Hamed Abdel-Samad to Glamour Magazine: “Congratulations! The Self-Empowerment Of Political Islam Advances, With The Support Of The Left And Its Feminists!”

In a Facebook post today, Hamed Abdel-Samad slammed “Glamour” magazine for naming Linda Sarsour “woman of the year”.
Original translation of his post:

A woman in America has just been named Woman of the Year by Glamour magazine for organizing a march against Donald Trump last year.

The woman is called Linda Sarsour, she wants to introduce parts of Sharia law in America, and claims that the system in Saudi Arabia is more humane for women than the Western system.

Not only that. She massively attacked the human rights activist Ayan Hirsi-Ali because she had criticized Islam’s treatment of women. About Ali, Sarsour said,”I wish I could take her vagina away. Women like that don’t deserve to be women.”

Incidentally, Sarsour, who calls herself a feminist, was the initiator of the campaign “Headscarf means empowerment of women”, which has now also gained a foothold in Europe.

Congratulations, the self-empowerment of political Islam advances, with the friendly support of the left and its feminists!

The question is now: Why should one have compassion for a culture that no longer knows where it stands and that voluntarily gives itself up?

Glamour Magazine’s website

Translator’s note:
Upon visiting their website, we found that it doesn’t end there: Glamour Magazine also thought the “Hijab Barbie” deserves an award.

Because nothing is as empowering to little girls as teaching them they must hide their hair and bodies:

Glamour Magazine website

Vienna: Burka-Wearer Attacks Teacher

An original translation from the Austrian news portal OE24:
Downtown Vienna

Burka-Wearer Attacks Teacher

photo: OE24/private

October 5, 2017
First Incident after veiling ban. It hasn’t been full week since the burka ban went into effect, and there was already a first major incident. In Vienna-Mariahilf, a fully-veiled muslim attacked a teacher. Ten police officers had to intervene to protect the Austrian.

Mariahilfer Street, Wednesday afternoon: shortly after 3 PM, a teacher (name known to the editors) notices a burka-wearer at the subway station Zieglergasse. She approaches her and tells her, that a full-body veiling is prohibited since October 1st: „I don’t care, I love Islam“, answers the fully black-clad woman.

„Within moments, dozens of young men assemble, clearly Muslims. They solidarize with the burka-wearer, insult me as being a racist“, says the teacher. On the stairs to the subway station Zieglergasse, the Burka-wearer attacked the teacher, pushed her to the ground with both hands, and said, that she wasn’t obliged to follow laws. The young men made fun of the Viennese. Quickly, police officers intervene and protect the resident from the angry crowd.

The teacher: „They took my personal data, and took the Burka-wearer to the police office, to identify her.“ The officers advised the teacher to be cautious: „Avoid such scenes in public, you might land in hospital with a knife in your stomach.“

Translator’s note:
We have translated the new Austrian law into English for you:

Federal Law on the Prohibition of Veiling the Face in Public
(Anti-Face-Veiling-Law – AGesVG)
§ 1. The aim of this federal law is the encouragement of integration by the strengthening of participation in society, and by securing the peaceful living together in Austria.
Integration is a process that involves the entire society, and its success depends on the participation of everyone living in Austria, and it depends on personal interaction.
Ban of Veiling
§ 2. (1) Whoever, in public spaces or in public buildings, veils or covers his facial features with clothes or other items, in a way that they are not recognizable anymore, commits an administrative offense, and will be punished with a fee of up to 150 Euro. The administrative offense may be penalized by a traffic ticket according to § 50 VStG up to 150 Euro. Public spaces or public buildings are places that are always or at certain times accessible by a non-restricted group of people, including the non-stationary facilities of public bus-, rail-, flight- and nautic transport.
(2) It is not an offense against the prohibition of veiling according to paragraph 1 when the veiling or covering of the face is necessary by federal or national law, when it is part of artistic, cultural or traditional events or sports exercise, or when it is for reasons of health or profession.

You can find the original text in German here, on the Austrian government’s website.

In Which Geert Visits A Glass Sculptor’s Studio.

Subject: Geert Wilders Visits Sergio’s StudioGeert visits Sergio's studio.

Geert Wilders came and visited my studio yesterday for a photo, and to show support for my right to express my opinion about full face coverings.

The ironic part about his visit was that the Newtown / Marrickville area can best be described as the Socialist, Anarchist and Greens stronghold of Australia.

These people had no idea that Geert came to visit and have a tour of the studio and to see my Artwork.

The sad part about the visit was that it took 24 hours of pre planning, so I keep asking myself one question. If we have no problem in Australia from our so called peaceful Muslims or the illegal Muslim boat people that are allowed to walk free in our cities, WHY DID GEERT NEED SO MUCH PROTECTION?



Sergio is long known to Vlad and the counter-jihad crew as a man of principles. He has been painting and re-painting his mural for a few years now, and is not interested in stopping. He’s a one-man counter-jihad on his own in the heart of Lefty-LaLaLand!

England clearly needs some kind of smoke, baby carriage, Black clothing, small axe, cross dressing control laws!

Can you help us?

Shortly before 11.35am on Sunday 1 July 2012, police were called to Choice Jewellers on Wilmslow Road to reports of a robbery.

A person dressed in a burka approached the jewellery shop with a baby’s pram.

They pressed the door bell and were allowed access, they blocked the door with the pram and took out an axe. Continue Reading →

Three women on flight from Doha barred from entering France after refusing to remove their face veils

Daily Mail:  

By Leon Watson

PUBLISHED: 09:38 EST, 12 June 2012 | UPDATED: 10:11 EST, 12 June 2012

A police union says three Saudi women who refused to remove their face veils at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport have been barred entry to France.

A 2011 French law bans people from wearing Islamic face-covering veils anywhere in public.

An official with the SGP-FO police union said today that border police asked the women to remove their veils after they arrived Monday on a flight from Doha, Qatar.

Three Saudi women who refused to remove their face veils at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport have been barred entry to FranceThree Saudi women who refused to remove their face veils at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport have been barred entry to France

The official says the women refused, border police refused them entry in France, and they returned to Doha last night.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak publicly for the police.

Supporters of the ban say the veil contradicts France’s principles of secularism and women’s rights. Some Muslim groups say it stigmatises moderate Muslims.

Nicolas Sarkozy’s government introduced a ban on all forms of Islamic head coverings, including the niqab and the burka, last year.

Islamic-rights campaigners said it was ‘unconstitutional’ but Mr Sarkozy said the ban was not aimed at persecuting Muslims, merely part of an effort to make France a more tolerant, inclusive society.

When it was introduced, he said the ban was aimed at stopping criminals – from terrorists to shoplifters – disguising their faces from security staff and CCTV.

Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport, where three Saudi women were refused entry to FranceParis’ Charles de Gaulle airport, where three Saudi women were refused entry to France

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French ban on Islamic veil turns out to be toothless

I’m sure few are surprised and for a plethora of reasons; not the least of which, is that terrorism works.

h/t TL

The Star.com

Published On Sat Mar 31 2012

Like many women in France, Fadela (not her real name) and a friend, Najet, wear the veil in Les Minguettes, Lyon, despite a law banning it.Like many women in France, Fadela (not her real name) and a friend, Najet, wear the veil in Les Minguettes, Lyon, despite a law banning it.

Andrew Chung/Toronto Star

Andrew Chung Staff Reporter

VÉNISSIEUX, FRANCE—It’s an unusually warm, spring morning in Venissieux, a downtrodden suburb of Lyon, and Fadela, 23, covered from head to toe in a black niqab, her black gloves adorned with elegant flower stitching, is walking with her friend Najet to the discount market called Ed.

A police car passes but does not stop. Fadela says that’s not unusual. “This is a sensitive neighbourhood,” she surmised. “It’d be a problem for the police.”

In fact, Fadela, who agreed to be interviewed on condition her real name not be used, said police have never told her to uncover her face.

Nearly one year after France implemented its controversial ban on wearing the Islamic veil— a niqab or burka — in public, a surprising fact has emerged. It appears that few women have actually removed their veils to obey the law.

As the presidential election in France approaches, and Islam and Muslim integration are top of mind, critics say the law was an exercise in pleasing the electorate, in “marketing,” while further stigmatizing Muslims.

It didn’t take a visitor to the Les Minguettes neighbourhood of Vénissieux long to observe the widespread non-compliance.

Upon emerging from the subway at Vénissieux station, a niqab-wearing woman walked in from the opposite direction, accompanied by a man. On the tram platform outside, two niqab-wearers waited, chatting. And in Les Minguettes, they were not the norm, but neither were they hard to find.

“Not much has changed, we still see the burka. There are not more, there are not less,” one high-level municipal government official in the area told the Star.

Vénissieux is the place where the idea for the law first originated, with André Gérin, then the Communist mayor and soon-to-be-retired National Assembly member.

Gérin disputed French government numbers that 2,000 women in the country wore niqabs. With so many in his community alone, he thought there were many more. He saw Islamic extremism at work and thought women’s rights were at risk.

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Filip Dewinter (and his stunning daughter An-Sofie) sure know how to campaign!

The leader of the Beligian Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) party already has a well-deserved reputation for being a brave man.

He has been been prosecuted on preposterous trumped up charges, for doing nothing more than pointing out the extent of Islamisation in his country, and manhandled and thrown to the floor by police for just holding legitimate democratic protests.

But now it seems that Dewinter’s courage runs in the family, as does an eye for campaigning strategies that cut right to the heart of modern European political issues.

(Though the Mail really should be thoroughly ashamed of itself for repeating the utterly spurious ‘Far-Right’ slur. Their readers agree, as evidenced by this comment: “That poster is not extremist. Extremist is covering women from head to foot and claiming that you own them.”)

from the Daily Mail

Belgian politician risks Muslim backlash after using teenage daughter dressed in burka and bikini for campaign against Islam

A Belgian politician has risked causing uproar among Muslims after starting a ‘Women Against Islamization’ campaign featuring his 19-year-old daughter wearing a burka and a bikini.

Filip Dewinter, leader of the far-right Vlaams Belang party, uses a shot of his daughter An-Sofie Dewinter in the dark blue bikini for the political campaign. The glamorous teenager dons a burka that covers her head and face, while the rest of the Muslim garment is draped over her back.

Cover up: Politician's daughter An-Sofie Dewinter poses in a burka and bikini in a campaign against Islamic extremists

The provocative image is likely to inflame tensions among Islamic groups and nationalists in the racially-divided country.

The poster shows the words ‘Freedom or Islam?’ written on a red bar across Ms Dewinter’s breasts. Further down the poster a black panel with the words ‘You choose!’ is seen covering the teenager’s crotch.

The extremist [b*llshit! Ed] Vlaams Belang party claims that it wants to convince women to take a stand against Islam. Ms Dewinter told the Belgian press she does not feel used by the party. She said: ‘I’ve suggested (the poster) myself, I have learned to live with it but I have had everything up to death threats made at me.’ She said that she ‘wanted to make this statement.’

She added: ‘What is the greatest contrast with a niqab? Nude. ‘The campaign fits in perfectly with how I feel about the whole issue . As women, we must choose: freedom or Islam.’ The teenager claimed that she had been threatened by Muslim groups She added: ‘Death threats and criticism no longer scare me off.’

Her father, the party’s leader, said: ‘Women are always the first victims of Islam. We want to make clear that they have a choice.’

Please click through for the rest…

And incidentally here’s an idea of the beauty that the Islamists would rather cover up.

Woman in full disguise sues Florida gas station for refusing her service

It is very important how this is argued and handled. This is a classic case of a Muslim making the claim that she should be allowed to run willy nilly over everyone else’s rights so that she may do anything she wishes if she can link it to her superstition.

If I walk into a gas station with a pair of 45 Cal revolvers and they call the police, are they violating my rights as a person who once visited Texas and liked it? The analogy is flawless. This women, if indeed it is a woman, was denied service not for anything she believes, but because she was wearing a disguise. She can believe the ocean is pink lemon aid if she wants but she cannot be covered from head to toe and expect to receive full service from everyone, especially when wearing a disguise is, in most places, illegal.

Once again, the answer to this debate is not to create more soft totalitarianism by asking governments to regulate women’s clothing. It is to stop making exceptions for Muslims to break the laws we already have.

Remember. Every-time we ask government to regulate issues that government have no business being involved with, even though it seems like a great idea at the time, it always ends badly. Just like the ‘hate speech laws’ that everyone figured would prevent another holocaust against the Jews, and now clearly are being better utilized by Muslims working towards one at every level up to and perhaps especially at the U.N.

More info here:

Who’s Afraid of the KKK?

Sergio Redegalli is someone we’ve met before.

His ‘Say No To Burkas’ mural provides endless cause for griping among the lefties where he lives, and he has had to repaint it dozens of times so far.

The definition of insanity is, of course, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

In Sergio’s case, those who object to his painting continue to deface it, and he – in defiance of them – simply repaints it.

They do the same thing, and get the same results.

With a few little changes now and then.

How about a black KKK outfit? Will that offend people? It shouldn’t. After all, it’s a complete body covering in black.

It’s the way someone may wish to present to the world, so who could possibly object?

I guess we’ll see on this one.

Stay tuned….

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CAIR-CAN steps in as twelfth player on the field.

CAIR-CAN, Canada’s leading Muslim grievance outfit and law-fare outreach group, has decided to carry the torch on behalf of hijab wearing soccer referee Sarah Benkirane.

CAIR-CAN believes that FIFA rules should have no jurisdiction on Canadian soccer fields when it comes to the choice of cultural dress (it has been well established, even by Muslim scholars, that the Hijab is not mandatory religious garb).

But what I find the most interesting in this article is the quote “Upholding this ban sends the message to young people that what matters not are your skills but whether or not you fit a predetermined ‘look’.” Very curious indeed coming from a totalitarian ideology that demands, more than any other group, just how people are required to ‘look’.

How about this instead: By challenging this rule, CAIR-CAN sends the message to young people that it is not what resides in your heart that determines your piety, but rather what resides on your head!

Father Grace

CAIR-CAN Denounces Discrimination Against Muslim Ref and Sikh Soccer Player

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 1:32 pm


– For Immediate Release –

(Ottawa, Canada – June 21, 2011) – The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN), a national Muslim civil rights organization, today called the decision by the Quebec Soccer Federation (QSF) to ban a Muslim referee, Sarah Benkirane, 15, and a Sikh player, Sagerpreet Singh, from respectively refereeing and participating if they maintain their religious dress, a violation of Canada’s various human rights codes. In making this decision, the QSF cited the rules set forth by the world’s governing body FIFA, which forbids wearing anything of a religious nature on the pitch. Continue Reading →

A Statement From Sergio

Eeyore has previously posted an interview with Sergio Redegalli, the artist who painted a mural saying “NO” to burkhas. part 1,part 2.

Sergio has just released a statement:


Newtown has always been a safe haven for the unique varieties of people in Sydney. Newtown has always been, and hopefully will remain, a rich source of creative people. Newtown has for a very long time been an interesting mix of Australians coming from many different backgrounds, education and countries.

Newtown in the last 30 years has been on the leading edge for the creative arts, with many successful artists not just working in the area but committing to making Newtown their home.

This page is a step in clearing up some untruths spread about the ‘Say No To Burqas’ mural (‘the mural’) by a very small number of people.


As Australian Citizens we all have a duty to stand up and express ourselves on issues that are important to discuss and to do this always in a sensible and peaceful manner. We all have the right to express ourselves non-violently both verbally and creatively, via any form of media format without having to be fearful of physical abuse or vandalism to property.

There have been too many untruths made by people and groups who take very much care in not putting their names (as individuals as well as groups as a whole) to their beliefs.

Firstly, the ’Say No To Burqas’ mural has always and only been a starting point for debate and discussion, aside from graffiti and vandalism, it has never had the wording painted saying anything other than ‘SAY NO TO BURQAS’.

Point of fact, Islam is a Religious Ideology with its followers coming from many races all over the world and it is impossible to be racist towards a Religious Ideology.

Islam is more than a Religion; it is in fact a system of rule that guides all devout Muslims throughout their lives from the time of their birth to their death. Apart from its Religious element that most Western people understand the concept of, it also has a very clear and fixed set of legal rules, for almost every event in a Muslim’s life (SHARIA).It also has a political system within its structure clearly describing the aims, desired and results that would be the most beneficial for the expansion of Islam. I personally have discussed these sections with my Australian Muslim friends and I encourage anyone interested in understanding Islam to read more about the challenges facing Australian Muslims and the problems that they are facing because of minority groups who have extremist views that do NOT represent the greater Australian Muslim population.

Extremism does exist; every time any we fly overseas we are exposed to the measures that airport security under take to combat this risk. This year, the majority of Australian Coptic Christians had their Christmas celebrations cut short due to terrorism threats made towards them for their celebrations held on the 7th January 2011, after several Sydney Churches were targeted. (Terror threats sour Coptic Christmas services http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2011/01/07/3108477.htm?site=sydney). The list goes on.

One very important fact for all Australians to understand is that the burqa and niqab are not a necessary part of Islam. This ruling was made clear to all Muslims around the world by Sheikh Mohamed Tantawi, the dean of al-Azhar university, when he stated that “full-face veiling (is) a custom that has nothing to do with the Islamic faith”. (Egypt’s highest Muslim authority has said he will issue a religious edict against the growing trend for full women’s veils, known as the niqab. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8290606.stm).

An important reason for a law to be passed in Australia regarding all forms of full-face covering worn in public spaces, is that we live in a land where reasonable rules make more sense. We as Australians like being one united country, not a divided one. We have rules that we have all been following in the past, not because they are Law, but because they give all people a feeling of safety. Australians understand that taking off our motorcycle helmets in banks and other sensitive areas is a normal practise, that people walking the streets with their faces fully covered for no apparent reason is out of the norm.

Australians have worked very hard in creating a balanced and non discriminative society. Let’s not let our good will be used against the common good of all Australians. This issue is not about the clothing, it is about the direction of Australia, and the type of community we wish to live in, one that is clear about what is suitable in Australia and what is not. We have rules that clearly state that public nudity is not appropriate and creating rules that state that 100% full-face coverings in public spaces are not appropriate is just as balanced.

Some people may say it is the right of a woman to make a choice of covering themselves 100%, however I ask one very simple question, who is going to protect and allow for the freedom of choice to the next generation of young girls born into these family groups that will control all aspects of their dress code, education and the types of friends they will be allowed to know.

Sergio Redegalli
Local resident and artist

Interview with Sergio Redegalli, Painter of the ‘No Burka’ mural in Australia

This is an interview that I conducted with Australian artist Sergio Redegalli this morning via Skype as he waited for various leftist groups to make good on their threat to firebomb his studio. The police told him that it was likely going to be tonight and as I spoke with him, it was about midnight in Australia.

More on this story here.

Police report on the violent Anti-anti burka protest in Oz:

More to come on this. The following is related to this event posted yesterday on Vlad:

Watch any news site in the area closely over the next week. I hope not to have more on this, but I suspect I will. The artist, Sergio, who did the mural with the burka and the circle and the line through it, police have warned him that his studio may be firebombed in the near future. I am told that fashion designers that have used, or planned to use the burka as part of a fashion show have in fact had their studios firebombed so Sergio is taking this threat very seriously.

I hope to have a recent (several hours from now, It’s Australia so it happened hours ago in one sense but not yet in another) radio interview with Sergio up online once the station publishes it as a podcast.

Apparently the calls to the studio after the interview were also very revealing.

My best to Sergio. I hope and wish all artists could show the moral courage that he does. Most fold like a cheap suit to the pressure of fashion and leftism or whatever pays the bills and gets them laid. To see an artist ready to come out for what matters despite the winds of fashion is rare despite the image artists like to project of being so ‘avant-garde’ and courageous. In truth, most artists are the most conformist bunch of professionals out there.

for the moment, here is the public police report:

Latest Media Releases

Seven men charged following protest – Newtown

Sunday, 16 Jan 2011 10:56pm

Seven men have been charged following a protest at Newtown in Sydney’s inner west today.

About 1:45pm, officers attached to Newtown Local Area Command attended the vicinity of Station Street and Enmore Road to monitor an unplanned protest.

About 50 people had gathered in the area before making their way to Gladstone Street where they continued the protest.

About 2:20pm, an unidentified female allegedly threw paint at a wall before running from the scene. The crowd turned on police when they went to arrest a 29-year-old man who had also allegedly thrown paint at the wall.

Further police attended the scene and seven men were arrested and taken to Newtown Police Station while the remainder of the protesters were moved-on towards Enmore Road.

Those arrested and charged were:
· A 29-year-old man charged with resist/hinder police and destroy or damage property;
· A 41-year-old man charged with assault police and resist/hinder police;
· A 20-year-old man charged with two counts of resist/hinder police and one count of escape police custody;
· A 24-year-old man charged with assault police and resist/hinder police;
· A 29-year-old man charged with assault police and resist/hinder police;
· A 28-year-old man charged with two counts of resist police; and,
· A 28-year-old man charged with two counts of resist police and one count of assault police.

Six of the men were granted conditional bail to appear in Newtown Local Court on Tuesday 8 February 2011 while the 41-year-old man will appear on Tuesday 1 March.

Police are continuing their investigations to identify and locate the female who allegedly threw paint at the wall.

Anyone with information that could assist police is urged to contact Newtown Police via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Here are a couple more articles about this situation. 1. This seems reasonable but its 2:40 AM here and no one should put money at this point on what I think looks reasonable.

2. Here is a frank news report