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13 Replies to “Geert wilders’ opening statement for his third trial for offending muslims”

    • Yes Islam is a crime against humanity, it is the wearing of a forced crown.

      But so too is Socialism, with wearing a forced compassion. (Millions of refugees just have to turn up).

      And so is Libertarianism, a forced Identity onto other people to positively approve.

      Behind these three kingdoms of superiority of Allah, State or Creed; are Muhammadans, Communists and Race. Gender-preference like skin-preference will become a race too.

      Freed Mothers, Fathers or ultimately both – focused on creating the perfect silence in the Fatherland, Motherland or parentless Neverland. Those who dislike what they are and being reminded of themselves within others. Creating the sliced child of approval.

      The Perfect Denial for the Perfect Peace.

      It is the most terrible thing for a Muslim to be born in a Muslim country.

      Gert Wilders not wanting Muslims in his country is that he does not want their dead souls. This is not a racial prejudice. That makes him dangerous, for he sees the dead spirit and the dead flesh-eaters in government too.

      This is about a crime against humanity, more than you may know.

      • This takes us to the point of being human; the right to believe in a god or not, the right to believe in a herd-identity or not, and the right to believe in inverted-livestyles or not.

        That they will silence, rob and kill the most conscious from amongst them – in their Human Rights Star Chambers – is a 21st Century sight to behold and serving the dictators-in-waiting who already have employed their ground-thugs.

  1. Incredibly irritating. Most of the judges, etc., sat stoney-faced twiddling their fingers.
    What Mr. Wilders says does not matter to them because they want him out of

    Perhaps when Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, the leftist
    EU wimps will understand the importance of the patriotism and law and order.
    They will listen to the near-majority of Dutch who say they want fewer Moroccans/
    Muslims in their country.

    Best of everything to you, Mr. Wilders.
    Trump/Pence2016. Patriotism, law, and order. America First. Make America Great Again.

    • No they won’t understand the need for patriotism, they are full of leftist propaganda and firmly believe that nationalism (the force that led us out of the Dark Ages) is the root of all evil in the world.

  2. The double standard is alive and well in all European nations as well as the US and Canada. I wish I could see a way for this crime against the rule of law to be redressed peacefully, I don’t it has gone on too long and they treasonous sadly mistaken policies of our elected leaders have aggravated the situation. This is what makes it so vital that we in the US elect Trump so we will have a leader who will defend civilization rather then assist in its destruction.

  3. Geert Wilders has been one of my personal heroes for years. Read his book “Marked for Death” to see what he is really up against. It seems like his own people have as much of jihad against him as do the followers of the Prophet. Looking at the soul-less faces of those “judges” aka politicians/ bureaucrats, I shudder to think how this will go. They have it in for Geert for sure.

    Scary to think that he is actually an elected official.

    • Marked for death is one of my favorite books. I have an audio book version which is superbly read and I listen to it repeatedly on the treadmill.

  4. I pray that Trump becomes POTUS. He has hinted that he retask NATO to define “radical” Islam as the enemy, and offer NATO partners to affirm the retasking.

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