PLEASE help The Rebel fight malicious and illiberal law suit

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Please help: The Rebel, and me personally are being sued by an anti-Israel extremist group. And the lawyer they’re using just happens to also be suing the government on behalf of an illegal Muslim terrorist group.


And he’s campaigning for Canada’s M-103 Islamophobia censorship motion, too.

That’s who’s coming for us.


It’s lawfare.


I believe they want to kill The Rebel, and silence our criticism of radical Islam. They’re suing us for more than $100,000. Plus their lawyers fees. We’ve already racked up tens of thousands for our own lawyers.


I need your help if we’re going to survive this.


The plaintiff is an extremist group with the ironic name, “Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East”. They promote the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions”


campaign against Jewish companies in Israel. Last year, I criticized them for a stunt where they go into stores, and when no staff are watching, they put bright orange “WARNING” labels on products made by Jews in the West Bank, warning customers not to buy them. It’s sneaky, and I think it could be trespassing or criminal mischief too.


Muslim sues Costco for giving him exactly what he asked for.

In a way, this is a brilliant example of the inherent hypocrisy of modern leftism, even to the point of a kind of oxymoron. But logical curios aside, this is a sterling example of how muslims come to destroy our cooperative civilization to advantage themselves and Islamic sensibilities.

Of course it will be argued that anyone can launch a lawsuit for any reason they want and in and of itself, this means nothing. And usually that is correct. But then one can’t help but notice patterns of similar law suits by muslims across the world which are often won to the great expense of employers and their customers ultimately, and in terms of Western law and regulations which must be continuously bent and twisted to the serious advantage of muslim employees. Examples are legion but this site lists a few.

FEDEX in Toronto lost a suit over a dress code issue where the muslim employees violated actual safety regulations and sued and won when told to conform to Ontario rules concerning loose clothing on ladders.

Ones concerning breaks and special space and times for prayer are becoming too numerous to list.


Muslims Claim Christian Group Defamed Them

For those not familiar with Christian Action Network, they make some of the very finest videos on Islam out there. I look forward to an upcoming documentary they are making from interviews they did across Europe. Here are a few clips. Seneca III, Paul Weston, Tommy Robinson, Elisabeth Wolff. The book that Muslims of America want banned is available for sale here

H/T Magic Martin

Courthouse News:

By MARLENE KENNEDY BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (CN) – The Muslims of America asked a federal judge to silence and punish the Christian Action Network and its founder, who allegedly defamed the group as terrorists, and their close-knit communities as Islamic training camps.

The Muslims of America Inc. sued Martin Mawyer and his Christian Action Network in Federal Court. It also sued Patti Pierucci, whom it describes as a ghostwriter and co-author with Mawyer of the book “Twilight in America: the Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps in America.”

The group claims that the “provocative and defamatory statements” were made in the book, and “uttered by Mawyer on various media outlets including Fox News (October 2012) and posted on CAN’s website”.

Muslims of America claims the defendants’ libels and defamation “have served to cause fear and hatred to flourish against plaintiff while inciting violence and putting the lives of plaintiff’s members in danger for the purpose of monetary enrichment.”
The Muslims of America demands retractions and a gag order against further defamation. It also wants sales of the book “Twilight in America” enjoined.
The book was published in October 2012.

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U.N. Conference Slyly Introduces Resolution to Gain Control of Internet—in Middle of Night

This will of course, be the means by which Muslim countries will gain control of internet content to avoid exposing Islam for what it is. Once the UN can vote on it, then the OIC, a 53+ member body can sway the vote its way fairly easily.

Both the UN, and Islam has to go for basic human liberty to continue.

From The Weekly Standard:

10:48 PM, Dec 12, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER

The World Conference of International Telecommunication (Dubai, 2012), recognizing

a) the WSIS Outcome Documents including Geneva (2003) and Tunis Phases (2005);

b) that the Internet is a central element of the infrastructure of the Information Society, has evolved from a research and academic facility into a global facility available to the public.;

c) the importance of Broadband capacity to facilitate the delivery of a broader range of services and applications, promote investment and provide Internet access at affordable to both existing and new users.;

d) the valuable contribution of all stakeholder groups in their respective roles as recognized in paragraph 35 of the Tunis Agenda to the evolution, functioning and development of the Internet.;

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“Civilization Jihad” and the First Amendment

The following is the presentation given by Robert Muise, who is the co-founder of the American Freedom Law Center, at the CPAC 2012 event hosted by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

To say that Robert and Pamela had some difficulty in staging the “Islamic Law in America” lectures, would be an exercise in understatement. It was clear from the beginning that the CPAC organizers were desperate to undermine and marginalize discussion of Jihad and Sharia at the foremost conservative political conference in the world, and that alone should be reason enough for them to be ashamed of themselves.

But to do so in such a crucial election year? That’s both startling and dangerous! 

All of the videos and presentations given by the speakers are fascinating and well worth a look. They can be reached at the YouTube page of user: “payakhall”.

Tunisian TV executive to stand trial for “blasphemy” over animated movie

From People of Shambhala.
Nabil Karoui, owner of the Tunisian Nassma TV station is set to stand trial for “violating sacred values” and “disturbing the public order.”

he faces up to three years in jail if he is found guilty. The Tunisian authorities are upset that Karouri allowed the French animated movie Persepolis to be aired on his station in October 2011.

The French animation is based on an Iranian autobiographical graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi. Islamic critics have described the movie as “blasphemous” as it shows a dream sequence in which the heroine imagines herself talking with God.

According to Egyptian media outlet BikyaMasr, “The airing of the film triggered a wave of violence, including an attempt to firebomb Karoui’s home on October 14. Salafi activists also staged angry protests in front of the offices of the station.”

Karoui has told reporters, “I will plead not guilty, of course. It is outrageous that it was I who appear, as people who burned my house were released.

“The new defenders of the moral order in Tunisia want to… read more.

Qaradawi’s sharia “gradualism” is a threat to liberal democracy

From European Son

During the Balkans war of the 1990s, Alija Izetbegovi?, then Bosnia’s President, was championed by the Western media. For Western reporters, educated in the humanities, Bosnian Muslims were Europe’s new Jews besieged by Serbian nationalists – Europe’s alleged new Nazis. That Izetbegovic had been a longtime member of the Young Muslims, a secretive and once-Nazi affiliated movement, was conveniently overlooked. Izetbegovi?, for the Western press, was more than a victim, and more than a “moderate Muslim.” He was, in the view of reporters embedded in Bosnian hotels, a defender of the multiculturalism that was under attack from the Serbs (Orthodox Christians).

It seems curious today, but probably the only people in the West – certainly in Britain, at least – to challenge this rosy picture were the communists. Early on during the war, one communist organization held an exhibition of photographs of Serbian victims of Bosnian atrocities. It was, of course, ignored by the media.

Significant atrocities were, of course, conducted by Serb forces. Nevertheless, the media, we are led to believe, is composed of “experts.” But, if reporters – allegedly after the truth – ignored photographic evidence of the frequently conducted Bosnian atrocities, and if one or two reporters may even have doctored evidence against the Serbs, universally ignored was Izetbegovi?’s own long term plan to tear down the old (semi-communist) system and establish an Islamic state in its place. Even today… read more.

New Mosque? Time To Lawyer Up.

In my line of work, such as it is, I meet a lot of people from around the world. One of these is Mr. Gavin Boby, a lawyer who specialises in building applications.

If you want to build something or don’t like the idea of a potential development, then he’d be one of the people you want to talk with. He knows the by-laws, the regulations, and how to deal with the authorities.

That’s what he does.

What makes him a bit different is that he’s now set up a foundation to offer his services pro bono (that’s FREE for those of us who didn’t go onto tertiary education) to help people campaign against the ever-increasing proliferation of mosques.
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Egypt: Coptic Church bombing suspects released

Cairo, 11 April (AKI) – Twenty people arrested on suspicion of taking part in the deadly New Year’s bombing of a Coptic Church in the port city of Alexandria have been freed from prison, according to Egyptian newspaper Al-Dustur.

The release of the suspects was ordered by general Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, part of the military council that took power in February after nationwide anti-government protests ousted president Hosni Mubarak after around 30 years in power, the report said.

Twenty-four people were killed and around 100 injured during the bombing that sparked rioting and protests and drew international condemnation.

Coptic Christians account for about 10 percent of Egypt’s population.

At least one of those freed claim to be have been detained to silence his criticism of the the state.

Ibrahim Ibata says he was arrested because he claimed his friend was killed by police during an interrogation.

Some of the suspects have called a press conference for Thursday during which they are expected to describe their alleged torture in prison.

BNP ‘Koran burn’ candidate Sion Owens case withdrawn

BBC…The Crown Prosecution Service said it was withdrawing the case against Sion Owens

The case has been withdrawn against a BNP candidate for the Welsh assembly election who had been accused of being filmed burning a copy of the Koran.

Sion Owens, aged 41, was charged with a public order offence on Saturday.

When he appeared at Swansea Magistrates Court the Crown Prosecution Service said it was withdrawing the case against him.

 In other words, burning your own private property while on your own private property can not be concidered a public order offence.

But it said that investigations would continue and that “almost certainly other proceedings will ensue.”

 In other words, we will get him on something else.

Mr Owens, from Bonymaen, Swansea, appeared in court from custody.

A BNP candidate for the South Wales West regional list, he was arrested on Friday evening when the force was passed a video recording showing a man burning the Koran.

He was charged on Saturday evening under the Public Order Act.

Joanne Shannon, another BNP candidate also arrested in connection with the incident, had already been released on police bail.

A BNP spokesperson said both would still be candidates in the assembly election on 5 May.

CPS prosecutor Bryn Hurford told Mr Owens to be in “no doubt” that investigations into his actions were continuing and that “almost certainly other proceedings will ensue.”

Speaking outside the court, Mr Owens solicitor, Rachel Elimelech, said he was “pleased” and “very relieved to be released from custody”.

Q Time.

Last thursday (March 24th), there was a rather small meeting to officially launch The Q Society. This group is a very interesting one, and definitely to be watched, because they have been out there doing things rather than just talking, which a lot of us sometimes get accused of doing.

In this case, Q have gotten a petition up against the Marrickville council for their promotion of anti-semitism and sponsorship of the BDS campaign.

Now a lot of people don’t realise this, but in Australia, local councils seem to be more concerned with what’s happening overseas rather than doing stuff like, oh, collecting the rubbish, fixing the roads and school crossings. Municipal kind of stuff.

Not Marrickville. Hard Green/Left councillor Fiona Byrne wants to sanction Israel for their action in the Gaza region.

(I do rather suspect that this is yet more of the now commonplace new anti-semitism masquerading as righteous outrage, but what would I know?)

Q also petitioned the Port Phillip council about allowing a community house to expand its use by a muslim group for friday prayers. In an area that is predominantly non-muslim, this is a bizarre thing to do, but again, what would I know. We’re talking about the Port Phillip council, and they’ve always been a bit left and strange. (In my opinion, of course)

So thursday’s launch was not completely out of the blue.

Q Society Launch

As Vickie says, Q has hit the ground running, and already leaving a groundswell of opinion in their wake.

ACA link here.

Having met Vickie personally on a number of occasions, I can attest to the fact that she comes across as a horribly scary extremist thoroughly nice person.

She’s also been getting out there, with the Australian Islamist Monitor interviewing her recently.

For a spokesperson, that’s excellent to see.

On thursday evening, Martin King from A Current Affair was also there for a short time to interview a few people (not me, luckily!), and tape some of the talks.

Of course, he didn’t get the talk he should have.

Q Launch SOS Campaign 2011

There are a lot of things going on here in Australia in the arena of creeping sharia – finance, education, food, amenities, and the ongoing issues with illegal immigrants. Not that we’re supposed to call them that. Asylum seekers is the politically correct term.

The Q Society are focusing particularly on halal food in Australia and the current push for islam to be a part of the schools’ curricula. Under the guise of “cultural” studies.

For a small but growing group they aim high.

When you consider that several speakers pulled out at the last minute because they were frightened of speaking out in public, there is a need for some sort of action.

These speakers were from Afghanistan, Sudan and Ethiopia, so you’d think they would feel safe to speak in our (supposedly) free society.

Obviously not.

The keynote speaker was Pastor Daniel Scot, of the infamous Catch the Fires case here in Melbournistan.

A highly educated and entertaining man, it’s no wonder he was charged with quoting the quran in a manner that made people laugh. He has an exquisitely honed sense of irony, and he uses it well.

Another speaker was a Pastor who fled Pakistan in fear as a christian, and now has a ministry here in Melbourne, preaching over the phone and via skype to groups in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and even London!

It took him over two years of effort with the Immigration dept to bring his wife and children to Australia and out from the oppression of Pakistan they suffered as christians.

There are a lot more stories like these, but unfortunately they never seem to see the light of day.

With the Q Society getting the information on what’s happening out, then with luck we’ll see more.

As the saying goes, sunlight disinfects, and the Q Society are doing an excellent job of disinfecting some of the misconceptions about sharia.

UK Juggles Islam and Islamism

From Hudson New York

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, co-Chairperson of the Conservative Party, the senior partner in the United Kingdom’s coalition government, in January gave the Sternberg Lecture Speech at Leicester University on the subject, “Islamophobia.” “For far too many people,” she said, “Islamophobia is seen as a legitimate – even commendable – thing. You could even say that Islamophobia has now passed the dinner-table-test.” This, she told The Telegraph, prior to delivering the speech, meant that: “It has seeped into our society in a way where it is acceptable around dinner to have these conversations where anti-Muslim hatred and bigotry is quite openly discussed.”

The “dinner-table” image is clever, suggesting not only that “Islamophobia” is respectable, but that whenever two or three non-Muslims get together the conversation surely turns to attacking Muslims. Despite rampant political correctness in the media and political class, the speech was almost universally attacked. The Prime Minister’s office also denied seeing the speech prior to its having been delivered, although the media had reported on it 24 hours earlier, and some reports suggested that it had, in fact, been seen there.

Among the critics was Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn, who reminded his readers that “In politics, as in comedy, timing is everything.” With the recent enquiry into the London 7/7 bombings and fresh revelations of Pakistani Muslim gangs raping and pimping White non-Muslim girls, Wari’s timing, he suggested, could not have been worse. According to reports, at least hundreds of girls, between the ages of 11 and 16 have been abused, raped, drugged, and prostituted by the gangs. There had been a history of the police authorities overlooking the gangs and their sexual crimes against children since they feared being branded “racist and, of course, “Islamophobic.”

However, in a certain respect, Littlejohn’s remark was unfair to the baroness. After all, when would have been the right time for the speech? If Warsi had given it a month earlier it would have been during the aftermath of the Stockholm suicide terrorist bombing (the perpetrator of which had been radicalized in the British city of Luton), and on the same day as 12 Islamist terror suspects were arrested for planning mass casualty attacks inside the UK.

If Warsi had waited until February… Read More.




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A Muslim leader at one of Britain’s largest mosques is threatening to sue David Cameron

Wednesday February 9,2011

By Macer Hall, Political Editor

A SENIOR Muslim leader at one of Britain’s largest mosques is threatening to sue David Cameron for libel over his recent criticism of Islamic extremism.

Mohammad Naseem, chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque, revealed that he was consulting lawyers.

He took exception to a suggestion by the PM that some worshippers at the mosque believed that the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US were part of a Jewish conspiracy.

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