The only metric in play in the West, Nitrogen pollution? And the cancellation of America: Links 1, July 3rd, 2022

1. Antifa Terrorist Who was Carrying Loaded Gun at Violent Protest Has Charges Dropped on Day of Sentencing — While Jan. 6 Protesters Rot in Prison for Standing Outside US Capitol

(There is so much reality and importance in this Daily Mail headline, it’s hard to believe it exists)

Tara Walker is an Antifa terrorist who was arrested in March 2021 after the terror group smashed up an apartment building in NorthWest Portland.

Police arrested the Antifa members with guns, knives, hammers, and other weapons. Thirteen were arrested including Tara Walker.

(There is only one metric at play in most of the Western World now. If you are a revolutionary, you can do what you want in that cause, legal or illegal and bear no consequence and likely be rewarded for it. If you are a counter-revolutionary, which is to say defending classical thought, rule of law, and equality before the law and especially personal liberties and human rights as they were always understood, then you will be punished. Either through extra-legal means like ostracism or harassment or silenced through social media, or have your livelihoods destroyed and many other means, Or, via the legal system when they can warp words and concepts to make something perfectly within your rights into a crime. Just try and use a red flag law on Tara Walker for example.)

2. Former Italian Goalkeeper, 36, found dead in his home of sudden illness

Former soccer goalkeeper for Torre Pedrera, and father of two young children, Maicol Orlandi was found dead alone in his home just days ago of what is being reported by local news outlets as a sudden illness.

Concerns were raised over the whereabouts of the 36-year-old after Orlandi failed to arrive for work, with colleagues raising the alarm with his family.

Orlandi, who was from a well-known family in the produce trade, was discovered deceased in a room of his home in Romagna City by his father, who had previously made several attempts to contact his son by phone.

Local news source News Italy 24 reported that a mobile police squad attended the scene. While no evidence of violence or foul play was observed, police investigations are considering all possibilities regarding Orlandi’s sudden death.

(I bet that not all possibilities are considered and double that the actual cause will be avoided)

3. Peter McCullough: “The World Council for Health has called for a world-wide recall of all Covid ‘vaccines’ because of over 40,000 deaths”

4. Governments in The Netherlands decided to close farms and cattle ranches to stop “nitrogen pollution”. It’s a good thing for those politicians that the farmers don’t put that nitrogen to use. And this is why governments must never be allowed to get so large.

5. Fireworks displays are being rescheduled or canceled across the county for various reasons.  But is the real reason because America haters don’t want to celebrate this great nation?  Biden cancels Mount Rushmore fireworks again!

(The surprisingly rapid cancellation of America)

Fireworks displays have been canceled or rescheduled in many U.S. cities and counties this year due to supply chain issues, labor shortages, and concerns over potential wildfires, meaning a third straight Independence Day with dark skies for some, according to news reports.

Fireworks shows have so far been in canceled in Phoenix and Flagstaff, Arizona; North Lake Tahoe and Imperial Beach, California; College Park and Ocean City, Maryland; Lakewood and Parker, Colorado; and Galveston, Texas; among others.

TRENDING:Pima County Arizona Democratic Party: “F*ck the 4th”

“The first two years were pandemic-related and this year, it’s supply-chain-related,” said Adam Waltz, a spokesman for the City of Phoenix, told The New York Times. “It’s just disheartening.”

Thank you all for your kind attention. Please feel free to leave your own analysis of the events of the day and across the developed world as you see them. Ours are made clear under item 1 in brackets. Any comments or additions or arguments on that also appreciated. Because if that is the metric, then knowing it may afford some measure of protection from it. After all, you cannot defend yourself from that which you cannot see.

While it’s hard to trust anyone still on Youtube with political opinions, this seems worth the time. Hard to see how Pfizer would want this on social media.



Russia-US rhetoric increases in ways that make nuclear war more likely, Robert Malone speaks to Texas Senate: Links 1, July 2, 2022

1. It appears that Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau went to the same law school

2. Last night near Parliament Hill

3. This guy wins Twitter for today and it’s only morning

4. A couple of thoughts about the war in Ukraine escalating into the use of WMDs

The above is a small few minute segment from a longer video that can be seen here.

5. Some testimony to the Texas Committee on health by Dr. Robert Malone in 3 parts below.


Thank you all, who continue to examine multiple possibilities such that the maximum possible number of options remain open to yourselves, and by extension, all of us.

This is from a parody account, so no need to respond with reality. If you want to play along though, you can click through and site your own examples.

My example would be when I went into a coffee shop a few years ago, and saw 2 single person bathrooms next to each other. On each door was a list of the total set of possibilities of who could use it, and of course, it was the same list on each door.

I asked to speak to the manager about it. And when he appeared I suggested they take off all that nouniage and replace it with the word, “bathroom”. Since that would save time and mean exactly the same thing.

They were of course very annoyed with me. Because the point of course is to broadcast sanctimony and anti-Western dialectics with each cup of diarrhetic they sell. It’s to make sure you cannot relieve yourself without thinking about the assault on our taxonomy, especially when its totally unnecessary.

At some point I posted the photo to this site. Ill see if I can find it.

RCMP admits to hacking Canadian’s devices to spy on them, and more wonders from Trudopia: Links 1, June 30th, 2022

1. RCMP admits they hack Canadians’ devices to spy on them

In a breathtaking admission, the RCMP say they’ve secretly used spyware on Canadians’ devices to get audio and visual recordings of Canadians without their knowledge.

According to Politico, the RCMP claim they only use such spyware in the most “serious cases,” such as when there are national security concerns. However, this is the first time the RCMP has openly admitted that they infiltrate mobile devices to collect data, despite having access to the technology for years.

Their admission came after a Conservative MP questioned what government programs are used to gather data on Canadians last week.

“This is a kind of capability that they have done everything possible to keep incredibly quiet,” said UofT senior research associate Christopher Parsons.

“This is a remarkable finding and, for the first time, publicly reveals that the RCMP is using spyware to infiltrate mobile devices, as well as the broad capabilities of their spyware.” Parsons continues, saying that many security experts have been aware of these capabilities but that this is the first time the RCMP has admitted it. He added that this “is the cleanest, most straightforward explanation of what they’re capable of doing that I’m aware of.”

(Unfortunately this article gives no substance in terms of the name or location of the software, how to detect or remove it. We will see if we can look deeper into it and find out how to get rid of it if possible. But what is apparent, is that this is a bit of code that circumnavigates Signal or other com software that lets you speak privately with anyone. The best advice for people whether they trust the police to be an honourable force, or believe they have become a politicized set of state thugs, is to leave your phone at home, even if you are just going to Church. As we see in the USA, Guilty by Association has taken on  Lenin like proportions. This means any location or people you speak with that may be a threat to the new ideology that governs Canada, as opposed to the one most people still think applies, could find themselves with a low social credit score. That could be a problem when it comes time to buy your cricket powder.)

2. Ottawa Community Newspaper renames Canada Day, the celebration of the creation of Canada every year on July 1st, to a dialectic attack on Canada using victim politics of Amer-Indian peoples. Please scroll to page 9 of this link to read an article which doesn’t mention Canada day once, but is instead a partial and inaccurate history of the area based on neo-Marxist victim dialectics. This paper is from an Ottawa community newspaper which enjoys having some of Ottawa’s wealthiest people living in it. It is right next to Rockcliffe Park, which has many of Canada’s most powerful people living in it.

Winnipeg, the home of the lab that likely did the initial gain of function work on SARS and sent it to China, the lab which Trudeau called a whole election just to distract us from the heavy questioning of the PMO about his connection to the Chinese spies at that lab, has also renamed Canada day as a form of dialectic attack against Canada’s nationhood.

3. USA Watchdog does a 1 hour interview with David Martin on the gene therapy shots. He uses the title “Doctor” but I think he is a Ph.D not a medical doctor.  He is primarily a researcher of patents and patent information from what we see in his segment on The Corona Research Project with Reiner Fuellmich. We have posted many videos of him in the past, and some questions were raised in the comments by one of our very astute readers. But this video is interesting. Here is his bio from his website which reads more like a musician or an actor’s one sheet. There is no educational background given. If anyone knows more about him, please do post it in the comments. I am not saying he is not credible, or that he is. It would be great however to know more about him. I respect a person’s opinion based on the merits of the argument irrespective of the speaker. But when the person speaks from his own authority, it would be helpful to know what that authority actually is.

Having said all that, what he is actually saying about the clot-shots jives with what others say, and even my own experience. It sure seems to me that the people I know who have 3 or more shots get Covid a lot. The people I know who have none, also get sick sometimes. The difference so far seems to be that those who get the shots have WAY more fear of the disease and act like they are much sicker than they would have been had they had the same symptoms before they suddenly cared about the taxa of the particular virus, let alone the designation of the particular mutation of it.

The people who didn’t get the shots in my acquaintance, also generally don’t bother to test, and generally figure they have a flu or cold and go to bed for a day or two and then get back to life when they feel better. Like we all used to do for our whole lives.

4. More murders of non-muslims as motivated by Islam and its scriptures.

5. Here is some more utter BS trying to hide the effects of injections or lack of action by claiming the usual

Thank you all for your posts and comments today. It was a very very busy day today. I hope to have lots of material to share with you over the coming few days as it gets processed and written up at RAIR Foundation. Here is a shot of James Topp arriving at Hogs Back in the south end of Ottawa just before he headed off to the end of his massive walk, at the War memorial downtown Ottawa.

Travel restrictions STILL apply to truckers? Canada Day activity schedule: Links 1, June 28th, 2022

1. Trudeau temporarily stopped some of the requirements to have taken the gene therapy shots for some people, but left it on for truck drivers. Can Anyone explain the science or medicine behind that decision?

According to state propaganda organ, Global News:

Truckers looking to cross the Canada-U.S. border will still need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, despite the federal government lifting other health measures for travellers Tuesday.

Starting June 20, domestic and outbound international travellers will no longer need to show proof of vaccination before boarding an airplane or train. The vaccine mandate for workers in those federally-regulated travel sectors will also be removed.

But when asked whether Tuesday’s decision will affect vaccine rules for truckers at the Canada-U.S. border, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said the mandate remains an “important tool” to protect Canadians against the virus.

(This is a collective punishment for middle class Canadians. Take note: Rule of law is dead and buried. Make decisions accordingly.)

2. A couple of posters on events taking place on Canada Day in Ottawa, July 1, 2022, this Friday.

3. US Medical school knew about several cases of myocarditis and pericarditis and a combination of the two before they mandated the shots, and then neglected to include those cases in their report with the mandate.

Rhode Island Case of Post-Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine-Induced Myopericarditis in a 20 Year-Old Male as Described in VAERS, and Corroborating Sources

(The following account is a little dry and meticulous, as these things must be when the stakes are so high and the conclusions are so awful. But click through to Dr. Bostom’s site linked above to see the evidence that leads to the awful conclusion in the title. Also, the title is mine, not Dr. Bostom’s.)

  • Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) case report of a 20 year-old hospitalized in Rhode Island during March, 2021 for post-Pfizer Covid-19 mRNA vaccine-induced myopericarditis. The VAERS report records a 20 year old male initially vaccinated with Pfizer’s Covid-19 mRNA vaccine on 2/26/21, 2nd dose 3/18/21, developing chest pain on 3/20/21, and being hospitalized through the Emergency Department on 3/22/21, for 3-days. Electrocardiogram, imaging studies, & troponin elevation were all consistent with acute myopericarditis. Patient was hospitalized for 3-days. He was SARSCOV2 negative on PCR, & also SARSCOV2 nucleocapsid antibody negative, both consistent with no current or recent SARSCOV2 infection. The rest of his work-up for other viral etiologies of myopericarditis was negative. Link to full VAERS pdf report for VAERS ID 1347752-1 can be downloaded here: VAERS ID 1347752-1

  • Corroborative data from Rhode Island Department of Health 2021 deidentified dataset on all hospitalizations in the state: 20 year old white male, from Florida, hospitalized at The Miriam Hospital for a primary diagnosis of (myo)pericarditis during March, 2021 for a 3-day length of stay.

  • June 9, 2022 a brief research letter was published in the journal Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging, describing the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings from 14 cases of myopericarditis among young Rhode Island men (median age 19, interquartile age range 16-24; mean age 21 ± 6 years old), hospitalized between January-September, 2021. The full research letter can be downloaded as a pdf here: RI post C19 vax myocarditis MRI series published 6.9.22

4. The US military deadline for taking the shots is Thursday. Please read this thread to see the effects on readyness:

5. DawnTJ90 on Twitter is a genius at finding leftist self-contradiction when it comes to global-warming propaganda. If you aren’t already following her, please do.

Thank you all for your willingness to continue to swim against the tide of leftism, and frankly, apathy

If Zombies could talk: (I capitalized Zombie cause this one graduated medical school)


NATO radically upping their numbers, and Germany radically decreasing theirs: Links 2, June 27th, 2022

1. NATO to dramatically increase forces on high alert to over 300,000 from 40,000 amid Russia threat

NATO will significantly increase the number of forces on high alert to over 300,000 from 40,000 as part of the biggest overhaul of the alliance’s defences since the Cold War.

With Vladimir Putin‘s invasion of Ukraine changing the security environment across Europe, the head of the alliance also confirmed that allies will expand troop deployments in NATO countries that sit closest to Russia.

Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

The decisions will be set out at a landmark summit this week in Madrid.

2. This guy handled ANTIFA rather well

3. Covid-19 vaccination BNT162b2 temporarily impairs semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors


To investigate the effect of covid-19 BNT162b2 (Pfizer) vaccine on semen parameters among semen donors (SD).


Thirty-seven SD from three sperm banks that provided 216 samples were included in that retrospective longitudinal multicenter cohort study. BNT162b2 vaccination included two doses, and vaccination completion was scheduled 7 days after the second dose. The study included four phases: T0 – pre-vaccination baseline control, which encompassed 1–2 initial samples per SD; T1, T2 and T3 – short, intermediate, and long terms evaluations, respectively. Each included 1–3 semen samples per donor provided 15–45, 75–125 and over 145 days after vaccination completion, respectively. The primary endpoints were semen parameters. Three statistical analyses were conducted: (1) generalized estimated equation model; (2) first sample and (3) samples’ mean of each donor per period were compared to T0.


Repetitive measurements revealed ?15.4% sperm concentration decrease on T2 (CI ?25.5%–3.9%, p = 0.01) leading to total motile count 22.1% reduction (CI ?35% – ?6.6%, p = 0.007) compared to T0. Similarly, analysis of first semen sample only and samples’ mean per donor resulted in concentration and total motile count (TMC) reductions on T2 compared to T0 – median decline of 12 million/ml and 31.2 million motile spermatozoa, respectively (p = 0.02 and 0.002 respectively) on first sample evaluation and median decline of 9.5 × 106 and 27.3 million motile spermatozoa (p = 0.004 and 0.003, respectively) on samples’ mean examination. T3 evaluation demonstrated overall recovery without. Semen volume and sperm motility were not impaired.

Meanwhile, in the real world:

I’m no mathematician, but that looks like quite a significant drop in the first quarter of 2022, and the VAXX is pretty much the only variable that can account for it. Its not like they suddenly brought back all the best TV shows in German and no one wants to have sex anymore.

4. Have to say, this person who rebuffed CNN did so with such clarity and confidence that it brought a lot of joy to me. It is like a single candle in a dark stadium at night. This means a lot of people get what is going on now. Enough that this is a viral video.

5. CDC officials had information that Confirmed Post-Vaccination Death From Blood Clotting due to the COVID injection Two Weeks Before Alerting Public: Emails

Dr. Paul Alexander’s Source: 

I’d like to take this opportunity to mention something I have been working on but is not yet public.

I have been working with a doctor in the US who has determined by 3 independent sources that an actual medical school was aware of 3 serious adverse reactions to the gene therapy shots and went ahead and mandated the shots for students anyway. Not only that, they actually omitted the data from their studies when they did the mandates. So they knew it caused heart damage, and they lied. A medical school. Just so you know who you can trust today. What was it that Fox Muldar used to say on the X-Files?

Thank you all very much for your willingness to consider other possibilities than the state/corporate scripted ones.

The people are waking up, but its not being reported: Links 1, for June 27th, 2022

1. Italians hold placards of dead loved ones from the gene-therapy clot shots and chant: “Assassin! Assassin!” at the vice-minister of health, and we think, the health minister, hiding in a cop-cloud

(Rumour has it they do the same in France)

2. More Orwellian measures being implemented in Australia. Make no mistake. Whatever crime they stop with this tech, will be a small fraction of the horror as a consequence of the inevitable political use of this tool. We already saw that in Canada with the closing of bank accounts by people who made legal contributions to a legal protest, and in the US with the January 6th protest. However, we have not seen this tech applied by the government to show election fraud, which was demonstrated in the movie, 2000 Mules using cell phone metadata. The point is, the selective use of these tools for authoritarian purposes. Not crime. Communists seem perfectly OK with crime.

3. Ghislaine Maxwell Placed on Suicide Watch Before Sentencing

(English syntax is funny in that “Suicide Watch” can equally mean, ‘watch someone to prevent them from committing suicide’, and equally in this case, ‘let’s all watch her commit ‘suicide”)

Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite convicted of sex-trafficking with former boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein, has been put on suicide watch at the jail in Brooklyn where she’s been since her July 2020 arrest, her lawyer said Saturday.

Bobbi Sternheim, a lawyer for Maxwell, said in a letter to the judge slated to sentence the socialite on June 28 that she was removed on Friday from the general population of inmates at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center and placed in solitary confinement. Sternheim said that Maxwell isn’t allowed any pen or paper and was placed on the watch “without justification,” and warned that she may seek a postponement of her sentencing date.

“If Ms. Maxwell remains on suicide watch, is prohibited from reviewing legal materials prior to sentencing, becomes sleep deprived, and is denied sufficient time to meet with and confer with counsel, we will be formally moving on Monday for an adjournment,” Sternheim said in a letter late Saturday to US Circuit Judge Alison Nathan, who’s presiding over the case.

4. An excellent example of how far CTV and the other enemy/Government propaganda and disinformation services will go to coerce and cajole all people into taking experimental gene therapy.

5. At the LCBO, (state owned monopoly on alcohol sales) a friend was asked if they would like to donate $5.00 to “Pride Month” …

I bet if I were to ask, “Is there a place to donate to gay shame month?” I would be banned from the store forever. This is communism. You must only ever contribute to the degradation of the nation and never the defence of its values.

This would be a good thing to donate $5.00 to, except because these people adhere to these values, they don’t need it and typically donate to other good causes.

Thank you all for your thoughts, contributions and truly beautiful efforts at helping each other in this community in many ways.


Trump was right again, marijuana a 2 edged sword, died suddenly all over the place: Links 1, June 26th, 2022

1. Russia accepts request to move nuclear weapons into Belarus

2. Cannabinoids Block Cellular Entry of SARS-CoV-2 and the Emerging Variants

(In an interview with Dr. Roger Hodkinson, we quipped that “Covid seems to be the most treatable disease since thirst”. At that point, product after product was showing up that showed a near miraculous efficacy in reducing or ending Covid symptoms. The famous ones, like HCQ or Ivermectin, but also the lesser known ones like Colchicine, Melatonin, a very common older antidepressant, NAC, an amino acid called N-Acytil-Coline, taken with Zinc, Tonic water & Zinc, Vitamin D, and lots more I forgot. And now ladies and gentleman, the reason probably very few ANTIFA got Covid19…)

As a complement to vaccines, small-molecule therapeutic agents are needed to treat or prevent infections by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) and its variants, which cause COVID-19. Affinity selection-mass spectrometry was used for the discovery of botanical ligands to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Cannabinoid acids from hemp (Cannabis sativa) were found to be allosteric as well as orthosteric ligands with micromolar affinity for the spike protein. In follow-up virus neutralization assays, cannabigerolic acid and cannabidiolic acid prevented infection of human epithelial cells by a pseudovirus expressing the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and prevented entry of live SARS-CoV-2 into cells. Importantly, cannabigerolic acid and cannabidiolic acid were equally effective against the SARS-CoV-2 alpha variant B.1.1.7 and the beta variant B.1.351. Orally bioavailable and with a long history of safe human use, these cannabinoids, isolated or in hemp extracts, have the potential to prevent as well as treat infection by SARS-CoV-2.

(Let’s hope this is true of THC free CBD oils because…)

The New York Times has woken up on cannabis, all at once.

NYT Source

(Regular use of marijuana can have negative consequences. it is absurd on the face of it that people who are skeptical about official pharmaceuticals, like this site for example and me in particular, to think that one can use a drug with such profound effects on how the brain functions and think it cannot possibly ever have any negative effects overall on that function. That it is somehow, the only efficacious drug in existence that would have no 500 word at super high speed, caveat after an advertisement for it. Saying that it cannot be magically safe is not the same as saying that the movie Reefer Madness should be watched as a documentary. I blame that movie as a form of accidental or deliberate disinformation to assuage people’s fears of smoking dope. Because if it didn’t do what the movie shows it does, then it doesn’t do anything bad. Right? so people would go to the theatres in those days and watch the movie while laughing and smoking lots of dope. [In the 60s and 70s you could still smoke in theatres and at midnight shows, get away with smoking dope sometimes.] There are people I know who I suspect have lost all ambition and in essense accomplished nothing in their entire lives because of regular dope use, and others who I suspect got late onset adult schizophrenia from it. Others who actually read The New York Times and think its information overall. Which creates a dilemma of sorts for this article 🙂 But the point stands. Why is marijuana the only powerful drug with clear and obvious effects on the brain, which is why people use it, and not cause any negative effects at all, and leave your sober life in perfect working order.

There are many uses for the plant and its products medicinally. But like all medicines, they all have to be considered as risk/benefit equations. Is the risk of this medicine justified by the potential benefits it has for the patient? THC free CBD oil seems to have miraculous pain relief properties for about half the people who try it with the added benefit that is seems not to be an anti-inflammatory. But regular use, even of that seems to carry certain effects on brain function. Maybe not for all, but for some. Still, its interesting that it is yet another preventative for Covid arguably. Or this is a con to keep everyone high all the time. Just as believable at this point.)

3. Tragic: 14-Year-Old Boy Collapses and Dies Suddenly in School Classroom – Cause of Death Unknown

A 14-year-old student died suddenly after having a medical episode at Woodham Academy in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, England on Tuesday.

According to multiple reports, Ted Sanderson collapsed while at school. Emergency services responded immediately to help Ted and rushed him to James Cook University Hospital.

They could not save the teenager’s life, and he passed away while still at school. The cause of death is not yet known, the Daily Mail reported.

4. Video of Biden’s motorcade in Germany. Two observations about this video. 1. I don’t think Biden was actually in any of the vehicles, since none of them was an ambulance or a short school bus. 2. if the music sounds familiar, please watch the video below the motorcade one. It is getting profoundly annoying at this point. If Trudeau insists on being a tyrant, maybe he could ban this exact list of intervals.

5. Endotracheal Application of Ultraviolet A Light in Critically Ill Patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2: A First-in-Human Study

(So, Trump was right again?)


Introduction: Our previous preclinical experiments show that under specific and monitored conditions, ultraviolet A (UVA) exposure reduces certain bacteria, fungi, and viruses including coronavirus-229E without harming mammalian columnar epithelial cells. The goal of this study was to evaluate the safety and effects of narrow-band UVA therapy administered by a novel device via endotracheal tube in critically ill subjects with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection.

Methods: Newly intubated, mechanically ventilated adults with SARS-CoV-2 infection and an endotracheal tube size of at least 7.50 mm were eligible for inclusion in the study. Subjects were treated with UVA for 20 min daily for 5 days and followed for 30 days.

Results: Five subjects were enrolled (mean age 56.60 years, three male). At baseline, all subjects scored 9/10 on the World Health Organization (WHO) clinical severity scale (10 = death), with predicted mortality ranging from 21% to 95%. Average endotracheal viral load significantly reduced from baseline to day 5 (- 2.41 log; range – 1.16 to – 4.54; Friedman p = 0.002) and day 6 (- 3.20; range – 1.20 to – 6.77; Friedman p < 0.001). There were no treatment-emergent adverse events, with no changes in oxygenation or hemodynamics during the 20-min treatments. One subject died 17 days after enrollment due to intracranial hemorrhagic complications of anticoagulation while receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. The remaining subjects clinically improved and scored 2, 4, 5, and 7 on the WHO scale at day 30. In these subjects, clinical improvement correlated with reduction of viral load (Spearman’s rho = 1, p < 0.001).

Thank you all for your kind contributions and attention to this site, and the views of the issues presented here today.

Yesterday, the honour guard was present at the War Memorial. I know it was common until Covid, but I don’t remember seeing them again till this recent trip to downtown Ottawa.

Also this is an interesting perspective on the Civil war and Lincoln I had not thought of or seen before. But not entirely without merit either.

Islamic mass murder at gay bar in Norway, Ottawa sets checkpoints to intimidate loyal Canadians: Links 1, June 25th, 2022

1. Panel of journalists who the left has rebranded as far right on what has happened in our politics

2. Trudeau’s Canada includes checkpoints and other authoritarian means to intimidate peaceful protestors and veterans who object to the new collectivist nascent totalitarian state of Trudopia.

Shortly after 911, there were checkpoints in Ottawa at Canada day festivities, and I think after the Boston marathon attack. But that was protecting Canadians against an Islamic terror attack. This is protecting the government against opinions of Canadians who they have made angry by illegal policies like travel bans and forced injections.

3. Please read this post by KAF: It makes you wish that at the end of Bieber’s video, he ended with “Remember kids, don’t take (experimental) drugs!

4. Iranian man in custody in Oslo for mass shooting at gay bar

The link above is to the whole Twitter thread. Below the link to the one post about the killer’s origins. I wonder how long it will take to memory-hole what are the obvious Islamic motives for this attack like the Pulse gay bar in the US.

Oh and this:

The beard means he could be a freedom protestor who drives a truck, or a religious muslim who feels gay people should be killed.

I think this is enough horror for one post. Thank you all for your contributions to this effort in many ways.

Richard if you read this, please find my email to you and respond.

Roe V Wade aborted, and may not matter if the gene therapy shots cause enough sterility anyway: Links 1, June 24, 2022

1. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

A lot of conservative men won’t be as happy as they think they will be about this once the paternity suits start pouring in. Still, it’s good to see the courts recognizing the rights of the other person in this equation. The static view of humanity we inherited as part of Greek thought has been the source of a lot of problems in this author’s opinion. Viewing existence as a series of polaroids is not accurate enough to account for a lot of life’s situations. We are begun as individuals at conception, which begins a process of perpetual change that goes on till at least death. If you are a Buddhist, that process of perpetual change goes on for many more years as your body decays after death. Referring to a person must be seen as a process, not as an instagram moment. And once you do that, the human being gestating in a woman, before it becomes a dependant baby on that same woman usually for life saving care daily, and then an infant and so on and so on and so on you cannot just pick a point where it is OK to kill it and pretend it isn’t the same as killing it at some other point.

One might say that the issue is one of competing rights. But the right of the woman not to bear the child fails to recognize the right of the developing child. But the woman has all the rights already which the child has none of. Such as, not having sex. Taking birth control of one kind or another. Having sex in a manner that doesn’t cause conception. Giving a child up for adoption. Actually having the child. One wonders historically how many woman were frightened and not wishing to have children till they delivered and discovered a bond and fulfilment beyond what they could have imagined before hand.

We have never really weighed in to this issue directly. But if I had to pick a position, it would be to stop seeing existence as a static event or a series of static events. Life and existence is a process. Life began hundreds of millions of years ago, and it ends for each individual when it ends.By abortion or murder or old age and decrepitude. If we decide that human life has value and must be protected, then that process logically starts at conception. Any compromise will require redefining what a human is to accommodate that. Let’s say when the heart starts beating, as one point. This might mean anyone who’s heart stops for any reason is no longer a person though and the state’s obligation to attach jumper cables and restart it is negated.

The Nazis decided that Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals were not really human and could be killed without it being murder. Murder of course, translates as killing someone without permission of the state. Pro-abortion absolutists look at unborn babies that way, even after live birth in some cases.

There is an old joke in the Jewish community about abortion:

“We do not consider a foetus to be viable till it graduates medical school.”

Always gets a laugh. But it does speak to the issue of when a living person is considered to be worthy of the protection of law, and to be seen as worthy of life.

Eeyore out.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court has ended constitutional protections for abortion that had been in place nearly 50 years in a decision by its conservative majority to overturn Roe v. Wade. Friday’s outcome is expected to lead to abortion bans in roughly half the states.

The decision, unthinkable just a few years ago, was the culmination of decades of efforts by abortion opponents, made possible by an emboldened right side of the court that has been fortified by three appointees of former President Donald Trump.

The ruling came more than a month after the stunning leak of a draft opinion by Justice Samuel Alito indicating the court was prepared to take this momentous step.

It puts the court at odds with a majority of Americans who favored preserving Roe, according to opinion polls.

Alito, in the final opinion issued Friday, wrote that Roe and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, the 1992 decision that reaffirmed the right to abortion, were wrong the day they were decided and must be overturned.

Daily Mail link on story

2. Rebel News on the gene therapy shots and fertility “because over five billion people have been injected with this crap.”

3. Pennsylvania Drag Queen Arrested and Charged With Possessing Child Pornography

(There really are a lot of stories like this. Especially among men who dress lewdly as women and read stories for some reason to little kids at schools and libraries. We have posted just a fraction of the ones we have seen. Even ones arrested for pedophelia. Why can’t people read to kids without lewd displays of deviant sexuality? Or any displays of sexuality for that matter.)

A Pennsylvania drag queen performer has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of possessing child pornography after he shared at least 135 videos and pictures of minors engaged in obscene acts.

Brice Patric Ryschon Williams has been charged with 25 counts of felony class 2 child pornography and 18 counts of criminal use of a communications facility after police executed a search warrant at the suspect’s home.

The investigation into Williams, who also performs under the drag queen name Anastasia Diamond, began in May 2020 when the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children submitted a tip to the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General’s Child Predator Section.

Early that month, indecent images of children engaged in sexual acts began to be uploaded to a Dropbox file associated with an email address linked to Anastasia Diamond, or Ana D.

4. I still can’t decide if Yuval Noah Harari is being edited to look like he wants this, or if he really is trying to warn us about it. Either way, he must be listened to. Judgement comes later.

5. A member of the Spanish classical liberal party, VOX, speaks out against corrosive feminism

Please click through to RAIR for the story details.

Thank you all who follow this site, and for your contributions and thoughts in the comments and Reader’s Links. We are all muddling through this together. So its good to have company on this journey.


Miss Brazil dies suddenly from stroke and heart attack at 27, US election theft begins to have consequences: Links 3, June 23, 2022

1. 27 year old, Miss Brazil dies suddenly of a heart attack and brain haemorrhage. Media connects it to tonsillectomy.

Former Miss Brazil Gleycy Correia died at the age of 27 after suffering a brain haemorrhage and a heart attack following a routine operation to have her tonsils removed. 

According to the Independent, Ms Correia, who was crowned Miss United Continents Brazil in 2018, died at a private clinic on Monday. She had been in a coma for the past two months. She underwent surgery to remove her tonsils but days later she suffered heavy bleeding and had a heart attack on April 4. 

Ms Correia’s body has been sent to a medical examiner for an autopsy. 

(She doesn’t look like someone about to have a brain haemorrhage and heart attack. But things aren’t what they used to be. Must be global warming.)

2. China accuses the US and UK of hypocrisy on press freedom for calling out Beijing’s crackdowns while putting Australian Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on trial for espionage

(China is a monstrous racist totalitarian communist regime with zero concern about individual rights. But when they’re right they’re right)

China has branded US and UK hypocrites on press freedom over the looming extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to face espionage charges that could land the Australian in jail for life.

Assange’s extradition to the US to face charges over the leaking of thousands of official secrets has been approved by British Home Secretary Priti Patel after a protracted legal battle.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin accused the US of pursuing ‘trumped up’ charges against Assange for exposing secrets about the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and about the CIA’s cyber attacks against other countries. 

3. UPDATE: the video of a hypersonic missile is a FAKE

It is a copy of this other video already uploaded on FEB 27 on YT ( then  too early at the beginning of the Russian SMO to be something happening in Ukraine
title of the video : What if Russia Started Nuclear War?
doesn’t seem a nuclear explosion either …

(Thank you M)

The following video makes the following claim:

Video of a US reporter accidentally films the destruction of a strategic weapons depot of the Ukrainian Kiev regime troops located in a 136-meter-deep Soviet bunker – by a Russian hypersonic missile “Kinzhal”. The only real hypersonic missile in the world. The kinetic energy at impact & the explosion are equivalent to a small tactical nuclear bomb.

No way to verify it but the audio and video seem too closely synched to me. Typically you see an explosion before you hear it. Lightening Thunder. But I could be misreading which event we are seeing and hearing.

4. Texas could secede from the US in 2023 as GOP pushes for referendum 

Texas Republicans are pushing for a referendum to decide whether the state should secede from the U.S.

The demand for Texans to be allowed to vote on the issue in 2023 was one of many measures adopted in the Texas GOP’s party platform following last week’s state convention in Houston.

Under a section titled “State Sovereignty,” the platform states: “Pursuant to Article 1, Section 1, of the Texas Constitution, the federal government has impaired our right of local self-government. Therefore, federally mandated legislation that infringes upon the 10th Amendment rights of Texas should be ignored, opposed, refused, and nullified.

“Texas retains the right to secede from the United States, and the Texas Legislature should be called upon to pass a referendum consistent thereto.”

(The Newsweek article goes on to explain that no, all states are screwed and no one can leave the union for any reason whatsoever. Hence the reason for a second amendment in this author’s opinion. The 2020 election was clearly stolen by any metric and anyone would have to agree based on publicly agreed on information irrespective of things like 2000 Mules. Had Biden lost the Democrats would demand it be redone if Twitter had thrown Biden off the platform and all his supporters minimized in their algorithm. Had Facebook made it impossible for the Democrats to raise funds and had all the legacy media pushed a story about Biden and Russia they knew was not true, and had the FBI held on to critical information about the Trump family and his sons that would have changed people’s minds during the election campaign. The Democrats would have claimed a fix, and they would have been right. So forgetting ALL the technical cheats, and forgetting that Biden specifically said: “We have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this, we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” from his own senile mouth, the election was rigged and Texas should secede. But frankly, so should every other state that cares about truth, democracy, and the law.)

5. Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Board To Reject 2020 Presidential Election After Election Audit and “2000 Mules” Documentary Prove Irrefutable Evidence of Fraud

(A cybersec professional I know also checked the movie 2000 Mules and confirmed that the data was real and constituted court worthy evidence of electoral fraud on a scale large enough to change the outcome. This same professional had rejected any and all other evidence presented to him up to then. So was not looking for proof, only adjudicating what was presented as truth. This includes Mike Lindell’s big weekend where he presented nothing at all but packaged in hex code for some reason to experts who came to see his proof of election machine tampering.)

The Maricopa County Republican Committee has introduced a resolution to formally reject the certification of the 2020 Presidential Election.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that the same was done in Texas, where the Texas GOP declared the Joe Biden Regime illegitimate.

“The 2000 Mules Documentary irrefutably proves election fraud occurred in Maricopa County during the 2020 Election in the form of ballot trafficking through drop boxes,” states the resolution in Maricopa County.

2000 Mules” was the latest blow to the stolen 2020 Presidential Election. Massive evidence of illegal ballot trafficking and a coordinated nationwide election fraud ring was presented by True the Vote and Dinesh D’Souza. The film revealed that over 200,000 illegal ballots were trafficked in Arizona.

The Gateway Pundit continues to release more and more footage of ballot traffickers dumping handfuls of ballots illegally in ballot drop boxes in Michigan.

Thank you all for following this work and adding your own links and thoughts about these issues.

A little post script about Canada Day, July 1st.

Apparently, the government of Ottawa, NCC or feds, have decided to fence off the Supreme Court so that the James Topp people cannot have family events and picnics and other Canada day events to support James and his causes. Which are the causes of freedom from illegal mandates for experimental medical proceedures among other things. As soon as we know where things are moved to, we will let you know.

There are also rumours that the ceremonial guards here and there downtown, are a lot less ceremonial this year than they are guards.

“If the government doesn’t trust the people, it should dissolve the people and elect a new people”. -Berthold Brecht.

Pretty sure that is what Trudeau is doing.

Nigerian Senator and wife arrested for organ harvesting crimes in UK: Links 2, June 23, 2022

1. There is more information about the school shooting in Uvalde Texas which make it stink to high heaven of a planned event in some ways to get the gun confiscation for patriots law passed. Add to that, the recent revelations that Trudeau manipulated the Nova Scotia mass shooting investigation for the same purpose, and we can know for a fact Western governments do these kinds of things. Watch the Tucker Carlson episodes for the past week to see the latest evidence showing how rotten it all is, including how police disarmed one policeman who intended to go in and rescue his wife and child. As a consequence of police action, his wife was killed.

Thinking in terms of MK Ultra though, one wonders if the kid who shot up that Uvalde Texas school was taking THIS drug for ADHD. It looks tailor made for manipulating someone into an action like that.

2. Why multiculturalism isn’t.

3. Contagious Vaccines: A Warning

(“Consent? We don’t need no stinking CONSENT!“)

For two decades scientists have been quietly developing self-spreading contagious vaccines. The NIH funded this research, in which either DNA from a deadly pathogen is packaged in a contagious but less harmful virus, or the deadly virus’s lethality is weakened by engineering it in a lab.

The resultant “vaccines” spread from one person to the next just like a contagious respiratory virus. Only five percent of regional populations would need to be immunized; the other ninety-five percent would “catch” the vaccine as it spread person-to-person through community transmission.

This technology bypasses the inconvenience of recalcitrant citizens who may refuse to give consent. Its advocates highlight that a mass vaccination campaign that would ordinarily take months of expensive effort to immunize everyone could be shortened to only a few weeks.

4. At least one major German media appears to have broken ranks on the Ukraine narrative. This tweet was from June 17th.

5. 33 minutes of the James Topp presentation to Canadian MPs. “If the vaccines are so safe and effective, why do you need some sort of liability protection?”

Thank you all for your willingness to even consider the facts and conclusions which oppose the narratives.

It becomes increasingly obvious that across the West’s armed forces and police etc. have become political tools prepared to commit very large crimes and frame large numbers of people to move the culture towards an authoritarian left. So its nice to see people like Bill Mahar, even if its at the 11th hour, suddenly come-about and sail towards reason. Perhaps even he has noticed that our democracies are not so robust that they can take any amount of lies and ridicule and still manage to survive as democracies. So major points for tugging on that rope.


One Israeli is fully awake, The Big Lie and more: Links 1 for June 23, 2022

1. One Israeli’s story about refusing the totalitarian and fascist measures implemented in Israel (and everywhere else in the Western world)

(In this video, he compares what actually happened which he recorded on his own phone, with the news report. A great bust of how Covid measures have allowed the government media complex to replace fact with any narrative that enhances the power of the state, and state ideology. Something which is a defining aspect of communist, fascist and Islamic polities. It also shows how the phone-camera has become the 6 gun of the wild west of the information age. Expect that to mean a form of camera control in the foreseeable future. And no, I’m not kidding.)

2. Totalitarianism means the imposition of a pseudo-reality and displacing reality itself with it. Force of course, is required in proportion to the distance between the pseudo-reality’s account of the world, and reality. To get people to eat brick dust, may take a lot of force. Less so to eat insects etc. etc.

3. Afghan And Turkish Clans Battle In Front Of Kebab Restaurant Outside Paris, Three Arrested

(Another great example of what multiculturalism actually means)

Approximately 20 people belonging to Turkish and Afghan clans clashed in front of a kebab restaurant on the outskirts of Paris, resulting in Uber Eats drivers being arrested.

The brawl, which took place in Mantes-la-Jolie near to the French capital, was interrupted by French authorities after officers witnessed more than a dozen individuals running towards the kebab restaurant armed with helmets and crutches. Police believe that there were two street battles involving the two clan groups, with one on Friday evening and another on Saturday evening,

French police tried to stop them using a dispersal weapon and dogs, but were initially unsuccessful.

Three police units were needed to restore calm and arrest three people, the first two of whom were Afghans who work as food delivery drivers; one perpetrator confessed without hesitation while another one claimed to be acting in self-defense.

“I hit someone who wanted to beat me with a crutch. I was just there to take delivery,” the man said.

A third man stated that he was eating on the terrace with a friend and had been waiting for his meal when the fight broke out.

(There is an ongoing debate about what the word, “Islam” actually means. The narrative is ‘Peace’, while the actual translation is submission. But one suspects it actually means, “The fight started when he hit me back”.)

4. Bill Gates explains that because of the stuff he cares about, we should start thinking about dropping nation states, becoming a global society, and basically putting him in charge so that we don’t get the flu. Or whatever.

(I wonder how the fishing is on Epstein Island. Someone should ask Mr. Gates what he caught there.)

5. Here is a video on James Topp’s meeting in Ottawa with 20 MPs.


Thank you all for your kind attention to this site and its issues.

Glad to see Judicial Watch is on this one:



Twitter curb stomps a peer reviewed paper, and Let Them Eat Bugs: Links 2, June 22, 2022

1. RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki tried to ‘jeopardize’ mass murder investigation to advance Trudeau’s gun control efforts

(A few years ago, there was a very odd mass shooting in Nova Scotia. We sort of covered it here because there were so many oddities about it. That the shooter had an official RCMP car and more. It seems now that the RCMP is very much like the FBI at this point, where they actually commit or interfere with the investigation of crimes in order to advance a political agenda.)

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki “made a promise” to Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and the Prime Minister’s Office to leverage the mass murders of April 18/19, 2020 to get a gun control law passed.

A week after the murders, Lucki pressured RCMP in Nova Scotia to release details of the weapons used by the killer. But RCMP commanders in Nova Scotia refused to release such details, saying doing so would threaten their investigation into the murders.

The Trudeau government’s gun control objectives were spelled out in an order in council issued in May 2020, and were encapsulated in Bill C-21, which was tabled last month, but the concern in April 2020 was the extent to which politics threatened to interfere with a cross-border police investigation into how the killer managed to obtain and smuggle into Canada four illegal guns used to commit many of the 22 murders.

The RCMP subsequently learned the killer paid a man named Neil Gallivan to purchase one assault-style rifle at a 2019 gun show in Houlton, Maine. The killer also obtained two illegal handguns from a close friend and collector named Sean Conlogue.

No charges have been laid against either Gallivan or Conlogue, and it’s still unclear why.

2. Twitter has PERMANENTLY suspended Dr. Andrew Bostom for posting peer reviewed science on the effects on male fertility of the various gene therapy shots

Please click through to this site, Legal Insurrection, for details on this. Andrew had all his followers removed, and is permanently suspended from Twitter for posting a peer reviewed scientific journal article. As it happens, its one of the more conservative estimates on the damage to male fertility from the shots.

(There is another story Andrew is looking at which back in the day of a rational society ruled by reason and law, would have blown the doors off of prestigious institutions. But today, its probably a paragraph after page 6. We shall know soon.)

3. Looks like Jordan Peterson is taking the Twitter Challenge. He tweeted out this:

The article:

[…] Methods: Secondary analysis of serious adverse events reported in the placebo-controlled, phase III randomized clinical trials of Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines (NCT04368728 and NCT04470427), focusing analysis on potential adverse events of special interest identified by the Brighton Collaboration.

Results: Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were associated with an increased risk of serious adverse events of special interest, with an absolute risk increase of 10.1 and 15.1 per 10,000 vaccinated over placebo baselines of 17.6 and 42.2 (95% CI -0.4 to 20.6 and -3.6 to 33.8), respectively. Combined, the mRNA vaccines were associated with an absolute risk increase of serious adverse events of special interest of 12.5 per 10,000 (95% CI 2.1 to 22.9). The excess risk of serious adverse events of special interest surpassed the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group in both Pfizer and Moderna trials (2.3 and 6.4 per 10,000 participants, respectively).

Discussion: The excess risk of serious adverse events found in our study points to the need for formal harm-benefit analyses, particularly those that are stratified according to risk of serious COVID-19 outcomes such as hospitalization or death. […]

4. As Food Plants Catch Fire, Massive Facility Opens to Process Crickets for Human Consumption

We may be mysteriously losing one farm, factory or food processing plant after another to strange and destructive mishaps lately, but now we’ve also gained a brand-new facility that is making food out of insects.

At the end of May, Aspire Food Group announced that in London, Ontario, Canada, it had opened the largest alternative protein manufacturing facility in the world that uses crickets as its base ingredient, according to the manufacturing industry news source Canadian Manufacturing.

“Aspire’s new plant will reportedly produce 9000 metric tons of crickets every year for human and pet consumption. That’s about two billion insects to be distributed annually across Canada and throughout the United States,” CM reported.


Something scary is going on. The world’s largest cricket facility—processing 9000 metric tonnes of crickets for human and pet consumption—is now completed. Meanwhile, 97 meat packing plants in America have been destroyed since February of this year. Is there anything that an independent Alberta can do about this? What is the APP proposing we do to make sure we’re never forced to eat bugs for breakfast? The Alberta Prosperity Project is an inspiring initiative to unite all Albertans, businesses, and organizations to protect their interests, freedoms and rights, prosperity, and self- determination by the only means possible, which is to enable Alberta to chart a new path forward unconstrained by the consistent unfair treatment of Alberta within Confederation. Alberta Freedom and Prosperity through Independence.

WEF Link:

5. US denies permission for special flight to carry Russian diplomats home — MFA

(If this is true, it seems like a bad thing.)

Such defiant behavior of the US authorities would not “go unanswered,” Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stressed

MOSCOW, June 22. /TASS/. Washington has not granted permission for a special flight of Russia’s state aircraft to the United States, which was supposed to take home employees of Russian diplomatic missions, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The US is continuing to systematically damage bilateral relations, which are already at their lowest ebb. Washington has distinguished itself in taking yet another hostile move against our country, by not granting permission for a special flight of Russian state aircraft to the United States, which was supposed to carry home employees of Russian foreign institutions and their families,” the statement says.

Thank you all for your various and valuable contributions to this effort.



Berenson: Newest data from NEJM shows shots to be increasingly problematic: Links 1, June 22, 2022

1. Hard to resist posting this

2. “The Dead People Don’t Lie” – Left and Right, Healthcare Workers All Over the World Are Seeing Strange Things

3. This is allegedly a protest in Armenia against US biolabs in that country. Of course, watching the first 2 minutes, it could be a misrepresented clip of people shopping at any Loblaws in Ottawa

4. POLIO viral fears “First outbreak of highly infectious polio detected in UK since 1984″…are these diseases normally in check e.g. hepatitis, polio etc. now due to COVID jabs immune system damage?

Geert Vanden Bosshe, myself, Yeadon etc. have warned about this. We have said that the COVID shot can undermine the normally potent functional innate immune systems in children…


VIRAL FEARS; First outbreak of highly infectious polio detected in UK since 1984 – the 6 signs to know

POLIO is spreading in the UK for the first time in decades, officials claim.

Health bosses urged Brits to check their children’s jabs are up to date after picking up signs of the virus being passed between individuals.

5. Alex Berenson: A big study says natural immunity protects against Omicron for over a year; mRNA shots fail in months. This is the third paper with awful mRNA data in a week. When will the media even pretend to care?

Two doses of Covid vaccines offer no protection against Omicron infection and may even increase the risk of infection within months, according to a new paper in the New England Journal of Medicine.

In contrast, people previously infected with earlier coronavirus variants had a 50 percent lower risk of Omicron infection. That protection remained steady even more than a year after the initial infection.

But the details of the paper are even more devastating for mRNA shot advocates than those topline figures.

The new paper comes from researchers in Qatar, the wealthy Gulf city-state, which has comprehensive data on both vaccinations and Sars-Cov-2 infections. The New England Journal, which published it last week, is among the world’s best medical research outlets.


[…] Their findings add to the increasingly grim picture now emerging about mRNA shot protection against Omicron. A base regimen of two mRNA shots offered about 50 percent protection in the first three months, but by six months out it had fallen below zero, meaning people who had received the “vaccines” were more likely to be infected.

Thank you all for your kind attention to this effort.

Pretty sure we posted this before, but it seems worth posting again.

Fertility, Islam and gay pride, paying off the vaxx damaged: Links 1, June 21, 2022

1. Alex Berenson: URGENT The Covid vaccine paper on declining sperm counts is even worse than it seems at first

On Friday, the journal Andrology published a peer-reviewed papershowing large decreases in sperm counts among men after the second dose of Pfizer’s mRNA Covid jab.

Based on counts from men who donated sperm to three fertility clinics in Israel, this finding is devastating – medically and politically.

It cuts to the heart of the hottest button question of all about the mRNA shots, whether they have hidden fertility risks. That issue has simmered since early 2021, following my reporting that data showed the shots had caused excess miscarriages in rats – and other reports showing that measurable amounts of vaccine reached the ovaries and testes in tests in rats.

Ever since, media “fact-checkers” and public health authorities have dismissed and mocked the concerns and anyone who raises them:

Related. Please check out what the FDA officially state about fertility, pregnancy and the experimental gene therapies:

2. Gay Pride Parade in Germany Attacked by “Men of Southern Origin”

A gay pride parade in Germany was attacked by a group of young men of “southern origin,” a euphemistic term authorities usually deploy to describe Muslim migrants from North Africa and the Middle East.

The incident occurred in the German city of Karlsurhe last weekend.

Around 30 men of “southern origin” attacked the pride parade, setting fire to a rainbow flag and physically attacking the participants.

“The situation escalated late on Saturday evening when the men stole a rainbow LGBT flag from the parade and set it on fire,” reports ReMix News.

“A group surrounded, insulted, and beat the man who had been carrying the flag, the German news outlet reported. Those who came to the victim’s aid were assaulted as well, with the original victim ending up in the hospital.”

3. This article is behind a paywall. But you get enough here to know that we are close to the point where we will have to pay the FBI protection money, if we don’t want to go to the Gulags.

4. Jordan Peterson on Child Sacrifice to leftist narratives

5. GB News: “Every one of us knows someone who has been vaccine damaged, and they are not even vaccines. They are experimental gene therapies”

Seems to be from the same show:

Trying to find the GBN show where the twitter video is from and finding other related things

Thank you all for your willingness to even consider actual evidence based reality, as increasingly our Western governments appear to be pivoting to a Hegelian imposed pseudo-reality and applied with real world consequences.