Jews, and so on.

What is also true is that Jewish people are very overrepresented in the fight to preserve real equality and not equity, and classical liberalism; Quite simply the most successful system ever tried on this planet. But they do not usurp their Jewishness to do so. And if it wasn’t for Islam, certain forms of other religions, and leftism, we may have colonized the stars by now because of them.

When an apparently East Asian women like BAMN leader, Yvette Felarca, goes on TV to rage on with anti-White hyperbole, no one, at least publicly, states it is because she is a woman, or that it is because she is of East Asian heritage. The problem is in plain site. She is a commie.

When a white male thuggish commie is outed like, well, 90% of ANTIFA, no one says its because they are white males. They rightly point at the ideology from which they operate and say that our youth have been corrupted by government sponsored, ideological subversion at universities.

When a muslim blows up children at some concert in the UK, we rightly point out that this is 100% consistent with the scripture and ideology to which this attacker was known to be devoted, and that he attended structures called mosques, well known to teach this ideology 24/7 as actual divine and immutable truth.

But when Jews are involved, despite not only no scripture or ideology to point at which is Jewish, and no history of Jewish conquests using whatever motive Jews might collectively operate under, then their involvement proves that the problem is somehow their ‘Jewishness’.

Notice that when a muslim apostatizes, they no longer are seen to be a problem. Some, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, quite rightly become heroes. But for Jews, its thought to be inherent. That it doesn’t even matter if they convert to anything else. They will still be hunted and despised.

For practical purposes however, it does matter. I personally know families who converted to Christianity after WW2 and hide Jewish roots zealously.

But this was to avoid the very people who would do them in had they known the ethnic roots of the people.

In the agenda and views of this site, a document I first wrote sometime in 2008, I point out that if our society did not wake up and do something about the problems of emergent militant Islam and leftism, that by the time it did, people would gravitate to anything that might work, and that would be genuine Nazism, which at the time I referred to as the far right, but which I now know to be the far left.

Let me assure you all this is decidedly happening. Antisemitism in its most dangerous and pernicious form, has been waiting dormant like locust to find an opportunity of sufficient desperation by the public and  actions by our despicable, traitorous, destructive, leaders such as Obama, Merkel, Trudeau, and probably Macron and others, none of which are Jewish, but overall are likely financed by a white, male, Hungarian, quasi-Jew named George Soros.

To the point, Soros’ motivations have less than nothing to do with his Y chromosome. Nothing to do with his Hungarian parentage. Nothing to do with his Jewish ethnicity, other than his at least 10% above the mean IQ and probably much more. But everything to do with his now crystal clear agenda of creating a postmodernist/communist/far left wing agenda.

Lastly, and this may be my most important point in the general issue:

The Jews who work for the enemy will absolutely usurp their Jewishness specifically in order to create the effect we are seeing. This is a strategic issue. We see the exact same thing with feminist groups that clearly and unmistakably undermine the position of women in society to advance Islam, and to smash holes in civilization. Giant ones at that.

We see the exact same thing with groups like “Black Lives Matter” which never advocate for any issue that actually would bring about a better and more just society, but only create problems where it will result in police losing authority altogether, and thugs and criminals of all kinds, who are black of course, have a better hand against those who would protect society from them.

We see the exact same thing from every possible group, natural and hastily invented which involves what unnatural way people might wish to use their genitals. Pretty soon we will see advocacy groups for those who identify as people who only like sexual contact with electrical appliances that operate at 12V. DC.

The vast majority of all these groups recognize that those who agitate in their name are usurpers of the identity to add clout to their efforts. And so it is true of leftist Jews.

But like BLM, Women’s groups, transexual groups and so on, the real problem is that they are all and I mean all, schilling for communists. And more and more openly so.

We are now at a point where people I have known nearly my whole adult life are starting to attend meetings where open antisemitism is preached and the sub current of the theme is always that it comes down to the Jews. People I know, respect, and like.

But these people are in places where the threat of imminent collapse by leftists and Muslims is real. They are, predictably gravitating to anything that looks like it will fight back as opposed to the squishy ‘no violence for any reason’ crowd which makes up most of the resistance, and sorry, but in practical terms, thats as much a preemptive surrender as when Obama gave a date for leaving Afghanistan and Iraq just long enough so that the Taliban and Al Qaeda could redecorate with US cash.

No one, and I mean no one, who has ever been to a memorial service for our soldiers or worn a poppy should ever dare say that violence is never the solution. At some point, its just the least worst one.

And if I am right, and frankly it seems kind of obvious, when Nazism emerges again it will do so in Sweden. Because the people did nothing until it was too late, and now it calls for desperate measures. And this is the inevitability of which the wheels of history are greased.

I apologize for not having vetted this video more carefully. Please know that “I” have more than 14 hours work to do here every day in every 14 hour day. So when I see what appears to be a great resource I post it. But mistakes are make. This was … sort of one of them, as the material in the video below. seems solid.


Sebastian Gorka. the corporate media’s new bogey man

It seems that the CNN and other manufacturers of illusions designed to disenfranchise Donald Trump, have chosen Sebastian Gorka as their newest target, possibly to try and draw attention from Trump-Tap, which they are rapidly discovering was perhaps the largest scandal and abuse of power by a sitting president since maybe ever in the USA.

Pajamas Media seems to frame the issue here.

The most outrageous tissue of lies I have seen in my forty-five years as a journalist appeared yesterday on the website of The Forward, a once-great Jewish publication long since absorbed into the echo chamber of liberal propaganda.

The Forward trumpeted an exclusive: It claimed to have found a 2007 Hungarian television interview with Dr. Sebastian Gorka, now a national security adviser to President Trump, in which Gorka endorsed a militia then proposed by anti-Semitic political parties. Embedded in the “exclusive” story is a clip of Dr. Gorka speaking on Hungarian television full of jarring cuts and jumps, and ending strangely in mid-sentence. The Forward may style itself Jewish, but it learned its journalism from classic anti-Semitism.

In fact, as David Reaboi shows at RedState, the Forward’s clip edits out Gorka’s denunciation of the anti-Semitic parties for exploiting popular fears in order to advance their own agenda. Gorka explicitly says that it is the ultra-right parties that are behind the proposal, and that his party, the New Democratic Coalition, is not behind it.

Well. Lets have a look at that actual interview itself, which thanks to the efforts of many good and hard working people, CrossWare especially who did the actual translation and Gates of Vienna who did the edit and prepared the file for subtitling.

Catching Corporate media lying, fabricating evidence, and selectively editing to create a false impression of the truth is now so common it no longer carries the kind of horror and disgust that it rightly should. Much like Muslim migrants raping European Christian girls or beating up Jewish children also has lost its shock.

But all these cases are a sign of the moral slide that leftism and Islam have brought as their principle import to classical civilization. It does not mean that the effects of these actions are any less serious than we always knew they were.

Bashy Quraishy of EMISCO inverts the moral facts at the OSCE

The video you are about to see shows Bashy Quraishy attempting to level the playing field between the Jews of the holocaust and muslims of today. He is equating the false construct of “islamophobia” with anti-semitism. Remarkable, considering that Islam is, by its very doctrine, anti-semetic.

Before you view the video on how Bashy Quraishy draws the ludicrous comparison between Muslims today and the Jews of the holocaust, first, you must consider the Fatiha that the “faithful” recite on a daily basis.

“All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the lord of the ‘Alamin’ (mandkind, jinn and all that exists.) The most Gracious, the Most Merciful. The Only Owner (and the Only Ruling Judge” of the Day of Recompense (i.e. the Day of Resurrection. You (Alone) we worship, and you (Alone) we ask for help (for each and everything.)

Guide us to the Straight Way. The way of those whom You have bestowed your Grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger (such as the Jews), nor of those who went astray (such as the Christians.)”


Now the facts:

From The Investigative Project:

Study Exposes the Ugly Depth of European Muslim Anti-Semitism

A new study published by the Institute for the Study of Global Anti-Semitism and Policy (ISGAP) confirms what many have long suspected: that the worst crimes against Jews in Europe are perpetrated by (European) Muslims, and that Muslims have been responsible for a “disproportionate” number of anti-Semitic attacks over the past 15 years.

And it isn’t just about Israel.

Overall, trends in Jew-hate have fluctuated by country since the beginning of this century. For the most part, reports of anti-Semitism are lower now than they were during the “second intifada” of 2008-2009 despite terrorist attacks on Jews in Brussels, Copenhagen and Paris in the past year alone. But anti-Semitic incidents have risen substantially from 1990s levels; and while, as the ISGAP report notes, “surveys on anti-Semitism that distinguish between Muslims and non-Muslims” have been subject to criticism, “the sum of available studies to date provides strong evidence that the level of anti-Semitism is indeed particularly high among Muslims.”

And so what we see in Mr. Quraishy’s presentation, is a total moral inversion as well as a false equivalence. He actually attempts to create moral authority for Muslims by making them equivalent to the victims to the people who the Muslims themselves victimize.

He does this in order to get the authority to silence those who criticize Islam and Muslims, usually by revealing the truths about the ideology and its observance.

Basically he is that old joke about the child that murders his parents and then beg the court for mercy on the strength that he’s an orphan.

But worse. Because he also wants to silence the witnesses on the same basis.

Ilona Szilágyi & Eeyore for VladTepesBlog



Whole article on German government coverup of Muslim rape gangs NYE Cologne

An original translation by Egri Nok

From German Magazine, De Welt



Attacks in Cologne


Who is it who does not want “rape” to emerge?

Two police officers report in parliament that they were told to cross out the word “rape” in a first account on the sexual excesses on New Year’s Eve in Cologne. But they stood their ground.

Explosive news around the New Year’s Eve night in Cologne.

The WELT has obtained an email from the Cologne police that describes how an account of sexual attacks was to be downplayed. Source: Die Welt.

Detective chief superintendent Jürgen H. of the Cologne police remembers very well how a phone caller from the superior authority complained about the “IE account” (important event report) on sexual attacks including rape.  “Those are not rapes. Delete this word, and cancel the whole IE-report. Best, you write it over completely from the beginning,” is what the caller from the control center of the police of North Rhine-Westphalia allegedly said on January 1 2016.

His tone was “impolite” and “harsh”, and then came the explosive addendum: The deletion is a “request from the Ministry” — referring to the Interior Ministry. Superintendent H remembers that he refused to tolerate the disrespectful tone, and he pointed out to the caller that the case of the 19-year-old, who had fingers inserted into her bodily orifices, was without doubt a “rape”.

It is a key scene, about which the experienced Cologne police officer reports on Monday in front of  representatives in parliament. The investigative committee on New Year’s Eve in Cologne tries to elucidate why sexual attacks on a huge scale could take place at the turn of the year 2015/2016 in front of the main train station of the Dome [Cathedral] city, and why the police did not intervene.

Apart from administrative failure, it is also about whether facts were trivialized, and errors downplayed, or even covered up, as the opposition in parliament, CDU and FDP, have come to suspect. The described “cancellation request” from the police control center, with reference to the Ministry, would therefore have to be viewed as a political interference. After all, the contested IE account was the account that first mentioned eleven sexual assaults, including one rape, and a North African group of offenders.

The NRW Interior Ministry has previously publicly denied that such a request for cancellation had occurred and stressed that the control center did not make a phone call to the Cologne police. The Ministry bases its denial on information from the national control center for police services (LZPD), and from the situation room of the State Office of Criminal Investigations (LKA).

But the inconsistency cannot be dispelled that easily, as, in addition to Jürgen H., another witness before the investigation committee reaffirms the attempted interference. Detective Chief Superintendent Joachim H. from the Cologne police reported that he partially overheard his colleague’s phone call on New Year’s morning during shift change, and he too was wondered why someone from the control center of the LZPD would call. This was “absolutely unusual”.

What annoyed him even more was the doubt that it was rape. After all, the victim had been surrounded by 40 to 50 men, and fingers were inserted into her bodily orifices. To fail to acknowledge that this is rape is “from a professional standpoint completely off,” said Joachim H.

He conceded, however, that the organized sexual excesses along with theft and robbery were a “new phenomenon”, a “first case”, unknown to the officers until then. The officer perceived the cancellation request as a “shady threat” from someone from a regional authority, who probably “inflated” himself. The two Cologne detective chief superintendents were not intimidated by the phone call that lasted for about one minute at about 1:30 PM on January 1st, and did not change the wording of the IE account.

But both superintendents don’t know who the caller from the control center LZPD was. The committee is expected to find out who was on duty at that time, and summon that person. The supervisor at that time was deputy CID Director Heidemarie W., and she learned of the explosive call on New Year’s Day. A few days later, she informed the department head for police affairs at the Interior Ministry of NRW, Wolfgang Düren, about the cancellation request, so that he was completely informed. Düren wanted to prepare for the special session in the Interior Committee of Parliament, in which he together with NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger (SPD) for the first time commented extensively on New Year’s Eve. But Düren did not mention the cancellation request  to the committee then.

However, he said something that  now brings additional complications upon himself. In January, Düren stressed that both days after New Year’s Day, January 2 and 3, there was intensive communication about New Year’s Eve, also with deputy CID Director Heidemarie W. of the Cologne police. But the officer now clarifies in front of the investigation committee: “I have to disagree with this.” It was January 4 when she, for the first time, talked to a member of the NRW Interior Ministry.

The Frankfurt School, the far left, and the destruction of a people and a culture.

Recently the news has been flooded with images and stories of a great monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who worked tirelessly with Churchill to fight and defeat the Nazis and more recently, struggles to stay alive every day to save us from having her idiot, leftist, muslim son, Charles from being the next King.

One has to wonder why, all of a sudden, is this loathsome attack on the dignity of her Royal Highness QEII taking place in such a spectacular fashion, and using the most classic defamation of modern times, association with the Nazis. Something which is true of many leftists in both actions and beliefs, but never really publicized in the MSM, while any person who holds an office which is a conservative or traditional icon of the culture is defamed in any way possible.

So I thought I would get ahead of the curve and start in on some of the American’s most sacred icons of traditional moral and family life. Get ready for it. You may have seen it here first, but you will see it and things like it everywhere and often very soon.

Lassie as a 10 month old pub, practices his sieg Heil at Timmy's direction

Lassie as a 10 month old pup, practices his sieg Heil at Timmy’s direction

Thank you Gates of Vienna for the excellent photoshop on Blockleiter Lassie

Post Script: Check out this Home and Garden from 1938, 5 years AFTER the Queen photo when she was 7 and the German War machine hadn’t started its horror.

Lets take a picnic at Hitler's lovely country estate

Lets take a picnic at Hitler’s lovely country estate



And lastly, everyone’s favorite photo (real actually!) of Herr Hitler in traditional Bavarian folk dress, ready to dance The Bird

Hitler in Lederhosen

A Czech living in Sweden sends us this comment on the events recently and the reporting on them from within Sweden.

The following is a slightly edited version of a comment submitted to this site today by Holubi se sleti who is a Czech living in Sweden.

Thank you very much for this Holubi. It is well researched and well stated.



1) Recent research shows that Sweden is the least racist country in the world and that the people from the countries from where the immigrants in suburbs, such as Husby comes from, are much, much more racist than the Swedes.  And every year, we read reports that the Swedes are becoming more and more tolerant.

2) Research shows that unemployment does not not explain the riots:  And that places with much higher youth unemployment and fewer youth recreation centers (fritidsgårdar), etc, don’t suffer the problems of our immigrant suburbs: 

3) The “dismantling of public services” in areas such as Husby, as it has been dishonestly reported in Swedish media, is a myth, and the reality is that no areas are assigned as much tax money as so called “disadvantaged areas” (higher staffing ratio in schools, many times more money per pupil/student etc).

In fact – never in the history of immigration – has so much been done, and as much resources been spent on immigrants, to help them integrate, get jobs, etc [‘positive’ ethnic discrimination, “instegsjobb” (immigrant only jobs, where the state pays 80% of the employees salary), “nystartszoner” (tax reduction for business started in No Go zones), SFI-bonuses (a reward of 12000 SEK for those immigrants who are approved in their no cost Swedish learning, that was implemented because so many of the immigrants didn’t put any heart to it, and often failed on purpose and went to Swedish For Immigrants for years and years, because it was financially beneficial), etc].

4) A widespread ethnic discrimination against immigrants, has no research support and research doesn’t support the perception that immigrants suffer wage discrimination either, if they do get a job.

5) The increasing resource gap between people in Sweden, is a result of the (in the Western world) unprecedentedly high immigration per capita – since the main reason for the increase, is that the welfare dependency of the population is rapidly increasing, as there are almost no jobs, which the older immigrants are qualified for.

As an example, 85-90% of immigrants from Somalia are illiterate and what jobs can such people get in Sweden with our minimum wages, collective bargaining, etc?

6) While, for example, a newly arrived immigrant mother with three children, can get 21810 SEK per month tax-free in welfare,
many 65 year olds with a 45 year working career behind them, have to realize that they get no more than 11000 SEK. And in this case, that’s BEFORE tax:
And that is in the country with the second highest tax burden in the world, where a person with 25000 SEK in salary, are paying a whopping 17200 SEK in taxes per month, if the ‘hidden’ taxes are counted also.

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Agenda 21 and leftist indoctrination in the Toronto school boards

Strongly recommend watching this video to understand some of the jargon the guest uses above:

Andthis one which is really good on the Japanese WW2 issue.


Ottawa researcher’s firing derails Viking project

H/T Gates of Vienna

Ottawa Citizen:

Ottawa researcher’s firing derails Viking project

Dr. Pat Sutherland working at an archeological site on Baffin Island known as Nanook. She believes the excavation was a building established by the Norse (aka Vikings) around 1300 or possibly earlier so they could trade for furs, narwhal tusks and walrus ivory prized by nobility in Europe. The story of Sutherland’s research will be told on the CBC show The Nature of Things on Thursday, Nov. 22.

Photograph by: Handout photo , 90th Parallel Productions

OTTAWA — This should be the best of times for Pat Sutherland. November’s issue of National Geographic magazine and a documentary airing Thursday night on CBC’s The Nature of Things both highlight research the Ottawa archeologist has been doing in the Canadian Arctic for the past dozen years that could fundamentally alter our understanding of our early history.

If Sutherland is right, Norse seafarers — popularly known as Vikings — built an outpost on Baffin Island, now called Nanook, centuries before Columbus blundered on to North America. Moreover, there’s evidence they traded with the Dorset, the Arctic’s ancient, now-vanished inhabitants, for as many as 400 years.

”That’s incredible,” says Andrew Gregg, who wrote, directed and produced The Norse: An Arctic Mystery, the CBC documentary that recounts Sutherland’s findings. “That rewrites all the history books.”

But Sutherland’s pleasure at the recognition her discoveries are receiving has been sharply tempered by a harsh reality. Last April, even as the documentary about her work was being filmed, the 63-year-old, then curator of Arctic archeology at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, was abruptly dismissed from her job.

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Quoting historical fact, now a firing offense in Canada

The Globe & Mail:

Politically correct – a mugging at Queen’s



The Globe and Mail


Last updated

Michael Mason’s 50-year teaching career ended on a sour note. Last fall, his history classes at Queen’s University were abruptly cancelled after he was accused of making racist and sexist comments in the classroom. He had used the terms “rag head,” “towel head,” “japs” and “little yellow sons of bitches.” A student complained that his “borderline racist comments” made her “very uncomfortable.” On top of that, one of his female teaching assistants complained because he’d told them they should become “mistresses.”

Dirty old creep? Not so fast. The subject of the course was imperialism and neo-colonialism at the time of the Second World War. Prof. Mason was using the offensive phrases to illustrate the attitudes of that era. They were direct quotes from contemporaneous documents – a context that was abundantly clear to nearly all of the 140 students who had flocked to his popular course.

As for “mistresses,” Prof. Mason had merely expressed the hope that his (mainly female) students would become masters and mistresses of the material by the end of the semester.

These nuances didn’t interest the administration, which quickly called him on the carpet. The department chair sent him a letter of reprimand, saying he had contravened the university’s equity policy. He was summoned to a meeting, where he was told he had failed to create a “safe space” for students. One of the administrators spoke of the need for “inclusivity” in the classroom. They told him that they had decided to open an investigation, and that he should stop teaching until it was completed.

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The articulators of knowledge in the West have completely undermined reality

Raymond Ibrahim’s testimony to the US House of Representatives Human Rights Committee; on Shariah, Dhimmitude & the Copts; is a moving and eloquent absolute must watch.

In fifteen short minutes Mr Ibrahim amply demonstrates how the contemporary persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt is a direct mirror of identical suffering meted out to his people for the fourteen previous centuries, using historical sources to back up his case.

This is no “accidental aberration” he conclusively proves, by pointing to the Quranic injunctions – the literal commands of god – that instruct Muslims to behave in the ways that lead to the inevitable suffering of any non-Muslim who falls under the reach of Islam’s power.

He also delves persuasively and depressingly into the historical events, and current dangerously misguided modes of thought (from history classes to the media), which have conspired to erect the “intellectual hurdles” that make unintelligible to a contemporary audience…

“…something that is fourteen hundred years old and is so obvious to anyone who has studied it or looked at it.

Jihadwatch Comes To Town.

PJG has written a guest post over at JihadWatch about Robert Spencer’s vist to Melbournistan.

I’ve known PJG for quite some time now, and we’ve attended the occasional demo together, so I’m happy to agree with what s/he has to say. Rather than rehash that, I’ll add my observations of the evening. (This is your opportunity to rush over to JW and read the report!)

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