Muslim sues Costco for giving him exactly what he asked for.

In a way, this is a brilliant example of the inherent hypocrisy of modern leftism, even to the point of a kind of oxymoron. But logical curios aside, this is a sterling example of how muslims come to destroy our cooperative civilization to advantage themselves and Islamic sensibilities.

Of course it will be argued that anyone can launch a lawsuit for any reason they want and in and of itself, this means nothing. And usually that is correct. But then one can’t help but notice patterns of similar law suits by muslims across the world which are often won to the great expense of employers and their customers ultimately, and in terms of Western law and regulations which must be continuously bent and twisted to the serious advantage of muslim employees. Examples are legion but this site lists a few.

FEDEX in Toronto lost a suit over a dress code issue where the muslim employees violated actual safety regulations and sued and won when told to conform to Ontario rules concerning loose clothing on ladders.

Ones concerning breaks and special space and times for prayer are becoming too numerous to list.


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  1. What a crock of shit. It’s not against any Muslim’s religious belief to touch pork or alcohol. They can’t consume it but there’s nothing in the Q’uran or Hadith that says they can’t handle it.
    This is just another example of some lying Muslim scumbag pushing his luck and getting away with it because of ignorance and cowardice.
    He should lose the case, lose lots of money in law fees and then be fired from his job.
    It’s time that all Muslim demands were ignored. They should be given no special treatment at all, in fact their religion should be outlawed completely.

    • Lawfare jihad.
      Currently being waged fairly successfully in the West.
      We are seeing some push back and we’ll see much more.
      It’s tough fighting an unnamed enemy whose ideology has
      NO Ethics, NO Golden Rule.


    There is a simple question that every critic of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on Tuesday must answer: should he rather wait, as Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko did, and address Congress after suffering a crushing defeat? Or should Netanyahu hasten to warn America before disaster strikes, before a deal is done with Iran that cannot be undone?

    The answer is simple. Poroshenko was warmly received by both parties–after the Crimea was lost, after Russian-backed rebels had begun waging war in the eastern Ukraine, after President Barack Obama had turned down requests for arms. He spoke movingly–but politely, challenging America to do more to help, hoping Congress and Obama would get the message.

    And what happened? Nothing. The Ukraine has suffered crushing military defeats, and the future of NATO is in danger.

    Can Netanyahu afford the same risk? Of course not. The deal under consideration by the Obama administration reportedly allows Iran to keep most of its uranium enrichment infrastructure, and would allow Iran to go nuclear within a decade. It is unclear how the international community would monitor compliance–meaning Iran could “break out” even earlier.

    Already, Iran has moved troops to Israel’s borders and continues to arm terrorist proxies. It has also–right under President Obama’s nose–planned attacks against American targets, even on American soil.

    So should Netanyahu wait? Clearly, no.

    • Why did he apply……
      It’s part of seeing inbound 7th century muzlims as colonizers, invaders,
      using our tools. our funds.

  3. Yes, the EEOC, through the justice dept., funds these complaints. As a govt. bureaucracy, they have unlimited funds and resources. Of course, the EEOC does NOT fund the defendants legal defense. That is why hate speech laws are so effective. It’s the govt against the individual. Pretty much a police state, you don’t dare speak up, or they will bankrupt you and destroy your livelihood.

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