BNP ‘Koran burn’ candidate Sion Owens case withdrawn

BBC…The Crown Prosecution Service said it was withdrawing the case against Sion Owens

The case has been withdrawn against a BNP candidate for the Welsh assembly election who had been accused of being filmed burning a copy of the Koran.

Sion Owens, aged 41, was charged with a public order offence on Saturday.

When he appeared at Swansea Magistrates Court the Crown Prosecution Service said it was withdrawing the case against him.

 In other words, burning your own private property while on your own private property can not be concidered a public order offence.

But it said that investigations would continue and that “almost certainly other proceedings will ensue.”

 In other words, we will get him on something else.

Mr Owens, from Bonymaen, Swansea, appeared in court from custody.

A BNP candidate for the South Wales West regional list, he was arrested on Friday evening when the force was passed a video recording showing a man burning the Koran.

He was charged on Saturday evening under the Public Order Act.

Joanne Shannon, another BNP candidate also arrested in connection with the incident, had already been released on police bail.

A BNP spokesperson said both would still be candidates in the assembly election on 5 May.

CPS prosecutor Bryn Hurford told Mr Owens to be in “no doubt” that investigations into his actions were continuing and that “almost certainly other proceedings will ensue.”

Speaking outside the court, Mr Owens solicitor, Rachel Elimelech, said he was “pleased” and “very relieved to be released from custody”.

7 Replies to “BNP ‘Koran burn’ candidate Sion Owens case withdrawn”

  1. The British race police farce!
    Ten police officers all on overtime pay at 10pm in the evening arrest a parliamentary candidate.
    Hold him and his disabled partner in cells.
    Refuse to give her access to her proscribed medicines.
    Release her on bail after 24 hours and hold him for 48 hours.
    Then release him with no charge?
    The week before his possible election, ruining any chance of him being elected ?
    This same candidate claimed compensation for wrongful arrest by the same police force in the previous year.
    Is this genuinely a Keystone Cops operation or have the police just ruined any chance of the BNP being elected in that area of Wales at the request of other political parties?
    I hope he drags them through the courts.This is highly suspicious on the eve of an election. Can you imagine this happening to any other UK political party?

  2. Each generation has to fight for its freedom just like it has to bear the next generation. You can’t skip a generation on freedom any more than survival.

  3. While the arrest was politically motivated it was a big mistake, what they are doing is making a martyr out of the man, you would think that a nations with so many leftist in the government would realize this. After all the left has set out to create martyrs through out all of the 20th Century, look at the adoration of Che. In reality he was Castros executioner and loved to beat people to death with a base ball bat.

  4. Britainistan has been polarized into two radical camps largely due to the rapid influx of Muslims into the country.

    On the one hand we see the anti-Muslim minority who are lighting the fires of The Battle of Britain II under the very noses of those on the other side, the government that wants Muslim support in the elections at whatever the cost to the freedom of the people.

    Curiously the very symbol that many on the one side rally around is a mask from the movie V for Vendetta which depicts Guy Fawkes, long known as a traitor to the British throne. He may have merely been a dupe, guarding what he thought was beer, for all he knew what was in those kegs under Parliament.

    All this aside, the two factions are at war, with the common folk in the middle, wondering when the Muslims will strike next. They will also wonder why the police didn’t stop them.

    Well, for my money, the government has fallen over itself trying to be “politically correct” with the wrong people: Muslims. You cannot allow such ideologically motivated people into the country without serious consequences.

    As we have seen, it forces the government to change laws in favour of those same radicalized people.

    May the Spirit of 1940 rise again in the UK and defeat this well-known parasitic enemy that lies in wait within. You may all know what that Spirit means.

  5. Yes, I too would be “pleased” and “very relieved” after my political enemies used unjust laws to apply a process of discrimination against me for their own political gain. Then threaten me with further investigations while there exists a lack of any evidence. That’s a great system you’ve got there. Really. LOL

  6. RRWest given enough time and it will, I am old enough and educated enough to remember the tests that showed that genetics play a larger role in human behavior then it is politically correct to talk about. My reading of history tells me that the Europeans once they wake up and revert to genetic type will survive the coming troubles, not easily or cheaply but they will survive and will insist on regaining their ancient rights.

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