Looking at the anti-Covid measures in The Netherlands, and the hostility by the public over them

This is a series of links to articles and videos sent in by C. who has a firm grasp on many things Dutch.

Thank you C for compiling all of this:

English language article:


Police in The Hague said they arrested several people at a protest against the Dutch coronavirus rules after they were attacked by demonstrators. One officer was injured in the incident, police confirmed in a statement. Separately, four more suspects were interrogated in connection with violence at a June anti-coronavirus measures rally also in The Hague.

It was not clear what led to the confrontations between protestors and police at around 2 p.m on Thursday. “We have acted because several protesters behaved provocatively and aggressively towards the police,” police said. […]

(These do not look like all Muslims or Africans or even ANTIFA or leftists. Its quite a mix of people in on this)

“Youths” riot in three cities over Corona regs

Riots ‘highly counterproductive”, Justice Min says

Rioting and unrest in three Dutch cities in the past week is highly counter-productive, Justice and Security Ferd Grapperhaus said on Thursday. The rioting surprised many, and was believed by some to have been born out of youth frustration, boredom, and anger related to government rules in place to stop the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus.

“This is not tolerable. We have a social issue, coronavirus, which no one has asked for. We are trying to solve it as best we can,“. Grapperhaus said. “The last thing you should do is riot, [and] commit vandalism,” he said, according to newswire ANP.
Grapperhaus called the unrest in Amersfoort, The Hague and Utrecht anti-social, saying that it was not only young people involved in the criminality. “I also see guys aged 30 or 40 walking in between,” he said.

The minister was set to speak with the mayors of those three cities next week to determine if the national government could offer more assistance.
On Wednesday  a third person was arrested for inciting riots in the Kanaleneiland district of Utrecht. The 21-year-old from IJsselstein is accused of using social media to rally people to cause trouble in the streets, the Public Prosecution Service said.
A 17-year-old from Utrecht was also taken into custody for throwing rocks at police and setting off fireworks during the unrest. He was found using closed-circuit video images.

Mixed bunch of people drive off a squad of undercover police”

Same video


Right before the police took off:

This was across from the Binnenhof / parliament.





C. adds the following observation. A surprise to no one, but its good to see how consistent all our formerly representative governments are across the Western World:

This is not the first such protest, but looks like the biggest yet.
looks like police had carte blanche, they beat people with truncheons.
Interesting how the vice-mayor ordered them to hold back during the muslim riots the last few days, at least in Utrecht.
Interesting indeed. Freedom for thee, a truncheon for me.



“Confused” Dutch man attacks people yelling allah hu ackbar

Funny the police who killed the African American in the US isn’t described as “confused” or as having mental health issues. But everyone who does an attack motivated by Islam does. This is a general truism but in this particular case its hard to tell as so little information is given. A man attacks people and windows with an axe. He shouts Allah Ackbar. He is shot by police. Maybe its a suicide by cop. But we have charted dozens if not over a hundred terrorist attacks by muslims, many in the Netherlands where the attacker’s mental health records mysteriously are available to the press an hour after he wages jihad on the public.

The videos:

The article in Dutch.


New footage of Pym Fortune before his self predicted assassination for speaking truth about Islam in The Netherlands

Here is a link to a transcript of a speech given at a memorial for Pym Fortune after he was murdered in a political assassination. It is quite a worthy read.


How to make and maintain a No-Go-Zone in a peaceful and cooperative land

This is videos 8 through 12 on the series C found and translated for us on the abuse and even serious attacks against emergency personnel in The Netherlands, and while not stated, it is a very safe bet in all cases it was by muslims, and likely Moroccan migrants to the Netherlands.

This series could easily be called, ‘on the making and preservation of no-go-zones in Europe by muslims’. And frankly its a very important series given that most people remain unaware of these areas which have been stripped of national sovereignty and democratic law and rule, and most of the rest do not believe that it is happening. Witness the reaction to Donald Trump’s statement about Sweden’s no-go-zones for example.

Please watch and spread these videos. The first 7 should be easily found by scrolling down over the past few days. However I will likely add them here over the next day or so.

Video 8/12

Video 9/12

Video 10/12

Video 11/12

Video 12/12

How to make and maintain a No-Go-Zone. The Netherlands: Video 1

Thank you C. for the fantastic finds and translations on these videos. This is the first in a series which show the real consequences of Muslim no go zones in Europe. And of course, truth is now illegal in the West, so they do not specify who is responsible. But as there is not a recorded crime against emergency crews before the muslim invasion of the West, and as these attacks primarily happen in Islamic areas, anyone who doesn’t get it should probably consider a career licking stamps.

Suspicious package found at Jewish Restaurant in Amsterdam

Suspicious package found at jewish restaurant HaCarMel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Street has been closed off by police, locals have been evacuated. Bomb disposal squad is at the scene.

Link to Dutch news page 1

page 2

The following video is over 3 hours.

This appears to be the same restaurant as was attacked in July 2018 by Syrian illegal migrant, Saleh Ali

(Thank you C., and Harry.)

NYE Car-B-Ques in The Netherlands

Thank you C. for the following information:

Car fires all over the place around and during NYE in the Netherlands:

7 cars burning under a flat, explosion at 0m08. Residents had to be evacuated through windows by the fire dept. 12 wounded, 3 of them badly:

This car had fireworks stored in it, so it exploded:

A father and his 4yo son got stuck in an elevator and died in a fire caused by fireworks. The mother and daughter were injured:

More car fires:


C. also read an open letter from a cop who was on duty in the west of Amsterdam, a muslim area. He reports seeing burning vehicles, a house fire (firworks shot through an open window), burning trash-cans and underground recycling stations. Bus-stops and facade of a shop blown up with improvised explosives. Flares aimed at, and improvised explosives thrown at the patrol car, and at passing cyclists. People running around with jerrycans, looking for an opportunity to set christmas trees on fire.

Playground set on fire, backup had to be called in and a human chain of officers had to be formed to keep the “locals” from interfering and attacking firemen.

The fire dept was overburdened and refused to come and put out isolated car fires, they were too busy with fires that posed a risk to surrounding houses and vehicles.

The cop called it anarchy and legalized warfare. Facebook post, incl photos and a video, in Dutch:



Eva Vlaardingerbroek’s controversial speech about the dangers of modern feminism, English subtitles

This video is a list of good and at this point, courageous observations. But misses the big point. And that is that Feminism has been hijacked, if it wasn’t created in the first place for this purpose, by Marxists as a weapon of attack on Western culture, peoples and thought overall.

To understand how this works, watch pretty much anything produced by Netflix. Communists have been steadily hijacking and repurposing every legend, myth and story of the West, understanding the power of a narrative far better than we, and repurposing these stories to incept the communist dialectic negation of all things Western.

The Gay Jesus story is a top of the heap example. But we see it in and through everything like a virus hijacks a healthy cell.

To be blunt, she, like most people who understand what is going on, in a way become controlled opposition. Because they see a tactic but not the strategy. This means they can be negated easily because they do not point the light quite in the right direction.

Feminism is one of many institutions if you will, that has been repurposed. Much of the Catholic Church, entire Churches like the Unitarian are nothing but a Lenin’s beard.

Reform Jewish temples, most of major media, all now are agencies of repurposing existing truths to force a Neo-Marxist agenda.

I used to ask why various groups, African-Americans, Feminist etc. etc. did not make their own legends and stories but instead had to create Ghostbusters 3 and ruin our own existing cannon.

The answer is obvious now. Because the purpose was not to create new legends with politically correct plots and characters, it was literally made to destroy our own. Not to make a good movie, but to ruin good movies of the past. To Winston Smith the culture. Put the classics and genius of the past into the incinerator and replace it with the new horrible and unwatchable replacements but push the ‘right’ message.

We were never at war with Oceana.

We have always been at war with Oceana.