PLEASE help The Rebel fight malicious and illiberal law suit

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Please help: The Rebel, and me personally are being sued by an anti-Israel extremist group. And the lawyer they’re using just happens to also be suing the government on behalf of an illegal Muslim terrorist group.


And he’s campaigning for Canada’s M-103 Islamophobia censorship motion, too.

That’s who’s coming for us.


It’s lawfare.


I believe they want to kill The Rebel, and silence our criticism of radical Islam. They’re suing us for more than $100,000. Plus their lawyers fees. We’ve already racked up tens of thousands for our own lawyers.


I need your help if we’re going to survive this.


The plaintiff is an extremist group with the ironic name, “Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East”. They promote the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions”


campaign against Jewish companies in Israel. Last year, I criticized them for a stunt where they go into stores, and when no staff are watching, they put bright orange “WARNING” labels on products made by Jews in the West Bank, warning customers not to buy them. It’s sneaky, and I think it could be trespassing or criminal mischief too.


A trial for terrorism: “Islamophobia” not a reason for hiding evidence from the public

An original translation by Ava Lon

From La Presse Quebec

The Court of Justice in Quebec reiterated on Thursday the fundamental right to a public hearing, and rejected the request of two defendants accused of terrorism, who requested that part of the evidence collected against them be kept secret from the public, under the pretext that it would risk compromising their right to a fair trial, while contributing to “Islamophobia” and “the climate of panic” in Quebec.

The request was presented by Sabrine Djaermane and El-Mahdi Jamali, two former students of the Maisonneuve College, who were arrested a year ago and charged with attempting to join a terrorist organization overseas, and planning a terrorist attack in Montreal.

While waiting for the trial, both were trying to prevent publication of elements of evidence collected by the investigators from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in an application for the search warrant.

Their request was based on testimony by an expert witness, Valérie Amiraux, sociologist and a chair-holder in the Canada Research Chair Program in the field of study of religious pluralism at the University of Montreal. With the support of her colleagues, Valérie Amiraux presented a 22-page report concerning the effect that the disclosure of the evidence could have on Quebecers.

In her report the professor emphasizes that the Muslim public image has changed considerably since 9/11, “ in particular as a result of media coverage of news”. She adds that there is “a widespread antipathy vis-à-vis Muslims in Canada” and that “Islamophobia has become commonplace in Canada” in the wake of the debate on reasonable accommodations and the Quebec Charter of Values. The context is akin to what some sociologists call a “political hysteria”.

In that context, the disclosure of certain elements of evidence is “problematic”, she concludes, because “those elements […] are particularly likely to help trace links among Islamophobia, the climate of panic and the feelings of insecurity”.

Common Front of Media

The lawyers from La Presse, Québecor and Radio Canada stood together in opposition to this request in the name of the free speech and established principles; they want justice in Canada to be public.

The justice Lori Renée Weitzman ruled in their favor. The judge summed the case up as a conflict between two fundamental rights protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: the right of defendants to a fair trial and the right of freedom of expression.

The judge acknowledges that the expert witness has expertise in sociology and deals with real issues.

“No one needs a sociology expert to say that in 2016 in Quebec, the Muslim population is confronted with prejudice and stereotypes.” — from the judgement

But in a court of law, the existence of such prejudices doesn’t justify restricting public access to court proceedings. “Without understating the extent of the expertise of Mrs. Amiraux, the flaw in her estimation is the extrapolation of the data she masters in sociology in order to reach a conclusion on the Canadian criminal law system, without appropriate knowledge in this field,” continues the justice.

She reminds everyone that according to the Supreme Court, “the proper administration of justice includes the right under Article 11 (d) of the Charter, which guarantees a public trial and the right for the media to have the access to the trial and to be able to report what takes place there.”

Trials Behind Closed Doors?

Other opinions presented by the expert raised the judge’s eyebrows. “Professor Amiraux doesn’t know the importance the Charter gives to the open courts, and she is even believes, wrongly, that a criminal trial could be held behind closes door,” the judge notes as well.

“This erroneous assessment of our fundamental principles of Canadian criminal law allows her to reach a conclusion in favor of a publication ban that would apply, according to her, in all cases involving the subjects that could cause anxiety, or concerning an identifiable minority”, continues the judgement.

The testimony of the sociologist was therefore deemed inadmissible, and the request for an order banning publication rejected. “The consequences of such an order would be important, since it would limit public access to information in connection with legal proceedings, which violates the constitutional right to freedom of expression,” says the judge.


The defendants have ten days to appeal the decision.



Asylum seekers throw themselves deliberately in front of cars

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this Austrian Website

In one case the driver of the car was cited for involuntary manslaughter.

Witnesses show that the men last saturday in the innercity of Klagenfurt intentionally threw themselves in front of cars.

First Incident:
One driver was looking for a parking space at Domgasse, when suddenly a man walked right in front of his car, as witnesses report. The car drove at walking speed, hence the Iranian asylum seeker remained unharmed. According to witnesses the accident was outright provoked by the Iranian. And yet nonetheless, the driver of the car was cited for involuntary manslaughter.

Second Incident
Saturday as well in the St. Ruprecht area in Klagenfurt, a man made a police report for property damage. The driver reported that a man deliberately jumped on the hood of his car. The suspect could not yet be found.

It is speculated that both men were out to make a quick buck damages for pain and injury.

The Costco Affair: The Alleged Victim Married to a Muslim Brotherhood Leader

An original translation by Anonymous

From this Quebec based Website, Poste De Veille

Asma Al-Shawarghi says she was insulted in Montreal by an employee of Costco who told her to “go back to her country”. She is claiming moral and punitive damages.

But who is Asma Al-Shawarghi? Her husband, Bilal Hamideh, is vice president of the Canadian Muslim Forum (CMF), the largest Islamic lobby in Quebec.

Ms. Al-Shawarghi openly displays her sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood. She poses here with her daughters making the sign of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization founded in Egypt in 1928 and which now operates in many countries.

The husband of Asma Al-Shawarghi is Bilal Hamden.

Bilal Hamideh and his wife Asma Al-Shawarghi (source)

However, Bilal Hamideh is a member of the Canadian Muslim Forum, a lobby representing the Muslim Brotherhood.

He is seen here with a CMF delegation on a trip to Ottawa to meet with the NDP:

Bilal Hamideh, center, with Sameer Zuberi and Mohammad Shaheen

Source: Registre des entreprises du Québec, no: 1165137275

Here we see Bilal Hamideh, right, with Islamist Salam Elmenyawi and Sheikh Fawaz, Canadian representative of the Muslim World League:


It is interesting to note that Ms. Al-Shawarghi quotes Kathy Malas’ argument word-for-word; she is also vice president of CMF:

This is what Asma Al-Shawarghi said:

Asma Al-Shawarghi said she noticed an increase in Islamophobia since the debate over the niqab during the federal election.

“I hear of so many stories of Muslim women being ??harassed, insulted and assaulted because they wear a hijab, but who are too afraid or distrustful of the justice system to do anything, “said Asma Al-Shawarghi.

Source: Muslim Montrealer says she was told by Costco employee, ‘Go back to your country’

This is what Kathy Malas, Canadian Muslim Forum of the Muslim Brotherhood, said:

(Click here for Facebook Video in both English and French)

So, the husband of Al-Shawarghi is vice president of the first Islamic lobby in Quebec, chaired by Samer Majzoub who also works for the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC). And the school that was founded in Pierrefonds is located in a building that belongs to the MAC. However, the MAC openly calls for the teaching the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Also, the MAC is registered at the Al-Rawdah mosque at the Laurentian Community Center, whose chief Imam, Amer Hussein, appears openly as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It should also be known that Asma Al-Shawarghi promotes events co-organized by this Muslim Brotherhood mosque on Facebook: see here, here and here.

She also promotes events co-organized by the Muslim Brotherhood MAC: here, here and here.

“Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way
of Allah is our highest hope.”

Bilal Hamideh and Asma Al-Shawarghi (source)

Asma Al-Shawarghi also congratulated Morsi, shortly after his election victory in Egypt. However, Morsi falls under the Muslim Brotherhood, which was declared a terrorist organization by Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Bilal Hamideh and Asma Al-Shawarghi (source)

Asma Al-Shawarghi also congratulated Morsi, shortly after his election victory in Egypt. However, Morsi falls under the Muslim Brotherhood, which was declared a terrorist organization by Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Asma Al-Shawarghi does the Rabia sign of the Muslim Brotherhood:

The Supreme Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie, is currently incarcerated in Cairo by the Egyptian government:

See also:

Françoise David et le lobby des Frères musulmans au Québec

Justin Trudeau a rencontré le leader du lobby des Frères musulmans à la mosquée de Brossard

Un administrateur du FMC relaie des écrits jihadistes

L’infiltration par le haut: le Forum musulman canadien et nos politiciens


And click on Video Here:


Lawsuit against Ottawa: Charkaoui wants the State to pay for his legal fees

An original translation by Sassy

From La Presse Quebec

Adil Charkaoui filed a $26 Million civil claim in 2010 with the Canadian authorities for damages resulting from his detention and forced electronic monitoring as he was suspected of terrorism.

Adil Charkaoui wants the public to pay his lawyers’ fees pertaining to his $26 Million lawsuit against the government; he also wants his request to be kept secret to avoid stirring up public “hatred” and “intolerance” towards him which could endanger his safety.

Superior Court Judge Louis Lacoursière ruled last week against the request for confidentiality in this matter.

In documents filed with the Court, Mr. Charkaoui explains he is short of funds and cannot pay his lawyers’ fees to assert his rights. “He alleges that funding activities set up by the group Coalition justice pour Adil Charkaoui and other funding campaigns did not produce significant results”, as stated in the Judge’s ruling.

Mr. Charkaoui points out that when he was contesting the security certificate that landed him in jail, the State had accepted to pay his lawyer’s fees. He now wants to continue the same arrangement and estimates the amount will reach $750,000 to cover his lawsuit fees.

The preacher asked that his request and eventual arrangement with the State be kept confidential for six months. He explains the terrorism allegations against him have created “a climate of hate towards him” and can endanger his life.

He says the situation worsened since his “alleged” association with young Québécois affiliated with the movement of “armed jihad” in Syria.

A democratic society

According to Judge Lacoursière: “Judicial proceedings should be conducted in public, this is a principle of a democratic society”, he writes.

He refuses to issue a confidentiality order to “manage the risks, hypothetical if any, that marginalized individuals of society would cause harm to (Mr. Charkaoui) because they are upset with his request that the State pay for his lawyers’ fees”.

Nonetheless, Judge Lacoursière admits that Mr. Charkaoui was the target of a few regrettable incidents of which threats from an individual with mental health issues and one small far-right group as well.

The issue of lawyers’ fees will be decided shortly and the ruling may be made public.



Below, an original translation of an article detailing the criminal complaint against Geert Wilders due to his belief that a member of the Parliament of a nation should have some input as to what immigration and border policies that nation should have, as well as his comparison of the koran to Mien Kampf. A comparison which in reality, stunningly is unfair to Mien Kampf.

Translation by: JLH

From Religion.Orf.At

Clarin Akinyosoye

During his visit to Vienna, Netherlander Geert Wilders compared the Koran with Hitler’s Mein Kampf. A Muslim organization notified the Vienna prosecutor’s office.

The speech of the Netherlands politician, given last week in the Hofburg at the invitation of the FPÖ, setting forth his thoughts on the “Islamization of Europe,” will be examined by the public prosecutor. Tarafa Baghajati is head of the Austrian Muslim Initiative * (IMÖ)–the organization that sent the notification to the prosecutor on Tuesday.


Tarafa Baghajati Porträt

kathbild/Franz Josef Rupprecht
Tarafa Baghajati, Obmann des Vereins Initiative muslimischer Österreicherinnen und Österreicher

It is legitimate, said Baghajati to, to examine whether content of the speech is illicit. Specifically, it concerns the persecution paragraphs on denigration of religious doctrine and the prohibition statute. According to media reports, Wilders had maintained in his speech that Islam had declared war on Europe, and was urging people to become terrorists and that the Koran had to be forbidden.

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Baby killing butcher wins compo over jail’s halal failure


Sunshine Coast Daily:

A LOGAN baby killer who chopped up his newborn daughter has won a controversial $3000 compensation order because a Maryborough prison failed to prepare meals in accordance with his religious requirements.

News Corp reports  that former butcher Raymond Akhtar Ali was fed a vegetarian diet for four months, instead of specially prepared halal meat.

Halal food needs to be blessed, slaughtered, cooked and stored to strict rules.

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal found Ali, 60, was discriminated against on the basis of his religion and ordered the State Government pay $3000 compensation into a trust fund.

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Muslim drivers fired for refusing to deliver alcohol: EEOC

Business Insurance:

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has sued a trucking firm for allegedly firing two Muslim drivers who refused to deliver alcohol because of their religious beliefs.

The EEOC said Wednesday it is charging Morton, Ill.-based Star Transport Inc. with violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion.

According to the EEOC, the trucking firm refused to accommodate the two unnamed employees and terminated them.

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Muslims Claim Christian Group Defamed Them

For those not familiar with Christian Action Network, they make some of the very finest videos on Islam out there. I look forward to an upcoming documentary they are making from interviews they did across Europe. Here are a few clips. Seneca III, Paul Weston, Tommy Robinson, Elisabeth Wolff. The book that Muslims of America want banned is available for sale here

H/T Magic Martin

Courthouse News:

By MARLENE KENNEDY BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (CN) – The Muslims of America asked a federal judge to silence and punish the Christian Action Network and its founder, who allegedly defamed the group as terrorists, and their close-knit communities as Islamic training camps.

The Muslims of America Inc. sued Martin Mawyer and his Christian Action Network in Federal Court. It also sued Patti Pierucci, whom it describes as a ghostwriter and co-author with Mawyer of the book “Twilight in America: the Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps in America.”

The group claims that the “provocative and defamatory statements” were made in the book, and “uttered by Mawyer on various media outlets including Fox News (October 2012) and posted on CAN’s website”.

Muslims of America claims the defendants’ libels and defamation “have served to cause fear and hatred to flourish against plaintiff while inciting violence and putting the lives of plaintiff’s members in danger for the purpose of monetary enrichment.”
The Muslims of America demands retractions and a gag order against further defamation. It also wants sales of the book “Twilight in America” enjoined.
The book was published in October 2012.

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The government of Turkey, actually worse than Disney!

I think most people are aware now that if anyone was to use Disney owned fictional characters without specific permission, whether it is on clothing or jewelry or even drawing your own cartoon with them you will hear from Disney’s lawyers at hypersonic speeds. And a good case can be made that this is OK actually. Disney either spent a ton of money and work developing and promoting these characters or buying them from the people/companies who did.

Turkey however, seems to have taken it upon itself to regulate how any and all religious characters in the (originally) Jewish and Christian pantheon are portrayed and have taken the Simpsons to court for defamation of religion.

This, is a much more serious matter than it sounds. This is part of the incremental process of forcing Islamic values on the world, much like the Egyptian judgment condemning 8 people, many of whom not even in Egypt, to death for blasphemy/defamation of religion. This was covered Dec 1 in our interview with Stephen Coughlin on this exact matter.

This will not end here. In fact it has just begun. This will progress, if allowed by the rest of us, till Muslims control the way all religion and religious icons/archetypes and avatars are represented anywhere. The issue is not that sharia and Islamic values apply to us. It does. The issue is whether or not they can enforce it wherever it is you happen to live.

At this link is a video depicting the ‘offending’ Simpsons clip with some analysis.


Muslima sues Disney Corp. for possibly most entitled reasons of all time.

This is quite stunning. Imagine you were low man on the totem pole at a multi billion dollar entertainment corporation that employes tens of thousands of people world wide.

Now imagine that you had been working their a while as a character in a specific costume.

Now imagine that you sent a message to the head office saying that despite the conditions of your being hired, you demanded that they change the costume you are paid to wear for one you decided you wanted to wear for whatever reason and instead of them telling you to go blow yourself or ignore you altogether, not only do they get back to you in a matter of weeks but they actually say yes and allow you to modify your costume your way with a slight alteration to keep it in the character of the job and instead of being stunned by the largesse of this huge company, you sue them for not accomodating you perfectly the way you want. So in fact, that you no longer are representing them, but that they are now paying you to represent what you want to the public.

And for that you sue them.

This should be an interesting court case. As it has exactly nothing whatsoever do to with religious accommodation.