Dutch authorities are shattering the public trust in police and security services

Communist governments and their controllers, be it from the WEF or Bilderberg or whatever, have done an excellent job of turning the people against each other. These videos from The Netherlands show how a people can really, and should really, come to loath, despise and distrust the police and authorities as they now do the opposite of what the police are supposed to do, and for which they used to earn gratitude and respect. Namely protest the rights and property of the public. Now of course, they take them both away.



Last Saturday’s demo to support Dutch Farmers in Ottawa

First, please read the story over at RAIR Foundation.

In this first video, you can follow one of the several planned convoys from the initial staging area, in this case Kemptville, and then to a meeting place in Kanata, and on to the Dutch Embassy office in Downtown Ottawa. In it you will hear a short interview about how police and authorities waylaid farmers and truckers to make sure that the demo would have no impact.

In other words, even if MSM actually reported the truth about what they saw at the demo downtown, it would still be a lie since the police and city government made sure it would not look as big or impressive as it actually would have been. Exactly like Rolling Thunder, and exactly like The Freedom Convoy, which never had anything like the 40 miles of trucks that headed to Ottawa from the West alone.

Below, one of the Front Line Nurses speaks to the crowd gathered at the Kanata meeting area getting everyone ready to move on to downtown. The police however, closed off many of the exits from the 417, or the main highway throughout the city as they have on many previous occasions to stop any demonstration they do not agree with. Then they blame the protestors for disrupting traffic.

Short interview with one woman destroyed by ‘vaccine’ mandates

Dutch Government acts out against Dutch Farmers who they have illegally disenfranchised in the name of AGW

AGW of course means Anthropogenic Global Warming. And the farmers are accused of generating nitrogen. Nitrogen is 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere. So I think we can all agree that science has nothing to do with political decisions anymore if they ever did since the beginning of the communist revolution across the Developed World. (Please see table below)

What we get are lying slogans instead of anything factual enough to give a predicible result. Those who do accurately predict the results are called “conspiracy theorists”. Usually followed hard-on by being called, “Racists, misogynists, far right White supremacists” and any combination of, plus any other adjective that adds odiousness.

On to the Netherlands then:

Tensions are high in the Netherland. Now Dutch Cops are pulling weapons on unarmed citizens and shooting. Stills are from videos posted below:

This article actually mentions that police shot at demonstrators:

Farmers’ blockades ‘will cost supermarkets tens of millions’

There will be a great deal more on this soon no doubt at all. Please check this post’s comments for related materials, the Reader’s Links and later today, RAIR Foundation for a more detailed and less chaotic post on the issue.


?? The newscaster reads out what was editorialized. And that was wrong. In the Dutch news, the shooting at a tractor is presented as if it was in self-defense. That is not correct.
?? The speaker mentions that they were not warning shots, but targeted shots (nl.: “directed”), because the tractors were driving towards the police officers (nl.: “agents”) in a targeted way. This was not the case. The tractors drove past the police.
If the tractor with trailer had driven just a little slower, the tractor driver might have been hit.
??A striking thing about the shooter is that he was filmed for quite some time with his gun drawn and also pointed it at at least one passenger car.
??Dutch farmers are apparently being deliberately defamed by media misrepresentations.

Massive and kinetic protests in Amsterdam

Please check periodically the comments on this post for the videos and photos and links to news. Lerge events are underway. Will MSM report any of this? Or are they still trying to find the “Asian” who cut a hijab in Toronto years ago?

“Unauthorized” protest. I posit that any protest that is authorized is enemy propaganda and not a protest at all.

Riots in The Netherlands

1. Interesting question in the tweet. The kind of rhetorical one you have to ask when the answer contains protected groups.

2. Alex Berenson writes on the Dutch having had just about enough of lockdowns

3. Some videos:

Please see reader’s links comments for many more videos of the increasingly exciting and highly enriched Dutch city of Rotterdam.

Dutch MP exposes 2010 plot detailing today’s events from Rockefeller Foundation

Please see RAIR Foundation for details.

Also for a downloadable copy of this report, click here.

Gates of Vienna has a 2013 video of a young man detailing this report also on another podcast of somekind. If memory serves, we had it on this site as well some time ago.

ANTIFA and Kurdish communist groups get green light to march in Amsterdam while Dutch covid measures protest ended by riot police

This video was published on video platform, Dumpert this morning. It shows Kurdish communists and ANTIFA having a march/demonstration possibly today in The Netherlands even though all such gatherings are forbidden due to Covid regs.

Here are some videos of how police treat Dutch people protesting oppressive Covid regulations:

February 7 2021

January 31st

It seems various governments in The Netherlands designate an area where a protest is going to be against Covid measures as a “Security risk zone” allowing the police to bust heads arbitrarily. Unless you are a violent communist insurgent. In which case carry on.

C. has provided more links and information at this comment.

Thank you C.

Long list of videos of the chaos in The Netherlands TODAY, January 25, 2021

1. These kids are definitely moroccan. One calls a cop a “fucking jew”, and he says something about his mother:

2. Crazy

3. Mayhem all over the Netherlands.

4. More Watercannons

5. Bicycle cops

6. Debris and bricabrak

7. Rotterdam supermarket

8. What is the back story here?

9. More and more this looks like communist insurgents like ANTIFA and Moroccans.


11. Gangs of black clad people destroying everything with the kind of enthusiasm you usually see from ANTIFA

Thank you C. for all of these. More below:

People blow up a bridge in the Netherlands, theoretically as part of riots over a 6:00 curfew


(Really. WTH is going on here. How many of your average Dutch people would know how to do this, both in theory and be able to pull it off? What is really going on here?)



Protests in the Netherlands against liberty destroying Wuhan Flu measures move to the next stage

This post will be updated as items are viewed and added. Thank you MissPiggy and C. and M. for sending in such amazing material. Whatever one may think of these events, the question we all should ask ourselves is, how far can we allow governments to push us before we fight back?

1. Covid Test Centre burned down

2. Another video of riots in Amsterdam and Eindhoven:
0:30 random escaped horse
1:16 man in bear(?) suit
11:06 supermarket looted
11:32 pavement broken up to use as projectiles

3. According to the mayor, the police was pelted with stones, traffic poles, golf balls, fireworks and even knives. About 1500 people participated in the protests, 100 arrested. Article in Dutch:

C. adds the following analysis:

PS Eindhoven is somehwat notorious for its soccer hooligans.who call themselves “the craziest”. I suspect the rioters are mostly from this demographic.

4. Minor (?) riot against the COVID curfew just broke out in the Hague, the Netherlands, in the mostly muslim area Schilderswijk. Arson, blocking traffic, police react with tear gas. Videos:

(The video above does work but you may have to click a few times or go to YT to see it)

5. Explosion (fuel tank?) at 0:30

6. Videos of the riots in Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

7. Eindhoven train station vandalized with stones, arson of a railway company car, looting of a supermarket, etc:

The mayor spoke out and called this “simply criminal behaviour”.

8. General mayhem

9. Eindhoven




Both the Russian AND Dutch governments ALL just resigned today!

1. RUSSIA’s entire government has resigned as Vladimir Putin plans a massive constitutional shake-up.


The shock move is seen as part of Putin’s efforts to carve out a new position of power for himself to stay at the helm after his current term as president ends in 2024.

It was announced today by the president’s right-hand man, PM Dmitry Medvedev, who said it would give Putin room to carry out the changes he wants to make to the constitution.

The unexpected revelation came shortly after Putin proposed a nationwide vote on sweeping changes that he said would shift power from the presidency to parliament.

**Please read the comments under this post for potential corrections. Its quite possible the UK Sun got this wrong and the Russian government did not resign.

2. Dutch government quits over ‘colossal stain’ of tax subsidy scandal

THE HAGUE (Reuters) – Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s government resigned on Friday, accepting responsibility for wrongful accusations of fraud by the tax authorities that drove thousands of families to financial ruin, often on the basis of ethnicity.

The cabinet would remain in place for now in a caretaker capacity to manage the coronavirus crisis, Rutte said. He then rode his bike to King Willem-Alexander’s 17th century baroque Huis Ten Bosch palace in The Hague to discuss his resignation.

Both given reasons seem perfectly reasonable. But it still seems mighty weird.

UPDATE: There is something going on:

The NYT confirms Merkel…