Muslim migrant to France explains how he really feels about the locals

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Italian MEP manages to maintain some semblance of women’s rights in the face of Islamic invasion of Europe

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Indie Journalist in France does streeters to get the general feeling about new law banning religious symbols in schools

This report is from French journalist, Vincent Lapierre

From the perspective of this site, this is missing the target as widely as pretty much every discussion on every vector of attack against Western civ does. But the video below comes very close to what actually the issue is, and why the entire issue of what people wear to school in this way is an eyes-left strategy to avoid seeing what is actually in front of them. From the scholar, John Robson, Why Rome attempted to ban pants.

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Swedish parliamentarian, Swedish SD Member of the Riksdag, Richard Jomshof speaks on Islam and its consequences to Sweden and Europe

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At last we have a measured, calm and lucid member of a European Parliament that speaks about Islam in the most plain and accurate language, and in a way not easily triggering to the leftist dialectical engineers. In other words, the agents of repressive tolerance and other weaponized language tactics of the left as they have been deployed on us for the last 100 years. This is a VERY good interview. Please watch it and spread it and hopefully we can find a way to support him. If Sweden is to have a chance, this would be the guy who could create it for them. Sweden has its own energy, like Canada. So there is no need for them to be at the behest of oil producing muslim countries.

Muslim rioter calls for killing police in France

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I had to add this

Revealing Tweet on France retweeted by Maj. Stephen Coughlin

We’re truly witnessing a radicalization on both sides in France. This is an unreal communiqué by the main French police unions, essentially declaring France is in a civil war and that the police is in the “resistance” against the government. This is the translation: “Now that’s enough… Facing these savage hordes, asking for calm is no longer enough, it must be imposed! Restoring the republican order and putting the apprehended beyond the capacity to harm should be the only political signals to give. In the face of such exactions, the police family must stand together. Our colleagues, like the majority of citizens, can no longer bear the tyranny of these violent minorities. The time is not for union action, but for combat against these “pests”. Surrendering, capitulating, and pleasing them by laying down arms are not the solutions in light of the gravity of the situation. All means must be put in place to restore the rule of law as quickly as possible. Once restored, we already know that we will relive this mess that we have been enduring for decades. For these reasons, Alliance Police Nationale and UNSA Police will take their responsibilities and warn the government from now on that at the end, we will be in action and without concrete measures for the legal protection of the Police, an appropriate penal response, significant means provided, the police will judge the extent of the consideration given. Today the police are in combat because we are at war. Tomorrow we will be in resistance and the government will have to become aware of it.”

40 sheep found in a small apartment in France…

And the jokes all write themselves. They had better write themselves since its practically illegal to tell one nowadays. Unless it’s about conservatives. If you’re looking for a starting point for a few, maybe use the gay marriage as a slippery slope and the next thing you know…

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Life in Nantes France for women under sharia

Technically it isn’t sharia just yet. But it is the culture that sharia generates once it is the method of jurisprudence.

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Woman from Nantes France describes life under Islamic occupation

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Viktor Orbán delivers his most important speech to date at Hungarian CPAC

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Speech below

Illegal mosque in Town of Champigny France has locals feeling as under occupation

Illegal mosque pops up in a park in Champigny France and blasts prayers and mosque-music across the town early morning and late night. Town does nothing to stop it. Interviews with locals who feel they are under occupation. Article at RAIR here.

Remember the Barber district videos we did here many years ago, where Muslims took over the streets of the Barber district in Paris and put down prayer rugs and made any non-muslim traffic pretty much impossible? This is what happens when you do nothing about this for a decade. Below are two videos dating back to before 2011 on French streets being taken over by mass muslim mats and prayer used in exactly the same way that trans people use women’s showers. That is to say, they invade your territory for their purposes while simultaniously claiming to be the victim. In other words, Marcuse’ repressive tolerance becomes liberating tolerance. Or attack them while yelling “ow!”.

With Islam,like leftism, it starts with asking to share your space for their purpose, then it becomes their exclusive space for their purpose and you are a racist if you don’t stay out of their way.

Segments of VOX party leader in Spain: Well worth the watch

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Italian police bust migrant for imprisoning, beating and starving his 20 year old daughter for weeks

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Swedish Imams busted, pimping for Allah

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