“Confused” Dutch man attacks people yelling allah hu ackbar

Funny the police who killed the African American in the US isn’t described as “confused” or as having mental health issues. But everyone who does an attack motivated by Islam does. This is a general truism but in this particular case its hard to tell as so little information is given. A man attacks people and windows with an axe. He shouts Allah Ackbar. He is shot by police. Maybe its a suicide by cop. But we have charted dozens if not over a hundred terrorist attacks by muslims, many in the Netherlands where the attacker’s mental health records mysteriously are available to the press an hour after he wages jihad on the public.

The videos:

The article in Dutch.


New footage of Pym Fortune before his self predicted assassination for speaking truth about Islam in The Netherlands

Here is a link to a transcript of a speech given at a memorial for Pym Fortune after he was murdered in a political assassination. It is quite a worthy read.


Model Afghan refugee murders his German ex.

Hard to keep track of all these. The message is, breaking up with a muslim doesn’t mean you are safe from him.

Text on left:

Erdis Zaba was born in Afghanistan and has been living in Saxony for 15 years. He studies philosophy and works in a refugee home.
“I’m not your poster child”. Living 15 years in the Saxon province has left its mark on Erdis Z. Today the native Afghan lives in Leipzig and…

Text on Right:

Young Mother killed with beer bottle -A young mother, her baby in her arms – beaten to death while walking in the woods, apparently by her ex-boyfriend (Erdis Z., 30)! One week after the cruel crime, a man has at least partially admitted the crime. An investigator describes the suspected perpetrator as a “model refugee who has become violent”.

Thank you MissPiggy for the find and the translation 

Follow up to humiliating robbery of Swedish boy by illegal migrants

Remember the story of the muslim migrant gangs that would humiliate and rob Swedes in racist attacks where they would urinate on Swedish kids calling them “Svens” or other what they imputed to be derogatory names?

Lets have a look at what happened to one of the main offenders after he was caught and charged.

Translation by Gary with much thanks

From this Swedish news site:

Humiliation/Robbers sentenced to Juvenile care- (One) refuses to take his sentence

In February, a 16-year-old was sentenced to juvenile care for three robberies, two cases of abuse, and one case of unlawful detention. One of the robberies received a lot of attention when the robbers urinated upon their victim, which was filmed and disseminated. But the 16-year-old refuses to accept his sentence. He has left the HVB home and refuses to return.

After a very attention (grabbing) humiliation-robbery, where the robbers urinated on their victim, a 16-year-old was sentenced to juvenile care.

But now, Aftonbladet reveals that the care placement isn’t working-since the 16-year-old refuses to accept his sentence. The 16-year-old has left the HVB home where he was placed, and refuses to return.

Prosecutor Mirna Lelic feels that the penalty doesn’t work and wants to see other actions. In (her) memo to the district court, she says that “social services has made several attempts to get him to return, among which, to contact him and buy him a train ticket. But that has not helped.

“Then I think that he misunderstands this so much that this punishment should be eliminated,” Mirna Lelic tells Aftonbladet.

The problem is that the sentence value for for the crimes the 16-year-old was convicted of, is too low for (lock-down) youth care to be in effect. Lock down youth care requires that the penalty is at least one year.

“And the district court ruled that the sentence is 8 months (in custody), so that doesn’t rise to the limit beyond which he could be sentenced to lock down youth care. So it’s a little tricky,” Lelic tells Aftonbladet.

Södertörn’s district court will request a new opinion from Social Services, after which the parties will be called to a meeting to express their views.

In February, Prosecutor Mirna Lelic told Aftonbladet that the sentence of the newly-convicted robbers didn’t mean loss of freedom.

“They are not locked up. It is not like a prison in that you cannot leave. It is not that,” said Lelic to Nyheter Idag.




Trudeau and friends pushing the globalist vision

Trudeau promoting his vision of the world, global citizens, along with the violent revolutionary Marxist at the head of the WHO

Trudeau alongside the man who wants compulsory vaccinations for all, Bill Gates

Some years ago, either Daniel Greenfield or Mark Steyn, I’m sorry I don’t remember which exactly, wrote a particularly insightful article about Obama, where he remarked that you can tell when a person is operating out of a sense of obligation and when they really believe in, or care about the subject.

With Obama, the subject of the article, it was that whenever he talked about Islam he lit up. There was no forced statements or obligatory platitudes of fealty like when he spoke about America. Of course this is when he was president. Before hand, he didn’t even bother with statements of fealty. It was more, “Americans and their bibles and guns” without mentioning Muslims with their Korans and guns, even at weddings of course.

In the videos above, it is the first time I have ever seen anything bordering genuine enthusiasm from the substitute drama teacher. This is his true purpose. When he has to look like Canada matters, he reminds us of Merkel when she was offered a German flag after an election win, and just shoved it away. Merkel’s true purpose can be seen now with the arrest of Germans standing quietly outside protesting the anti-constitutional lock downs while minarets scream out the calls to prayer all over Germany and muslims congregate, unmolested by the hundreds wherever they want to, and with no police interference. Even though there is police presence.


A grotesque yet unreported act of war by muslim invaders to Greece

This is blatant and ancient war making. very similar to the salting of the Earth, common in ancient wars.

One needs to read the article in full to understand that this act is more than cutting down a few trees. This is an act of war no different than bombing factories that a national economy depends on. And one where it takes three to four generations to rebuild. And that some of these trees are hundreds and hundreds of years old.

Thank you Oz-Rita for this article. There is no way to pretend this is an individual act anymore. This is the muslim world waging war on Europe for the purpose of conquest.

An attack on Greek heritage, migrants chop thousands of olive trees on Lesvos

It has been a wild few days on the Greek island of Lesvos. The past few days has seen two gangs of Afghani immigrants battle each other and African immigrants ridicule and cough on police in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, as reported by Greek City Times.


However, if these incidences were not enough, 5,000 olives trees were cut from their roots by illegal immigrants from the infamous Moria migrant camp, to the north of Lesvos’ capital city of Mytilene.


Olive trees take approximately 65-80 years to reach stable yields, meaning that the destroyed trees are a major blow to the local economy. Olive exports amount to about US$700 million every year to the Greek economy.

Please read the rest at Greek City Times.


C. offers this related material

Interesting. That’s straight from the al-Qaeda playbook:

Chopping down trees was also mentioned in muslim scripture. The Meccans chopped down palm trees during the siege in Medina, if I’m not mistaken. It was considered an act of war in Arabian culture, with good reason.

Apart from the historic and theological connotations, it’s of course an act of agroterrorism. The whole refugee push is of course economic warfare as well. Apart from the cost of housing these people, it killed off tourism in Greece. Who wants to go to Lesbos now?

Btw, Erdogan supports the BM. I vaguely recall the BM endorsed attacking trees in the past, but I’m not sure.

ISIS surely has:

Arson / pyro-terrorism is quite commom of course, it’s an accessible, unsophisticated technique, and it’s easy to get away with.

Israel suffered forest fires in ’18, set off by Hamas’ incendiary kites.

Islamic Prayer Call From Loudspeakers Sends The Same Message As The Church Bells

Original translation by MissPiggy

From this German language News site:

(Image: Prayer song also of the Turkish-Islamic community Garbsen/GCN)

Garbsen – In order to prevent the rapid spread of coronavirus infection, people’s social contacts must be massively limited – including at Church. The congregation are supposed to be encouraged by the daily bell ringing. Even in Garbsen the church bells ring at some churches every evening around 19:00.

Since the DITIB-Turkish Islamic community in Garbsen e.V. on the Bachstraße and Sandstraße cannot let their prayer meetings take place, a corresponding signal is also being sent here. This letter and a corresponding video is available to GCN and many readers asked if the city of Garbsen is aware of it. GCN can confirm that the city of Garbsen also has the video.

The city of Garbsen responded to a press request as follows:

In connection with the Corona crisis, the Christian parishes decided to ring the church bells every day at around 6 p.m. The mosque communities in Garbsen wanted to join this sign of solidarity and community. They informed the city of Garbsen about this in advance.
The fundamental right of religious freedom and the free exercise of religion applies here. This fundamental right applies to churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious communities.

The city of Garbsen assumes that the call to prayer of the mosque communities as a sign of solidarity lasts only a few minutes at a time and that the volume is observed with the due consideration of residents and neighbors.
Following complaints about the volume received today, we asked the mosque communities to reduce the volume. This has already been confirmed by the municipalities.


Erdogan supplying his ‘refugees’ with tear gas grenades

Thanks to Tanya T. who breaks a lot of huge news from Bulgarian media. Which I have to say over the years is one of the last honest and daring media outlets left that I am aware of.