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A Muslim leader at one of Britain’s largest mosques is threatening to sue David Cameron

Wednesday February 9,2011

By Macer Hall, Political Editor

A SENIOR Muslim leader at one of Britain’s largest mosques is threatening to sue David Cameron for libel over his recent criticism of Islamic extremism.

Mohammad Naseem, chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque, revealed that he was consulting lawyers.

He took exception to a suggestion by the PM that some worshippers at the mosque believed that the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US were part of a Jewish conspiracy.

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  1. Yes, even on a personal level it is easy to back down for everyone who ever is confronted by the wrath of the lunatic rage

    This evening at the Edmonton airport, waiting at the international arrivals I noticed the memorial to the soldiers, and read this, then just 30 feet away, a door for prayer, not believing my eyes, I opened the door just to check and sure enough, an islamic prayer room, No one inside

    I scoffed under my breath, silently outraged, and muttered, \how disgusing/, then continued on my walk around the area, but guess what, some madman islamic rage boy, about 30’s with a young child in tow, heard me, started yelling at me, swearing, calling me a f,,,, bitch, saying i was insulting his religion, I just kept on walking and hid around one of the big posts, about 20 25 people witnessed this, and several people approached me for support and began talking about it, one woman had been sitting near him and moved with her children, I just ignored this lunatic, very nervous that he might do something even more violent, and also, very nervous that the person I was waiting for would see all the commotion, I did not engage this cracked person
    Had I called security, confronted this lunatic, it would have been a real mess,
    How can we be so blind, no room for the Catholics, the Jews, the Budhists, the Seiks,
    If men are praying 5 times a day, so much that they have to have this right at the airport, then they are not obviously integrated moderate muslims, and what a joke our security system is
    Outrageous, that this backward retarded imbicile thinks he can get away with this type of behavior in a public place, toward a 65 year old woman, and have no reprecussions for his behavior
    I had a crowd of about 10 people around me I think just to show support and to be protective
    If I want to scoff, or say that I think a prayer room at an airport is disgusting, am I not allowed to do this in Canada,
    obviously this is why no one ever speaks out
    If I wasn’t waiting to pick up my son and know this would have been a scene he would not have relished, I would have called security and confronted this creepy little magot, who incidently, called me f,,,n bit,,,, etc yelling and screaming in front of his young child, what a great new Canadian he is, setting such a wonderful example for his child

  2. Bi Got. I would like to post your comment in an actual post. Would that be OK? and it is certainly asking too much that someone out there video’d this whole thing on their cell phone cam but ask I am.

  3. The lady’s experience at the airport doesn’t surprise me in the least, I have seen many such exhibitions. Temperamentally violent, we see so much evidence of this online nowadays that I would think everyone must know it by now. We all pay taxes to maintain a police force, I think it is time we insisted these violent and aggressive individuals are taken out of circulation for threatening behaviour, breach of the peace, racist insults and a whole lot more.

  4. Chevril a decade ago, a single incident like this would have been news, and would have sparked debate. I would like to remind everyone that most cell phones have video cameras on them. These kinds of things within our own nations need to be recorded and shown to the world. We cannot pressure our own ‘democratic’ governments to change important policies on the basis of reality if we cannot discuss or show that reality to the nation. As it is, each person who experiences this may think it was an isolated incident and not a function of the actual policy of the people perpetrating these behaviours.

  5. Bi Got,
    I notice no one came to the assistance of this lunatic. But you were supported by the people who came to your assistance, many of which probably had similar feelings. It’s no surprise that 80% of the country supports Quebec’s burqa ban, hoping it will become a reality in the rest of the nation. Too bad if he was offended.

  6. The current situation in Western societies is like the metaphor of the frog who is unaware that he is being boiled because he is being boiled slowly with the temperature of the water being increased slowly.

    The situation now in the world, for the Jewish people, is *much worse* than it was in the 1930’s. Only very few people are aware of this. Only very few people are endeavoring to protect the Jewish people, and to protect the whole world, and to, as doing so, alert the world to what is happening. The fact that only very few people are aware of this and that only very few people are doing this is exactly the main part of the current situation – just as it was in the 1930’s. However, the current situation is much worse than what was the situation in the 1930’s. The current situation is much more perverse that what was the situation in the 1930’s. The evil of the current situation is much more perverse, and much more insidious, and and much more sophisticated, and much more huge, than was the evil of the situation in the 1930’s. The 1930’s were quaint compared to what is the situation at the present time.

    How did the Shoah happen? Just look around. The process is happening again.

    The process is constituted by mass-belief in huge obscene perverse lies that obscenely, and perversely, present the Jewish people as being extremely powerful, genocidal, world-conquest-seeking, villains, and that obscenely, and perversely, present the extremely powerful, genocidally anti-Jewish, world-conquest-seeking, attackers of the Jewish people as being benign, benevolent, wronged, victims of the Jewish people. As part of the extreme perversity of the current situation, it is the case that, in the West, some of the most fervent, and the most influential, propagators of lies that vilify the Jewish people who are being targeted for genocide are Jewish.

    How can the evil of the current situation be remedied?

    By the following.

    The leaders of the government of Israel – themselves – *must* start to tell the factual, currently 94-year, history of the situation that Israel is in, and *must* stop colluding (which they have been doing out of delusion – deep profound Stockholm Syndrome) with those who are endeavoring to destroy Israel.

    “Israel, Ignore at Own Risk: Melanie Phillips on How and Why Israel Must Win the Abdicated War for Public Opinion”

    “The challenge of public diplomacy vis-a-vis the delegitimisation of Israel”, by Melanie Phillips, Address to Ariel Conference on Law and Mass Media, 30 December 2010

  7. Yes, sorry I didn’t get back sooner, I was exhausted from the whole thing, slept in, then spent three hours exploring a website, amaazing stuff, Immigration Watch

  8. If an American woman who falls into a fountain while texting messages can sue the shopping mall in which the accident happened why couldn’t Naseem sue the British Prime Minister for his comments?

  9. That’s the thing, isn’t it? That constant threat of a violent outburst has a real chilling effect, making us all walk on eggshells at their command. In the back of our minds we know that if the wrong guy hears you say something about Islam, you could be attacked- and he won’t have a problem with the possibility of going to jail. What we should do is the “I’m Spartacus” approach where we all, say, wear Mohammed T-shirts every day until they get over it. Being extra careful and deferential to Islam is the wrong approach and only encourages them.

  10. Bi Got I wish I had the answer but the west became so civilized that we now refuse to confront the intolerant foreigners trying to conquer our nations.

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