Body found in Minneapolis pawnshop that was torched in George Floyd protests

So now they killed another person in their attacks on Free market and private property. Burned him to death.

New York Post:

A charred body was found in the wreckage of a Minneapolis pawnshop this week — nearly two months after the building was burned down in the protests that followed George Floyd’s police-custody death.

Investigators were acting on a tip when they found the man’s body in the rubble of Max It Pawn on East Lake Street in south Minneapolis, police spokesman John Elder told the Star Tribune.

“The body appears to have suffered thermal injury and we do have somebody charged with setting fire to that place,” Elder told the paper. […]


Model Afghan refugee murders his German ex.

Hard to keep track of all these. The message is, breaking up with a muslim doesn’t mean you are safe from him.

Text on left:

Erdis Zaba was born in Afghanistan and has been living in Saxony for 15 years. He studies philosophy and works in a refugee home.
“I’m not your poster child”. Living 15 years in the Saxon province has left its mark on Erdis Z. Today the native Afghan lives in Leipzig and…

Text on Right:

Young Mother killed with beer bottle -A young mother, her baby in her arms – beaten to death while walking in the woods, apparently by her ex-boyfriend (Erdis Z., 30)! One week after the cruel crime, a man has at least partially admitted the crime. An investigator describes the suspected perpetrator as a “model refugee who has become violent”.

Thank you MissPiggy for the find and the translation 

Louie Gohmert on the life and death of Phillip Haney

Andrew Bostom called and directed my attention to an amazing speech given at the House by Louie Gohmert on the nature, and death of his friend, Phillip Haney.

The entire speech is truly excellent and worthy of our time and attention. But as it is over 40 minutes, Andrew felt that some of the main points can be condensed into a short version. Below are both. First the short edited version, and the entire speech below that.

Rep. Gohmert does not come out and say Phillip Haney was murdered. But he does an excellent job of explaining why members of the Obama administration would have excellent motives to have done so.

Full version:


How to make and maintain a No-Go-Zone in a peaceful and cooperative land

This is videos 8 through 12 on the series C found and translated for us on the abuse and even serious attacks against emergency personnel in The Netherlands, and while not stated, it is a very safe bet in all cases it was by muslims, and likely Moroccan migrants to the Netherlands.

This series could easily be called, ‘on the making and preservation of no-go-zones in Europe by muslims’. And frankly its a very important series given that most people remain unaware of these areas which have been stripped of national sovereignty and democratic law and rule, and most of the rest do not believe that it is happening. Witness the reaction to Donald Trump’s statement about Sweden’s no-go-zones for example.

Please watch and spread these videos. The first 7 should be easily found by scrolling down over the past few days. However I will likely add them here over the next day or so.

Video 8/12

Video 9/12

Video 10/12

Video 11/12

Video 12/12

Was the mass shooting at Midnight Shisha bar, yet another German false flag?

Reports are that the German government is doing everything in its power to make sure this video is not seen. While Turkish language videos are up, German and English ones are disappearing from social media apparently.

The Tweet below is from a known German financial consultant, a managing director of Goetzpartners. 

Dr. Markus Krall, is a German economist, risk manager, management consultant, author and lecturer on monetary policy issues. Since September 2019, Krall has been a member of the board and spokesman of the management of Degussa Goldhandel GmbH. He represents an ordoliberal concept of the economy and is close to the Austrian School.

(I believe the Austrian School is Hayek. I wait to be corrected)

Exact translation of Krall Tweet: My wife, who was born in Turkey, translated this video for me. This witness clearly says: “We are being lied to. It was more that one perpetrator in Hanau. It was NOT the person, that is presented to us as the perpetrator on television.”

(The segment where he says we are being lied to, is not in the first 2 minutes which we did)

According to MissPiggy, several people who posted translations of this video have had their entire German twitter accounts suspended.

Special thanks to RAIR Foundation and Luke Montgomery for the translation.


Psycho killer, Qu’est-ce que c’est?

So about that decision to not hold the killer of Sarah Halimi responsible. The clip below is a rather stellar piece of double think by a minister of justice in France. This is where they claim that they are following rule of law by abandoning it altogether when it suits the Neo-Marxist narrative.

There could not be a more clear cut case of a hate crime should such a thing exist at all. But he was found not responsible by reason of insanity and that was that. This site followed that case very closely and searching for Sarah Halimi will bring up a lot of articles.

Stephen Coughlin would almost certainly call this Repressive Tolerance. A Frankfurt School semantic device to accomplish exactly this thing. Hold up the highest possible standard of the law where it is a disadvantage to modern nation states, and make sure it doesn’t apply at all where it is to the advantage of anyone problematic to Western nations, people, and thought.

Thank you Miss Piggy for wading through this horror show.

Man with many nationalities murders German fireman outside Christmas market

Additional information from the translator of the video, MissPiggy

The second suspect has Italian citizenship. The main suspect was born in Germany, but has Lebanese, Turkish and German citizenship.

“According to the police, there was a verbal dispute with the group of seven. One of the youths hit the 49-year-old’s head, and he fell. The exact cause of death was initially unclear. The 50-year-old companion of the victim was hit in the face, the two women remained physically unharmed. The wife of the victim was unable to be questioned due to her traumatisation.”

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So please watch the video above which is on 3speak (Many thanks to BoL for his superb assistance in getting us set up there) and please let us know how it works for you all.

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Killer of Paris cops was a convert to Islam according to colleague: Links 1, October 3, 2019

1. The ONLY politician in Canada with the guts to deal with any degree of truth

2. Jewish boys taunted in shocking cases of anti-Semitic bullying at Melbourne schools

A 12-year-old Jewish student was forced to kneel down and kiss the shoes of a Muslim classmate, while a five-year-old boy was allegedly called a “Jewish cockroach” and repeatedly hounded in the school toilets by his young classmates.


The two incidents this year – the first involving a year 7 boy at Cheltenham Secondary College and the second a prep student at Hawthorn West Primary School – have prompted the Anti-Defamation Commission to sound an alarm about what it says is a “rapidly spreading” crisis involving anti-Semitic bullying in Victorian state schools.

Both boys, whose parents have asked to remain anonymous, have since left the schools where the incidents occurred, with the five-year-old boy currently being home schooled.


The older boy’s act of kissing another student’s shoes, under threat of being swarmed by several other boys, was filmed, photographed and shared on social media.

3. A small victory against political indoctrination of very young children in public schools

4. Mass stabber of police in French police station today WAS A CONVERT TO ISLAM

News stories on this event. Because the stabber’s first victim was female, the French MSM attempted to spin this as a lover’s quarrel.

Sky News:

Four police officers have been killed by a fellow employee in a knife attack at the force’s headquarters in Paris, says a union official.

The 45-year-old attacker, who was said to have worked for the police for 20 years, was shot dead at the scene.

It happened at about 1pm local time at the large police building located just across from Notre Dame Cathedral.

Police union official Loic Travers said the attack appeared to have started in an office and continued elsewhere in the compound.

The Sun:

TWO female cops are among four people killed by a colleague who went on a knife rampage at a Paris police station after a “moment of madness”, according to reports.

The assailant is said to have entered the police headquarters in the French capital with a ceramic knife before launching his bloody assault.

The Stabber is from Martinique:

translation: [Ava Lon]
The assailant, aged 45, was born in Fort-de-France (Martinique) in 1974 and has a handicap of mild deafness.
The attacker, an administrative officer of the DR-PP, apparently lost freaked out and started stabbing around. Out of five people attacked, four were killed, said the police source. The police prefecture remains extremely cautious concerning the terrorist hypothesis. It could be a [private or organized crime type of ] revenge. There were allegedly no other attackers.
translator’s comment:
Tthe perpetrator of the attack was born in one of several French “overseas departments”, (la Martinique), which are a couple of islands (la Guadeloupe and la Martinique in the Caribbean, and la Mayotte and la Réunion in the Indian Ocean) and one department in South America,(la Guyane) the last remnants of French colonies. Those islands, just like the rest of France and of the West, were targeted by human traffickers  and have seen great numbers of third world immigrants arriving to their shores, which turned the islanders into quite fierce opponents of immigration. Therefore it would be simplifying  to say that the today’s attacker is yet another crazy immigrant: this person clearly was born in a French territory, spent all his life in France and was not a recent “enrichment”. However his name, politics and religion remain unreported.]

***We now know from Twitter that the killer is a convert to Islam. The MSM has yet to report this***

Thank you Ava Lon for all your dedicated and hard work on this to get a rapid discovery on who did what and why.


Two (Scratch) THREE items from Ontario from this week

First, a 27 year old woman killed in a machete attack in Scarborough

A 27-year-old woman was murdered in a machete attack Wednesday evening in the city’s east end.

Just after 6 p.m., Toronto Police received numerous calls about a man running around with a machete in the area of Morrish Rd. and Ellesmere Rd.


The victim, identified by police as Tharshika Jeganathan, was walking home when she was attacked, Insp. Stacey Davis said.


Witnesses said a man struck her with the weapon, knocking her to the ground.

“He continued his attack, ” Const. David Hopkinson said, describing the injuries as “horrific.”

“And then he gets into his car and flees.”

Secondly, a peculiar stabbing attack where motive seems oddly uncertain

A Kingston man was shot by police after he stabbed two people on Thursday on Queen Street. Police sources have also now confirmed that two people have died as a result of the incident.


The Special Investigations Unit has confirmed one of the deceased was the suspect in the stabbing.

According to an SIU news release, Kingston police came upon a 22-year-old man attacking another 40-year-old man at Queen and Bagot streets on Thursday around 2 p.m. The 40-year-old man succumbed to the injuries he sustained during the attack.


One officer then shot the 22-year-old after he began attacking another individual. Soon afterward, the 22-year-old began harming himself, and another officer discharged his conducted energy weapon, according to the SIU release.

(I think “conducted energy weapon” is the verbose for ‘taser’.)

No idea what these two are about as so little quality information is in either story. But they both bear the marks of mass immigration to Canada from cultures that view the value of human life fundamentally differently that Western man does.

Ottawa: ROBBERY, SEXUAL ASSAULT: Two charged, three more suspects at large

Two people were charged after an alleged robbery and sexual assault at Confederation Park last week, three suspects are still at large.


The incident involved five suspects who sexually assaulted a man in his late twenties and used violence to steal his backpack, Ottawa police allege in a press release. The incident occurred around 1 a.m. on Aug. 27.


Abdulfatah Moallem, 24, from Ottawa, was charged with sexual assault, robbery and armed aggression.

Jonathan Jampies, 27, from Ottawa, was charged with sexual assault as a participant in the offense, robbery, armed aggression and breach of conditions of probation.


Police said they have descriptions of the three other suspects and are looking for a small native woman in her late teens or early twenties — who was dressed in a red jacket and grey trousers, an Aboriginal woman in her late teens or early twenties and a black man in his twenties, who is tall and thin and was dressed in black.